Act 1, Scene 1: The Big Hangover

Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 1100 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

%MIX% **Double Check Recording!**

Recall: 111CleanInside PODHelmet
%MIX% Eisfuchs**OFF**--
%MIX% PanOFF**ON**-
%MIX% Curry--**OFF**

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk


%AMB% AMB-1101 - Container Ambience

%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% LX 1110 - Lights on

%ATT% This type of container is used for the efficient transport of passengers in cryostasis. It contains four stasis pods designed to keep the inhabitants alive and in a state of suspended animation. This technique keeps the passengers safe without the need to feed them, without producing waste, and without using up precious oxygen. It also conveniently prevents them from doing anything, one reason this mode of transport is often used for prisoners. There is a risk of falling asleep and never waking up, but going into space is dangerous, just deal with it. INNOSPACE, the solar system's biggest insurance company, eventually demanded that if you're going to transport people like cargo, you should at least design your systems so that they fail in the safest possible manner. Now, all standard EZ-Cryo personal transit containers have their own emergency life support and basic comms systems so that passengers can survive when the cargo area becomes depressurized or a stasis pod failure occurs.

%SND% Beeps and Boops

%ACT% Chirp is lying in Pod #2 at [5] on 2nd playrail

%ACT% Sorin is lying in Pod #3 at [3] on 2nd playrail

%ACT% Lyra is lying in Pod #4 at [2] on 2nd playrail

%SND% SND-1101 - Rumbling, then a sudden explosion

%SND% SND-1101 (cont.) - Environmental Alarms going on.

%SND% SND-1102 - Recorded Voice: Depressurization Hazard!

%SND% SND-1101 (cont.) - Panicked Voices, People running about, Sounds of chaos

%SND% SND-1101 (cont.) - Sounds of Air escaping from the environment

%SND% SND-1101 (cont.) - Everything gets silent, except for a few dull thumping sounds

%SND% SND-1101 (cont.) - Sound of Power being Shut Off

%HND% The lights inside the pods flicker.

%HND% The monitors begin blinking "FAILURE" warnings, indicating that the inhabitants are about to die.

%SND% SND-1101 (cont.) - Alarm beeps and boops
%MUS% MUS-1101 - Cue 01

%HND% The monitors start blinking big, red "FAILURE" warnings, indicating that the inhabitants are about to die.

%ACT% Lyra begins to stir inside her pod. She realizes something is wrong. She feels very sick.

Lyra: *disoriented noise*

%SND% SND-1103 - Squeaking and Rattling

%ACT% Lyra notices she's trapped in the pod. She begins to struggle and kick it from the inside.

%SND% TRIG - Kicking the Container

Lyra: *panicked noises*

%ACT% Lyra is suffocating, coughing and wheezing

%ACT% Lyra gives her coffin a last kick, and the cover pops off the pod.

%SND% SND-1104 - Container Opens

%MIX% Pan: POD -> Clean

%FOG% A bit of fog releases from the cryo chamber

%ACT% Lyra sits straight up


%ACT% Lyra scrambles out of the pod, and falls to the ground

Lyra: "ARGH!"

%ACT% Lyra pulls herself back up holding on to the enclosure of the pod to stabilize herself

%MUS% MUS-1102 - Cue 02 ("computer")

Lyra (responding to stress with anger): "Computer! Alert the fucking crew; there's a fucking passenger emergency in ... in whatever fucking place this is!"

%SND% PRE-1101 - Computer: "Complying. Correction, unable to comply. No crew on duty."

%ACT% Lyra shakes and shivers, clutching her arms and rubbing herself to warm up a bit

%ACT% Lyra has a coughing fit that is so bad that she ends up dry vomiting

Lyra (shouting): "No crew--is anybody out there? HEY! *coughs*"

%SND% SND-1105 - Alarm sounds change
%MUS% MUS-1103 - Cue 03

%HND% The displays on Pods #2 and #3 show flashing skull-and-crossbones signs

%ACT% Lyra looks at the other pods

Lyra: "What the ... Oh no! THEY'RE DYING!"

%ACT% Lyra runs to Pod #3 at [3], prodding at the display

%SND% TRIG - Touchscreen Input

Lyra: "Wake up! Hey, you in there, wake up!"

%SND% PRE-1102 - Computer: "Unable to comply. Only on-duty crew may initiate reanimation."

Lyra: "You said there's no on-duty crew on board! So guess what? I'm your fucking captain now."

