Act 1, Scene 3: Papers, please!

Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 1300 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

Recall: 113CleanIntercomHelmet
%MIX% Eisfuchs**ON**--
%MIX% Pan**ON**--
%MIX% Curry**OFF**--
%MIX% Tani**OFF**--
%MIX% Zefiro**ON**--

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk


%SND% Office Soundscape

%SND% Call Signal

%SND% Tony White accepts the call

%SND% White: "Bureau of Investigation, Detective Tony White. What can I do for you?"

%SND% Copeland: "Put me through to Deputy Chief Ericson, please."

%SND% White: "I'm sorry sir, but Mr. Ericson is currently not available, but if you let me know the nature of your inquiry, I'll be more than happy to ..."

%SND% Copeland: "Then patch me through to Chief Lewis."

%SND% White: "I'm afraid Chief Lewis is not taking calls at this time. To whom am I speaking?"

%SND% Copeland: "Look, I have a very sensitive matter to report, I need to talk to someone in charge."

%SND% White: "I am one hundred percent in charge of criminal reports, should you wish to make one, sir."

%SND% Copeland: "Are you new here? Do you even know who I am?"

%SND% White: "It's my first day here. And you are Theodore Copeland, Director of Fleet Operations of the Extraplanetary Resources Group."

%SND% Copeland: "Damn right, and you're now going to tell me how to reach either Lewis or Ericson, or this is also going to be your last day!"

%SND% White: "I wish I could, but I can't they have both been suspended from duty."

%SND% Copeland: "What? This is the first time I've heard of it. Why wasn't I informed?"

%SND% White: "Excuse me sir, but are you a member of this agency?"

%SND% Copeland: "I've known Lewis and Ericson for longer than you can read and write! They're still of the old guard. They know how to get things done, and who to call when something important happens. Not like you. Fresh out of college, but too afraid to wipe your own ass without filing a request first."

%SND% White: "There's no official statement about the reason of their suspension, but if I had to guess, it was probably because it wasn't just their own asses they've been wiping. By the way, this call is being recorded. If you enjoy talking yourself intro trouble, by all means just keep going."

%SND% Copeland draws a deep breath to keep his blood from boiling.

%SND% Copeland: "All right. One of our ships is missing. Reg Number 85473362."

%SND% White: "Finally we're getting somewhere. Hang on."

%SND% White types on his keyboard

%SND% Bleep Bloop

%SND% White: "A Mark 4 Rhino named 'DARWIN' departed July 25th from Bogota, Colombia. Destination: Vesta Station. Left controlled space to sector 4385. No voluntary tracking."

%SND% Copeland: "Let me send you the flight data. It will show you exactly when we lost contact."

%SND% Bleep Bloop

%SND% White: "Okay, I see. What makes you think the loss is the result of a criminal offense?"

%SND% Copeland: "Because it happened in the middle of Pioneer territory!"

%SND% White: "Have you ruled out a technical failure?"

%SND% Copeland: "We're talking about the kidnapping of 25 crew members, millions worth of cargo for Vesta and Ceres, and three federal prisoners."

%SND% White: "Four."

%SND% Copeland: "What?"

%SND% White: "The manifest lists four prisoners in cryo."

%SND% Copeland: "Whatever."

%SND% White: "If they had prisoners on board, why didn't you have an escort?"

%SND% Copeland: "Because the idiots in YOUR department didn't provide one!"

%SND% White: "There was a military vessel scheduled to join your freighter the next day."

%SND% Copeland: "Yes, A WHOLE DAY! Do you even know what that costs?"

%SND% White: "Sir, that transport was a violation of federal regulations. And the prisoner transport also means I have to get the department of justice involved."

%SND% Copeland: "Listen, you little beancounter, are you going to help me or not?"

%SND% White: "I am trying, but ..."

%SND% Copeland: "You know what? Forget I called you. I'm withdrawing my report. I'm going to call the military instead."

%SND% "Connection Terminated"

%SND% White (to himself): "Time to learn how to wipe your own ass, Mr. Copeland. What a moron."

