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<+stupidFox> kann ich dir gar nix tolles zeugen
<+stupidFox> zeigen

typisch füchse ^^

quoted from channel #furbase on 2017-12-16 18:59:09 by DukeMan | 17 votes

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<scribs> Want a burrito, don't wanna wait 50 mins I'm the oven
<Wildsand> ?
<Wildsand> if it was anywhere but here I would not have understood what that ment. so you're an anthropomphic
kitchen aplience
<DamnBear> Earlier scribs was on a conquest to be the emperor or Ohio.
<DamnBear> of rather.
<scribs> Darn autocorrect
<@norenxaq> db: not worth it
<scribs> I need to turn it off

quoted from channel #Softpaws on 2017-07-31 07:32:07 by Wildsand | 39 votes

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Estragon in Japan: Alles hat hier ein Maskottchen.
Wawik: "Hallo! Ich bin Rolltreppo-kun, und ich zeige dir wie du sicher diese Rolltreppe benutzt! Auf gehts!" - "FRESSE FOTZE!"

quoted from channel #Telegram on 2018-02-21 18:23:54 by Hurga | 10 votes

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