Act 2, Scene 1: King Sundyata


%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB-07 Lion Camp Day

%LIG% Lights on

%ACT% The Lionesses are piling up in front of the window, pulling and pushing because each of them want a look at the strangers!

%ACT% Lioness1 climbs on top of Lioness2 and Lioness3

%MUS% 0501 - Comedy

%SND% 0501 - (Pinky) Lioness 1: “All right, I'm ready! Now lift me up!”

%ACT% The Lionesses lift her up

%SND% 0501 - (Zefiro) (Pan) Lionsses 1,2 Groaning.

%SND% 0501 - (Zefiro) Lioness 2: “And? Can you see him? What does he look like?”

%SND% 0501 - (Pan) Lioness 3: “Yeah, tell us already!”

%SND% 0501 - (Pinky) Lioness 1: “Ssssht! Be quiet or you're going to wake him up! Yes, he's in there, fast asleep.”

%SND% 0501 - (Zefiro) Lioness 2: “And? Is he handsome?”

%SND% 0501 - (Pinky) Lioness 1: “I have no idea, all I can see is a fuzzy butt!”

%SND% 0501 - (Zefiro) (Pinky) (Pan) The Lionesses snicker.

%SND% 0501 - (Pinky) Lioness 1: “And sorry to dampen your hopes, but he's not alone.”

%SND% 0501 - (Zefiro) (Pinky) (Pan) Lionesses go “aaaaaw!”

%SND% 0501 - (Zefiro) Lioness 2: “Who's with him?”

%SND% 0501 - (Pinky) Lioness 1: “There are two more people in there. A ferret, and … a leopard of some sort.”r

%SND% 0501 - (Pan) Lioness 3: “Ewww! How did the ferret get in there?”

%ACT% Lionel starts mumbling in his sleep. Something is unsettling him.

%SND% 0501 - (Zefiro) Lioness 2: “And who's the leopardess? Do you think she's one of his wives?”

%SND% 0501 - (Pan) Lioness 3: “Now wouldn't that be kinky!”

%SND% 0501 - (Pinky) Lioness 1: “Shhh! I told you to be quiet!”

%ACT% Lionel starts to speak in his sleep, all excited, panting!

Lionel: “Nnnn… no! Noooo! Lori! Don't go! NO! LORI! AAAAAAAHHHHHH”

%ACT% Lionel jumps, throwing Mika and Poke off the bed left and right.

%SND% 0501 STOP
%SND% 0502 (Pinky) (Zefiro) (Pan) Lionesses: “Aaaaaaah!”

Poke, Mika: “Aaaaaaaah!”

%ACT% The lionesses scramble and run, fleeing onto their resting rock in the middle, playing innocent, looking at the sky, grooming each other, pretending to sleep … and stuff :)

%ACT% Lionel gasps for air, and hugs Mika.

Mika: “It's alright, Lionel! It was just a dream! We're safe!”

%ACT% Lionel looks around.

%ACT% On the right side of the stage [1], Suberi appears, walking towards the hut.

Lionel: “Oh. HERE we are. I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?”

Poke: “No, as you can see, we're still sleeping like little babies - After being thrown out of the second floor window!”

Mika: “I don't believe it … after last night, you should be glad you're still alive, and all you can do is complain about being woken up early? OH COME ON!”

Poke: “Glad? GLAD? Oh yeah, let's all be glad that we're alive! La-la-la-la-la! What a wonderful day. I mean, It's not like Lori's probably dead, or anything.”

Lionel (angry): “No! Don't say that! Nobody say that! Not until we know for sure!”

Poke: “Yeah, let's all just ignore reality for a while! Can you say 'guilt complex'?”

Lionel: “What??? Are you saying this is my fault?”

Mika (shouting): “STOP, stop stop! Time out! It's nobody's fault, alright? We all underestimated the danger, including Lori herself. And I agree, we shouldn't write her off so easily. We don't know what happened to her … and if we keep going at each other like that, we never will. So let's try and keep a cool head, okay?”

