Act 2, Scene 1: DIY Riot

Setting: The street outside of 420 Mary Jane Avenue, the city block that is supposed to be evicted and torn down for the mall. Early 20th century brick buildings, New York back alley style. The walls are covered with big, colorful graffiti. The street is filled with protesters carrying signs. There's a big soap box in the middle. Everyone is having a good time.
Stage setupNameComment
Left: BackAlley
Middle: BackAlley
Right: BackAlley
On 2nd rail
soap box[4,2nd]
On playrail
Hand props & personal props
signDunkelpfote, Luno, Kida3x plus 3-4 extra for set pieces
truth signRangarig2x Protest sign saying "TRUTH"
tote bagNoweti
bunny mask2ndVoicefor Ryan
wolf maskNowetifor Zoe
tiger maskNowetifor Robin
gas mask2ndVoicefor Olaf
gunsFyx, Furvan2x for Cop2 and Cop3
stones and other objectsLea
flash bangsFurvan
tear gas canisterFurvan
giant police tankNoweti
Special effects
confetti cannonsLea
tear gasLeaFire extinguisher
RATS-21KayjayButton 21 -> RATS14 (Bunny Hop)
AndrewVoice: Curry
OlafVoice: Curryonly the SND through radio
OlafCurryFuaranDerpy Cheetah
Protester3KidaNoneNoneWaldi von Luno
Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **


%LIG% LX-0099 Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX-2100 STANDBY for GO:

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Puppeteer1: ON


%ATT% STBY Stage left [1, off]: Cop1, Cop2, Cop3

%ATT% STBY Stage right [7, off]: Robin, Zoe, Ryan, Olaf

%ATT% Protesters on second level

%AMB% AMB-2101 - Peaceful Protestors

%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% LX-2101 Lights on, warm white CTO, sun

%ACT% Protesters are standing around with signs in their paws, but not holding them up yet, waiting for the demonstration to begin

%ACT% Robin comes in from [7], followed by Zoe, Ryan and Olaf

%ACT% Zoe is carrying a huge tote bag over her shoulder

Robin: "Wow! Can someone please pinch me, I think I'm dreaming. Look at this crowd! They're filling the entire street!"

Zoe: "Oh my, this is going to be so much fun!"

Olaf: "Yeah, I'm looking forward to finally punching some cops!"

Robin: "Olaf! No punching of cops, you hear me?"

Olaf: "But what if they punch me first?"

Robin: "We'll deal with that when it happens, okay?"

Olaf: "Meh."

Ryan: "Okay, before you go up there for everyone to see, let's get dressed. Zoe, did you bring the masks?"

Zoe: "Of course! Which one do you want?"

Ryan: "What do you have?"

%ACT% Zoe un-shoulders her tote bag, puts it BELOW playrail and looks into it

Zoe: "Well ... you have the choice between RACCOON, BUNNY, WOLF and TIGER."

%HND% Have gas mask ready for Olaf

%HND% Have bunny mask ready for Ryan

%HND% Have wolf mask ready for Zoe

%HND% Have tiger mask ready for Robin

Ryan: "Uh ... what?"

%ACT% Robin bursts out laughing

Robin: "Did you just bring your entire cosplay collection?"

Zoe: "I knew my hobby was going to be useful one day! And it's supposed to be fun, isn't it?"

Ryan: "When I said, bring a mask, I thought maybe a ski mask, or a Guy Fawkes mask or something."

Zoe: "I don't have a Guy Fawkes mask, but if you had told me earlier, I could have brought a Fox Guy mask."

Ryan: "*groan*"

Olaf: "You know, I like to dress up, but I'll stick with the traditional option, thank you very much."

%ACT% Olaf puts on a PINK gas mask

%LIG% LX-2102 UV or something in dark blue to make the pink light up more (check at tech rehearsal)

Zoe: "You're looking FABULOUS!"

Olaf (masked): "Thanks! I'll go and keep an eye on the cops."

Robin: "Good luck!"

%ACT% Olaf walks out to [1]

Zoe: "Now what about you two? I'm the wolf."

Robin: "I'll take the Tiger!"

%ACT% Robin reaches into Zoe's tote bag below playrail

Ryan: "If Zoe's the wolf, shouldn't I be the cat?"

Zoe: "Nope, you're getting the bunny. Here."

%ACT% Zoe puts the bunny mask on Ryan

%ACT% Robin and Zoe nearly fall over laughing

%ACT% Zoe puts the wolf mask on

Ryan: "Oh Grandmother, what great big teeth you have!"

