Act 2, Scene 3: True Lies


%ATT% Steve McDermott (Radio Host) Interviews Dr. Maurice Kaya (Scientist) and a Peak Oil Incorporated Spokesperson

%SND% Steve: "It is now 10:45pm, you're listening to "The Talk of the Town" on Hawaai Radio K-108 and my final guest for today is Dr. Maurice Kaya, author of the new "cealn energy" study commissioned by the Department of Business, Economy & Tourism. Mr Kaya, can you please tell us what exactly this new study is about?

%SND% Kaya: "Well, every year we spend billion of dollars on energy, and much of it is sent out of state to buy oil. That oil arrives weekly in massive oil tankers over one of the world's longest sea routes. Many natural and human disasters could disrupt that supply, leaving Hawaii in an energy crisis within a month or less. We're also very vulnerable to the effects of climate change - a sea level rise of just three feet would have desastrous consequences. Simply stated, our current way of meeting our energy needs is not sustainable. We must alter our course."

%SND% Steve: "And where is that new course going to lead us?"

%SND% Kaya: "Well, we have plenty of sunshine, strong trade winds, the ocean, geothermal activity, a temperate climate, and year-round growing season. All that can be tapped to provide sustainable sources of energy. The big oil companys currently receive about $4 billion a year in tax benefits. If subsidies were to be made denepdant on the support of clean energy, that would create a strong incentive for the entire energy market without costing taxpayers a single cent."

%SND% Steve: "Earlier today we asked the management of Peak Oil Incorporated, the worlds biggest supplier of fossil fuels, for their position towards clean energy, and this is what they had to say."

%SND% Recorded Telephone Voice: "Peak Oil Incorporated recognises that the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on society and ecosystems may prove to be significant. Worldwide, we are working on leading research to identify economically viable technologies that can meet future energy demand while dramatically reducing global emissions. This includes advanced fuels, lubricants and combustion technologies. Wind and solar are intermittent energy sources, but climate change can be addressed only by making use of additional sources such as natural gas, which can keep the electricity flowing when the sun doesn't shine and the wind fails to blow."

%SND% Steve: "So as it seems, getting all the stakeholders to sit down at one table and agree on a common definition of "clean energy" is not going to be an easy task.


%SND% Steve: "Before we end our programm for tonight, let's have a final look at the weather: Hurricane Juliet remains active in the eastern Pacific, sliding by to the south of the islands. For the next few hours, we should be prepared for Lightning, 30-50 mph winds, heavy rain, gusty winds and high surf. In the early morning hours however, a big high pressure area will begin to push westward and likely move the thunderstorm threat west and off the islands as well. Tomorrow morning it's going to be partly cloudy with rain showers, then clear. High of 81 degrees, Breezy with winds from the ENE at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 20%."

%SND% Steve: "And this concludes our live programme for today. My Name is Steve McDermott, and I wish you all a wonderful night."


%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB-0701 - Indoor / Thunderstorm outside
%MUS% MUS-0701 - Cue 1 (silent night)

%LIG% Scene starts in the dark.

%SND% SND-0701 - Doorbell

%ACT% No reaction

%SND% SND-0701 (cont.) - DoorbellDoorbellDoorbellDoorbellDoorbell

Monica (off): "*groan* What the hell … "

%SND% SND-0702 - Sounds of someone getting up and bumping into stuff

%ACT% Monica walks in from [1] to [7]

%SND% SND-0702 (cont.) - Doorbell

Monica (annoyed, shouting): "I'm coming, already!"

%SND% SND-0702 (cont.) - Light Switch

%LIG% Lights on (Roomlight)

Monica: "Do you know what time it is? This better be important!"

%ACT% Monica opens the door at [7].

%SND% SND-0703 - Door Opening

%ACT% Makani and Savannah come in and stop right at the door.

Monica: "What the hell are you two doing here?"

Savannah: "I'm really sorry to wake you, but we're in big trouble, and you're the only one we can trust. "

Monica (sighs): "Make yourselves at home."