%SND% Call Signal

%SND% Tony White accepts the call

%SND% White: "Bureau of Investigation, Detective Tony White. What can I do for you?"


%AMB% AMB-1301 - Drippy Office
%MUS% MUS-1300 - Dreadful Torture Muzak

%HND% Curtain - open

%ACT% Immigration officer sits in the middle [4] on second playrail behind the screen, and twiddles his thumbs.

%ACT% Soldier 1 stands next to the officer in [3] on second playrail

%ACT% Soldier 2 stands in [5] on second playrail

%LIG% LX 1310 - Lights on

%SND% SND-1301 - Sliding Door Opens

%ACT% Lyra comes in from [7], carrying a tablet computer to [2], and turns towards Sorin and the Officer

%ACT% Sorin enters from [7] and walks towards the officer [4]

Officer: "Welcome to Juno Station. Please identify yourselves, and state the intention of your visit."

Sorin: "Didn't you get the documents I emailed you an hour ago?"

%ACT% Officer types on his keyboard, and the letters of documents show up on the screen in front of him

%SND% SND-1302 - Typing and Computer Sounds 1

Officer: "Yes, we did. But you arrived here on a stolen freighter with a full cargo hold, and no proof of identification whatsoever. The only reason we even let you dock here was that our scans only showed three men and lots of cargo on board."

Sorin: "Look, I explained everything in my email. My name is Sorin Jax, I'm a Pioneer, I have family in the habitat at Level 31, Third quadrant. Look it up if you don't believe me!"

%ACT% Officer types on his keyboard

%SND% SND-1303 - Typing and Computer Sounds 2

Officer: "There's only one Sorin Jax on our records, and he's been missing for more than a year."

Sorin: "Yes. And now I'm back."

Officer: "I don't care about your life story. Everyone who comes through these doors has one. And you know why this station still exists? Because I don't believe everything I hear. If you don't have proper ID, you have two options. You can sign Form A - that's for trade. Or Form B - that's if you want to seek political asylum. And until either of these is approved, you are going to stay on your ship. The lease for your dock expires in 24 hours, power is free, enjoy your stay."

Sorin: "Will you cut the crap, and let me in! I used to LIVE here, goddamnit!"

%ACT% Sorin hits the booth in frustration.

%SND% SND-1304 - Wallpaper Falls Off 1

%HND% A width of wallpaper on the back wall peels off [4-5], revealing a techy space station texture with pipes and cables and bolts and nuts underneath.

Officer (intentionally ignoring Sorin): "Damn, this place is falling apart."

%ACT% Officer turns around, and re-attaches the piece of wallpaper in [4-5], holding it down with a broom.

Lyra: "All right, I want to trade!"

Officer (still trying to fix the wall): "No problem. All I need from you is Form A, your contract and a detailed packing list."

Lyra: "What if I don't have a contract?"

Officer: "There's a section for trade offers on our network."

Lyra: "Hmmmm ..."

%ACT% Lyra taps and swipes on her tablet

%SND% SND-1305 - Lyra types

%SND% SND-1305 (cont.) - Wallpaper Falls Off 2

%ACT% A second width of wallpaper rolls off the wall in [2]

%ACT% Soldier 1 sighs, turns around, and tries to put the wallpaper in [2] back up with his gun.

Lyra: "How about you, personally? I happen to have a full container of wallpaper paste ..."

%SND% SND-1306 - Wallpaper Falls Off 3

%ACT% A third width of wallpaper rolls off the wall in [5-6]

%ACT% Soldier 2 sighs, turns around, and tries to put the wallpaper in [5-6] back up with his gun.

Lyra: "Ooops! And the price is going up! Better act quickly!"

%ACT% Officer lets go of the broom, and rushes as close to the glass as he can, looking at Lyra

%ACT% Soldier 1 and Soldier 2 turn around, pointing their guns at Lyra


%ACT% Sorin steps between the officer and Lyra, making soothing hand gestures

Sorin: "Maybe ... we should try political asylum instead. We are refugees after all."