Zoe: "The better to eat you with, my little snack! RAWWRRRR!"

Ryan: "Eeeeeeep!"

%SND% RATS-21 Bunny hop

%ACT% Ryan hop hop hop hops away to [7], being chased by Zoe

Robin (ironically, to the audience): "And that was the day I learned how to reject conformity and embrace the cringe. Here we go."

%ACT% Robin puts on the tiger mask and climbs on the soap box

%ACT% Robin grabs a megaphone

%SND% SND-2101 - Applause 1

Robin: "*clears her throat* Residents of Cat City! First of all, I want to thank every single one of you for coming here. Like many of us, I was born and raised in Cat City. For as long as we can think, we've been oppressed, mocked, insulted and violated, killed slowly by taking the life out of our souls."

Robin: "I built my own business so I could afford something to eat, but also to provide a safe workplace to those among us who are the most vulnerable. But THEY are trying to destroy what little we have. The suits, the bankers, the top dogs, who'd never set foot into our neighborhood except for cutting it up, tearing it down, and selling it off."

%SND% SND-2102 - Applause 2

Robin: "I still remember when my mom reminded me that I was JUST a cat. We need to make the world know how painful it is to be reminded every day that being a cat means being nothing."

%SND% SND-2103 - Applause 3

Robin: "Cat City is ours, and we won't let THEM take it from us! We must raise our voices! But it is very, very important that we keep in control of this moment and make this as peaceful and as organized as possible. Because THEY want us to mess up. But not today! Today we march in unity and in peace!"

%SND% SND-2104 - Applause 4

%SND% RATS-21 Bunny hop

%ACT% Ryan hop hop hop hops across the stage from [7] to [1], being chased by Zoe, and everybody is looking at them

Robin: "Or hop around in unity and peace. Whatever it takes. The violence must stop! The evictions must stop! Show me what democracy looks like!"

%ACT% Everyone holds up their signs and starts picketing behind the soap box.

%SND% SND-2105 - Base Level Protest Noise
%SND% SND-2106 - Crowd: "This is what democracy looks like!"

Robin: "Show me what community looks like!"

%SND% SND-2107 - Crowd: Crowd: "This is what community looks like!"
%SND% SND-2110 - Continuous Crowd Chants 1

Robin: "Whose streets?"

%SND% SND-2108 - Crowd: "Our streets!"

Robin: "Whose streets?"

%SND% SND-2109 - Crowd: "Our streets!"
%SND% SND-2109B - Crowd Cheers

%ACT% Robin gets off the soap box, and the crowd continues to rally and chant

%ACT% Ryan, Zoe and Robin meet at the playrail in [4-5], facing the audience, chanting with the rest of the crowd.

Robin: "This is amazing! It's all working out so much better than I thought!"

Ryan: "Great speech by the way!"

Robin: "Thanks! I only nearly shat my pants twice!"

%ACT% Ryan takes a radio out of his back pocket

Ryan (into the radio): "Olaf for Ryan, how's the cop situation?"

%PRE% PRE-2101 - Olaf (radio): "They set up camp at 21st street, mainly just watching. Everything seems calm so far."

Ryan: "A little too calm. Chief Cross and his cronies can't disperse the protest without due cause, so expect them to get creative."

%PRE% PRE-2102 - Olaf (radio): "Gotcha."

%ACT% Ryan puts the radio back in his pocket

Zoe: "Hey, Robin, can you hand me that megaphone for a sec? I want to try something!"

Robin: "Sure!"

%ACT% Robin hands the megaphone to Zoe

Zoe: "Thanks."

%ACT% Zoe speaks into the megaphone

Zoe (through megaphone): "On the Ning Nang Nong, Where the Cows go Bong!"

%SND% SND-2111 - Crowd: "On the Ning Nang Nong, Where the Cows go Bong!"

Zoe (through megaphone): "And the monkeys all say BOO!"

%SND% SND-2112 - Crowd: "BOO!"
%SND% SND-2112B - Continuous Crowd Chants 2

%ACT% The crowd continues the nonsense rhyme ...

Zoe: "Wow! This thing is like a remote control ... FOR PEOPLE!"

Ryan: "Zoe, what the hell do you think you're doing!"

Zoe: "Having fun? Watch this!"

