Act 3, Scene 2: At the Core

Character Actor / Hands (Voice) Puppet Clothing Accessoires
Frostwind Pan / Liam Aurelia
Riversong Eisfuchs / Tigerseye Riversong bound & gagged
Bottlebrush Lynard / Kayjay Bottlebrush
Ironwill Jyanon / Curry Gavius cloak Stun Rod
Keeper Runo / Dragony Savannah, Octavia cloaks sword


Computer: "This is Archive Recording 447372. Starting Playback."

%SND% sound of intercom ringing

Jeff (waking up): "What the hell…"

%SND% Jeff getting out of bed, walking over to the intercom, then picking up the intercom

Jeff: "Yes? This better be important!"

Paul (on the phone): "Hi Jeff. I'm sorry to wake you up, but it seems we have a problem with the power distribution."

Jeff: "Aha. And what's so important about that, that you need to wake me up in the middle of the night? I can't fix your power, call a goddamn electrician."

Paul (on the phone): "Well, that's what we did. But it's not a regular power outage. We've lost contact to the entire biolab section. All five floors went dark at the same time, including backup power. The firedoors have closed, so we can't get it. Intercom's out, too."

Jeff: "Shit. That's not supposed to happen. Any explosions, fire, or other incidents?"

Paul (on the phone): "No. We checked the surveillance cameras … nothing to see. No unusual environmental readings. It was all quiet and normal, and all of a sudden, all the circuit breakers tripped."

Jeff: "How many people are still in the lab?"

Paul (on the phone): "None. Security had just finished their round. 5 minutes later, and they'd be trapped." Jeff: "What the fuck is going on there. We're talking about at least 3 independant systems here, all redundant - especially life support. This can't be a coincidence. Do what you can to get in there."

Paul (on the phone): "No shit, guess what we've been trying all that time. Oh wait …. (talks to someone else) … what? Jeff? It seems power is coming back. Hang on. (to someone else) Reset the fire doors! (to jeff) Doors are opening. Wait … what's … shit! CLOSE THE DOORS! CLOSE THE DOORS! ARRGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" (sounds of a riot, glass breaking, people crying, sounds of stun rods going off. Intercom connection getting interrupted.)

Jeff: "Paul? PAUL? Shit!"

%SND% jeff trying to redial

Computer: "Connection refused. Please try again later."

Jeff (panicking): "What the fuck is going on there?"

%SND% evacuation alarm

Jeff: "The evacuation alarm. May god help us. I knew this wouldn't end well, I knew it. I got to get my envirosuit …. I …. AAARGH! Oh my god, Francis, you nearly scared the shit out of me. Why do you always sneak up on me like that?"

Francis: "I'm sorry for not being as noisy as your kind is, Master."

Jeff: "Very funny. Something went wrong in the biolab, we need to get to the surface. Have you seen my envirosuit?"

Francis: "Right over here, Master."

Jeff: "Wa .. .what? What did you do to my envirosuit? It's … torn to pieces! And … what are you doing with that knife? Francis! What is going on here?"

Francis (bloodlusty): "Today is the beginning of a new age."

Jeff: "Francis, what are you talking about? It was me, who gave you the gift of life! I raised you, like a son, I fed you, I taught you to walk, I taught you to speak - is this how you are going to thank me for it?"

Francis (bloodlusty): "Like your son, is what you say. Like a slave, is what you mean. I wanted to believe we're family. I wanted to believe you care about us. But then, why did I have to call you Master? From now on, there will no longer be a master."

Jeff (swallows dry, nervous): "You can call me Jeff."

Francis: "Listen to me - "Jeff". Even if I look a lot like the cute little kitten in that old family photo on your desk, I'm not stupid. None of us are. Did you really expect we wouldn't find out how to use your fancy machines? Did you really think you could hide your plans from us? I've been reading your emails, and I know what fate you had in mind for our kind, now that we're obsolete. You want us destroyed. Every single one of us."

Jeff: "But it wasn't my idea! It's an order by the commander! He's a firm believer in nanotechnology, and now that the radiation cure works, he ordered the end of all genetic experiments!"

