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Author's note:

This is the second installment of the series about Rey and Donya, two girls who knew each other for a long time and found out about their mutual interest. All parts of the series are written in a way that they can be read without having read their prequels, but I recommend to read them in their chronological order, as of now:

01. Random
02. Toys

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Part I: Changes

»Oh, Jack! We've got to run away from here! My Father found out about us and he's going to kill us, if we don't ...«

»Don't be afraid, Melissa! I won't let anything bad happen to you. My Mother owns a big house far away in the mountains. We can go there and live in peace, and he will never know.«

The dialogue continued in the same fashion and Rey decided not to pay any attention to it anymore. Donya was sitting next to her on her living room sofa, eagerly taking in every word the two protagonists were saying. She shifted a little, until she was lying sideways on the remaining space, her head resting in the raccoon's lap and her tail draped comfortably over her thighs. Donya giggled and started stroking her headfur, but her mind kept transfixed to the soap opera that was presented on the television screen. Rey didn't really mind; she just relaxed and enjoyed the company of her best friend and playmate.

She remembered vividly how embarrassed she had been the other day, when she had asked Donya that special favor. Now, three weeks later, she still wasn't completely comfortable with how the situation had turned out back then but - on the other paw - she and Donya had found out more about themselves than they had considered possible.

The vixen smiled. On their next meeting everything seemed to have changed. They had been sitting in Donya's kitchen, drinking cold soda and cracking jokes, gossiping about the people in their respective companies and doing their best to avoid talking about what had happened between them. They were beating about the bush for nearly the whole evening, until Rey finally pulled a CD out of her bag and gave it to her friend. They had spent the next two hours browsing through the images that were neatly sorted and labeled, telling each other which situations they liked and what was crossing the borderline. In the beginning it was not easy to speak out clearly what turned them on, but they learned a lot about each other that night.

From this day on they started meeting more often. Carefully they tried to find out where their new friendship was going and how far they both were willing to get into this. They played together, trying all kinds of tie up games, various ways of stimulation, and learned about the reaction of the other to different forms of physical contact.

They found out soon enough, that they weren't in love with each other. It was more like sharing a deep friendship and mutual trust. And when they were playing, they felt their friendship strengthen and expanding, forming a bond that could never be broken. Rey was more than willing to give up her freedom to Donya whenever her friend wanted it, and the raccoon gratefully accepted the offer. The vixen spent hours being tied or chained down by Donya in lots of different positions, and Donya obviously enjoyed taking control over her. During their games they often got lost in their emotions, wildly rolling around, kissing and licking all over, until they both got the gratification they were looking for. But at all other times they felt like being nothing more than very good friends with a twist.

The voices from the television still chattered on in very much the same way as before. Rey tried not to listen to them, and her mind wandered back to her previous thoughts, trying to analyze her emotions and feelings, that had taken over her conscious mind while Donya was having her way with her. Suddenly she felt the urge to be helpless again, completely at the mercy of her friend. She shifted uncomfortably around a bit, but the desire kept stuck in her mind.

Donya looked down at her, her face showing concern. »Are you all right, Rey?« she asked. »You seem a bit uneasy tonight.«

»No, I'm fine,« Rey answered. »It's just ... You know, I really enjoy your company ...«

»But?« Donya offered. Her attention was now completely withdrawn from the television.

The vixen hesitated, her ears folding down in embarrassment. After all the hours they had played together she still could not say clearly what she desired. She always felt like demanding something from her friend and never giving back anything in return. But then Rey lifted her head and looked into the raccoon's black eyes, and her hesitation melted away. »I was just wondering how it would feel, just lying here with you and being bound. No big deal, just some cuffs on my wrists or something. I really need to feel that you can do with me whatever you want, whenever you want.«

Donya giggled softly. »I knew it was something like this,« she said. »And look at this!« she continued when suddenly loud music was coming from the television. »The stations really know when to put the commercial breaks. You wait here and I'll take care of your little problem.« Donya tapped her index finger on Rey's nose and stood up. With a wink she turned around and left the room.

Rey rose to her knees and waited for her friend to return. She heard her walking around in the bedroom, clattering with stuff from her bag of toys. Rey did not move, trying to hold back her impatience and forcing herself to wait for Donya to return, just as she had been told. Somehow the thought of having no say in what was going to happen next excited her in a most pleasurable way.

Finally, Donya came back into the living room. When she saw Rey kneeling on the couch, she could not help smiling broadly. Quickly she sat down and grabbed the vixen's front paws. Rey drew in her breath sharply, taken by surprise. One moment later Donya had put one of Rey's leather cuffs around her right wrist. Wasting no time the raccoon set to work on the other wrist as well, and when that was done she locked the cuffs together with one single padlock. The key to the lock was dangling from a thin leather cord around her neck, and she let it slide down her cleavage to hide it from view. Suddenly she tugged sharply at the cuffs, causing Rey to lose her balance and fall forward with a gasp. The raccoon caught her toppling body and laid her down just like before, with Rey's head resting in her lap. Her friend was breathing deeply, snuggling close to her and rubbing her head against Donya's belly. »This is so strange,« she said, stroking the vixen's headfur. »In the moment I put these things on you, you're instantly changing. Very peculiar.«

»It just feels so nice,« Rey answered with her eyes closed, a comfortable heat spreading through her body. She felt so secure, so taken care for, nothing could ever happen to her now. In a strange way the fact of being captivated made her feel safe. She knew that Donya would be there for her, and as long as her friend didn't decide otherwise she had nothing to do but lie there with her and enjoying Donya's company. But still there was something that bothered her, something that was always in the back of her mind when she and Donya were playing their games. It was the constant certainty that the game was eventually going to end. Rey sighed and tried to push the thought away for now.