%PRE% PRE-2105 - Zoe (through megaphone): "Rhys watched Ross switch his Irish wristwatch for a Swiss wristwatch!"

%SND% SND-2113 - Crowd: "Rhys watched Ross switch this iwriwihsr sgofs ... gdndioisihsiwihihwiiiewhwghighw"
%SND% SND-2113B - Continuous Crowd Chants 3

%ACT% Zoe laughs her ass off

%ACT% The crowd cheers, and returns to the regularly scheduled protest chants

%PRE% PRE-2103 - Olaf (radio): "Something's happening ... there's a couple of officers coming down the sidewalk ... no idea what they're up to."

Ryan: "Thanks for the heads-up, we'll keep an eye on them."

%ACT% Cop1 comes in from [1], in full riot gear

Robin: "And there they come."

Ryan: "Setting the mood in full gear, as always."

%ACT% Cop1 walks up to Protester1, and talks to them (inaudible)

%ACT% Protester1 puts his truth sign down and begins to argue, gesticulating wildly (inaudible)

%HND% place the second truth sign somewhere where Ryan can get it later

Zoe: "They look super intimidating."

Ryan: "It's all bark and no bite."

%ACT% Cop1 grabs Protester1 and pushes them against the wall (backdrop?), giving them a pat-down

Robin: "Hey! HEY! What the hell are you doing?"

%ACT% Ryan pulls Robin back

Ryan: "Ssssh! Keep cool, kitty! They're just looking for weapons. One of the few things they legally CAN do. Not worth the trouble."

Robin: "Isn't it only a matter of time till they find one?"

Ryan: "Not a showstopper. Let's just hope nobody gets angry."

Zoe: "Don't jinx it!"

%ACT% Protester2 pushes Cop1 away from Protester1 

%ACT% Cop1 punches Protester2 in the face

%ACT% The crowd reacts with angry shouts and whistles, then begins to chant again

Ryan: "Too late. Fuck."

%SND% SND-2114 - Crowd: "No Justice, No Peace! No racist police!"
%SND% SND-2114B - Angry Shouting
%SND% AMB-2102 - Fighting Crowd Ambience

Ryan: "Robin! We gotta to distract the crowd!"

Robin: "Gimmme that!"

%ACT% Robin grabs the megaphone from Zoe

Robin (through the megaphone): "LOVE NOT HATE MAKES AMERICA GREAT!"

%SND% SND-2115 - Crowd (reluctantly): "LOVE NOT HATE MAKES AMERICA GREAT!"

%ACT% Protester1 and Protester2 turn away from Cop1 and join the chant

Robin (through the megaphone): "LOVE NOT HATE MAKES AMERICA GREAT!"

%ACT% The crowd joins in

%SND% SND-2116 - Crowd (in unison): "LOVE NOT HATE MAKES AMERICA GREAT!"
%SND% SND-2116B - Continuous Chanting 4

%ACT% Robin puts away the megaphone

%HND% give the megaphone to Andrew behind the scenes

Robin: "There we go! Crisis averted!"

Zoe: "Make America great? Really?"

Robin: "Sorry I couldn't come up with a nursery rhyme in time!"

Zoe: "Pah!"

Cop1: "Hey, you, wolf girl!"

%ACT% Cop1 walks towards Zoe

Zoe: "What? Who? Me?"

Ryan: "Don't say anything."

Cop1: "You have any weapons on you? Do you mind if I pat you down real quick just to make sure?"

Ryan: "Sir, in order to justify a pat down, there has to be a reasonable and-"

%ACT% Cop1 interrupts him

Cop1: "And who the fuck are you, bunny boy?"

Ryan: "Just a tax paying citizen exercising my right to free speech."

Cop1: "You'd better exercise your right to shut up or there'll be trouble. Okay, hands behind your head, wolf girl."

%ACT% Zoe does as she's told

Cop1: "Let's see who's under that mask."

%ACT% Cop1 removes Zoe's wolf mask, and throws it away

Zoe: "Hey, that mask took me a week to make!"

Cop1: "Oh, kitty can speak! You have anything that's going to stick me, poke me, or hurt me?"

%ACT% Zoe squints her eyes, looking super smug

Zoe: "I dare you to find out."

Cop1: "This can be easy or hard, your choice."

%ACT% Cop1 begins to put his paws all over Zoe's body, intentionally touching her in all the wrong places (but not her breasts!)

Zoe: "Move your dirty paws one inch further and you're going to regret it!"