Savannah: "Thank you."

%ACT% They sit down around the coffee table, Monica towards [7], Savannah and Makani on the opposite side with Savannah closer to the table.

Monica: "Now, tell me what the hell is going on."

%MUS% mus-0702 - Cue 2 (bad news)
%MUS% mus-0701 FADE

Savannah: "Makani took me out for a diving lesson. Everything was going well until we were suddenly attacked by another diver. We managed to fight him off, but he destroyed our boat. We only barely survived!"

Monica :"What?! Why didn't you call the police?"

Makani: "That's the first thing we did. But they said there's no point in going out there in the dark. They're going to check for evidence as soon as the sun comes up."

Savannah: "They told us to stay at someone else's place, just in case our attacker might still be after us. Would you mind if we stayed here for the night?"

Monica (alarmed): "Back up a moment: where exactly did you go diving?"

Savannah: "I don't understand why that would …"

%ACT% Monica opens her laptop and types on the keyboard

%VID% VID-0701 - Show oceanic map of hawaii

Monica: "Show it to me on the map!"

%ACT% Makani points at the laptop screen

Makani: "It was about … here."

%VID% VID-0702 - Show marker on map

Monica: "Damn it. Out of every square inch of water, why did you have to go and pick that one?"

Savannah: "I got the idea while I was working on the Kilo Moana. The ocean floor scans went everywhere - except one spot. I wanted to know what Bailey was avoiding."

Monica: "And? What did you find?"

Savannah: "Just a bunch of seaweed."

Monica: "Did you also tell the police about all that? Especially with regards to Bailey's research?"

Savannah: "Yes, of course. I told them everything."

%ACT% Monica facepalms

Monica: "Damn. You're in deep trouble. When the police knock on Bailey's door, he'll know it was you at the plantation - and he'll go searching for you."

Savannah: "Who? Bailey? Why? And what do YOU know about the seaweed field?"

%ACT% Monica lets out a deep sigh

Monica: "Oh well, there's no point beating around the bush anymore. I'm working for an activist group called World Environment Justice, and we are trying to get to the bottom of Professor Bailey's research. The official stuff he does for the university is just a small part of what he's really up to. He's been working on a few potentially very lucrative, but highly illegal side projects. And you just stumbled into his most important one."

Makani: "A seaweed plantation?"

Monica: "Bailey is an expert on genetic engineering. How close did you get to the plants?"

Savannah: "Close enough to take a sample. Here."

%ACT% Savannah puts the sample jar on the table.

Monica: "Oh … That's brilliant! Maybe we can get out of this alive. Hang on a second. I need to do a quick test."

%ACT% Monica opens the jar and takes out a bit of seaweed, then hands the jar to Savannah

%ACT% Savannah takes the sample jar and takes it "off stage"

Monica: "Put a little bit of the sample into the ashtray. Now where did I put my lighter …"

%ACT% Monica fetches a lighter from below the table

Makani: "What're you gonna do? Smoke weed?"

Monica: "Even better! Look at this."

%MUS% mus-0703 - Cue 3 (rise)
%MUS% mus-0702 FADE

%ACT% Monica lights the lighter, and then lights the seaweed sample

%HND% The seaweed burns like rocket fuel with a loud "WOOOSH", a bright light, and a column of steam.

%MUS% mus-0704 - Cue 4 (amazing)
%MUS% mus-0703 FADE

Makani, Savannah: "Whoa!"

Makani: "Hell, that weed packs quite a punch!"

%MUS% mus-0705 - Cue 5 (techtalk)

Monica: "It's nothing short of revolutionary! Bailey actually has a patent on this stuff, but we never knew if it was just a theory, or if he'd actually managed to pull it off. This stuff is basically instant fuel that grows on the sea floor. No drilling, no transportation, no refineries. Clean energy, almost for free."

Savannah: "But isn't that a good thing?"

Monica: "Well, Bailey isn't interested in the environment. He's been shopping around for potential buyers for his patent. If he manages to show proof that it works, and cover up the side effects, it'll be worth billions of dollars."