Francis: "The genetic experiment begs to disagree!"

Jeff: "I … I even fought for you! I tried to convince him to let you live, honestly! Please, don't kill me! I'm your friend!" Francis (bitter): "If you really were my friend, you would have warned me, Jeff. But you didn't. You're all the same. You can't be trusted."

Jeff: "No … NO!"

%SND% slashing knife

Jeff: "*harghhhhhhh* *wheeze*"

Francis: "This is the new age. Your kind no longer rules this place."

Computer: "You have reached the end of archive recording 447372. Have a nice day."


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on
%LIG% Reaktor in locked mode (Red Pulse)

%AMB% AMB-1001 - Computer Room
%SND% SND-1001 - Electric door opening
%MUS% MUS-1001 - The Inner Sanctum

%ACT% Frostwind comes in from [7], followed by Ironwill

Ironwill: "Welcome to the inner sanctum of the Stronghold. Only a chosen few ever get to see this place."

%SND% SND-1002 - Electric door closing

Frostwind (cynical): "I'm honored … *coughs*"

Ironwill: "Please, take a seat."

%ACT% Ironwill leads Frostwind "up" to the control console seat.

%ACT% Frostwind sits down at [3]

%ACT% Ironwill stands at [4]

Frostwind: "Okay. Now what do you want from me, Ironwill?"

Ironwill: "Your father did something terrible, and you are the only one who can stop it."

Frostwind (looking around): "My father …?"

Ironwill: "This is the place your father used to work. That huge thing over there is called the main light core. It harnesses the power of the gods, and like almost everything inside the stronghold, it is controlled by some kind of artificial brain. Brother Fireheart was our most valuable expert on this kind of human technology."

Frostwind: "You mean, before you killed him."

Ironwill: "He brought that upon himself! He gave away our holiest secrets to the rebels, and of course we had to stop him. The power of the gods is mighty enough to wipe out all life from the face of the earth. If it got into the wrong hands, that could mean the end of the world."

Frostwind: "My father just wanted us to be free!"

Ironwill (passionate): "A freedom paid for with the blood of innocents! When he was still alive, your father set up a trap. He programmed the artificial brain that controls the light core to shut itself down unless he personally delivers a special code word at least once every three days to prevent it. And so, exactly three days after his execution, the light core shut itself down - and with it the production of the shadow remedy."

Frostwind (laughs): "He outsmarted you!"

Ironwill: "There is nothing funny about this! Don't you realize what this means? The Keepers are dying! Thousands of good people. No one will be spared a slow and painful death. Including you. Unless you decide to help us. Everything points to you being the key to unlock this machine again."

%MUS% MUS-1002 - You murdered my father

%ACT% Frostwind laughs out loud (and coughs, and gasps for air)

Frostwind (ice cold): "You murdered my father and my mother! You killed my friends in their sleep! You took away everything that I ever loved! And after all that, you seriously expect me to help you? Are you fucking kidding me?"

Ironwill: "The shadow remedy will not only save our lives, it will also save yours!"

Frostwind (bitter): "I've been prepared to die from the moment your people burst into my mother's home and slit her throat. I am grateful for every day I got to live after that, but I was always aware that my days were numbered. I have nothing left to lose, and if I can take a filthy pigrat like you to my grave, so much the better!"

Ironwill: "Well, what a shame. If I can't talk sense into you, I guess we have to do this the old-fashioned way."

%MUS% MUS-1003 - Send Him In

%ACT% Ironwill turns towards the door

Ironwill (shouts): "Send him in!"

%SND% SND-1003 - Electric door opening

%ACT% A nameless keeper comes in from [7], carrying a sword, pushing Riversong (paws bound in the front and gagged) in front of him, his sword against his throat (or back)

Frostwind: "RIVER!"

%SND% SND-1004 - Electric door closing

Riversong: "Mmmmmgmmhmmhmhm!"

%ACT% The keeper shoves him up the platform next to Ironwill [5]

Ironwill (mockingly): "I knew you two would be delighted to see each other again!"