%SND% PRE-1103 - Computer: "Complying. Emergency passenger promotion for Lyra Senick."

Lyra: "That probably should have been harder. Now, computer, open this pod before-"

%SND% PRE-1104 - Computer: "Alert. Alert."
%MUS% MUS-1104 - Cue 04

Lyra: "What is it now?"

%SND% PRE-1105 - Computer: "There is a fucking passenger emergency in container 801."

Lyra (sighs): "Just open the pod."

%SND% PRE-1106 - Computer: "Complying. Correction, unable to comply. Service code 4879."

%ACT% Lyra throws her hands into the air

Lyra (angry): "Hrrrrrrrr!"

%ACT% Lyra thumps on the lid

Lyra: "Hold on, I'm getting you out of there!"

%ACT% Lyra begins to pry off the lid with force

%SND% SND-1106 - Crack, Rattle

%ACT% Lyra puts all her strength, and manages to flip the pod open

%SND% SND-1106 (cont.) - Pod Opening
%MUS% MUS-1105 - Cue 05

%FOG% Fog escapes from the pod

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Clean - ON

%ACT% Lyra falls down, out of view

%SND% PRE-1107 - Computer: "Pod three open, captain."


Lyra (out of breath): "Shit."

Sorin: *MOANS*

%ACT% Lyra gets back up, shakes Sorin

Lyra: "Wake up ... wake up ... WAKE UP!"

Sorin: "Eeermmm ... gaaaah ... *COUGH* *WHEEZE* ... what ... what the hell ..."

%MUS% MUS-1106 - Cue 06

Lyra: "You're alive!"

Sorin (disoriented): "*GROANS*, alert the fucking crew, there's a fucking-"

Lyra: "I tried that; we're on our own. I had to crack open your pod before it freeze-dried you."

Sorin: "No wonder I feel like there's a solar flare inside my skull. There's a reason why defrosting usually takes eight hours. You're not part of the crew, are you?"

%MUS% MUS-1107 - Cue 07

Lyra: "Hell no. Name's Lyra, and I'm just a prisoner, like you ... Sorin?"

Sorin: "Sorin Jax. How do you know my name?"

Lyra: "It's on the screen."

Sorin: "Oh."

%ACT% Sorin climbs out of the pod, wincing as every movement hurts

Lyra: "We have to find out what happened. I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to wake up like this."

%ACT% Sorin looks at the monitor on his pod

Sorin: "Something must have gone terribly wrong. These pods are meant to have systems in place to keep us alive in an emergency. It should have properly reanimated us and opened the moment it switched to backup power."

Lyra: "Sounds like you know your way around space ships."

Sorin: "Yeah. We're inside an EZ-Trans container. Been hauling them around myself for a long time. Turns people into cargo. All self contained. Cheapest way to get around the system."

Lyra: "You worked a freighter?"

Sorin: "Sort of. Used to fly one. Any ideas who's in this one?"

%MUS% MUS-1108 - Cue 08

%ACT% Sorin prods around the screen on Pod #2

%SND% TRIG - Touchscreen Input

%SND% PRE-1108 - Computer: "Only authorized crew may-"

Lyra: "Just open the damn pod, computer."

%SND% PRE-1109 - Computer: "Unable to comply. Service code 4879."

Lyra: "Your pod said the same."

Sorin: "Code 4879? That's a new one. Life support is all messed up. His body's gonna poison itself if we don't get him out ..."

Lyra: "Here, help me pull the lid."

%ACT% Sorin feels along the edge of the pod with his hands

Sorin: "Hold your horses. These pods have an emergency release hatch ... yeah, right there."

%HND% The third pod opens.

%SND% SND-1107 - Pod Opening
%MUS% MUS-1109 - Cue 09

%FOG% A little fog escapes.

%ACT% Chirp stays lifeless.

%MUS% MUS-1110 - Cue 10

Lyra: "He's not moving. Do you know first-aid?"

Sorin: "Help me lift him out ..."

%ACT% Lyra and Sorin lift Chirp out of the pod, and place him onto the playrail at [6].

%ACT% Sorin feels for a pulse

%ACT% Sorin checks for breathing

Sorin: "No pulse. No breathing ... And he's almost frozen. Even if I knew how to do muzzle-to-beak, he's probably too far gone."

Lyra (sad): "Damn."

Sorin: "What the hell is going on here? I'm pretty sure we're haven't made it to Vesta Prison Camp yet. Computer! Status report."