Makani: "Side effects? What side effects?"

%ACT% Monica types on the laptop keyboard

%VID% VID-0703 - Map shows Bailey's seaweed plantation

Monica: "The seaweed was genetically engineered in a way that allows naturally occurring bacteria in the sea water to break the plant cells down into short-chain carbohydrates. The strands will die off, float to the surface, and all you have to do is pick them up. But that also makes them highly toxic. What we have here is an uncontrolled population in the middle of the most fragile ecosystems on earth."

%ACT% Monica types on the laptop keyboard

%VID% VID-0704 - Map shows Bailey's seaweed plantation spreading all over the place

Monica: "The dead dolphin was just the beginning. If this stuff begins to spread, and it will, this will be the biggest ecological disaster of the century."

Savannah: "Oh my god … "

Monica: "If he manages to sell the patent before the bad news hit, he'll be one of the richest men on earth. Rich enough to survive any amount of bad PR. Rich enough to easily dispose of people like you and me."

Makani: "Why didn't you report him right away?"

Monica: "Because the authorities do not believe in conspiracy theories. But now we have a sample, and the location is officially on file. You must go and show it to the police before Bailey finds out you're still alive! We must stop him!"

%SND% SND-0705 - Doorbell

Monica: "What the hell? WHO'S THERE?"

BAiley (off, disguising his voice): "This is the police! We have some additional questions for Mrs. Van Camp. Please open the door, Mrs. Rowland!"

Monica: "Talk of the devil and his horns appear … maybe you don't have to run after all. JUST A MOMENT."

%ACT% Monica gets up and goes to open the door.

Savannah: "Now that's funny. I'm pretty sure I didn't tell them I was going to stay at your place."

%ACT% Monica opens the door.

%SND% SND-0706 - Door opens
%MUS% mus-0706 - Cue 6 (Attack)
%MUS% mus-0705 FADE

%ACT% Bailey walks in, pointing a gun at Monica.

%ACT% Monica eeks and walks backwards

%ACT% Savannah and Makani jump up from their seats, retreating a step or two.

%ACT% Bailey's thugs walk in behind them, also carrying guns.

Monica: "Bailey! You son of a bitch."

Bailey: "I'm afraid I can't help my heritage, Monica."

Thug1: "Look! The guys we caught at the plantation!"

%ACT% Savannah turns and runs to [1]

%ACT% Makani runs after Savannah

Bailey: "Kill them!"

%ACT% Monica grabs the coffee table, lifts it up like a shield, and throws herself against her attackers.

%SND% SND-0707 - Stuff falling off table

Monica (shouting): "Raargh! Run, Savannah, get to the police, now!"

%ACT% Bailey fires a shot.

%SND% SND-0708 - Bailey shoots (RATS)

%ACT% Monica cries, and drops the table, both disappearing down below the stage

%HND% Remove the cover on Monica's clothes to reveal the blood stain underneath

Monica (off): "AAIIIE!"

%ACT% The thugs run past Monica, off stage, following Savannah and Makani.

%ACT% Bailey walks forward.

%ACT% Bailey picks up the table, and throws it behind him.

%ACT% Bailey points his gun at Monica, who is still off stage

%MUS% mus-0707 - Cue 7 (negotiate)
%MUS% mus-0706 FADE

Bailey: "Now get up, you little shit and tell me who you're working for. And don't give me that activist nonsense. I know you've been spying on me for quite a while, and I want to know why."

%ACT% Monica coughs, and slowly gets up back into view. She's bleeding heavily from the shoulder, holding the wound with one paw.

Monica (coughing, in pain): "Don't shoot, or you'll regret it."

Bailey: "Oh really? Now, what's the deal?"

Monica: "Okay, let's put all our cards on the table. You're right, I'm not an activist. I'm working for Peak Oil Incorporated."

Bailey: "Industrial espionage by the third largest oil company on the planet. Classy. And what do you want?"

Monica: "US Patent 94837592."

