Act 1, Scene 4: You Win


%ATT% Radio Broadcast on KWAI 1080AM - Steve McDermott (host) interviews Dr. Bill Marler (scientist).

%SND% Steve: "A big hello to everyone and thank you so much for joining me! My Name is Steve McDermott, and as always you can find us here on Hawaii Radio K-108, from 10 o'clock in the morning till 11 o'clock in the evening. (…pause…) For weeks now, epidemiologists in Hawaii have been working overtime to determine the source of a series of fish poisonings that have resulted in more than 50 illnesses among residents of Oahu and several tourist, of which more than twenty of had to be hospitalized after developing potentially life-threatening kidney failure. I am being joined now by lead investigator Dr. Bill Marler, biologist at the University of Honolulu. Welcome to our show."

%SND% Marler: "Thank you. Pleasure to be here."

%SND% Steve: "The epidemic has been on the rise for weeks, and it's hard to believe that nobody has been able to find the cause yet."

%SND% Marler: "Oh, in fact we know quite well what causes illness. It's an organic toxin similar to those created by red algae in the gulf of mexico. But there have no observations of any kind of harmful algal blooms lately, so we're still at a loss for an answer about how the toxin got into the food chain."

%SND% Steve: "So how do you go about solving this mystery?"

%SND% Marler: "It's mostly classic detective work. The first thing we do is talk to the victims, and as soon as we see a common pattern, we send out an investigation team to take samples. The one thing that the cvictims of the current epidemic have in common is that they all had some kind of local sea food. But that's where it ends. All spot tests we've done so far have come out clean, and the distribution is totally random. That's all I can say from a scientific point of view."

%SND% Steve: "In the past you've been quite politically active, pushing for stricter environmental policies, among many other things. What is your personal opinion about the incident?"

%SND% Marler: "Well, we've had problems with our water quality for many years, but the local industry pretty much owns the government and they decided they'd better not touch this issue. The result is that we, the citicens, are paying the price for it.The New York Times recently published a list of America's biggest polluters, with 1379 facilities in state of Hawaii alone. And the last official water test was done in 2008 - more than 5 years ago."

%SND% Steve: "So the danger is lurking in our waters?"

%SND% Marler: "Yes. Many things can affect our health. Genetically Modified crops, sewage spill-offs, industrial toxins, military training facilities, the biohazards of intensive livestock farming … you name it. And by "our health" I mean the health of residents, tourists, land animals and sea animals. I'm not a communist, but if we want to survive, we need to put sustainability before economic goals. This is not going to be the last catastrophe of its kind. This is just the beginning."


%AMB% AMB-0401 - Machine Room
%MUS% MUS-0401 - Cue 1 (Sneaky)

%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Dimmed Roomlight on (Indirect lighting from the Monitor should be still visible)

%SND% SND-0401 - Door Opens

%ACT% Savannah enters from [1]

Savannah: "Hello? Monica? Are you there? I'm ready to submit my data!"

%SND% SND-0402 - Monica (from afar): "Just a moment … I'll be right with you!"

Savannah: "How long are you going to be? Should I wait here or come back later?"

%ACT% No answer.

Savannah: "Hello? Monica? (to herself) Oh, great. "

%SND% SND-0403 - Door Opens

%ACT% Student 1 enters from [1]

Student1: "Oh, hi Savannah!"

Savannah: "You … you can see me?"

Student1: "What?"

Savannah: "Oh, never mind, just being cynical me. Monica's not here yet."

Student1: "Too bad. I've got my data ready, and I'd really like to clock out for today."

Savannah: "Yeah, me too. If I see one more sonar image, I'm gonna go postal."

%SND% SND-0404 - Door Opens

%ACT% Student2 enters from [1]

%SND% SND-0404 (cont.) - Student2: "Oh, hi. Are you also here to submit your data?"

Student1, Savannah: "Bingo!"

%SND% SND-0405 - Student2: "Why isn't Monica here?"

Savannah: "No idea."

%SND% SND-0406 - Door Opens + Students Chatting

%ACT% Student 1 and Student 2 begin to chat about something irrelevant in the background.

