Act 2, Scene 1 - Papa is a Rolling Stone

- Stage: The Rolling stone Cave
- Setting: Cave
- Section: A, B
- Puppets: Lori, Rolling stone (Lynard), 4 small stones (Xan, Zefiro, Fairlight, Tani)
- Props: music stone No. 1, Parachute
- Music:
- SFX:


Main light out

light fog

green moving heads swaying over the audience

0501 - Heather: "Something is happening. I don't know what it is, but I can feel it. My urge to break free is stronger than ever before. I'm feeling restless, pacing back and forth in my confinement like an animal in its cage. I wish I could see more clearly. It feels like someone is coming. Could it be possible that the key has not been lost, but merely misplaced? I can feel darkness, but there is also light. Are they coming to free me? Or are they coming to kill me? Let them come! I may be old, but I'm not rusty. Be it songs of war, or songs of love - just let me sing!"

Light out

Beginning of the scene is completely dark

0502 - Propeller plane
0503 - Raiders March

Lori: "Poke! During the whole flight you've been listening to the same song over and over and over and over again! This is making me crazy!"

Poke: "Hey! I spent my last three bucks on the licence to put it onto my playlist. However, the licence to remove it from the playlist would be another five bucks. But I'm broke."

Lionel: "All right, all right. For the good of society ... Everyone, look into your pockets. Does anyone have any spare change, so we can make this stop?"

0504 - rustling, coins

Lionel: "Okay, here we go."

0505 - coin falls into slot
STOP 0503 - Raiders March

Lori, Lionel and Mika sigh in relief

0506 - Pilot (speaker): "All right, we're now above the rain forest near Sao Felix. Get ready to jump, I repeat, get ready to jump!"

0507 - clunk, servo, door opens, wind

Lori (shocked): "WHAT? Get ready to jump?"

Poke: "Did you really believe those straps were safety belts?"

Lionel: "Well ... in a way they are!"

Poke: "Don't you remember the line from the book? 'And many a happy-go-lucky saint - has made that long long drop'. The management of Poke airlines wishes you a pleasant flight!"

0508 - kick

Lori: "AAAAAH!"

Mika: "Count to three and pull the cord!"

Lori (far away): "One ... two ..."

0509 - crash, twigs breaking

Poke: "Three! He he he."

Lionel: "Okay, are you ready? Mika? Poke?"

Mika: "Ready!"

Poke: "Let's rock!"

Lionel, Mika, Poke: "Aaaaah!"

0510 - Plane flies away
STOP 0502 - Propeller plane

AMB-04 - Cave Ambience

0511 - crack, stones falling

Lori: "Aaaah!"

0512 - impact

Lori: "Oh, sweet! The one single hole in the ground of the entire God-damn rain forest, and I step into it at once!"

Stagehand (o'wolf) place music stone on stage at the far end of section B

light on

Lori lies in the middle of the stage, the parachute draped over her

Lori: "Great! This is just great! A new world record. I chipped eight claws, deranged my hairdo, ripped my clothes apart and dislocated one shoulder in less than ten seconds! This is number two on the top ten worst things that have ever happened to me! Right after number one: being hit over the head with a tomb stone! And can somebody please CUT OFF THIS THING? *growls*"

Lori pulls at the ropes of the parachute and finally falls over, the parachute falling off.

Lori slides across the ground, coming to a stop at a small rock

0513 - pock

Lori: "Ouch! I want to cry now ... but I'm just too fed up with all this!"

Lori looks around and starts to wander around

Lori: "Having been kicked out of a plane, crashing into the Brazilian rain forest and landing inside of this dark cave that obviously has no other exit than the skylight I fell through, which I can't reach from down here. It can't possibly get any worse than this."

Lori steps on something

0514 - ca-chunk!

Lori: "Oh oh ..."

0515 - rumbling & BRAKES SCREECH!

A giant rock comes rolling in from section B

Lori gasps and retreats until she reaches the end of the cave

Lori: "No, not again! I've had enough!"

Lori runs forward


The rock comes to a halt, only centimeters before crushing her

0516 - BRAKES SCREECH (Release Trigger)

The rock grows eyes and a mouth

Rock: "This is so depressing."

Lori retreats a step

Rock: "Thousand years of waiting for the next adventurer coming into my cave to be crushed by me, and now they don't even run away from me anymore. This is so depressing."

Lori (fearful): "You are not going to crush me?"

Rock: "I can still do it, if you want to. Although it's not much fun if you don't run away. Hold still, and I'll make it quick."

Lori: "Uh, no, no. I just changed my mind. Thank you very much! What's your name?"

Rock: "Does it matter?"

Lori: "To me? Yes, it does!"

Rock: "I used to have a name, but I'm too depressed to remember."

Lori: "What makes you so depressed?"

Rock: "Are you happy to be here?"

Lori: "Uh, no. Why?"

Rock: "See what I mean? They put me in this cave and told me: 'Watch over this glowing stone. If anyone wants to touch it, crush them.' They made me believe that it's an incredibly honorable task, and that I'll be richly rewarded some day. And then they said 'good bye' and made the entrance of the cave collapse. I feel so stupid."