%ACT% Suberi has arrived at the hut, knocking at the door.

%SND% 0503 - Knock
%SND% 0503 - Knock
%SND% 0503 - Knock

Suberi: “Good Morning! It's good to see both of you alive and kicking. I hope you were able to get some rest.”

Mika: “Good Morning, Suberi. I'm sorry for the noise, but we all had a bit of a tough night, and we were just trying to figure out what to do next.”

Suberi: “As you can imagine, your arrival has caused quite a stir. Everyone wants to see the unknown lion and his grey leopard wife, including King Sundyata. He would like to meet you and ask you a few questions.”

Poke: “And what about me?”

Suberi: “You? You're a ferret. If you want to survive here, you'd better keep your mouth shut and make yourself look as inedible as you can.”

Poke: “Aw! And I was SO looking forward to wear my bacon suit today!”

%ACT% Everyone groans.

Suberi: “Poke, just to put things into perspective: The only reason why we didn't leave you out there to be eaten by the hyenas was that you had a lion in your party. We're usually not allowed to meddle into other species' affairs unless King Sundyata permits it. That means, if you're looking for help to find your lost friend, that'll all depend on what the King thinks of you. Now if you would all please follow me …”

Lionel: “Thank you for saving not only me, but also my friends. I will do my best to make a good impression in front of the King.”

%ACT% They slowly walk over towards Sundyata's Throne

%SND% 0504 - (Pinky) Lioness 1: “Oh! Look, look! There they come!”

%SND% 0504 - (Zefiro) Lioness 2: “Wow! What a handsome guy! Look a his mane!”

%SND% 0504 - (Pan) Lioness 3: “Yeah, and look at her! She's pretty handsome, too!”

%ACT% Lioness 1 and 2 look at Lioness 3

%SND% 0504 - (Pinky) (Zefiro) Lioness 1,2: “You pervert!”

%SND% 0504 - (Pan) Lioness 3: “What?”

%ACT% Jabari runs on stage from [1], towards Suberi

Jabari (shouting, desperate): “Suberi! Suberi! Something terrible has happened!”

%MUS% 0505 - Suspense

Suberi: “Jabari! What is it, I've never seen you so worried!”

Jabari: “Mbali is gone!”

Suberi: “WHAT????”

Jabari: “Yesterday at dusk, she went for a walk … like she always does. But when Sundyata checked for her this morning, she was still gone! We followed her tracks, and then suddenly there were hyena foot prints all over the place. Those evil bastards got the king's daughter! Sundyata wants us to get everyone out to the village square. He is going to hold a speech.”

Suberi: “Oh No. That means trouble.”

%ACT% Suberi turns around toward Lionel

Suberi: “I'm sorry guys, but I'm afraid our schedule has just changed. Please stay right here. When the King appears, just do what everyone else does, okay?”

Mika, Lionel, Poke: “Okay.”

%MUS% 0505 STOP
%MUS% 0506 - Drums starting up

%ACT% Suberi and Jabari stand left and right next to the throne.

Jabari: “Hear ye! Hear ye! His Majesty, King Sundyata has an announcement to make! Everyone stop whatever you are doing and come to the village square immediately!”

%ACT% Everyone runs around excitedly, and finally gathers around the throne

%SND% 0506 - (Group) Everyone talks excitedly

%ACT% King Sundyata appears.

%MUS% 0506 - Drums stop with one final beat.

Suberi: “Everyone bow before KING SUNDYATA!”

%MUS% 0507 - Drama

%ACT% Everyone bows

%ACT% King Sundyata walks up to his throne and sits down.

Sundyata: “My people, listen to me! For as long as we can remember, the savannah has always been OUR land - the place where we give birth, the place where we live and the place where we die. But we're not alone. There are evil forces, who w ant to take this land away from us. They know they can't fight us during the day, so they lurk in the dark, threatening us, mocking us, wearing us out with constant terror and fear. For far too long have they been walking on our territory, eating our food, claiming for themselves what rightfully belongs to us. They are the personified evil. They are … HYENAS!”

