Act 2, Scene 1: The Plantation


%AMB% amb-0501 - Underwater (without breathing)
%MUS% mus-0501 - Cue1 (wonders of the deep)

%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% UV Lights on

%LIG% no normal light (maybe some lightray effects from moving heads)

%HND% Someone is blowing glowing soap bubbles.

%HND% A few glowing "balloony creatures" are growing up from a rock. (Helium balloons.)

%HND% A bunch of little floaty creatures are floating around the scene

%HND% An umbrella is hiding between the rocks. (More silly underwater ideas welcome.)

Makani (off): "One, two, three!"

%SND% snd-0501 - SPLASH

Savannah (off, gleeful): "Wohooo!"

Makani (off): "There we go! Is everything alright? Can you hear me?"

Savannah (off): "Loud and clear!"

%ACT% Makani swims into view from [1], using his wings as gliders.

Makani: "Excellent. We're in shallow waters, so there's not much you need to take care of. Watch your gear. Your life might depend on it. Not to mention it'll cost me a fortune … "

%ACT% Savannah swims into view behind Makani, floating around, looking at everything that moves.

Savannah: "Woooow! This is beautiful!"

%ACT% Savannah does a backwards loop underwater

Savannah: "Woo-hoo!"

%SND% snd-0502 - Bubbling
%MUS% mus-0501 STOP
%MUS% mus-0502 - Cue2 (wonders of the deep)

%HND% The floaty creatures are curiously swimming around Makani and Savannah like little fireflies

Makani: "It sure is! But as a marine biologist, you probably know a whole lot more about all this than I do."

Savannah: "Reading about it in a text book is one thing. But this is the first time I can actually see it myself … it's mind blowing! Look, over there!"

%ACT% Savannah points to the balloony creatures

Makani: "Oh! You don't see these very often nowadays …"

%ACT% Savannah swims towards the balloony plant creatures.

Savannah: "They're very sensitive to changes in the environment. That's why they've become so rare! Hello, little buddies!"

%ACT% Savannah pokes the balloony creatures one by one, except one. They each float up with a funny noise.

%HND% Balloony1 floats up

%SND% snd-0503 - funny noise 1

%HND% Balloony2 floats up

%SND% snd-0504 - funny noise 2

%HND% Balloony3 floats up

%SND% snd-0505 - funny noise 3

Makani: "Oh, I didn't know you could do that. Need to keep that in mind when I'm down here with my next group of tourists."

%ACT% Makani pokes the last remaining balloony thing

%HND% balloony4 takes off like a rocket (release air from balloon and let it fly.)


%ACT% The floaty creatures flee in all directions and disappear.

Makani: "Yikes!"

Savannah (laughs): "Don't poke them too hard, or you'll scare them!"

Makani: "You're telling me that now?"

Savannah (still laughs): "I thought I'm the one who's down here for the first time."

Makani: "Yeah, but usually I spend most of my time teaching soccer moms how not to stop breathing. I can tell my customers enough about the reef to keep them entertained, but having you around makes me feel like the student this time."

Savannah: "Oh look at that over there! A giant Umbrella Squid!"

%MUS% mus-0503 - Cue3 (wonders of the deep)
%SND% snd-0507 - Flap Flap Flap

%HND% The umbrella takes off from the ground like a jellyfish, floating across the stage, and finally off stage to [7].

Makani: "I knew that one!"

Savannah: "I've never seen one up so close. Thanks a lot for taking the time for me, Makani!"

Makani: "You're very welcome. Showing a nice gal around sure beats the usual grind."

Savannah (teasing): "Aw, isn't that cute? The boy is flirting with me!"

Makani: "Err… Let's suppose I was, is that bad?"

Savannah (chuckles): "I guess not, but, you know, I'm here for more than just your company."

Makani: "Well, no harm in trying…"

Savannah: "I just want to stay for a closer look, if you don't mind."

Makani: "According to the map this is just an ordinary public area like any other. Shallow water, lots of light, great for a dive."

%MUS% mus-0503 FADE

Savannah: "That might be, but the research fleet has been avoiding it like the plague. There must be something down here. Over there! … that doesn't look natural!"

%ACT% Savannah and Makani swim to the edge of the seaweed plantation

Makani: "Seaweed. Lots of seaweed."

%MUS% mus-0504 - Cue 4 (the plantation)

Savannah: "It's a plantation. Can you see the nets? Normally you put these directly under the surface so they get the most out of the sunlight - but these are much deeper underwater. Why would anyone want to hide a patch of seaweed?"

Makani: "I have no idea."

%SND% snd-0508 - Sound of a motor boat nearing

Savannah: "Hmm… it's not an indigenous variety. I'll take a sample and have a closer look at it in the lab."

%ACT% Savannah pulls out a strand of the seaweed and stuffs it into a plastic bag that she fixes to her belt.

%HND% A bunch of floaty creatures flee from the seaweed

Makani: "Oh, there's someone coming. We should get back to the boat!

%SND% snd-0508 STOP
%SND% snd-0509 - Motorboat Stops

Savannah: "You're right. Let's go!"

%ACT% Savannah moves to turn around.

%SND% snd-0510 - Harpoon firing 1, bubbles

%MUS% mus-0505 - Cue 5 (Attack)
%MUS% mus-0504 STOP

%HND% A harpoon dart comes flying from off stage, and hits Savannah in the arm.

%ACT% Savannah shrieks

Makani: "What the hell?"

Savannah: "Makani, behind you!"

%ACT% An enemy diver appears, armed with another loaded harpoon.

%ACT% Makani turns around, facing the diver

Makani: "You bastard!"

%ACT% The diver fires his harpoon

%SND% snd-0511 - Harpoon firing 2, more bubbles

%ACT% Makani flaps his wings, and the harpoon misses

%ACT% Makani attacks the diver.

%SND% snd-0512 - heavy breathing and bubbling

%ACT% They try to rip each others' breathers and glasses off.

%ACT% Makani wins. The diver's gear comes off, and floats to the ground. The diver flees.

%SND% snd-0513 - air escaping
%MUS% mus-0506 - Cue 6 (Saving Savannah)
%MUS% mus-0505 STOP

%ACT% Makani turns towards Savannah

Makani: "Savannah? Savannah! Are you alright?"

Savannah (sobbing): "My arm! I can't move my fucking arm! Jeez, it hurts!"

Makani: "Can you swim?"

Savannah: "I'm not sure …"

Makani: "We need to get the hell out of here … get on my back, I'll take you to the surface."

Savannah: "All right!"

Makani: "Be careful with the tank. There we go. Ready?"

%MUS% mus-0507 - Cue 7 (They Return)
%MUS% mus-0506 FADE

%SND% snd-0514 - Sound of a motor boat leaving

Savannah: "Ready!"

%ACT% Savannah climbs on Makani's back, holding on to his neck.

%ACT% Makani swims to the other side of the stage, slightly upwards.

Savannah: "Sound like you scared them off. They're leaving."

%SND% snd-0514 STOP
%SND% snd-0515 - Boat returning

Makani: "They're not leaving. They're turning."

Savannah: "They're coming back!"

Makani: "Shit! My boat! No! Not my boat! Nooooooooooooo!"

%SND% snd-0516 - LOUD CRASH
%MUS% mus-0508 - Cue 8 (Kaboom)
%MUS% mus-0507 FADE
%SND% snd-0515 FADE
%AMB% amb-0501 FADE

%LIG% UV Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close