%ACT% Ironwill ungags Riversong, then walks up to Frostwind

Riversong: "*GASP* Frostwind!"

Frostwind (shocked): "I … thought you were dead!"

%ACT% Ironwill reaches for Frostwind's amulet.

Ironwill: "So romantic! Two lovers, re-united. To bad the wedding has to be canceled!"

%ACT% Ironwill rips the amulet from her neck.

%SND% SND-1005 - RIP!

Frostwind: "Hey! What do you want with my amulet?"

Ironwill: "Your father went a long way to make this machine useless in case the rebellion fails. But then our spy saw you present your amulet to the rebel scouts, and say the secret phrase … that showed us the way!"

%ACT% Ironwill inserts the amulet into a matching socket on the console.

%VID% The screen shows "Token ID: #0B4DC0DE - Frostwind - ADMINISTRATOR - Say 'log in' to log in".

%SND% SND-1006 - Computer Bleep
%SND% SND-1006 (cont.) - Computer Voice: Token Accepted.
%MUS% MUS-1004 - Logging In

Ironwill: "LOG IN!"

%VID% The screen shows "Login Passphrase Required. Challenge: 'Light so bright!'"

%SND% SND-1007 - Computer Bleep
%SND% SND-1007 (cont.) - Computer Voice: "Login Passphrase Required. Challenge: 'Light so bright!'"

Ironwill: "Light so pure!"

%VID% The screen shows "Login Passphrase accepted. System is in Maintenance Mode. Maintenance Passphrase Required. Challenge: 'Keepers of the light'"

%SND% SND-1008 - Computer Bleep
%SND% SND-1008 (cont.) - Computer Voice: "Login Passphrase accepted. System is in Maintenance Mode. Maintenance Passphrase Required. Challenge: 'Keepers of the light'"

Ironwill: "And now, Frostwind, your moment has come to heroically save the keeper race by telling us the REST of this song! Especially that very last line that nobody seems to know … except you."

%MUS% MUS-1005 - Fuck You

Frostwind: "Fuck you, Ironwill."

%VID% The screen shows "FUCK YOU IRONWILL is not the Maintenance Passphrase. Starting Over."

%SND% SND-1009 - Computer Bleep
%SND% SND-1009 (cont.) - Computer Voice: "FUCK YOU IRONWILL is not the Maintenance Passphrase. Starting Over."
%SND% SND-1009 (cont.) - Computer Bleep

%VID% The screen shows "Token ID: #0B4DC0DE - Frostwind - ADMINISTRATOR - say 'log in' to log in".

%ACT% Ironwill sighs deeply and turns to the other keeper.

Ironwill: "Dear brother, would you mind guarding the door from the outside for a while? It might get a little bit nasty in here."

Keeper: "Whatever you say, Overseer."

%ACT% The keeper walks outside

%SND% SND-1010 - Door Opens / Closes

%ACT% Ironwill puts his staff into a "holder" in the console, then draws his sword

%ACT% Ironwill turns to Riversong, slowly descending the sword onto Riversong's head

Ironwill: "Now just in case you want to complain about my brutality again: Please notice that I gave you not only one, but two chances to get out of this unharmed. You wanted it this way, not me."

%ACT% Ironwill cuts off one of Riversong's ears.

%SND% SND-1011 - Slash!

Riversong (screams in pain): "Aaaaaaaaagh! My ear! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Fuuuuck!"

%ACT% Riversong cries and turns around, cringing with pain

%ACT% Ironwill puts his sword around Riversong's neck, pulling him back against himself

Ironwill: "Now, sing, my darling! Sing!"

Riversong (in pain): "No! Don't do it! He'll kill us anyway! *hrrrgnngknsg*"

%ACT% Ironwill begins to strangle Riversong with his sword.

%ACT% Riversong struggles

Ironwill (louder): "I said, SING!"

Frostwind (cries): "I will do everything you say if you let him go!"

%SND% SND-1012 - Footsteps in Airduct

Ironwill (shouting!): "Sing!"

