Act 2, Scene 2: Everybody Dies

Character Actor / Hands (Voice) Puppet Clothing Accessoires
Frostwind Pan / Liam Aurelia
Riversong Eisfuchs / Tigerseye Riversong
Ironwill Jyanon / Curry Gavius
Strongarm Runo / Reesa Bailey
Bitternut Zefiro / - Coon?
Longleaf Curry / Jyanon Hare
Bottlebrush Lynard / Kayjay Bottlebrush


%SND% Camp at night atmosphere

Riversong: "Frosty?"

Frostwind: "Yes?"

Riversong: "It's freezing, isn't it?"

Frostwind: "Yes. It's a starry night. Beautiful. But cold."

Riversong: "Would you mind if I come over to your side?"

Frostwind: "Oh! Well … "

Riversong: "Only if you want!"

Frostwind: "No, no, it's fine. I feel lonely, too. Come over here kittycat, this blanket has space for two."

Riversong: "On my way!"

%SND% Rustling sounds

%ACT% Riversong giggles

%ACT% Frostwind giggles

Frostwind: "There. Feeling better now?"

Riversong: "Much better … mrrrr … you're so cuddly …"

%ACT% Riversong purrs

Frostwind: "Oh my god! You can purr! That is so cute!"

%ACT% Riversong stops purring

Riversong (embarassed): "Oh … uhm … Yes I can. But I'm trying not to. It's so … childish."

Frostwind: "No, it's not. It's just cute."

Riversong: "But men aren't supposed to be cute."

Frostwind: "Under my blanket, you can be as cute as you want."

Riversong: "Alright then!"

%ACT% Riversong purrs for a while, then stops once again

Frostwind: "What is it this time?"

Riversong: "I can't stop thinking about all the things that happened today and how it all fits together. For example, Fireheart gave you the amulet and the song to identify yourself, and get help when you need it. But why so complicated? It was pure luck we ended up here so quickly. If you father works at the stronghold, I would expect him to know what happened in Coldlake yesterday. Why didn't he send one of the rebels to get you out?"

Frostwind: "Because that would have blown his cover?"

Riversong: "Possible. But I feel like there's a whole different side to this story that we're missing out on. Is there anything else your father gave to you?"

Frostwind: "Not really. The only contact we had was when he sent batches of worn out robes for my mother to fix. He was too afraid to send written notes, so sometimes he put things into one of the robes' pockets as if they had been forgotten to let us know everything is alright. Coins, little gemstones, a little extra support for mom. Oh, and he also used to send me sweets so I don't have to be so sad. But he stopped sending those a while ago. I guess he thought I was getting too old."

Riversong: "How about that song your father taught you … Light so Bright / Light so True. Did he ever tell you what it means?"

Frostwind: "No, only that is was part of our secret, and that bad things would happen if I sung it to anyone but myself."

Riversong: "Do you think something bad will happen if you sing it to me? Because I'd really like to hear it …"

%ACT% Frostwind giggles.

Frostwind: "No, I don't think so. It goes like this:"

%ACT% Frostwind sings the song

Riversong: "Beautiful. And mysterious. Just like you."

Frostwind: "Oh, thank you, River."

Riversong: "Do you think we're safe here?"

Frostwind: "With you around, every place feels safe."

%ACT% Riversong purrs

Frostwind: "Please keep doing that … please keep doing it all night long …"


%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB-0601 - Night Camp
%MUS% mus-0601 - Porno

%LIG% Very dim blue environmental light. (If we have a moving light with an iris that is small enough, can we project a moon onto the backdrop?)

%ACT% Riversong and Frostwind are lying inside their tent [1], in the dark under a blanket. They obviously just finished a session of hot, steamy, feral … SEX!

%ACT% Riversong and Frostwind are breathing heavily, trying not to make any noise, but failing. The breathing turns into giggling.

Frostwind (whispering): "What? What is it?"

Riversong (whispering, speaking with a lisp, giggling): "I think I bit my tongue. Ouch …"

Frostwind (whispering): "What?"

Riversong (whispering): "Yeah, I tried so hard to keep quiet, but then … I … I bit … *snort*"

%ACT% Frostwind and Riversong burst out into a fit of giggles and suppressed laughter

Riversong (whispering, laughing): "Shhhh! Quiet! What if the others hear us?"

Longleaf (off, shouting): "Are you finally done fucking yet?! Some people want to sleep! Ah … screw it, I'll go for a walk until you two are through!"

%ACT% Frostwind and Riversong burst out into more suppressed laughter. They manage to restrain themselves.

Frostwind (softly): "Oh dear, so much for our good reputation."

Riversong (whispering): "Do you think that guy has a boner now?"

Frostwind: "Well, he sure did pitch a tent."

%ACT% River and Frosty snicker

Riversong: "Frosty, Frosty … I would never have thought that you're such a naughty girl!"

Frostwind: "You know … in times like these, it's hard to stay sane. I needed this … I needed you!"

%ACT% Frostwind kisses Riversong

Riversong: "Me too. I haven't felt this complete in a long time. I'm so glad I met you."

Frostwind: "Are you sure? I mean, even with the trouble I've caused?"

%SND% SND-0601 - Strike Match

%ACT% Riversong lights the lamp in the tent, then sits back up to face Frostwind

Riversong: "You remind me of someone."

Frostwind (snickers): "You know that's one of the worst things to say after-"

Riversong: "No, that's not what I meant. Haven't you ever wondered why a guy of my age is living in such a big house, all alone?"

Frostwind: "Something bad happened, right?"

