Act 1, Scene 3: A Fair Trial

Character Actor / Hands (Voice) Puppet Clothing Accessoires
Frostwind Pan / Liam Aurelia
Riversong Eisfuchs / Tigerseye Riversong
Strongarm Runo / - Bailey
Ironwill Jyanon / Curry Gavius
Chippytooth Lynard / Kayjay Void
Eldercrown O'wolf / Reesa Eldercrown
Guard Dragony Rat Louis Trumpet


Computer: "This is Archive Recording 445672. Starting Playback."

%SND% Heavy breathing inside a hazmat suit, heartbeat.

%ACT% A lone survivor of the apocalypse, more dead than alive, dehydrated, delusional, crawls towards the entrance of complex B35. The lights are on. Antennas are turning. The survivor keeps talking to himself, feverishly, while gasping for air, his tongue dry and swollen, while he inches himself forward like a lost traveller in the desert.

Survivor: "Come on, Rob … don't give - Don't give up. There's always hope. There's always hope. You're almost there. Father above, we pray and plead for your most blessed, Holy mercy. We know, as fallen humans, we do not deserve it, yet we still ask for Thy grace. We thank you for your gracious and loving son who paid our sins, to set us free. Lord, please accept our fervent prayer this day. Grant us, this hour, your full mercy in accordance to your will, Father. Deliver us all from our sinful nature and create in us a new and reverent spirit by which we can live a more obedient life, through your word. Lord, grant to us the light of your Holy Spirit through earnest prayer and supplication. We pray this all in the name of your blessed son, Jesus Christ. AMEN."

Survivor: "Wait. What's that? Some sort of … military base? It's not on the map … but … there's signs of life all over the place! Hello! Hello? Is anybody there! This is Robert Henson, I'm the last survivor of my group! Can you hear me! Please! I need … I need your help! Oh please, have mercy!"

%SND% Sound of static crackling in the radio.

Survivor: "Answer me! Please! I'm … I'm a friend! If there's anybody in there, please, open the airlock! I know you're in there! I can see your lights are on! Please! I'll do anything for you, anything! I swear! Please let me in!"

%SND% Satic crackling in the radio, then someone answers in a strange dialect.

Radio: "Go away. This is the new age. Your kind no longer rules this place."

Survivor: "M … my kind? What do you mean? I'm a survivor! Just like you! We're all of the same kind … aren't we?"

Radio: "I said, go away. This is our final warning."

Survivor: "But I have nowhere to go. And I haven't had anything to drink for days. I need water, or I'm going to die! Come on! Let me in, you bastards! LET ME IN! PLEASE!"

%SND% survivor banging against the airlock form the outside

%ACT% Survivor groans with every hit against the door, spending his very last strength.

%SND% Sound of the door opening)

Survivor: "The door! It opens! Thank you! Whoever you are, thank you! Wha … what? Who … who are you? WHAT ARE YOU? NO! GET AWAY FROM ME! NOOOO! AAAAAAAARRGHT!""

%SND% Sounds of the survivor's face plate being smashed in with a blunt object, breaking glass, hissing of air escaping his formerly airtight suit.

Survivor (dying): "*wheeeze*"

%SND% Sound of heartbeat stops

Voice from the radio call, this time up close: "One more time: This is the new age. Your kind no longer rules this place."

Computer: "You have reached the end of archive recording 445672. Have a nice day."


%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB-0301 - Windy Townhall

%LIG% Lights on

%ACT% Riversong sits in the far corner of his cage.

%ACT% A guard stands in the middle of the room.

%SND% SND-0301 - Large door opening and closing

%ACT% Chippytooth comes in. He seems to be terribly hung over.

Chippytooth (coarse, coughing): "Good morning gentlemen. It's my honor and my privilege to announce that his serene highness, Liege Lord Eldercrown of the one … or the other … *cough* Oh what the hell am I even doing here? My head is killing me!"

Riversong: "Chippy? Chippytooth? Is that you?"

Chippytooth (sighs): "Yes, I'm afraid so. You know, some idiot got himself caught with a plague bearer, and that smug bastard from Coldlake thought, 'Hey, let's just cancel everybody's holidays and have a lovely trial while everyone's still hung over!'."