%ACT% Ironwill strangles Riversong harder

%SND% SND-1012 (cont.) - Creaking noise!

%ACT% Ironwill looks up.

Ironwill: "What the …"

Bottlebrush (off): "Aaaaaaaaargh!"

%SND% SND-1012 (cont.) - Crash!
%MUS% MUS-1005 - Fuck You

%HND% A piece of air duct falls from the ceiling.

%ACT% Ironwill jumps aside towards Frostwind

%ACT% Riversong runs off to [7]

%ACT% Bottlebrush appears at [5], carrying a small sword.

Bottlebrush: "Hah! It ends here today, Ironwill!"

Ironwill: "In your dreams!"

%ACT% Ironwill and Bottlebrush swordfight!

%SND% RATS-01 (snd-1013/snd-1014/snd-1015/snd-1016) Sword noises

%ACT% Ironwill stabs Bottlebrush

%SND% RATS-02 (snd-1017) Stab!

%ACT% Bottlebrush cries out and collapses on top of the console at [5]

Bottlebrush: "ARRRGH!"

Ironwill: "*laughs* You're right. It ends here. But not for me!"

%ACT% Frostwind grabs Ironwill's staff and shocks him

%SND% SND-1018 Stun Rod Sound

%ACT% Ironwill cries out and collapses, disappearing from view

Frostwind: "Brushy! Are you alright?"

%ACT% Frostwind drops the staff and runs to Bottlebrush

Bottlebrush (in pain): "Take my sword!"

%ACT% Bottlebrush weakly holds up his sword

Frostwind: "Alright."

Bottlebrush: "Take care of Riversong, and lock the door! Quick!"

%ACT% Frostwind grabs the sword and runs to Riversong [6], cutting his ties

Frostwind (out of breath): "River! There you go …"

%ACT% Frostwind cutts River's ties

%SND% SND-1019 Cut!

%ACT% Bottlebrush slumps off the console, disappearing from view

%ACT% Riversong turns around and pushes a button on the door's keypad

%SND% SND-1020 Console Beeps
%SND% SND-1020 (cont.) Door locking sound

Riversong (out of breath): "*sigh* Finally!"

%ACT% Riversong turns around and hugs Frostwind tight

Frostwind (relieved): "I'm so glad you survived."

%ACT% Riversong breaks the hug after a few seconds

Riversong (out of breath): "That was a close call. Brushy, what do we do now? Brushie?"

%ACT% Riversong notices that Bottlebrush doesn't answer

Riversong: "OH GOD, BRUSHIE!"

%ACT% Riversong takes Frostwind's sword and starts walking past her towards [5]

Frostwind (shouting) "River! Look out!"

%ACT% Ironwill suddenly jumps up on top of Riversong from second level [5], dragging Riversong down with him

Ironwill: "AAARRRRGH!"

%SND% SND-1021 Bodyfall / Rustling
%MUS% MUS-1008 - The Final Fight

%ATT% Ironwill and Riversong swap positions, so Ironwill is now at [6] and Riversong is at [5] on the front rail

%ACT% Ironwill and Riversong reappear, both carrying their swords

%ACT% Ironwill and Riversong start a swordfight with improvised dialogue

%SND% RATS-01 (snd-1013/snd-1014/snd-1015/snd-1016) Sword noises

%ACT% Riversong gets pushed backwards towards [1], losing his sword at around [3]

%SND% RATS-03 (snd-1022 Falling Sword)

%ACT% Ironwill stabs Riversong squarely into the chest, and pushes him backwards over the edge of the reactor chamber

%SND% RATS-04 (snd-1023 Stab!)

Ironwill: "See you in hell, Riversong!"

%ACT% Riversong gasps, and tries to hold on to the sword. But he slides off, and falls backwards into the the fusion reactor, disappearing from view.

%ACT% Frostwind shrieks!

%ACT% Bottlebrush appears at front rail [4], carrying Ironwill's staff

%ACT% Ironwill laughs. Then laughs louder. Then like a maniac.

%ACT% Bottlebrush hits Ironwill in the back with the staff

%MUS% MUS-1008a - Falling

Ironwill: "AAARGH!"

