Act 1, Scene 4 - Rest in Pieces

- Stage: Graveyard
- Setting: Monster 1: Glow-in-the-dark gloves, Monster 2: 4 small crocodiles, big crocodile (Zefiro), Monster 3: 4 white Gloves with tomb stone (all Monsters: o'wolf, Xan)
- Section:
- Puppets: Yusef Al Kali (Tigerseye),Poke, Lionel, Lori, Mika, Monsters
- Props: Flower pot with flower, glowing gloves, 4 small crocodiles, big crocodile, 4 white gloves, tomb stone, diary, flask of mocha
- Music:
- SFX:


dark blue/green, UV light

AMB-03 - Graveyard Ambience

Lori (off) whimpers softly

Stagehand operates the tomb stone

A tomb opens (RIP Elvis) and our heroes and Yusef come out, except for Mika

0401 - stone door opens

Lori's whimpers get louder when they come out

0402 - Yusef: "Ah, there we are."

0403 - stone door closes

Lori: "Oh, finally. We must have been walking for hours! I thought I would never see the light of another day."

Poke: "Day? You meen night, sweety-pie! It's full moon."

Lori (frightened): "Oh no! Full moon? And look! This is a graveyard! Have you never heard the stories about what can happen in a graveyard under a full moon? There might be vampires, werewolves, zombies or other unthinkable creatures creeping out of their graves just waiting for innocent victims walking by."

Poke: "Yeah, the full moon always makes me horny, too! Why is it that you innocent guys always get the good stuff? I want to be a victim, too!"

Lori: "*eek*"

Lionel: "Oh, Lori! When will you finally grow up? Vampires and werewolves and all the other unthinkable creatures are just a figment of your imagination. They don't exist, just like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny."

Lori sobs

Lori: "What? There is no Easter Bunny? No Santa? But then ... who brings the presents and hides the eggs?"

Lori cries

Lionel (dumbfounded): "Lori? You ... uh ... still believe in ... uh ... I don't know what to ..."

Lori (cheerful): "HA! Got ya, got ya! Come on, admit it! You really thought I still believed in Santa Claus didn't you? Didn't you?"

Lori hops around and pokes Lionel

Lionel (relieved): "Phew! You really got me there. I must admit ... I wouldn't have been surprised if it had been true."

Lori: "See? I'm more grown-up than you think. As Mika said, we're tough girls, we can handle this! Right Mika?"

Lori looks around

Lori: "Mika? Uh ... Mika?"

Lori gets scared again and paces around

Lori: "Oh no! Mika's gone! Waaah! Where is she? Where is she? She got eaten by the werewolves! Lionel!"

Lori runs over to Lionel and shakes him

Lionel: "*urglalrlglglglglgl*"

Lori: "For heaven's sake! Do something! She could be dead ... Or worse!"

Lori cries

0401 - stone door opens

The tomb opens again

Mika steps out

Mika: "Ah, there you are!"

Lori turns around and screams

Lori: "Look! She's back from the dead! The vampires have turned her into a zombie! We're all gonna die!"

Lori hides at Lionel's side

Mika: "Lori, what are you talking about? I'm sorry it took me so long. But I had to get the THX police guys acquainted with the three tenors before I could join you."

Lori keeps whimpering

Lionel: "Oh, I'm so glad you made it! We were worried about you."

Mika: "No need to worry. Having the black belt in cat-fighting must be good for something."

Lionel: "Thank you so much. We wouldn't have made it without your help."

Mika: "Ah, don't mention it."

Lori: "Are you sure she's not a zombie or something?"

Lionel: "Ah, come on! Get a grip!"

Lori (shouting): "Will you stop pushing me around?"

Lionel: "Lori, calm down, please!"

Lori (shouting): "I am calm! I am perfectly calm! Do you know how it feels to be the youngest member of the party?"

Stagehand (Xan) supports Poke with the flower pot

Poke picks up the flower pot and empties the flowers to the ground.

Lori: "Always being picked on and pushed around, never taken seriously! And nobody seems to care at all what I have to say when it comes to-"

Poke puts the flower pot over her muzzle

0404 - fump!

Lori keeps babbling

Lionel, Mika: "Thank you, Poke."

Poke: "Was about time."

Lori grumbles and screams, then walks into a corner in sect. B and pouts

0405 - Yusef: "I think we will be safe here for a while. This graveyard is not known to the common people."

Mika: "Lionel? Do you still have the diary? Because now I'm really curious about your Father's notes. If there are so many people trying to get it so hard, and your father making such a fuss about it's secrecy, it must be very very important."