Riversong: "Well, sorry for being that idiot, I guess."

Chippytooth: "Oh, you will be sorry, believe me. You picked a bad day for pulling that kind of shenanigans. Eldercrown would have given you a slap on the wrist and sent you home without dessert, but not Ironwill. That guy is dead serious."

%ACT% Chippytooth coughs again, holding his head.

Chippytooth: "DAMN! That headache is killing me."

Riversong: "How long did you stay up last night?"

Chippytooth: "Too long. We sent the kids to bed at eleven, then Nightstar and his wife came over, and we ended up killing at least half a dozen bottles …"

Riversong: "When you get home, you should get some dandelion, mugwort and gentian, and let it simmer on the stove for a while. It won't make up for the sleep you lost, but it will at least help clear your head."

Chippytooth (sighs): "Thanks. The old witcher, always on duty, right?"

Riversong: "Healer, Chippy. Healer."

Chippytooth: "Whatever you call it, you're not making my job any easier. I mean, we've known each other for how long? And now I'm the one who has to lead you up to the scaffold in the keepers' name."

Riversong: "The verdict hasn't been spoken yet. And you don't have to do this, you know …"

Chippytooth: "I am a soldier of the guard. If I refuse to obey the Lord's orders I will be the next one watching his own trial from that cage. And unlike you, I have a wife and kids. There is nothing I can do for you, River. I'm sorry."

Riversong (sighs): "It's all right, Chippy."

%SND% SND-0302 - Knocking on the door / door opens
%MUS% MUS-0301 - Fanfare 1

Chippytooth: "Oh, here we go. *ah-hem* GENTLEMEN, PLEASE STAND … *aaaaargh*"

%ACT% Chippytooth holds his head and takes a deep breath

%MUS% MUS-0302 - Fanfare 2

Chippytooth (almost whispering): "Gentlemen, please stand for the high court: Brother Strongarm, chronicler of Ferndale. His serene highness Lord Eldercrown of Ferndale. And Great Overseer Ironwill of Coldlake."

%ACT% The anonymous guard pulls out a trumpet, and blows a fanfare into Chippytooth's ear.

%MUS% MUS-0303 - Fanfare 3

%ACT% Chippytooth screams and yanks the trumpet out of the guard's hand mid-fanfare, and beats it over his head repeatedly.

%SND% RATS 01 - Beating with a Trumpet (SND-0304a/SND-0304b/SND-0304c/SND-0304d)

Chippytooth: "Are you freaking crazy? Out … out … out with you! Out!"

%ACT% Chippytooth chases out the guard towards [1]

%ACT% Strongarm, Eldercrown and Ironwill enter from [7] in this order.

%ACT% Riversong stands up, and bows his head as the three walk by

%ACT% The tribunal takes their seats, Strongarm towards [1], Eldercrown in the middle and Ironwill towards [7].

%ACT% Chippytooth comes back, and takes his place next to the cage

Chippytooth: "The High Court of Ferndale is now in session."

Eldercrown: "Thank you. Will everyone please be seated. I am calling the case of the People of Ferndale against Healer Riversong."

Ironwill: "Witcher Riversong!"

Eldercrown: "Excuse me, Overseer, but would you mind if we go with the protocol?"

Ironwill: "Certainly."

Eldercrown: "Then please make your opening statement."

%MUS% MUS-0304 - The Accusation

Ironwill: "Your Honor. The accused has been charged with the crime of performing witchcraft, desecration of the holy sacrament of the festival of light, and giving shelter to a bearer of the dark plague. Only the gods of the holy mountain know where the plague bearer is now. Instead of turning her in, witcher Riversong decided to shelter and to foster her, releasing her evil darkness upon the entire town of Ferndale! I saw it with my own eyes, and Brother Strongarm can testify that the accused is guilty as charged!"

Eldercrown: "Brother Strongarm, is Overseer Ironwill correct?"

Strongarm: "Yes, my Lord, I too, saw it with my own eyes. I did not want to believe it, but it is the truth."

Ironwill: "The divine laws know only one punishment for this crime."

