Act 1, Scene 3 - The Museum of Forgotten Arts

- Stage: The Museum of Forgotten Arts
- Setting: surveillance camera in the upper corner of section B, lots of boxes, tables, chests. Yusef sits in the middle of the stage, with a coffee pot and mugs, some boxes are in section A
- Section: A, B
- Puppets: Yusef Al Kali (PreRec, Tigerseye plays), Lori, Poke, Mika, Lionel, Minion 1 (owolf), More minions (Xan, Zefiro)
- Props: Surveillance camera (Fin Farenath), coffee pot and mugs, whip and hat, diary, three boxes, light for box no. 3, MICROPHONE FOR MINION (o'wolf)
- Music:
- SFX:


AMB-02 Museum Ambience

They enter the museum.

0301 - Yusef: "Salem alaikum! Welcome to the Museum of Forgotten Arts, my honored friends. My name is Yusef Al Kali. I have been waiting for you."

Lionel, Mika: "Alaikum salam."

Lionel, Lori and Mika bow

Poke: "Hi dude! Al Kali? Aren't you that guy who invented the Energizer Bunny? Last time I put the batteries in backwards, and it kept coming and coming and coming ..."

Lori growls at Poke

Lori: "Poke! That's not the way to greet a man like him! Let me show you how it's done!"

Lori turns to Yusef.

Lori: "Alaikum salam, Yusef Al Kali! My name is Loreena McFolkmanis, and my friends and I thank you for your warm welcome."

0302 - Yusef: "You are equally welcome. Why don't you and your friends come over and sit down with me? It's the customs of my people to offer guests a nice cup of arabian mocha as a gesture of hospitality."

Poke: "Ah, coffee! Great. Just what I need right now! Give me that!"

Stagehand (Zefiro) secures the cups

Poke steps over to the coffee

The others join to both sides of the student

Lionel: "Poke, be careful, this is real arabian mocha!"

Poke: "And it's inside the smallest cup I've ever seen. No challenge for me! Starbuck's is my middle name!"

Poke downs the coffe

0303 - Gulp

Poke shivers a little

0304 - Bzzzzt

Poke: "Wo-hoo, yeah ... that's the real stuff. Keeps your heart beating and your paws black."

Lori: "Uh oh ... I ... never tried this before."

Poke: "Uh, I wouldn't touch it if I were you. This is not the decaf, fat-free, low-carb dish water you always sip on! This is for real men, not for little girls like you!"

Mika: "Hey, calm down, macho-man! We're tough girls, we can handle this. And we don't want to be impolite, do we, Lori?"

Mika looks at Lori.

Lori: "Uh ... no ... I guess ... Maybe it's not so bad ...

Lori takes a sip from her mug

Lori: "Oh, hey, that's really nice, I .. *eek*"

Lori shivers, runs around, gurgles, makes more noises and falls over behind the stage

0305 - rumbling + pooooof!

Eisfuch prepares Loris flight

Lori shoots upward, screaming, and falls back down again

0306 - pompf + heartbeat

0307 - Yusef: "Anybody else want some mocha?"

Lionel, Mika: "NO! No!"

Mika: "No ... thanks."

Lori comes up again on the right, smoking fur, shivering violently

0308 - teeth chattering

Lori (shivering): "Two ... cubes ... of sugar ... please."

Lori collapses on stage

0309 - pluff

The others startle

Poke collapses, laughing and pushes the cups behind stage

Yusef turns to Lionel

0310 - Yusef: "All right. I'm sure you're curious why you had to come here in person and what your Father might have left you. The passing of your Father has been a great loss to all of us. He did great things for the museum and found many artifacts that were believed to be lost for centuries. He devoted his life to scientific research, but unfortunately Allah did not bless him with the success he strived for. I used to be a good friend of him and he asked me to give you this."

Stagehand (Zefiro) supports Yusef with book, whip and hat

Yusef places a book in front of Lionel

0311 - Yusef: "This is his personal diary and research journal. He told us, that it contains all his knowledge and findings. However, we couldn't make any sense of it. Your Father went a very long way to make sure that it would be handed over to you personally, and that it may never get into the wrong hands. And here it is. He titled it: 'Finding my Way to the Temple of Dunnowhat.'"

Lionel turns a few pages and closes the book again

Lionel: "Hm ... Indeed, this doesn't make any sense to me either. Is this book all he left me?"

0312 - Yusef: "No, I have two more items for you."

Lionel: "Let me guess: a bucket and a shovel?"

0313 - Yusef: "No, he left you two things, that were very dear to him. You should cherish them. He never left home without them."

Yusef gets out a whip and a hat and places them in front of Lionel

Lionel: "A whip and a hat?""

Lionel looks up

Lionel (ironic): "Thank you, Daddy."

