Act 3, Scene 2 - Thrill Ride

- Stage: empty
- Setting: roller coaster
- Section: middle
- Puppets: Mika, Lionel, Lori, Poke
- Props: Cab
- Music:
- SFX:


AMB-04 (cave ambience)

lights out

1001 - steps on gravel

Lori: "Are you sure, this is the way they went?"

Mika: "Yes, I've been following their tracks. And they're leading right this way."

Lori: "We could at least have taken one of the torches with us. It's so dark, I can't see anything!"

Mika: "Ah, don't worry, I'm a cat! A feline nose is one of the most sensitive things on earth! I can smell our enemies clearly, and as long as I don't lose the track, we will find them! Trust me!"

STOP 1001 - steps on gravel
1002 - fart

Poke: "Aaah! What a relief!"

Lionel, Lori and Mika cough

Mika: "Bleah!"

Lionel: "Poke, that was not necessary! Mika, lead on! Where do we have to go?"

Mika (nose closed): "I don't know ... I lost my sense of smell!"

Lori sobs

Poke: "Aww, so that's what you get when you let a girl navigate! Now, step aside and let a man handle this! All we have to do is follow the wind, because, if there's wind coming from a tunnel, there must be an exit on the other side! I saw this on television."

Mika: "You mean, we have to go chase your fart?"

Lionel: "Don't be so cynical. Poke's right for a change."

Poke: "Yes I am. Now follow me!"

1003 - steps on metal

Lionel: "Hey, that's strange ... this tunnel has a metal floor."

Mika: "Yeah, and it's getting steeper and steeper ..."

Lori: "Uh oh ... I think I know what's going on."

Lionel: "What is it, Lori?"

Lori: "I think, we're on a ... sliiiide!"

1004 - sliding

Lionel, Lori, Poke, Mika: "Aaaaah!"

1005 - impact

Lionel: "Argh ... Is everyone all right?"

Mika: "I'm here ..."

Poke: "I'm here!"

Lori (muffled): "Mmm mhh!"

Mika: "I wonder, where the slide dumped us."

Lionel: "I don't know but ... it feels like ... we're still moving."

1006 - lorry accelerates & rail noises

Lionel, Lori, Poke, Mika: "Nooooo!"


light on the lorry

the cab comes slowly into view

The puppets are screaming all through the ride

Poke: "Fuck! We are going way too fast!"

Lori screams for all she's worth

Lionel: "Everybody hold on tight! There's a left turn coming up!"

1007 - left turn

tilt the cab to the left, then back again

Mika: "So this is what you get when you let a guy navigate!"

Lori: "And he always calls me a bad driver!"

Lori screams

Lori: "WAAH! Right turn!"

1008 - right turn

tilt the cab to the right, then back again

Mika: "Does anybody know where the heck we are going?"

Lori: "We're all gonna die!"

Poke (cynical): "Hey, stop complaining! We're going to die in the name of Lionel's father! We should be proud of ourselves, shouldn't we, Lionel?"

Lori sobs

Mika (angry): "Be careful what you say! We didn't force you to come with us! Feel free to jump if you want to!"

Lionel: "Shut up you two! This is neither the right place nor the right time for discussions!"

Mika: "NO! I kept my mouth shut long enough! This is precicely the right time for discussions! Lionel! I need to have a word with you about you and your father! It can't go on like this! It's very important that you finally-"

Lori: "Oh my God, it's going down!"

1009 - going down

Lori, Mika, Lionel and Poke look over the edge of the cab, then back to the audience

The cab disappears down

Lori, Mika, Lionel and Poke disappear

Lori, Mika, Lionel, Poke (off): "Aaaah!"

short pause

Lori, Mika, Lionel and Poke slowly reappear

The cab slowly appears again

Lori, Lionel and Poke huddle together on Mika, whimpering

Mika: "*hrrgh* grrmph Get off me!"

They step aside

Mika: "I can't believe that grown up men can be such cowards! Where was I? Ah, yes! Lionel, I-"

Lionel: "Mika, I really appreciate your involvement, but ... in case you haven't noticed, we're in a runaway lorry, going steeply downhill!"

Mika: "Yes, and so this may well be our last chance!"

Lori: "No! I don't want to die!"

Lionel: "Lori, we are not going to die, okay?"

Lori: "Okay ..."

Mika: "Lionel, listen to me! We all know you made mistakes in the past. But sometimes you just have to put your past behind you. We've been going all the way with you and-"

Poke: "Hey, look! I see a light at the end of the tunnel!"

Lionel: "What?"

very small spotlight on the lorry, slowly growing

Lori: "Yes, I see it, too! We're saved!"

Mika: "Wait! It's coming closer!"

Lionel: "Yes, it's coming closer way too fast!"

1010 - oncoming train

Mika: "That's not the exit! It's a train!"

Lori: "It's coming right at us!"

Lionel, Lori, Mika, Poke scream

the puppets lean to the left

tilt the lorry to the left

Lionel, Lori, Mika and Poke scream again

the spotlight turns rihgt and disappears

tilt the lorry back

Lionel, Lori, Mika and Poke pant

Poke: "Whew! That was close!"

Lionel turns to Mika.

Lionel: "Mika, I'm sorry, but I completely forgot what you were about to say. You wanted to tell me something about my father. Now, tell me, I'm listening."

Mika: "All right, I said: We all know you made mistakes in the past-"

Poke: "Come on, get to the point!"