Ryan: "Sir! This is an illegal search! What's your badge number?"

Cop1: "You'd better hold still or I'll get the cuffs."

%ACT% Cop1 grabs Zoe's breasts

Zoe: "Fuck you!"

%ACT% Zoe smacks Cop1 with a paw, showing a surprising amount of strength.

%ACT% Cop1 recoils and shakes his head (he wears a helmet but he still felt the force)

Cop1: "Okay, you wanted it this way. You are under arrest."

Ryan: "What for? For not letting you fondle her breasts?"

Cop1: "If you want me to pepper spray you, just say so."

%ACT% Ryan looks around and grabs the truth sign

Ryan: "Leave that woman alone, you racist fuck."

%ACT% Ryan squeezes in between Cop1 and Zoe

Cop1: "Is that a real wolf under that mask?"

%ACT% Ryan takes the bunny mask off

Ryan: "Fuck yeah! Wanna fight?"

%ACT% Ryan wields his truth sign like a weapon

%ACT% Cop1 sees Ryan's face, recognizing him

Cop1: "Holy shit! It's Detective Chase! Call the Chief!"

%ACT% Ryan's eyes go wide as he hears this and he hits Cop1 with his truth sign

Cop1: "Aggh!"

%ACT% Cop1 leaves to [1] to call for backup

%ACT% Robin storms toward Ryan

Robin: "DETECTIVE CHASE? The Killer Cop? That's where I know your face from! It was all over the news! You killed Mila!"

%SND% SND-2117 - Riot Level Protest Crowd

%ACT% Ryan swings around to look at her angry face

Ryan: "Shit!"

%ACT% Zoe reaches out to grab him

Zoe: "RYAN!"

%ACT% Ryan almost swings his truth sign into Zoe

%ACT% Zoe ducks

Zoe: "YIKES! What the fuck, Ryan!"

%ACT% Zoe pulls Ryan away from Robin and towards [7]

Cop1: "It's Chase! GET HIM!"

%ACT% Cop2 and Cop3 run over, drawing their guns

Ryan: "Shit! Come on Zoe, we gotta run!"

%ACT% Ryan turns and is now pulling Zoe after him towards [7] and off

%ACT% Robin looks back and forth between the Cops and Zoe and Ryan

Robin: "Get that fucker! He went that way!"

%ACT% Cop2 and Cop3 run after Ryan to [7] but have to get past Robin first

Robin (realizing): "Oh shit, Zoe! I mean ... no! Don't get that fucker! GET ME INSTEAD!"

%ACT% Robin "trips", causing Cop2 and Cop3 to trip over her and disappear

%SND% SND-2118 - The Police Is Coming

%ACT% Cop1 [1] and Cop2 [1, 2nd] appear in front of the tank, firing flash bangs and tear gas canisters into the remaining crowd

%HND% A giant police tank moving forward at a slow, steady pace appears at [1], pushing the Protesters off the street to [7] (maybe add a water thrower on top?)

%ACT% Robin shakes herself and slowly retreats with the rest of the crowd

%ACT% Andrew walks behind the giant police tank, speaking into a megaphone

%PRE% PRE-2104 - Andrew (through loudspeaker): "This is the Police. All persons on Mary Jane Avenue and 21st Street must leave the area by traveling to the west and or north at this time. You are directed to stop throwing objects, and disperse immediately. Failure to follow this direction may subject you to citation or arrest and may subject you to the use of riot control agents and or impact weapons."

%ATT% The following action happens in front of the tank while people get pushed off the street to [7] over time

%HND% Shoot at the police and tank with confetti cannons (DO NOT AIM AT PUPPETEERS)

%ACT% Robin gets a dose of the tear gas and screams


%ACT% Olaf still protected by his gas mask, rushes in from [1] past the tank, plows through the crowd

Olaf: "Robin! I'm coming!"

%ACT% Olaf picks up Robin and carries her under his arm like a football, then proceeds to plow on like a football player, rushing off stage to [7]

%ACT% The Protesters go crazy as some try to flee the tear gas

%ACT% The other protesters join the brawl, beating the cops with their signs

%FOG% Lots of tear gas is obscuring the view.

%HND% Lots of stones and other objects are being thrown toward the police and the tank

%ACT% The Protesters get pushed off stage towards [7] by the tank

%SND% FAD-2101 - The End (Fade Everything Out)

%LIG% LX-0099 Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close

%LIG% LX-0099 Work Light ON