Riversong: "Hey, wait a minute! Am I not allowed to defend myself? What kind of trial is this?"

Ironwill: "Silence, Witcher!"

Eldercrown: "Overseer Ironwill, Riversong is correct. We ought to hear his side of the case as well."

Ironwill: "All right, let the witcher talk."

%MUS% MUS-0305 - The Defense

Riversong: "I'm a healer, not a witcher! My desire is to help, not destroy! I never had any bad intentions, that's completely absurd! I was on my way home from collecting herbs when I found her. She was getting attacked by a snapjaw and a dozen pigrats, and she didn't have a LIGHT with her. She could no longer defend herself. I had to help, or she would have died!"

Eldercrown: "But you knew she had the plague, and that the plague can not be cured."

Riversong: "Of course, my Lord. But I also know that the whole scare about how contagious the plague is is nothing but a myth! I've seen more sick people than any of you, and I've seen my share of contagious diseases, and the dark plague is not one of them. And even if it can not be cured, many people don't even show symptoms for many years, and why shouldn't they be allowed to live a decent life until then?"

Strongarm: "If it is not infectious, then why is it so common?"

Riversong: "I … I don't know. But look at me. If it's so bad, shouldn't I have it by now?"

Ironwill (shouting): "Witchcraft!"

Eldercrown: "Overseer, please."

%MUS% MUS-0306 - The Verdict

Ironwill: "Why are we even listening to this nonsense? The law is the law. Aiding the plague-infected is a crime against life itself and must be punished as such!"

Riversong: "Bullshit!"

Strongarm (interrupting harshly): "Riversong! Show some respect, you're in a court of law!"

Riversong: "A fine law you have that commands you to kill your own people."

Eldercrown: "All right, gentlemen, this is leading nowhere. Riversong has been a valuable member of our community for many years. He was always there to help the sick - be they nobles, clerics or beggars. I see no ill will in what he did. The death penalty would be excessive. By virtue of the powers bestowed upon me as the Liege Lord of Ferndale, I hereby decide to let mercy prevail and-"

Ironwill (cuts him off sharply): "Mercy? Are the gods of the holy mountain not merciful enough for you?"

Eldercrown: "What?"

%MUS% MUS-0307 - Ironwill's Threat

Ironwill: "Are you implying that the eternal gods, whose mercy is endless, do not look kindly enough upon us that you put yourself above their laws?"

Eldercrown (disgrunteld): "With all due respect, Overseer Ironwill, I appreciate your spiritual guidance, but I am the legitimate ruler of this town, and I am the one who speaks justice, and not you."

Ironwill (cynical): "You are of course right. So I take it that next year, you would rather not have us come to your town for the festival. And that you would rather like to see the dark creatures haunt the streets at night, feeding on the innocent, the children, when the lights begin to dim. I'm sure keeping your town safe will not pose a challenge to a magnificent ruler like you, my serene Lord Eldercrown."

%MUS% MUS-0308 - Eldercrown's Defeat

Eldercrown (trembling with rage): "I … I … I am sorry, Overseer Ironwill. I concur. This crime calls for a bold example of justice, so that others shall not follow the witcher's evil path. I hereby condemn you, Riversong of Ferndale, to be hanged at dusk."

%MUS% MUS-0309 - Death Sentence

Riversong (outraged): "This is madness!"

Ironwill: "A just decision, my Lord."

Eldercrown (suppressed): "Shut up and get out of my town hall. OUT!"

%ACT% Ironwill gets up and walks out towards [7]

%ACT% Strongarm follows Ironwill

%ACT% Riversong throws a fit, kicking an banging the bars of his cage as Ironwill walks past him.

%SND% SND-0305 - Cage Rattling

Riversong (enraged): "One day, you will pay for this! I promise! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!"

%SND% SND-0306 - Door Slams Shut

%ACT% Riversong slumps down and sobs.

%ACT% Eldercrown gets out of his chair.

Chippytooth: "And what now, my Lord?"

Eldercrown (bitter): "Now we do what needs to be done."

Chippytooth: "My Lord, may I request to be relieved of my duties for today? River and I have known each other for years. Please don't make me do this."

