Act 2, Scene 3 - Caught!

- Stage: Jungle 2
- Setting: Jungle atmosphere
- Section: A, B
- Puppets: Lionel, Mika, Lori, Minion 1 (Fairlight | Tigerseye plays), Minion 2 (o'wolf), Animal (Tigerseye)
- Props: Flower Pot
- Music:
- SFX:


light on

AMB-06 (jungle)

Mika is in the middle of section A

Lionel is in the middle of section B

Mika (shouting): "Lori?"

Lionel (shouting): "Lori?"

Mika (shouting): "Lori? Where are you?"

Lionel and Mika meet in the middle of the stage, looking at each other and walking on

Lionel disappears

Mika disappears

Lori appears from section A walking through the stage

Lori: "Mika? Lionel? Is anybody here? Mika? Where are you?"

Lori disappears

Lionel appears

Lionel: "Lori! Lori?"

Lionel looks around

Lionel: "Uh? Mika? Mika! Lori? Lori!"

Mika comes in from section B, running through the scene, chased by an animal

0701 - growling

Mika (shouting): "AAAAAH! Lionel! Help! Aaaaaah!"

Lionel looks after Mika as she runs by

Mika and the animal disappear in section A

Lionel (pause): "MIKA! Aaaah!"

Lionel runs after Mika

Lionel disappears

Lori enters from section B

Lori: "Lionel? Mika? Lionel?"

Lionel enters from section A

Lori: "Lionel!"

Lionel: "Lori!"

Lionel and Lori cuddle

0702 - purrr

Mika enters from section A

Mika: "Lionel!"

Lionel: "Mika!"

Lionel and Mika cuddle

0702 - purr

Mika: "Lori!"

Lori: "Mika!"

Mika and Lori cuddle

0702 - purrr

Lionel, Lori and Mika look into the audience, then at each other

Lionel, Lori, Mika: "Poke?"

Lionel, Lori and Mika look around

Poke (off): "*groan* I'm up here! Here! In the tree!"

Lionel, Lori and Mika look up the tree

Lionel: "Poke! What are you doing up there?"

Mika: "Wow! Outdoor tree bondage."

Lori: "Kinky!"

Poke (annoyed): "What the fuck do you think I'm doing? I've been fucking hanging in this fucking tree for three fucking hours! And it's fucking beginning to get on my fucking nerves!"

Mika (snickering): "I can see your balls!"

Poke (very annoyed): "*Fuck!* Will you fucking morons get me the fuck out of this fucking tree so I can come down and kick your fucking asses?"

Lionel (ironic): "Oh, I'd sure like to, but how are we supposed to do that?"

Poke (angry): "I don't care! Just get me down!"

Lionel: "All right ... We've got to make a plan. How do we get him down?"

Lionel looks up the tree

Lionel: "Preferrably without getting our asses kicked, got that, Poke?"

Poke grunts

Lori: "Can't we just leave him up there? My day has been bad enough already."

Lionel: "No."

Lori: "Uh ... okay. How about ... throwing coconuts at him, until he falls down?"

Poke (off): "NO!"

Lori: "Okay then ... We could rig this tree with dynamite and boom! Instant untangling."

Mika: "NO!"

Lori (offended): "Oh, well. If you don't like my suggestions, I can just as well shut up. Who's going to listen to me anyway?"

Lori gets a flower pot from downstage and puts it over her muzzle.

0703 - fump

Lori: "Mmph!"

Lionel: "Lori, don't start it again ... I'm completely finished with my nerves and this is the last thing I need now."

0704 - snapping twig 1

Lionel: "You really should-"

0705 - snapping twig 2

Mika: "Shh! Did you hear something? I think, someone's coming!"


0706 - fart

Poke: "Aah, that was a good one!"

Lori, Mika and Lionel look up to Poke

Lori, Mika, Lionle: "Uuuhh ..."

Mika: "Okay ... it was just Poke. Where were we?"

Lionel: "Well, this completely threw me off. I think I was about to say-"

Minion 1 (off, megaphone): "Freeze! This is the THX!"

0707 - minions music

Lori screams, drops the flower pot, and keeps whimpering

Minions enter from section A

Lionel, Mika and Lori huddle together in the middle of the stage

Minion 1: "Ha! Look who we have here! You are under arrest! Don't even think of moving ... or else! This is really annoying, Mr. Lionel Scruffycat. No matter what we try, you just refuse to die! I have no idea, how you made it. Your parachute was never supposed to open."

Lionel: "Well, indeed. It didn't."

Minion 1: "You seem to be a really tough guy. But that will no longer be of help to you, because now you're coming with us!"

Mika (foaming with anger): "You tried to kill Lionel? You bastards! Come here, I'll slit your chests open and drink your blood while your hearts are still beating! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!"

Mika runs towards Minion 1

Mika: "Aaaah!"

Minion 2 grabs Mika by the scruff of her neck

0708 - bite!

Mika: "Eek!"

Tani must get her hand out of Mika now

Minion 2 holds Mika over the stage, leaving her dangling

Mika whimpers

Minion 1: "Ah, felines are so easy to overcome. Just grab them by the scruff of their neck and their carrying reflexes will kick in."

Minion 1 looks at Mika dangling

Minion 1: "Now isn't she cute? Kitty kitty kitty!"

Mika hisses and whimpers

Lionel: "*growls* How on earth did you manage to follow us without a copy of the diary?"

Minion 1: "Well, that's easy. It's true, you did have the only copy of that book, but here's a little hint for your next adventure: If you browse through secret documents, you should rather not do that directly underneath a surveillance camera."

Lionel: "D'oh!"

Minion 1: "Okay, enough talking. Ladies and Gentlemen, your vacation ends here. I don't know what the Producer has in mind for you, but it surely won't be pretty. Now go. I said go!"

Lori: "You can't do that! I'm american!"

Minion 1: "Shut up!"

Lori flinches

Minion 1: "Go!"

STOP 0707 - minions music

The Minions lead them out to section A

Seamless transition to next scene