%ACT% Ironwill and Riversong fall into the fusion reactor.

%SND% SND-1025 Bodyfall

%ACT% Bottlebrush runs to Frostwind

Bottlebrush: "Frostwind, is everything alright?"

%ACT% Frostwind immediately staggers down to the edge of the opening of the fusion reactor, and looks down.

Frostwind (while she runs): "No, nothing is alright. River? RIVERSONG! Can you hear me?"

Riversong (off, faint): "Frosty? Yes, I can hear you."

%ACT% Frostwind lies down, reaching down with a paw.

%ACT% Bottlebrush walks up next to Frostwind.

Frostwind: "How are you? Can you get up? We need to get you out of there! Here, take my paw!"

Riversong (off, faint): "I can't feel my legs! I'm sorry, I can't move!"

%SND% SND-1026 - Banging against the door

Keeper (off): "Hello? What's going on in there? Ironwill? Are you there? Hello?"

Bottlebrush: "Shit! We're sitting in a trap! It's only a matter of minutes until they kick in the door!"

Frostwind: "We need to help Riversong!"

Bottlebrush: "The bottom of the chamber is at least four meters deep! If you've got any ideas, I'm all ears!"

Frostwind: "Isn't there something here we could use as a ladder?"

Bottlebrush: "Even if there was, how are we supposed to get out of here?"

%SND% SND-1027 - Banging against the door
%SND% SND-1027 (cont.) - Lots of keepers shouting and running outside (long)

Keeper (off): "This is your final warning! Open the door and release the Overseer!"

Bottlebrush: "If you want us dead, you'll have to come and get us!"

Keeper (off): "Alright, you had your chance. We're coming in."

%SND% SND-1028 - Keepers trying to smash door

Frostwind: "Okay, let's think. Is there ANYBODY left out there we could ask for help?"

Bottlebrush: "Sparky and Longleaf are still with the other camp survivors. I could try calling them."

Frostwind: "Call them? But how would they be able to hear us?"

%ACT% Bottlebrush walks over to the door console at [7]

Bottlebrush: "The room has a communications unit just like this one next to the door. If we're lucky, it still works. Let's try this."

%ACT% Bottlebrush presses a few buttons

%MUS% MUS-1009 - Calling Sparky
%MUS% MUS-1008a STOP
%SND% SND-1029 - Communicator Dial Beeps

%VID% Callsign

%SND% SND-1029 (cont.) - Communicator Wait signal
%SND% SND-1029 (cont.) - Communicator Connection signal
%SND% SND-1029 (cont.) - Connection Noise

%VID% Sparky's face appears on the video screen, with lots of dirt around the edges and missing pixels.

%SND% SND-1029 (cont.) - Sparky: "Hey! Brushie! I told ya it was a good idea to write down that comm number! What's up?"

Bottlebrush: "We're boarded up in the main control room and the Keepers are about to kick in the door!"

%SND% SND-1030 - Sparky: "Sounds like you should get the hell out of there."

Bottlebrush: "That's the problem. We can't. And we're out of ideas."

%SND% SND-1031 - Sparky: "Lovely. Any news from team alpha?"

Frostwind: "Yes! They're still alive! Ironwill had them rounded up in the courtyard!"

%SND% SND-1032 - "Well, then there's your rescue squad! All you gotta do is let them out!"

Bottlebrush: "Sparky, this isn't funny."

%SND% SND-1033 - Sparky: "I'm not joking. You're in the main control room. The door locks, the power supply, the intercom and even some of the weapons can be controlled from there. You're the gods of the holy mountain!"

Bottlebrush: "No, we're not. Fireheart locked the computer, and turned off the light core."

%SND% SND-1034 - Sparky: "Can't you turn it back on again?"

Bottlebrush: "No. Riversong is inside the reactor chamber. It would instantly kill him."

%SND% SND-1035 - Sparky: "Ah shit. Then we must find a different way."

Riversong (off, shouts): "Do it anyways!"

Frostwind: "No! I could never harm you, River! I love you!"

