Act 2, Scene 1: Camp Freedom

Character Actor / Hands (Voice) Puppet Clothing Accessoires
Frostwind Pan / Liam Aurelia
Riversong Eisfuchs / Tigerseye Riversong
Bottlebrush Lynard / Kayjay Bottlebrush
Sparky Dragony / owolf Sparky Lederschürze, Schweißerbrille Schweißgerät
Stormrunner Runo / Reesa Marco-Fox
Rebels Jyanon, Curry Savannah, Octavia, Cheetah


%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB-0501 - Camp Atmosphere
%MUS% MUS-0501 - The Camp

%LIG% Lights on

%ACT% Sparky is wearing a welding mask, electro-welding something on the back of the coke machine. You can see the light of the welder reflect in his mask.

%SND% SND-0501 - Arc Welder 1

%ACT% Two rebels are sitting next to the fire, roasting a pigrat on a stick above the fire.

%ACT% Rebels are walking past, carrying various stuff.

%ACT% Bottlebrush, Frostwind and Riversong arrive from [1]

Bottlebrush: "Welcome to Camp Freedom!"

Riversong: "Wow! This is a lot bigger than I thought! And look at all these lights! What magic is this?"

%ACT% Sparky welds some more

%SND% SND-0502 - Arc Welder 2

Bottlebrush: "Electricity! Science, not magic! You will learn all about it, I promise. But first, let me introduce you. HEAR HEAR! We have a very special guest today! Please all welcome Frostwind of Coldlake, daughter of Brother Fireheart, our savior!"

%ACT% Everybody stands up and applauds

%SND% SND-0500 - Rebels: "Long live Fireheart! Long live Fireheart!"

%ACT% Frostwind waves to everyone insecurely

Frostwind (timid): "Uhm, hi everybody! Nice to meet you!"

%ACT% Frostwind turns to Bottlebrush

Frostwind: "Why are they all cheering?"

%ACT% Sparky welds some more

%SND% SND-0503 - Arc Welder 3

Bottlebrush: "Without your father, we'd all still be sitting in the dark, begging some priest for pieces of radioactive rock to protect us from the pigrats."

Riversong: "Wait … isn't Fireheart a keeper himself?"

Bottlebrush: "Yes, and he's been secretly supplying us with everything we need, right from inside the Keepers' stronghold. And more than that. He enlightened us with the ancient knowledge of our creators. All this because he fell in love with a commoner who opened his eyes to the truth."

Frostwind: "You know him? Where is he now?"

%ACT% Sparky welds some more

%SND% SND-0504 - Arc Welder 4

Bottlebrush: "Oh yes, I've met him many times. He still works inside the holy mountain, helping maintain and operate the ancient machinery."

%ACT% Sparky puts down his mask, and plugs in the soda machine.

%MUS% MUS-0502 - Sparky

%SND% PRE-0501 - Sparky: "Attention, everybody, please stand back, and don't touch any metal parts! Activate in 3 … 2 … 1 …"

%ACT% Sparky kicks against the machine

%ATT% The soda machine flickers and lights up

%SND% SND-0505 - Machine Activating

Riversong: "What is that thing?!"

Bottlebrush: "Sparky … of all the useful artifacts still in storage you choose to repair the fucking soda machine? Seriously?"

%SND% PRE-0503 - Sparky (sarcastic): "Oh, forgive me! I only got all four transformers, the rod charging stations, the three extra field generators and the electric fence back online today. Can't I do something just for fun after hours?"

%ACT% Sparky kicks against the machine again, and it spits out two cans of Aperture Cola. Sparky hands one of them over to Bottlebrush

%SND% SND-0506 - Kick / Machine Dispensing

%SND% PRE-0504 - Sparky: "Here, that'll help you pull that stick out of your ass."

%ACT% Bottlebrush looks at the label

Bottlebrush: "Are you kidding me? This stuff is at least 500 years old."

%SND% PRE-0505 - Sparky: "Well, according to the label it has no natural ingredients, and twice the half-life of plutonium. What could possibly go wrong? Cheers!"

%ACT% Sparky cracks open the can and downs the cola

%SND% SND-0507 - Crack Open Can / gulp

%SND% PRE-0506 - Sparky: "Ah! The crowning achievement of human civilization! COME ON EVERYBODY, THE DRINKS ARE ON THE HOUSE TONIGHT!"

%ACT% Sparky kicks against the soda machine, which spits out a MOUNTAIN of cans.

%SND% SND-0508 - Machine spitting out soda
%SND% SND-0508 (cont.) - Rebels Cheering!
%MUS% MUS-0503 - Cheesy Electronic Dance Music

%ACT% Everybody cheers, drops everything they are carrying, and starts to dance, except …

%ACT% Riversong and Frostwind stare blankly, mouth open, holding their ears.

%ATT% The power fails!

%SND% SND-0509 - Machine Failing

%LIG% The light flickers out.