Lori: "Have you never tried breaking through the barrier of the cave entrance?"

Rock: "I tried that once. The only thing that happened was a loud crunch. And when I regained my senses I found out that several smaller parts had crumbled off me."

Lori: "Ouch. That must have hurt badly."

Rock: "It did hurt, but that's not the worst thing."

Lori: "Not? What happened?"

Four smaller rocks come hopping in from section B

0517 - bouncing

Small Rocks: "Papa! Papa!"

The small rocks begin to hop and fool around

Rock: "Oh no ... Not again!"

The small rocks begin to sing

0518 - Papa was a rolling stone

Small Rocks: Papa is a rolling stone
Small Rocks: Crushing adventurers who fell in his home
Small Rocks: And when they die, all what's left are broken bones

Rock: It was the third of september
Rock: The day I'll always remember

Small Rock: Yes he would!

Rock: 'cause that was the day
Rock: when I realized ...
Rock: I'll never have a chance to leave here!
Rock: I'm dumb as a rock ... still I tried to break free
Rock: Children, I'm depending on you, to help me get out!

Rock: But no, instead they keep singing ...

Small Rocks: Papa is a rolling stone,
Small Rocks: crushing adventurers that fall in his home,
Small Rocks: and when they die, all what's left, is broken bones.

Small Rocks: Papa is a rolling stone,
Small Rocks: crushing adventurers that fall in his home,
Small Rocks: and when they die, all what's left, is broken bones.

The small rocks jump around a bit, laughing and eventually disappear

0517 - bouncing

Rock: "See? This is the only song they know, and they've been singing it every day for thousands of years. I'm so depressed. I'm going to crush you now."

Lori: "No, nonononononono! Wait! You remind me of something I read in a book! This is the rock that rolls - not moving too fast or too slow - This is the rock that rolls - as soon as it hits you, you'll know."

Rock: "They wrote a book about me?"

Lori: "Yes! It's the journal of the world renowned ... uh ... stoneiologist Dr. Christopher Scruffycat! You know what? You're famous! That's where I know you from!"

Rock: "Oh, great! So now I'm famous, but what good is that to me if I can't even leave this place? Thank you. Now I'm even more depressed than ever before."

Lori: "But you can leave this place! All you have to do is to slam through the barrier!"

Rock: "I already tried, and I failed!"

Lori: "Hey, let me tell you something! Don't let your failures define, who you are! You're only a failure if you fail to try."

Rock: "But I tried."

Lori: "Then try again! You are a strong piece of rock! And you're made to roll!"

Rock: "Hm ... do you think so?"

Lori: "Sure! I must know, I read the book! You're the mightiest rock in the world! Come on! Tell me, you can do it!"

Rock: "Mmmh ... Can I?"

Lori: "Come on! I know you can do it! Give me an 'R'!"

Rock: "R?"

Lori: "Yeah! Give me an 'O'!"

Rock (cheerful): "O!"

Lori: "Give me a 'C'!"

Rock (enthusiastic): "C!"

Lori: "Give me a 'K'!"

Rock (fanatic): "K!"

Lori: "WHO ARE YOU?"

Rock (euphoric): "I AM ... THE ROCK!"

Lori: "YES! And now you're going out there and show them!"

Rock: "YES!"

Lori: "Nobody can stop you! Go! Go! Go!"

Rock: "LET'S ROLL!"

The rock rolls past Lori and crushes through the barrier

0519 - rumbling & CRASH

some stones fly onto the stage from section A

Lori runs to the entrance and watchen him go

Lori: "Yes! You made it! You're great! Fantastic!"

Rock (off): "Yeaaah!"

Lori (to herself): "Hah, the powers of positive thinking! There's some truth in the saying 'being dumb like a rock'."

Rock (off): "I'm free! It's wonderful! The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing and ... I ... uh ... landed on a slope! Aaah! Out of the way! I can't stop! It's goingoing down! Aahaaaahaaa! Not the tree!"

0520 - rumbling (with soft fade at the end)

0521 - crash into tree

Lori flinches

Rock (off): "Sorry! Aaah! Be careful, old lady!"

0522 - crash, lady screams

Lori flinches

Rock (off): "Argh! Oooooh! Not the guy with the fruit stand! Aaaah!"

Lori flinches

0523 - crash, splurt, cursing: "Vaffanculo puttana! Bastardo! Pompino! Cabeza de mierda! Melonas! Ananas! Bananas!"

Rock (off): "Aaaaaah ..."

Lori turns around and goes to the stone

Lori: "So this is the little glowing thing the rock was supposed to protect. I wonder what it might be good for."

Lori picks up the rock

(o'wolf) change music stone with fast colour change

0524 - stone melody 1

Lori: "And strange sounds it makes. Better I take it with me, you never know!"

Small stones (off): "Oh look! Look! She's taking the glowing stone! We must crush her!"

The small stones jump in and chase Lori

Small stones: "I want to crush her! - No I! - Leave her to me!"

0517 - bouncing

Lori defends herself on the way out to section A

Lori: "Ouch! Ah! Eek! Eep!"

Lights out