Lyra: "What? You really want to stay on this ... rust bucket?"

Sorin: "What? This is my home!"

Lyra: "Excuse me Sir, how long does an application usually take?"

Officer: "Oh, not very long. A month maybe, or two ..."

Sorin: "Are you kidding me? Back when I moved in, it didn't take longer than a day ..."

Officer: "The safety of our community is our highest priority!"

%ACT% Lyra swipes through the items on her tablet.

%SND% SND-1307 - Tablet Sounds

Lyra: "Oh! How cool is that ... Sorin, look, did you know we had twelve and a half tons of coffee beans on board? There, right next to the three containers full of chocolate pudding!"

Officer: "Hold it right there! What did you just say?"

Lyra: "Coffee Beans and Chocolate Pudding!"

Officer: "Hang on, I've got to make a call."

%ACT% The light behind the pane of glass goes out, and the screen displays "PRIVACY ENABLED".

%SND% SND-1308 - Privacy ON

Sorin: "That was brilliant! I think you found their weak spot!"

Lyra: "Of course!"

%SND% SND-1309 - Privacy OFF

Officer: "Please Wait. Someone is on their way to meet with you. Prepare to have your load inspected."

Sorin: "That's what she said."

Lyra (hissing): "DON'T RUIN IT!"

Sorin: "What?"

%MIX% Tani: Clean - ON

%MIX% Zefiro: Clean - OFF

%SND% SND-1310 - Sliding Door Opens
%MUS% MUS-1301 - Music Cue 1

%ACT% Sina comes in from [1], wearing old fashioned Earther tactical gear and an equally old fashioned radio headset.

Sina: "Sorin! You? Here? I thought they had caught you and sent you to Vesta!"

Sorin: "Can't believe it myself!"

%ACT% Sina and Sorin hug

Sina: "It's so good to see you!"

Lyra: "Wait a minute ... you know each other? You and, Sina Stillwater, Chief Commander of the Pioneers?"

Sorin: "Yes, why?"

%ACT% Lyra kermit-flails


Sorin: "Calm down, they wouldn't have patched me through to her anyways."

Sina: "That's a nice new ship you have there."

Lyra: "Actually, it's my ship."

Sorin: "Yeah, and I'm just a lowly pilot."

Sina: "Who the hell is she?"

Lyra: "I am Lyra Senick. Refugee and Freelance Journalist."

%ACT% Sina shakes paws with Lyra

Sina: "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mrs. Freelance Refugee."

Lyra: "If you want any of that coffee, you'd better take me seriously!"

%ACT% Sina laughs

Sina: "I like the way you think! Don't worry, here on Juno, we take everyone seriously - especially those who have lost their faith in Earth like you. Welcome to your new life, Lyra!"

Lyra: "What if I don't want a new life?"

Sina: "Once you've experienced what true freedom is like, you'll never want to go back. I promise you that."

%ACT% Sina turns to the officer

%MIX% Zefiro: Clean - ON

Sina: "Officer, could you please get the paperwork done for these two people? Consider them cleared for immigration."

Officer: "But ... but ..."

Sina: "Oh ... and if you could get it done in the next five minutes, that would be really great. You have my permission to keep your mouth shut. Thank you."

%ACT% Sina turns back

%MIX% Zefiro: Clean - OFF

Sina: "Now come in, I bet you have one hell of a story to tell, and I want to hear all of it!"

Sorin: "Uhm ... Sina, one more little thing ..."

Sina: "Yes?"

Sorin: "We're actually three."

Sina: "Oh. I see. Officer? We need another copy, please."

Sorin: "No ... no ... I don't think you want that. He's our ... prisoner. He ... tried to kill us."

%MUS% MUS-1302 - Music Cue 2 (want that)

%ACT% Sina sighs

Sina: "Seriously? Why didn't you just kick him out the airlock?"

Lyra: "Everyone on this ship died, because of him."

Sina: "And what am I supposed to do with him? Put him in jail? Who's gonna pay for this? You?"