Lionel: "All right then ... I would suggest, we go through it together, line-by-line."

Lionel gets out the book and opens it

They all gather around the book

Lionel: "So, it is titled: 'Finding my Way to the Temple of Dunnowhat'. Whatever the temple of Dunnowhat may be, it seems to be a place of utmost importance, and this book is probably the key to finding it. This is what it says on the first page: The politician's daughter - Was accused of drinking water - No tea or tomato juice - You'll see no potato juice."

Mika: "What?"

Lori: "Mmhmhm! Mhmhh! MHHMHMHMHH!"

0406 - Monster Sounds

Monster 1 comes out and attacks Lori. White gloves touch her everywhere, pull her tail ...

Lori struggles


Lionel: "Wait, wait, let me continue reading: You can't get cherry soda - 'Cause they've got to fill that quota - And when their ham and eggs need savor - Coffee ketchup gives 'em flavor."

Poke: "This is total bullshit!"

The monster still attacks Lori

Lori: "Mmhmh mmhmmhmhm!"

Lionel: "Then it goes on like this: This is the rock that rolls - not moving too fast or too slow - This is the rock that rolls - as soon as it hits you, you'll know."

Mika: "That's even worse."

0407 - Yusef: "Yes, we were equally confused when we got to that part."


0406 - (Release Trigger) Vanishing SWISH!

Monster 1 disappears

All turn around

Lionel: "What's the matter, Lori?"

Lori (panic): "MMh mmh mmh MMH mmh!"

Lionel: "Lori, forget it. If you refuse to calm down, that muzzle will stay on! Now stop whining and let us do our work."

They turn back to the book

Lori: "Mmhmhmmmmm!"

Lori sits back down

Lionel: "All the happy Saints go marching in - And if one of those Saints step out of line - He'll have to start again."

Poke: "I don't know what your dad has been smoking, but I want some of that shit."

0408 - Monster Sounds: Hissing & Grumbling

Monster 2 attacks Lori, the four crocodiles bite into Lori, one after another, while the others are reading

0409 - CRUNCH
0409 - CRUNCH
0409 - CRUNCH
0409 - CRUNCH

Lori screams and struggles again

Lionel: "Cause Jacob's golden ladder - Get's slippery at the top - And many a happy-go-lucky saint - Has made that long long drop"

0410 - Monster Growl

A giant crocodile comes up (Zefiro) and swallows Lori whole, including the small crocodiles

0411 - GIANT Crunch

Lori disappears downward

Mika: "I really wonder what this is all about."

0412 - Spit!

Lori gets pushed up again, landing with a wet splat

0413 - Splat!

Lori (whining): "MMhhmmhmhMmmh!"

Lionel turns around again

Lionel: "Lori! One last time! Stay put! There are no monsters, there are no vampires, werewolves or zombies, okay? And we have serious business to do here! You understand?"

Lori: "MMh ... mhh ..."

Mika: "I have no idea what's gotten into her. Maybe it's the full moon."

Poke: "Nah, I bet nobody ever got into her anyway ..."

Lionel: "Okay, let's continue."

They continue reading

Monster 3 comes out. Two white hands hold Lori ...

0414 - Monster Sounds II

Lionel: "A giant vision in the distance - Chase that rainbow down - I hear a pound, pound, pounding in my chest - I hear a knock, a knocking sound"

Two other hands start pounding Lori with a tomb stone

0415 - Smack!
0415 - Smack!
0415 - Smack!

Lori: "Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!"

Poke: "Knock knock knocking on heaven's door!"

Lionel: "The trees speak to me and I listen to them carefully - Whether standing still or blowing in the wind, I hear them singing - The trees speak to me, they whisper a sweet melody - The keepers of more wisdom than you and I, so I listen to them carefully."

Monster 3 disappears

Lori lies flat on the stage, out cold

Mika: "Alright we've read through the first four pages and you know what? I didn't understand a single word. Lionel, are you sure your Dad still had his wits together?"

Lionel: "I'm not so sure ..."

Poke: "Hey, you noticed anything?"

Mika: "No. What do you mean?"

Poke: "Lori has stopped whining."

Lionel: "Hey, now that you mention it!"

Mika: "Was about time."

Lionel steps over to Lori and removes her muzzle

0416 - cork pop

Lionel: "So you can be quiet after all! See? It wasn't that hard, was it?"

Lori sighs weakly

Lionel goes back to the book

Lionel: "*sigh* We have no choice. We'll have to go through it again. Let's see if there's something we've been missing. There must be a meaning to this."

Lori tries to look at the book, too, but the others don't let her.