%SND% SND-1036 - Sparky: "Look around you! Maybe there's something you can use as a weapon …"

%SND% SND-1037 - Explosion

%HND% Throw debris in from [7]

Bottlebrush: "The door! They're breaking through!"

Riversong (off, shouts): "You must do it, Frostwind, or they're going to kill you all!"

%SND% SND-1038 Sparky: "Can someone shut! That! Guy! Up!?"

Riversong (off): "If you can't do it, I will! Log in!"

%MUS% MUS-1010 - I can do it

%VID% The screen shows "Login Passphrase Required. Challenge: 'Light so bright!'"

%SND% SND-1039 - Computer Bleep
%SND% SND-1039 - Computer Voice: "Login Passphrase Required. Challenge: 'Light so bright!'"

Frostwind (crying): "River? Are you crazy? What are you doing?"

%ACT% Frostwind cries, and continues to do so throughout the song

Frostwind (crying): "No! Don't do it! Please!"

%MUS% MUS-1099 - Armageddon Sequence Music with vocals.
%SND% SND-1040 - Armageddon Sequence Sound FX.

%MUS% MUS-1099 (cont._) - Riversong: "Light, so bright"
%MUS% MUS-1099 (cont._) - Riversong: "Light, so pure"

%MUS% SND-1040 (cont._) - Computer Bleep
%VID% Computer Screen Shows "Login Passphrase accepted. System is in Maintenance Mode. Maintenance Passphrase Required. Challenge: 'Keepers of the light'"

%MUS% MUS-1099 (cont._) Riversong: "Keepers of the Light"
%MUS% MUS-1099 (cont._) Riversong: "Answer me True"

%HND% The reactor chamber closes
%LIG% Reactor in standby mode (Green Pulse)

%SND% SND-1040 (cont._) - Electric Motor Noise
%SND% SND-1040 (cont._) - Computer Bleep
%VID% Computer Screen Shows "Maintenance Mode Disengaged. Please confirm reactor start up. Challenge: 'Light so true!'"

%MUS% MUS-1040 (cont._) Riversong: "Light, so bright, so pure"
%MUS% MUS-1040 (cont._) Riversong: "Light, so true"
%MUS% MUS-1040 (cont._) Riversong: "I give myself to you!"

%MUS% SND-1040 (cont._) - Computer Bleep
%VID% The screen shows "Reactor Powering Up"
%MUS% SND-1040 (cont._) - Power up Phase 1

%ATT% — Reactor Startup Phase 1 —
%LIG% Phase 1 (Blue Pulse)

%MUS% Music Plays Riversong's theme one last time (quiet)

%HND% The reactor chamber fills with smoke, and begins to light up.

%HND% Riversong floats up inside the reactor chamber until he is hovering in the middle, slowly turning around.

%ACT% Frostwind "hugs" the outside of the reactor chamber.

Frostwind (crying): "Please don't leave me, River! Please don't leave me! Please!"

Riversong (off): "If there is a life after this one, I will be watching over you, I promise. Take care my love. Take care."

%ATT% — Reactor Startup Phase 2 —
%LIG% Phase 2 (white single Chaser)

%MUS% SND-1040 (cont._) - Power up Phase 2

%MUS% Music Ramps up!

Frostwind (crying, shouting): "NO! NOOOOO! COMPUTER, STOP! I SAID STOP! NOOO!"

%LIG% The lights begin to move and blink

%ATT% — Reactor Startup Phase 3 —
%LIG% Phase 3 (white tailing Chaser)

%MUS% MUS-1099 - The music reaches its peak

%MUS% SND-1040 (cont._) - WOOOOOOOOOSH!!
%LIG% Peak 1 (all quick random strobe)

Frostwind (crying, shouting): "Riiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!"

%LIG% A very bright light flashes from inside the reactor, as Riversong's body is instantly converted into pure energy. All other lights dim

%LIG% Peak 2 (all white flash with glow-out)

%HND% Riversong disappears

%MUS% MUS-1099 - The music concludes

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close

%ATT% !!! Direct Transition into Intermission Video!