Mika turns to Poke


Lori (shouting): "STOP SHOUTING!"

Mika (shouting): "I'M NOT SHOUTING! I'M SCREAMING!"


1011 - bang, rattling, rumbling

Mika (stuttering): "Okay, Lionel. I just wanted to say that ..."

1012 - creaking wood

Mika (stuttering): "... I know that you made mistakes in the past and-"

the lorry breaks apart in the middle

1013 - tearing metal & wood

Lori: "Uh! Oooh! Aaaah! Help!"

Lori disappears

Pull the lorry apart

Lori hangs between the two parts

Lori: "Aaaah! Help! Help! Aaaaah!"

Mika: "Lori! Hold on!"

Lori (panic): "Help! HELP!"

Poke: "Welcome to the Runaway Lorry Thrill Ride! Please keep your paws, feet and tail inside the vehicle at all times!"

Lori: "That's not funny! Help me!"

Lionel: "We must get the two halves together again!"

Poke: "All right, but how?"

Lionel: "Grab Lori's tail!"

Poke: "Okay!"

Lionel: "And I'll grab her paws!"

Poke: "Okay! What now?"

Lionel: "We're going to pull!"

Lori: "NO! Don't pull! No!"

Lionel: "1 ... 2 .... 3!"

Poke and Lionel pull the Lorry together again

Lori: "Aaaaaagrh!"

1014 - creak, bang!

Lori whimpers

Lionel: "Lori, are you all right?"

Lori: "I'll live ... barely ... I guess I'll never have to wear high heels again, though."

Lori reappears

Mika: "Alright! Now, before anything else gets in the way: Lionel, it can't go on like this! We've been going all the way with you, and something's very obvious about the relationship between you and your father."

1015 - pirate music

a pirate lorry comes in from one side

Mika: "But you have to realize, that it's over now! Let me tell you something about when I was little: My mother had to work all day, so I was home alone all the time! And whenever I-"

1016 - incoming cannonball

tilt the pirate lorry for a second

Lori: "Aah! We're under fire!"

Poke: "Pirates!"

Lori: "They're going to kill us!"

1016 - incoming cannonball

Mika: "No, they're not going to kill us!"

Lionel: "Return fire!"

Poke: "Aye Aye, captain!"

Poke dives down

open the cannon flap on the lorry

Lionel: "Fire!"

1017 - return cannonball

Lori: "Aaah!"

shake lorry

Mika: "Too short!"

Lionel: "That was close! Aim higher!"

Poke: "Aye aye, captain!"

Lionel: "Fire again!"

1017 - return cannonball

1018 - Crash! Water bubbles ...

Mika: "Full hit!"

the pirate lorry sinks

Poke, Lionel and Mika celebrate

Lori: "Guys? Guys! GUYS! Are you all nuts? I don't care about your discussions! We've got to try and stop this thing!"

Poke: "Oh, stop this thing! What a brilliant idea! And how are we supposed to do it?"

Lori: "If you're not going to try it, I will try! I've got a license! Do you think, just because I'm a girl I am too dumb to drive?"

Lori clambers to the front

Lori: "Aaah ... all right, let's see? It's been a while ... Where are the brakes? Ah! This! This must be the brakes."

1019 - switch

hazard warning lights on

Lori: "Uh, no, wait a minute ... this was the wrong one ... It must be ... this one!"

1019 - switch

windscreen wipers on

1020 - wipe
1020 - wipe
1020 - wipe

Poke: "Oh, no! We're doomed!"

Lori: "Aw ... no ... all right ... one more try ..."

hazard warning lights off

windscreen wipers off

1021 - click, beep - "Welcome to traffic pro navigation system ... please wait ehile loading beep please wait while loading beep Locating vehicle beep Locating vehicle beep destination found: the Temple of Dunnowhat beep Distance to destination: 1 kilometer *beep*"

Poke: "Hey, that's pretty cool! We've been on the right track all along!"

Lori: "I knew it! I knew I could do the right thing!"

1022 - "Distance to destination: 500 meters."

Lionel: "Don't you think we're still going pretty fast?"

Poke: "The faster we go, the sooner we'll be there."

1023 - "Distance to destination: 300 meters."

Mika: "Did your father mention this in his book?"

Lionel: "If he did, I obviously didn't get the clue, because I don't remember."

1024 - "Distance to destination, 200 meters."

Mika: "Yay! We're almost there! Dunnowhat, here we come!"

Lionel: "I've got a very bad feeling about this ..."

1025 - "*beep* Warning! End of tracks in 100 meters. beep Warning!"

Poke: "WHAT?"

Lori, Mika, Lionel, Poke: "NOOO!"

Lorry disappears down

Lori, Mika, Lionel and Poke disappear down

Lori, Mika, Lionel, Poke: "NOOO!"

STOP 1006 - rail noises
1026 - big crash!

Lori, Mika, Lionel and Poke cough and groan

Lionel (off): "Okay, we have arrived."

1027 - "*beep* You have reached your destination! beep Thank you for using Traffic Pro. *beep*"

Poke (off): "Congratulations! Is everyone alive?"

Lori, Mika and Lionel groan

Lionel (off): "Okay ... I think, I'll need a moment to recover. Mika? Didn't you want to tell me something? Now is the chance."

Mika (off): "Did I? Uh ... never mind."

lights out