Lionel: "His reasons might be hard to understand, but he wasn't crazy. This must be some kind of code."

Mika: "The politician's daughter - Was accused of drinking water."

Lori: "Hey, I know that line."

Lionel: "Really?"

Mika: "What?"

Lori: "I tried to tell you guys, but you wouldn't let me."

Lionel: "Well, it does sound vaguely familiar to me, but I can't remember where I first heard it."

Lori: "It's an old song by Frank Sinatra. It's 'The Coffee Song'. And it goes like this:"

0417 - The Coffee Song

Lori sings

Hands and Cups dance in the background during the song

Lori: Way down among brazilians
Lori: Coffee beans grow by the billions
Lori: So they've got to find those extra cups to fill

Chorus: They've got an awful lot of coffee in brazil

Lori: You can't get cherry soda
Lori: 'cause they've got to fill that quota
Lori: And the way things are I'll bet they never will

Chorus: They've got an awful lot of coffee in brazil

Chorus: No tea or tomato juice
Chorus: You'll see no potato juice
Chorus: All the farmers in africa say hey hey hey!

Lori: The politician's daughter
Lori: Was accused of drinking water
Lori: And was fined a great big fifty dollar bill

Chorus: They've got an awful lot of coffee in brazil

Chorus: No tea or tomato juice
Chorus: You'll see no potato juice
Chorus: All the farmers in africa say hey hey hey!

Lori: And when their ham and eggs need savor
Lori: Coffee ketchup gives 'em flavor
Lori: Coffee pickles way outsell the dill

Yusef: They've got an awful lot of coffee ...
Chorus: IN BRAZIL!

Yusef: They've got an awful lot of coffee ...
Chorus: IN BRAZIL!

Yusef: They've got an awful lot of coffee ...
Chorus: IN BRAZIL!

Yusef: In Brazil!

Yusef: They've got an awful lot of coffee ...
Chorus: IN BRAZIL!

Yusef: A whole lot of coffee!

Yusef: They've got an awful lot of coffee ...
Chorus: IN BRAZIL!

Lionel, Mika, Poke, Yusef: "BRAZIL!"

Mika: "That's it! Well done, Lori! You solved the first part of the puzzle!"

Lori: "Uh ... did I?"

Lionel: "Okay ... so we have to go to Brazil. But Brazil is a big country. We need to figure out where exactly we need to go. Does anybody know the names of the most important cities in Brazil?"

0418 - Yusef: "Sure. There are Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Manaus, Natal, Salvador, Sao Felix ..."

Mika: "Stop! What was the last one again?"

0419 - Yusef: "Sao Felix?"

Mika: "Sao Felix loosely translates to 'The Lucky Saint'. Look at this line in the book: And many a happy-go-lucky saint - Has made that long long drop."

Lionel: "Well, I must say! Not bad! So we need to go to Sao Felix in Brazil!"

0420 - Yusef: "Hmm ... Sao Felix. A nice old town at the edge of the Brazilian rain forest. "

Lori: "And what do the other lines mean? 'I hear a pound, pound, pounding in my chest', 'This is the rock that rolls - as soon as it hits you, you'll know', 'The trees speak to me, so I listen to them carefully' ..."

Lionel: "I don't have a clue. But we finally have a starting point. I hope those lines will make more sense once we get there."

0421 - Yusef: "Please accept the advice of an experienced archaeologist: Try to memorize those lines, you might get separated or lose the book."

Lionel: "So, it's decided: We are going to visit the Brazilian rain forest."

0422 - Yusef: "Oh, Brazil ... it is such a wonderful place of ancient history and adventure ... I wish I could come with you!"

Lionel: "Well, if you want to ... we can use all the help we can get."

Mika: "Yes! Why don't you join us?"

0423 - Yusef: "Oh, thanks for the offer, but I really can't go with you ... I'm an old man myself, and if I don't stay here and take care of the museum, who will?"

Lori: "Awww ... "

0424 - Yusef: "Yes, my little one, it's time to say goodbye. But before you leave, I've got something for you."

Lori: "Oh, what is it? What is it?"

0425 - Yusef: "Here ... Please accept this flask of real arabian mocha as my farewell gift."

Lori: "Uhm... oh ... thank you very much ... erm ... but ... I ..."

Poke: "Hey coool! I owe you one! That's good stuff!"

Poke grabs the bottle

Lionel: "Thank you, Yusef, that's very kind of you. But we must go now ... to the Brazilian Rainforest!"

Lori: "But how do we get there?"

0426 - Yusef: "Just follow me ... I know a secret passage to the airport."

Poke: "Why am I not surprised?"

They follow Yusef down the stage to section B