%ACT% Student 3 hurries in from [1]

%SND% SND-0406 (cont.) - Student3: "Hi everyone! Do you mind if I go first? I have a date in 10 minutes, and I really need to get off … off this ship, I mean! "

Savannah: "Sorry, we're all still waiting for Monica."

%SND% SND-0407 - door opens + Students Chatting

%ACT% Student 4 comes in from [1]

%SND% SND-0406 (cont.) Noise level rising, everybody is just chatting.

%ACT% Savannah walks to the computer console, and punches some of the keys.

%MUS% MUS-0402 - Cue 2 (Uploading Data)

%SND% VID-0401 - Typing on Keyboard
%VID% VID-0401 (cont.) - The screen blanker comes off, and the screen shows a game of solitaire.

%ACT% Savannah punches some keys

%SND% VID-0401 (cont.) - Typing on Keyboard
%SND% VID-0401 (cont.) - Bleep-Bloop
%VID% VID-0401 (cont.) - A window appears: "MariGIS - Data Import"
%VID% VID-0401 - PAUSE

Savannah: "Hah! How convenient!"

%ACT% Savannah turns to the students

Savannah: "Guys? GUYS? GUYS!"

%ACT% The chatter dies down and everybody looks at her

%SND% SND-0406 - STOP
%SND% SND-0407 - STOP

Savannah: "Monica didn't lock her PC, and I know this software. If you give me your thumb drives, I can import the data for you, so you don't have to wait for Monica. How does that sound?"

Student1: "Sounds excellent!"

%SND% SND-0408 - Student2: "Right on!"

%ACT% The students get in line.

Savannah: "All right, here we go."

%ACT% Student 1 sticks his USB drive into the PC

%ACT% Savannah punches some keys

%VID% VID-0402 - Loading a basic map of the Hawaiian island. "IMPORTING ……. DONE" (4-5 seconds)

Savannah: "Done. Aaaand the next one, please!"

%ACT% Student 1 takes his stick and leaves.

Student1: "Thanks! See you!"

%ACT% Student2 sticks his USB drive into the PC

%ACT% Savannah punches some keys

%VID% VID-0403 - An overlay with additional information is loaded over the previous map "IMPORTING ……. DONE" (4-5 seconds)

Savannah: "Done. Next, please!"

%ACT% Student2 takes his stick and leaves.

%ACT% Student3 sticks his USB drive into the PC

%ACT% Savannah punches some keys

%VID% VID-0404 (cont.) - Another overlay with additional information is loaded over the previous map "IMPORTING …… DONE" (3-4 seconds)

Savannah: "There, you're good to go. Enjoy your date!"

%ACT% Student3 takes his stick and leaves.

%ACT% Student4 sticks his USB drive into the PC

%ACT% Savannah punches some keys

%VID% VID-0405 - An overlay with additional information is loaded over the previous map "IMPORTING ……. DONE" (3-4 seconds)

%ACT% Student4 takes his USB drive.

%MUS% MUS-0403 - Cue 3 (Fade)

Savannah: "Allright, we're done. Let's call it a day."

%SND% SND-0409 - Student4: "Thanks a lot, Savannah. And sorry for being rude to you on your first day. I … I didn't expect you'd end up being so great to work with. It's really been a lot of fun! I'd really like to return the favour … if I can."

Savannah (shy): "Oh, don't mention it. I'm just glad that people are beginning to recognise me."

%SND% SND-0410 - Student4: "Fair enough! Well, see you tomorrow then!"

Savannah: "See you!"

%ACT% Student4 leaves

%SND% SND-0411 - Door Closes\\;

%ACT% Savannah looks at the screen and punches some keys

%MUS% MUS-0404 - Cue 4 (Suspense)

%VID% VID-0406 - The map now shows a pretty dense network of data points, topology, the route the ship took … and a very prominent white g ap in the middle of the sea, not far off the shore.

Savannah: "That's an interesting bunch of data we've got here. The routes of the ship, the water samples, the topology … It all makes a lot more sense if you put it all together. But what's that, down there? A large empty spot in the middle of the sea that all our routes have been avoiding. Now isn't that funny."