Lyra: "He managed to break out of cryo, and single-handedly kill every person on board, and would have hijacked this freighter for himself, if it hadn't been for us. It's all way too sophisticated for a simple robbery. Maybe you can get some intel out of him!"

Sina: "Hmm... that sounds like someone we might have a use for."

Lyra: "We can't trust him!"

Sina: "Leave it to me. I'm a professional."

Sorin: "She's right. She knows what she's doing. I'll be right back."

%ACT% Sorin walks out towards [7]

%SND% SND-1311 - Sliding Door Opens
%MUS% MUS-1303 - Music Cue 3

Lyra: "I have a bad feeling about this ..."

%MIX% Curry: Clean - ON

%SND% SND-1312 - Sliding Door Opens, squeaky chair noises

%ACT% Sorin pushes in the complete engineer's chair with Trent still taped to it towards [3]. (Trent is no longer wearing his helmet, his muzzle is taped shut though.)

%ACT% Trent is struggling in his seat in panic, eyes wide, trying to shout something, but his muzzle is taped shut.

%SND% SND-1313 - Sqeaking Stops

Sorin: "There he is. Says his name is Trent. Trent Binkin. Probably an alias though."

Sina: "Get rid of the tape, I want to talk to him."

Lyra: "Be careful though. He will tell you everything you want to hear!"

%ACT% Lyra rips the tape off Trent's muzzle (ouch)

%SND% SND-1314 - RRRRIP!
%MUS% MUS-1304 - Music Cue 4


%ACT% Lyra jumps back, now standing behind Sina

Sina (to the fourth wall): "That's definitely NOT what I wanted to hear!"

%MIX% Zefiro: Clean - ON

%LIG% LX 1320 - Alarm lights flashing (RGBW Backdrop floods could emulate this)

%SND% SND-1315 - Alarm!

%VID% Screen shows ALERT ALERT.



%SND% SND-1316 - Alarm Stops!

%LIG% LX 1321 - Normal Light, same as LX 1310

%MIX% Zefiro: Clean - OFF

Sina: "Places Everyone, starting over."

Trent (whimpering): "It's not too late yet! The timer is running, but if you let me free, I can stop it!"

Sina: "So you say there's a bomb on this ship. What kind of bomb?"

Trent: "The biggest one you've ever seen."

Sina: "Be more specific."

Trent: "Matter-Antimatter ... doesn't matter! Like a SD-Z/4, similar containment, but twice the capacity."

Sina: "That's insane. Who builds something like this?"

Lyra: "Someone who wants the entire system to see their fireworks."

Sorin: "Earth."

Sina: "Yeah, but WHO on Earth?"

Trent: "If I told you, I'd be a dead rat!"

Sina: "Why do they want to destroy us?"

Trent: "I have no idea."

Lyra: "What about the crew of the freighter?"

Trent: "Faking an emergency and sending a mayday was the easiest way to get the bomb to Juno. And as you can see it worked like a charm. You guys really have to work on your security! *laughs*"

%ACT% Sina slaps Trent across the face

Sina: "You better tell me, where that bomb is or ..."

Trent: "Or what?"

Sina: "OR ..."

Trent: "Listen to me, here's what I have to offer. If you tamper with the container, or try to remove it from the station, it will explode. A timer was activated the moment the ship entered the dock. This was supposed to give me time to leave before it blows. The mechanism can only be deactivated by the same person who activated it. Me."

Lyra: "And why are you telling us all this?"

Trent: "Because I might be greedy and heartless, but I'd rather not be turned into plasma. Easy, isn't it?"

Sina: "You are a miserable piece of shit. But at least you are a piece of shit that makes sense. I can work with that."

%MUS% MUS-1305 - Music Cue 5

Trent: "Let me walk free, and we will all live to see another day."

Sina: "Under one condition: The bomb stays with me. Deal?"

Trent: "Deal!"

%LIG% LX 1399 - Lights out

%MIX% Fade Ambience, SFX and Music with LX 1399

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)