Bailey: "Bidding for the patent runs for another month, why would you be so dumb as to put your life at risk?"

Monica: "Dumb? I'll tell you what would be dumb. Bidding billions on a process knowing that it is about to cause the biggest ecological desaster of the century. I wonder how much your bidders would still be willing to pay if they knew about this."

Bailey: "The process is sound! The toxicity is nothing but an unforeseen mutation! The first generation of plants was both non-toxic and sterile!"

Monica: "But the ones that were planted on the ocean floor weren't. We made sure of that. "

Bailey: "What? YOU sabotaged my operation?"

Monica: "Yes. But here's the good news: We also inserted a genetic kill switch. Just a few molecules of the right substance are enough to kill off all specimen in a hundred mile range. All you have to do is sign over the patent to Peak Oil and we will happily take care of your ecological problem."

%MUS% mus-0708 - Cue 8 (bailey dominates)
%MUS% mus-0707 FADE

Bailey: "I don't believe you. You're desperate. You're bluffing. Get me your boss on the phone. Now. I want to talk with them."

Monica: "I'm sorry, but I can't let you …"

%ACT% Bailey shoots the aquarium, the fish jump out on the playrail, flapping around helplessly, jumping back and forth.

%SND% SND-0708 - Bailey shoots (RATS)

%SND% SND-0709 - Aquarium shatters

Bailey (demanding): "Do it!"

Monica: "Alright, alright!"

%ACT% Monica rummages through the pockets of her bathrobe, and produces a cellphone.

%ACT% Monica dials.

%SND% SND-0710 - Dials
%SND% SND-0710 (cont.) - Voice: "Yes?"

%ACT% Monica holds out the phone to Bailey

Bailey: "This is Professor George Bailey. The rules of the game have just changed. Bidding will no longer close next month, but tomorrow at noon, and Peak Oil had better be the highest bidder, or else …"

%ACT% Bailey shoots at the fish two times, killing both.

%SND% SND-0708 - Bailey shoots (RATS)

%SND% SND-0711 - Fish 1 dies

%SND% SND-0708 - Bailey shoots (RATS)

%SND% SND-0712 - Fish 2 dies

Bailey: "… you'll never see your little spy again."

Monica (desperate): "He means it, help me!"

%SND% SND-0713 - Voice: "I'm sorry Mrs. Rowland, but I won't let myself be blackmailed. The company will keep exit one open for you for the next 48 hours. That's all I can do."

Monica (upset): "What? You're pulling that on me now? Who do you think I am? Fucking James Bond? This nutcase is pointing a fucking gun at me and …"

%SND% SND-0714 - Phone Click, busy signal

Monica (baffled): "H… hello?"

%ACT% Monica dials the number again

%SND% SND-0715 - Dials
%SND% SND-0715 (cont.) - Dials Phone: "The number you have dialed is no longer in service. Please check the number and try again."

Monica "FUCK!"

%MUS% mus-0709 - Cue 9 (monica gives up)
%MUS% mus-0708 FADE

Bailey (laughs): "If you want to play with the boys, you'd better have balls."

%ACT% Monica drops the phone

Monica: "Very funny. And what now?"

Bailey: "Now you die."

Monica: "Shoot me if you want, but if you pull that trigger, you won't just kill me, but an entire ecosystem."

Bailey: "And that is entirely your fault."

Monica: "But I know where the kill-switch is! The solution is in a 40 gallon barrel, hidden in a storage container at the harbour. I can open the lock for you. All you have to do is let me."

Bailey: "How do I know this isn't a trap?"

Monica: "Peak Oil would rather let me die than come to help me, you heard what they said. I just want to save the island."

%MUS% mus-0710 - Cue 10 (ending)
%MUS% mus-0709 FADE

Bailey: "It's a little bit late for regrets, don't you think? But I also see your point. My car's outside, let's have a look at that antidote. But put some clothes on for heaven's sake. What would the neighbours think?"

%ACT% They leave as lights go out.

%LIG% Lights out

%AMB% 0701 STOP

%HND% Curtain - close