Everyone (disappointed): "Awwwwwwwww!"

%SND% PRE-0507 - Sparky: "Damn! Come on you rusty piece of junk!"

%ACT% Sparky kicks the soda machine

%SND% SND-0510 - Kick! Power Back On!

%LIG% The light flickers on again,

Everyone (happy): "Ahhhhhhh!"

%ACT% Stormrummer comes in from [7]


%SND% SND-0511 - Awkward Mumbling
%MUS% MUS-0503 - Stormrunners Speech

Bottlebrush: "*gasp* It's Stormrunner!"

Riversong: "Who?"

Bottlebrush: "The leader of the rebellion! Just do as everyone else does!"

%ACT% Everyone groups in the middle, facing Stormrunner, listening.

Stormrunner: "Do you think this is a game? Do I have to remind you why we are here?"

Stormrunner: "People are suffering and dying every day because they are denied the knowledge of their true heritage, by some 'god' inside the holy mountain! We will end the Keepers' reign! Teach the people the ancient knowledge of our creators they have been denied, and bring enlightenment to the world!"

%SND% SND-0512 - Cheering 1!

Everybody: "Yeeeah!"

Stormrunner: "I have great news! Brother Fireheart has gained control of the stronghold's power grid. An electrical fire is going to cause a complete outage of the north wing, shutting down all locks, defenses and security systems. This is our chance to march into their sanctuary, take control of their god machine. Team Alpha will leave in three hours. That means every trained fighter. Only a skeleton crew will stay at the base. This is our day, brothers and sisters!"

%SND% SND-0513 - Cheering 2!
%MUS% MUS-0504 - doubts

%ACT% Stormrunner turns around and leaves.

%ACT% Everybody starts talking, and walks away, except Bottlebrush, Frostwind and Riversong.

Bottlebrush: "Looks like this is it! The stronghold is a day away, so by about this time tomorrow the dark ages will finally be over."

Frostwind: "And what are we going … to … do … while … eerrrkkkkkk …"

%ACT% Frostwind faints

%ACT% Riversong catches her and puts her down on the playrail

%ACT% Frostwind doesn't move

Riversong: "Frosty?"

Bottlebrush: "What's wrong with her?"

Riversong: "She's got the dark plague, and she's been getting weaker and weaker."

Bottlebrush: "The dark plague you say! At her age? Now that's unusual."

Riversong: "Yes. It looks like she only caught it a few weeks ago."

Bottlebrush: "Something doesn't make sense here. You don't 'catch' the dark plague. It's a genetic predisposition."

Riversong: "A … genetic … what?"

Bottlebrush: "It means, that you're either born with it, or you are not."

Riversong: "I have no explanation. All I know is that she didn't show any symptoms until a few days ago."

Bottlebrush: "I need to tell you something. That pendant she's wearing, the tree of knowledge, do you know why her father gave it to her?"

Riversong: "I have no idea."

Bottlebrush: "The amulet was Fireheart's failsafe. He did not want to reveal Frostwind's identity to anyone. So he gave her the pendant and a secret phrase so she could identify herself in case he could no longer care for her. Even I didn't know who she was until you two showed up at my house."

Riversong: "Wow, Fireheart must really love his daughter …"

Bottlebrush: "He does. But this is also terrifying: This was supposed to be the last resort if everything else fails. Something isn't right."

Riversong: "I'll make sure to keep that in mind. But anyways, we need to get her to a place where she can rest."

%ACT% Riversong looks around

Riversong: "Could you please take care of her for a moment? I have an idea."

%ACT% Riversong walks to the soda machine, and kicks it.

%HND% The soda machine dispenses a can of Aperture Cola

%SND% SND-0514 - Kick! Machine Dispenses
%MUS% MUS-0506 - Waking Frostwind

%ACT% Riversong takes the can, walks back to Frostwind and opens it.

%SND% SND-0515 - Open Can

Riversong: "Hey, Frosty. Frosty? Do you hear me? Come on, wake up!"

Frostwind (moans): "River? What happened?"

Riversong: "Here, I've got something to drink for you."

%ACT% Riversong feeds her some cola

%SND% SND-0516 - Sluuurp!

Frostwind: "*aaaah* *cough* *cough* Ack! Blargh!"

Riversong: "Easy, Frosty, Easy. Come on, we need to go and take a rest. Do you think you can walk? Here, let me help you."

Bottlebrush: "You can use that tent by the oak tree."

%ACT% Riversong helps Frostwind up and leads her out to the tent [1]

%ACT% Sparky comes in and stands next to Bottlebrush. Sparky acts worried, looking from Bottlebrush to Riversong/Frostwind and back again.

%MUS% MUS-0507 - More Doubts

%SND% PRE-0508 - Sparky: "Boss, I know you … what's wrong?"

Bottlebrush: "Something … I can't put my paw on it. Something isn't right. But Team Alpha will be on its way soon, and there's nothing we can do now - except wait, and hope."

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close