%SND% SND-0412 - Door opens (left)
%MUS% MUS-0404 - STOP
%MUS% MUS-0405 - Cue 5 (Threat)

%ACT% Bailey comes in from [7]

Bailey: "Monica, if you're done with the data acquisition, could you please … WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? Get your filthy hands off that computer!"

%VID% VID-0405 STOP;

%ACT% Savannah steps backwards, staring at Bailey

Savannah: "Whoa, I'm sorry! I was just trying to help!"

Bailey: "You have no authorisation! Who gave you access to our system?"

Savannah: "Nobody did. We were waiting for Monica and I discovered the screen wasn't locked, so I thought …"

Bailey: "You thought? I'll tell you what: You're not authorised to think, you're not qualified to think, and you're certainly not paid to think!"

Savannah: "I'm not being paid at all!"

Bailey: "No you're not, but if you keep thinking like that, you will pay FOR it, do I make myself clear? Now get out of here, and I don't want to see you ever again on this ship. You're suspended!"

Savannah: "But I didn't do anything wrong! It's just a goddamn sea floor map, not some kind of national secret!"

Bailey: "OUT!"

Savannah: "All right, all right. Asshole."

%ACT% Savannah walks out to [1], slamming the door shut behind her.

%SND% SND-0413 - Door SLAM (right)
%MUS% MUS-0405 - STOP
%MUS% MUS-0406 - Cue 6 (Aftermath)

Bailey (to himself): "Pesky student workers. We should have taken those Mexican immigrants instead."

%ACT% Bailey turns to leave to [7]

Bailey (shouting while walking out): "Monica? Where the hell are you? You forgot to turn on your goddamn screen lock again … Monica? Goddammit, why am I surrounded by idiots …"

%SND% SND-0414 - Door SLAM (left)

%ATT% 2 Seconds silence

%SND% SND-0415 - Door silently opening
%MUS% MUS-0406 - STOP
%MUS% MUS-0407 - Cue 7 (Sneaky)

%ACT% Savannah's ears appear from below at [2]. (wait for sound effect!)

%SND% SND-0416 - whirrrrrrrr

%ACT% Savannah's ears sneak over to the computer console

%SND% SND-0417 - patterpatterpatter

%ACT% Savannah emerges (wait for sound effect).

%SND% SND-0418 - whirrrrrrrr

%ACT% Savannah looks left

%SND% SND-0419 - swish!

%ACT% Savannah looks right

%SND% SND-0420 - swosh!

Savannah: "See, Bailey? That's what happens if you let other people do the thinking for you. Bloody amateur. Blows a gasket and then forgets to lock the screen - again."

%ACT% Savannah punches some keys

%VID% VID-0407 - "Saving to external drive" - Progress Bar 0% - 100% (ca. 10 seconds)

%ACT% Savannah takes out her phone and dials (animation runs in the background)

%SND% SND-0421 - Dial tones

Savannah: "Hello Makani, it's me, Savannah! Yes, me too! I've made up my mind, and I'd really like to to get back to your offer. I've just discovered the perfect spot for a diving trip! Are you in? Great! I'll meet you at the bar! You too, bye bye!"

%SND% SND-0422 - Hangup Sound
%MUS% MUS-0408 - Cue 8 (Fade)

Savannah: "I love it when a plan comes together."

%ACT% Savannah pulls her thumb drive out, and starts walking out.

Savannah: "Oh, wait …"

%ACT% Savannah startles, and turns back to the computer

%ACT% Savannah punches some keys

%VID% VID-0408 The game of solitaire comes up again.
%VID% VID-0408 (cont.) - The cards re-arrange, and Savannah wins the game
%SND% VID-0408 (cont.) - Winning Sound
%VID% VID-0408 (cont.) - "YOU WIN"

Savannah: "Oh yes, I do!"

%MUS% MUS-0409 - Cue 9 (Mission Impossible)

%ACT% Savannah types on the keyboard once more

%VID% VID-0409 - "Session locked. Enter password:"

%ACT% Savannah leaves

%LIG% Lights out

%AMB% 0401 STOP
%VID% 0409 STOP

%HND% Curtain - close