%ACT% Sundyata makes a dramatic pause.

Sundyata (voice trembling): “The reason why I am standing here today is that our arch-enemies have now taken their terror to a whole new level. Last night, they took my beloved daughter away from me!”

%SND% 0508 - (Group) Everyone cheers angrily in disgust and outrage!
%MUS% 0509 - Music Cue: Dramatic Choral Rise
%SND% 0507 STOP

Sundyata: “This unspeakable atrocity will mark a turning point in our history. I hereby announce that from today, we will no longer succumb to our fears. This time we are going to fight back, with all our might and all the strength mother earth has given us. We are going to rise up against this monstrous tyranny of terror that is unsurpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of crime against our tribe! Our ancestors have conquered the twilight. Now it is time to claim back the night. For I know that, with our combined virtues and strength, we shall have a famous victory over the enemies of my kingdom and of my people!”

%SND% 0509 - Everyone cheers!
%SND% 0509 - Crowd: “Sundyata! Sundyata! Sundyata! Sundyata!”

%ACT% Sundyata basks in all his glory, then steps down the throne, preparing to leave.

%ACT% The crowd disperses.

%SND% 0509 STOP

Suberi: “Sundyata?”

Sundyata: “What is it, Suberi?”

Suberi: “First of all, my deepest regret for what happened to Mbali. I am so sorry.”

Sundyata: “I'll be fine, thank you. Anything else?”

Suberi: “Uh. Yes. We still have these three strangers as our guests, and they are still missing one person in their party, and they wanted to ask if …”

Sundyata: “Oh yes, those. Send them away.”

Suberi: “But, one of them …”

Sundyata: “Are you deaf? Throw them out!”

Suberi: “Even the lion?”

Sundyata: “All right, all right. The lion may stay. But the others must go. We're at war now, and I have other things to worry about. Now stop wasting my time …”

%ACT% Sundyata leaves quickly to [1].

%ACT% Suberi looks after Sundyata, and sighs. He turns towards Lionel.

Suberi: “I'm afraid you're out of luck. You heard what King Sundyata said. Lionel may stay - but everyone else has to leave.”

Lionel: “Thanks, but - no thanks. There's no way I'm going to let my friends go without me.”

Mika: “Wait a minute, Lionel. Maybe this offer isn't as bad as it sounds.”

Lionel: “What? Are you seriously …”

Mika: “Lionel, think about it! Why do you think the hyenas attacked us last night?”

Lionel (sigh): “Because I am a Lion. Their worst enemy. But … but I don't want to stay here all alone!”

Mika: “It's for your own good. And Lori's. Trust me. First thing I'll do is to go back to our camp site, and recover everything that is still there. And then I'll try if can follow the hyena's tracks. Maybe I can even talk to them.”

Lionel: “I really hate this idea.”

Poke: “And I really love this idea! Come on Mika, let's go! Ferrets are superior travel companions, anyways! Compared to lions, they're fast, lightweight and they don't make hyenas want to kill you!”

Lionel: “All right you filthy little rodent! That's enough!”

%MUS% 0510 - Comedy

%ACT% Lionel grabs Poke, holding him up in the air, waving him at the lionesses.

Poke: “Hey! Let me go! Let me …”

Lionel: “Hello, girls! Look what I've got for you! A tasty little ferret! Come here and get it, first come, first serve!”

Poke: “WHAT?????”

%SND% 0511 - (Pinky) Lioness 1: “Oh look, free food!”

%SND% 0511 - (Zefiro) Lioness 2: “I'll be first!”

%SND% 0511 - (Pan) Lioness 3: “No I'll be first!”

%SND% 0511 - (Zefiro) (Pinky) (Pan) Lionesses: Cheering while chasing poke

%ACT% Lionel lets down Poke.

%ACT% Poke runs of screaming.

%ACT% The lionesses take up the chase.

%SND% 0510 STOP
%MUS% 0512 - Ending Music
%AMB% AMB 07 Stop

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close