Eldercrown (bitter): "Do I look like I am enjoying this? But still I am doing my duty. And I expect you to do the same. Is there anything I can get you for your hangover?"

Chippytooth (cynical): "You know, I was planning to see the healer, but I guess that has been taken care of …"

Eldercrown (bitter): "Don't push it. I'll let my servant bring you some water. And now please excuse me."

%ACT% Eldercrown walks out towards [7]

%SND% SND-0307 - Door Opens / Closes

%ACT% Chippytooth walks towards the cage.

Chippytooth: "River?"

Riversong (sobbing): "Just leave me alone, alright?"

Chippytooth (sighs): "Okay."

%ACT% Chippytooth sits down, and leans against the cage.

%ACT% Chippytooth yawns.

%ACT% Chippytooth falls asleep.

%ACT% Chippytooth snores.

%ACT% The shadow of Frostwind appears behind the window next to the cage.

%ACT% Frostwind taps against the window

%SND% SND-0308 - tap tap tap
%MUS% MUS-0310 - Frostwind to the rescue
%MUS% MUS-0309 - STOP

%ACT% Riversong looks around

Riversong: "Huh?"

%SND% SND-0309 - tap tap tap tap

Frostwind (muffled, whispering): "It's me, Frostwind. Up here. The window."

%ACT% Riversong turns around, walking as close to the window as he can.

Riversong (whispering): "Frostwind! I thought you ran away! How long have you been up there?"

Frostwind (muffled, whispering): "Long enough to see your trial. We need to get you out of there. I could smash the glass, but if the rat wakes up before I get to him, we're both done for."

Riversong (whispering): "I have a better idea. Step away from the window."

%ACT% Frostwind disappears from view.

Riversong (to Chippytooth): "Hey, you! Chippy! Wake up! HEY!"

%SND% SND-0310 - Riversong whistles

%ACT% Chippytooth jerks awake

Chippytooth: "Who … what … where? Oh!"

Riversong: "Chippy! What the hell are you doing? You need to stay awake, or the Lord's going to skin you and use your hide as a throw rug!"

Chippytooth: "I know, I know. If only I wasn't so damn tired …"

%ACT% Chippytooth yawns widely

Riversong: "It's really stuffy in here. You should open a window and let some fresh air in, I'm sure that'll help."

Chippytooth: "Yeah, that makes sense. Let's try that."

%ACT% Chippytooth walks towards the middle window, and opens it.

%SND% SND-0311 - Window Opens + Extra Outside Sounds

%ACT% Chippytooth turns around towards the audience, stretches (arms up) and takes a deep breath.

Chippytooth: "Aah! Fresh air! I feel so much better now!"

%ACT% Frostwind jumps in through the window, landing on Chippytooth. They both disappear from view.

%SND% SND-0312 - Rustling / Fall
%MUS% MUS-0311 - Attack
%MUS% MUS-0310 - STOP

Chippytooth: "HARGR!"

%SND% SND-0312 (cont.) - Short Fight

%SND% SND-0312 (cont.) - WHACK!

%ACT% Frostwind reappears, her hair in disarray.

%ACT% Frostwind puts her paw in her mouth

%MUS% MUS-0312 - Planning Ahead

Frostwind (stifled): "Ow … ow … ow … ow … that hurt! And holy crap, he smells like a brewery!"

%ACT% Frostwind opens the cage.

%SND% SND-0313 - Unlock The Cage.

%ACT% Riversong hugs and squeezes Frostwind

Riversong: "I can't believe you came back for me! Thank you!"

Frostwind (hugs back): "I owed you. Let's not start celebrating yet … we still need to figure out where to go from here."

Riversong: "Do you remember the friend I told you about yesterday?"

Frostwind: "The strange one?"

Riversong: "Uh-huh! He lives in a little shed near Serpent River. People fear him because he somehow manages to survive in the woods without a holy light. He doesn't give a damn about the Keepers and their power. He's our only option for a night outside the village, unless you want to room with the pigrats again."

%MUS% MUS-0313 - The End

Frostwind: "No, thank you, I've had my fill of snappy-bitey forest critters for this week."

Riversong: "All right! Then let's get the hell out of here. Follow me."

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close