%SND% PRE-1110 - Computer: "Complying. Correction, unable to comply."

%MUS% MUS-1111 - Cue 11

Lyra: "I wouldn't trust the computer. It promoted me to captain without putting up a fight! Stay here and catch your breath, I'll try the door and check-"

Sorin: "STOP! See the red light? Red light means a hard vacuum on the other side of the airlock! You are going to kill yourself!"

Lyra: "Agh ... No need to shout at me, Sorin. It's my first time off world."

Sorin: "Sorry, Captain!"

Lyra (chuckles softly): "If I really were a captain I would probably know what to do."

Sorin: "Don't worry. There are procedures for emergencies like this. Take the suit you went to sleep in, for example. It doubles as a space suit if you add a matching helmet. There should be a box here somewhere ..."

%ACT% Sorin walks around the room, and finds a big red box at [4] in the back. (The box is not visible to the audience)

Sorin: "Ah, here."

%ACT% Sorin opens the box and takes out a helmet.

%SND% SND-1108 - Box Opens

Sorin: "I wouldn't want to go on an actual space walk in one of these but ... Oh!"

%MUS% MUS-1112 - Cue 12

Lyra: "Oh, what?"

Sorin: "One is already missing."

Lyra: "The fourth pod! It was already open when I woke up. Whoever woke up first must have taken the helmet to ... get help? Or ..."

Sorin: "Or leave us to die. Which I don't intend to do today."

%ACT% Sorin hands his helmet to Lyra and gets out another one for himself

Lyra: "Thanks. How much time do we have left? I don't think I'm ready to go yet. I feel like shit."

Sorin: "You and me both. Cold, dehydrated, full of nasty drugs and low on blood sugar. It's a miracle you woke up at all."

Lyra: "I have artificial heart and liver replacements. Maybe it triggered some kind of failsafe."

Sorin: "Maybe. Heart and liver, huh? You got some wealthy parents, don't you?"

Lyra: "Everyone on Earth has wealthy parents."

Sorin: "Yeah, bloody UN and their bloody birth control. Could have worked my tail off for ERG until I died and I would never have been able to afford the papers to have a kid."

Lyra: "Could have?"

Sorin: "Damn right. I stole a freighter. Kicked them goddamn Earthers out and took my wife to a better place. Sina's people took better care of us than Earth UN ever did."

Lyra: "Sina Stillwater? So you're one of her outlaws."

Sorin: "We're no outlaws. We're Pioneers. We're building ourselves a new home, away from Earth!"

Lyra: "I don't think anyone would call Juno Station a 'home'."

Sorin: "At least we can be who we want to be, and have the families we want. I have three healthy kids now. On Earth, that would have gotten me shipped to Vesta."

Lyra: "Uhm ... but we **are** being shipped to Vesta right now."

Sorin: "So yeah, I got caught, shit happens, alright. Still not regretting a damn thing. How about you?"

Lyra: "I used to work for CommNet News until someone decided I was sticking my nose into matters I should have left alone."

Sorin: "Government stuff?"

Lyra: "You bet. Large scale corruption. UN officials in bed with the Extraplanetary Resources Group. I broke into the CEO's CommNet account to get the proof. Unfortunately a coworker turned out to be on their payroll. He turned me in ... and that's how I got here."

Sorin: "Nice! So who's the outlaw now?"

%SND% SND-1109 - Whirring motor sounds from outside
%MUS% MUS-1112 - Cue 13

%HND% The light above the door begins to flash

%MIX% Curry: Helmet - ON

Lyra: "What does that mean?"

Sorin: "It means someone's coming in!"

%ACT% Sorin retreats a bit from the airlock, pushing Lyra behind him to [5].

%SND% SND-1109 (cont.) - A door opens

%ACT% Trent comes in from [1], wearing a helmet.

Trent: "What? You're alive?"

Sorin: "No thanks to you!"

Trent: "I'm sorry, I thought you were already ..."

Sorin: "Dead, yeah."

%ACT% Lyra looks at the screen on pod #1 in [6].

Lyra: "So you're ... Trent Binkin?"

Trent (confused): "Yes ... yes, that's me."

Sorin: "So, Trent, what's cooking outside? Made any new friends?"

Trent: "The crew ... they're dead. Every single one of them. We're the only ones left."

%MUS% MUS-1114 - Cue 14


%LIG% LX 1199 - Lights out

%MIX% Fade Ambience, SFX and Music with LX 1199

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)