Act 3, Scene 2: Infiltration

ZoePano'wolf, FyxZoe
OlafCurryFuaranDerpy Cheetah


%VID% We see security camera footage showing the town halls reception desk, where a receptionist / guard welcomes the guests of the big city development project update press conference

%ACT% Jane walks up to the receptionist

Jane: "Good Morning! Jane Walker, Los Lobos Inquirer, I'm coming for the press conference."

Receptionist: "Good Morning Jane. Can I see your press pass, please? Thank you. Please sign here. And here's your visitor badge."

Jane: "Visitor Badge? Is that new?"

Receptionist: "Yeah, sorry for that, but because of the protests last week, they've been a bit worried about the mayor's safety lately."

Jane: "Fair enough. Same room as always?"

Receptionist: "Third floor, the big briefing room on the right."

Jane: "Thank you. Have a nice day!"

Receptionist: "You too!"

%ACT% Receptionist presses a button on his console, and you hear a door opener buzz

%ACT% Receptionist grabs a coffee-to-go mug and takes a sip

%ACT% Zoe comes into view

Zoe (using her most sultry voice): "Oh, hi there Mr. Receptionist! I'm Zoe Bianchi, Feline World Mews!"

Receptionist: "Attending the press conference, I assume?"

Zoe: "Yes, but unfortunately, I have a teeny tiny problem ... I think I lost my press pass on the plane."

Receptionist: "I'm afraid that means I can't let you in."

Zoe: "Oh no ... what am I going to do! My boss will be so mad at me!"

Receptionist: "New security protocol. I'm sorry."

Zoe: "Really? I would do anything for you to make an exception, just this one time!"

Receptionist: "*chuckles* No, ma'am, I'm afraid not."

Zoe: "I mean ... really anything."

Receptionist: "I don't think you have anything to offer that's worth me losing my job."

%ACT% Zoe reaches over the counter, and pulls the receptionist closer to her by his tie

Zoe: "That is such a shame. You're such a handsome boy after all ..."

Receptionist: "EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU- HRGMMM ..."

%ACT% Zoe unapologetically shoves her tongue down the receptionist's throat

Zoe: "Hmmmmmmmmm ..."

%ACT% Zoe, Receptionist Zoe holds the Receptionist by the scruffs of his cheeks leaning into the kiss

%ACT% Zoe, Receptionist The kiss goes on for way too long until Zoe finally lets go

Receptionist: "*GASP*"

Zoe: "Look at you, you're such a GOOD BOY!"

%ACT% Zoe stroke's the receptionist's cheek

Receptionist (whispering): "Are you crazy, there's camera's all over the place!"

Zoe: "RRRRRrrr! I love being ... watched!"

Receptionist: "Yeah, but I certainly don't!"

Zoe: "Then let's go somewhere else!"

Receptionist: "I can't leave my post."

Zoe: "Not even for a little ... bathroom break? Oh come on! Just a few minutes ... *purrrrr*"

Receptionist: "I really ... hrgh ..."

%ACT% Zoe grabs him by the tie again

Zoe: "Where is it? Over there? Yes! Now be a good boy and come with me ... you're not going to regret it, I promise!"

%ACT% Zoe, Receptionist Zoe gives him another kiss, and then pulls him out of view like a dog on a leash

%ACT% Zoe, Receptionist A brief moment of silence

%ACT% Robin comes into view, sitting down in place of the receptionist, carrying a walkie-talkie

Robin (speaking into the walkie-talkie): "Robin to puppy, robin to puppy do you read me?"

Ryan (through radio): "Woof woof. I mean, affirmative."

Robin: "I'm at the desk now - let me quickly check the cameras."

%ACT% Robin presses a button, cycling through the various surveillance cameras

%VID% View switches to an outside view of the town hall door

%VID% View switches to an overhead view of Robin behind the desk

%ACT% Robin looks up and waves into the camera, smiling, then presses the button again

%VID% View switches to a close-up view of a coffee machine

%VID% View switches to a hidden camera in the toilet, where you can see Zoe having a lot of fun with the receptionist

Robin: "What the fuck, Zoe ... really?"

%VID% View switches to the view of an empty hallway

%VID% View switches to the inside of an elevator

%VID% View switches back to the initial view of the reception desk

Robin (into the walkie-talkie): "All right, the coast is clear all the way to the third floor. Time to deliver the payload."

Ryan (on radio): "Roger. Coming in."

Olaf (off): "And here is another case for ..."

%ACT% Olaf jumps into view, posing in front of the security camera

Olaf: "FACILITY-MAAAAAN ... ager."

%ACT% Ryan comes into view

Robin: "Okay, I'm letting you in now, but you'd better be quiet from now on, alright?"

Ryan: "Okay, let's go!"

%ACT% Robin buzzes the door open

%ACT% Ryan and Olaf leave into the building

%VID% View switches to the hallway, showing Ryan and Olaf walk along

%VID% View switches to the elevator, showing Ryan and Olaf enter

%VID% View switches to the initial view

%ACT% Vera Aloe comes in

Robin: "Oh hi! Uh .... welcome to ... Los Lobos city hall! Are you here for the press conference?"

Vera: "Uhm no, actually I want to file a complaint about the new building code!"

Robin: "Oh, are they trying to kick you out of your own house, too?"

Vera: "How do you know?"

Robin: "Just a hunch. Let me check the directory real quick ... yeah, here, building safety department, Mr. Tony Brickhead, fourth floor, room 452."

Vera: "Oh, thank you so much!"

%ACT% Robin opens the door

%ACT% Vera Aloe walks off

Robin: "No problem. And make it count!"

Robin (to herself): "He he he ... I already like my new job."

(Insert "endless loop" here.)

%VID% View switches to an small electrical service room, Olaf being uncomfortably close to the lens

Olaf (through walkie-talkie): "Hey, Robin, we're here. What's the situation in the conference room?"

Robin: "Let me check."

%HND% <----- this is where the curtain opens

Robin: "We gotta hurry. They're almost done setting up. And the room is chock full of people already!"

Olaf: "No worries. I'll take care of that."

%ACT% Olaf grabs two lose wires

Olaf: "Commence evacuation in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ..."

%ACT% Olaf touches the wires to each other. Sparks fly

%SND% The fire alarm goes off

Olaf: "Muhahahahahahaaaaaa!"

Robin: "Oh great, now you're sending everyone my way!"

Ryan: "Just walk outside with everyone else and nobody will notice you - I'll take it from here."

Robin: "Roger."

%VID% Video Screens are switched to the regular camera view here as the action now continues on stage