Riversong: "I grew up going to the keepers' temple, listening to the priests' sermons. I learned how the gods blessed the animals living on the holy mountain and gave them a mind of their own, the ability to speak. Made the keepers our shepherds. I wanted to show the gods my gratitude for as long as I lived. Until one day."

Frostwind: "What happened?"

Riversong: "I had a wife I loved dearly. But something happened to her. The light in the house … it began to blind her. Even when the shutters were closed. Even when her eyes were closed. It got worse every day. She just wanted to run away, hide from it. Like a snapjaw. Or a pigrat. I didn't know what to do. So I brought her to the temple. The keepers were our shepherds, right? They kept her there, and sent me home. When I came back the next day, she was gone. They told me that the gods had decided she was possessed by the darkness."

Frostwind: "By the gods! Are you saying they … I mean …"

Riversong: "I never found out what they did to her. But what I do know is that this was the day I stopped believing. And I swore that I would never let something like that happen again."

Frostwind: "And then you decided to let me ruin what's left of your life."

Riversong: "No, Frostwind. It's exactly the opposite. Ever since I lost my wife, I have been dead inside. You made me feel alive again. And look where you've taken us! We're in a place full of things that would have been magic to us only yesterday. Right now, I couldn't be happier! I love you, Frostwind, and I want to stay with you until all eternity!"

Frostwind: "I love you too, River! But you know I'm going to die!"

Riversong: "No, you are not. I swear, on my life, that I will find a way for you to live."

%ACT% They hug and kiss.

%SND% snd-0602 - BRZZZZT 1
%MUS% mus-0602 - Strange Things
%MUS% mus-0601 STOP

%HND% Light flash in a background tent

Frostwind: "What was that?"

Riversong: "I don't know."

%SND% snd-0603 - BRZZZZT 2

%HND% Light flash in a background tent

Frostwind: "Is that one of the machines?"

Riversong: "Whatever it is, I don't like the sound of it …"

%SND% snd-0604 - BRZZZZT 3

%HND% Light flash in the opposite tent

Riversong: "Okay, that's it, I'm going to check it out."

Frostwind: "Be careful!"

Riversong: "Don't worry. I'll be back in a minute."

%ACT% Riversong pushes away the blanket, gets up and slowly walks out of the tent, to the tent next door.

%ACT% Frostwind huddles into the blanket

Riversong: "Hello? Are you still awake? Did you also hear that noise? It went like …"

%SND% snd-0605 - BRZZZZT 4
%MUS% mus-0603 - Ironwill
%MUS% mus-0602 STOP

Riversong: "AIIIIIEEEEE!"

%ACT% Riversong collapses, unconscious

%ACT% Ironwill steps out of the tent, followed by Bitternut.

Ironwill: "Yes, that's exactly how it sounds. He he he."

Frostwind: "River, NO!"

%ACT% Ironwill enters Frostwind's tent

Ironwill: "Oh hello. How rude of me to interrupt your tender moment. If I had known that you were Fireheart's little bastard, I would have taken such better care of you."

Frostwind (through her teeth): "What do you want, Ironwill?"

Ironwill: "Nothing. Just you. I'm afraid this is going to hurt quite a bit. Scream if you want, there is nobody left to hear it."

%ACT% Ironwill touches Frostwind with his staff

%SND% snd-0606 - BRZZZZT 5
%MUS% mus-0604 - Set it Ablaze
%MUS% mus-0603 STOP

%ACT% Frostwind screams and convulses, then drops.

%ACT% Ironwill turns around

Ironwill (shouting): "Brother Strongarm? Are we ready to leave?"

%ACT% Strongarm enters from [7] so Bitternut is in the middle now

Strongarm: "Yes, Overseer. They are all knocked out."

Ironwill: "Excellent. I've got what I was looking for. Set this place ablaze and follow quickly. We must get to the mountain before the rebels."

%SND% PRE-0601 - Bitternut: "Hey, wait a minute, what about me? I let you inside the camp and I showed you where her tent is. What about my reward?"

Ironwill: "Oh yes, of course! You shall get your reward! Brother Strongarm, would you be so kind?"

Strongarm: "Certainly."

%ACT% Strongarm shocks Bitternut from behind with his staff

%SND% snd-0607 - BRZZZZT 6
%SND% PRE-0602 - Bitternut: "AIIII!"

%ACT% Bitternut drops

Ironwill: "Now set the place on fire."

%ACT% Ironwill picks up Frostwind, carrying her off stage towards [1]

%ACT% Strongarm produces a canister of gasoline, spreads it over the tent at [7]

%SND% snd-0608 - Gasoline sloshing

%ACT% Strongarm lights it on fire with the sparks from his staff, and leaves to [1].

%SND% snd-0609 - Sparks and Fire
%MUS% mus-0605 - The Fire
%MUS% mus-0604 STOP

%LIG% Red/Yellow flickering light from below the tent

%FOG% Smoke spreading from the tent

%ACT% Bottlebrush runs into the scene from [1?], followed by Longleaf

Longleaf (in panic): "Holy fucking shit, what have they done?"

Bottlebrush: "Do you believe me now? I told you it was a trap."

Longleaf: "Yes, you were right. But out of all people, why Bitternut?"

Bottlebrush: "I don't care, we need to act. Get as many people out of their tents as you can!"

Longleaf: "All right!"

%ACT% Longleaf runs off towards [1?]

%ACT% Bottlebrush picks up Riversong

Bottlebrush (shouting): "We'll take them to the bunker!"

%ACT% Bottlebrush carries Riversong off stage towards [1]

%MUS% mus-0605 - Ending
%MUS% mus-0604 STOP
%MUS% snd-0609 FADE

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close