Lionel puts on the hat and takes the whip

0314 - Indiana Jones theme + Servo Whirr

Surveillance camera (Fin Farenath) svivels around and faces Lionel, a THX logo on one side

Lionel looks into the camera in astonishment

0315 - Yusef: "Shh! No licenced music in the halls of the museum!"

Lionel: "Uh, okay..."

Lori: "What is this museum about, anyway?"

0316 - Yusef: "The exhibits in this museum are the forgotten songs of the old ages. There was a time when music was not produced by producers, and consumed by consumers. Music was in the hearts of everyone. People would come together and sing and dance and share their songs. Music was part of our everyday lives, and there used to be songs for every occasion. Those must have been wonderful times! Nowadays songs have become intellectual property, turning open hearts into greedy minds. And what has once been an inspiration for everyone has now become a means to fill the pockets of just a few. This museum preserves what is left of the songs of the old ages."

Lori: "Oh, can we hear one of them?"

0317 - Yusef: "Sure, follow me."

Yusef leads them to the box on the left and opens it

Stagehand secures the three boxes

0318 - Box Opening + Greensleeves

Lori: "Oh, that's beautiful!"

Lori walks over to the next box

Lionel: "I've never heard that melody before."

Yusef closes the box

0319 - Box Closes + Yusef: "See? That's why we are preserving them. There is a wealth of old songs that are very beautiful but nobody knows about anymore today."

Lori: "Really? And each of these boxes holds one of the forgotten songs? Oh, this is so exciting! I can't wait to hear all of them! What's inside this one?"

0320 - Yusef: "No, don't touch that one! NO!"

Lori opens the box

0321 - Box Open + "OOOOOoooooOOOooOOooOOOOOoooo"

They get blown away from the box, struggling against the wind

Yusef jumps on top of the box, closing it

0322 - Box Close + Yusef: "Do not open this box again! This is our collection of spare vocals. We need them for restauration purposes. Sometimes we find songs that are not in good shape, and then we use these for replacement."

Mika walks over to the last box

Lori: "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

Mika: "May I open this one?"

0323 - Yusef: "Sure."

Mika opens the box, a bright light shining out of it

0324 - Aaaah ...

Everyone looks into the box

All: "Oooh! Aaah!"

Mika: "Hey, wait a minute, that's just a box with a light in it!"

0325 - Yusef: "Oh, my mistake."

Yusef closes the box

0326 - Box Close

0327 - Yusef: "Well, as you can see, there's no way to make big money with all this old stuff. And exactly that is the reason why we are a thorn in the side of the international media corporations. We're under their strict supervision. One wrong note, and this place will be swarming with their minions."

Poke hums the Dragnet theme

All turn around to Poke

Stagehand (Fin Farenath) operates the surveillance camera

The camera svivels around to Poke

0328 - Servo Sound 1

Lori: "Poke, are you crazy?"

Poke gulps

All of them group together, scooting from side to side, Mika is closest to the entrance

the camera follows their movements

0329 - Servo Sound 2
0328 - Servo Sound 1

Lori: "Look, they're watching us!"

0330 - steps

0331 - Yusef: "Oh no! They're coming!"

0332 - door pounding

Minion 1 (off): "This is the THX! Soundcheck! You are Dolby surrounded! Open the door!"

0333 - door pounfing + door crash + minions intro music

a group of minions enter the museum

Minions: "Aaaaaah!"

Minion 1 (shouting): "Ah, there you are! You've got something that belongs to us. You've got the choice. Hand over the diary or ... certain death! You've got five seconds!"

Minions: "grrrrrrrh"

Lionel: "The diary? Well, here. Take it. I don't-"

Mika steps to Lionel, protecting the diary.

Mika: "*NO!* Don't you dare come any closer! You shall not have it!"

Lionel: "But-"

Mika turns to Lionel

Mika: "No! Lionel! You can't give it to them! We went all the way to Egypt to get this book, and five minutes later the thought police turns up and wants to take it away? Don't you smell anything fishy?"

Minion 1: "All right, you've had your chance! Now, prepare to die. ATTACK!"

The minions start running towards the heros

Minions: "Aaaah!"

Mika holds them back

0334 - Fighting sounds

Mika: "Take the diary and run! I'll hold them back! Run! Run!"

Lionel (shouting): "No, Mika! It's not worth it!"

Mika (shouting): "Stop talking! Just run!"

0335 - Yusef: "I have seen this coming! Follow me, I know a secret way out of here!"

Yusef leads them out to section B, disappearing down

Mika throws the Minions back and runs to the boxes

Mika opens the spare vocals box and blows the Minions out of the scene


Minions fly off stage to section A

Mika drops the box and jumps after the others

Lights out