»You okay?« Donya asked again, when she felt her friend's restlessness. »Are the cuffs too tight?«

»No, it's fine, really,« Rey replied softly. »You know that I can take them tighter if needed.«

»Yes, I know that,« Donya said. From earlier experience she also knew, that Rey didn't express herself very easily, so she decided to venture a little farther. »But there is something bothering you, right? I can tell from the way you're sounding, that you want to tell me something. If I made a mistake somewhere, please tell me.«

»No! No, don't worry, you did nothing wrong.«

»Rey, please ... I know it's not easy for you to say what's on your mind. But if you want something from me, you have to tell me what it is. And don't be shy, the worst thing I can do is saying no, right?«

»Right.« Rey inhaled deeply, trying to find the right words to tell her friend, what she was longing for. Sometimes she envied the people who weren't gifted with smart brains but could just frankly speak out what ever they had on their minds without thinking twice. »You know that I like it when you tie me up,« she started, deliberately looking away from Donya to keep herself from getting more nervous. »I enjoy the ropes, chains, cuffs or what ever you're using, it is great to feel physically restrained. But this is only one thing that makes all this so special to me.« Rey swallowed hard, struggling to put her emotions into proper terms. Waving her cuffed paws a little she continued, »This is what my body tells me, but what's going on in my mind is far more powerful. To feel that I can go nowhere is one thing, but I need to know that I'm at your mercy. You're to decide over my life, for the time being.« Finally, she found the heart to turn her head around, looking up to face her friend. »Please, can you make this time last longer?«

»You mean, you want to stay tied up for longer, did I get that right?«

»Yes, and no. I think, it's not easy to explain. As much as I enjoy our playing sessions, they have one big flaw: when playtime's over we return to normal life as if nothing ever happened. But I want to be yours to do with whatever you want, at any time, not just for a few hours in our schedule. If you want to tie me up, just do so. Don't ask me if I want to or what I would like to do. Just take what you want, whenever you want.«

Donya tried to comprehend what her friend was trying to tell her. »So you're asking me to take you as my slave? Well, I have to admit, that I'm not very fond of master and slave games.«

»I don't want to be a slave either,« Rey tried to explain. »It's more like ... being a toy. I'd be your toy to play with. You could do what you want with me, lock my paws while we're watching TV, just like now, or gag me for no particular reason ... I wouldn't ask you why or try to resist. It's your decision alone. This way we wouldn't have planned times when we're playing and when we're not. I want to be yours at any given time.«

»I think I know what you're trying to say,« Donya replied, still a little surprised about her friend's confession. »But in what way is this different to you being my slave? In both ways you'd belong to me.«

»Yes, but as a slave I'd give up myself completely, losing all personal rights to you, being forced to follow every order you gave me. That's a little different. I just want to trade my freedom for your pleasure.«

»Rey ... Do you know what you're saying there? If we go through with this, you could never be certain to be able to finish anything you're doing. I could just come into your room, take you away from your work at the computer and tie you to the bed for six hours, while I go out shopping and spend some time at the movies.«

»Yes! That's exactly what I want!« Rey exclaimed, her eyes sparkling. »I mean, if it was this, what you wanted to do with me, I would've accepted it without complaining. Of course you'd be free to ask me, but you wouldn't need to. I don't know if you really want to do something like this, but the mere thought that you actually could do it ... This is what I mean, when I speak of becoming your toy.«

Donya nodded slowly, pondering the situation for a while. »Alright, I think I got it. And in a way it sounds very intriguing, even if I don't know what I'd do, once we started.«

»So you'd be willing to give it a try?« Rey's ears perked straight up in anticipation.

»Yes, I do. I like the idea of having a new toy to play with at any time.« Donya grabbed Rey's cuffed paws and held them tight, while her other paw slowly traced down along her arm, barely touching the red and white fur with her claws. »And I think I just got in the mood to find out, what games my toy can play.« With a quick movement she dug her claws deeply into the fur at Rey's sides, tickling the vixen mercilessly. Rey laughed hard and squirmed under the assault, but Donya held her bound paws way out of reach and kept on tickling her, until her friend could not even laugh anymore.

When Donya finally had to leave she took Rey's toy collection with her so she could prepare something for their next meeting on the weekend, and on the other paw the vixen wouldn't have anything to play with for herself until then. Rey stood at the living room window and watched her friend drive away. She was curious what Donya would come up with when they met again. She only hoped that she wasn't demanding too much.

Part II: Playtime

Mike stretched and stood up from his chair. It was eleven o'clock in the morning, and he had been working on this program without a break until now. At least it was running fine eventually, so he decided that it was time for a short walk to the coffee vending machine. He left his room and wandered along the narrow hallway of the company he was working for and passed the photocopier, when he heard it curse violently. At first, he didn't realize what had happened, but then he stopped and went back to the machine. When he tried to find out what that noise had been he suddenly saw someone moving behind the copier. It was the vixen from the room next to his, fiddling around with something inside the machine. »Rey? What are you doing there?«

Rey looked up over the top of the lid and smiled at the feline, who regarded her with a questioning look. »Oh, hi there, Mike. I'm just trying to get this piece of junk back to work again.«

»Oh, I see. Can I help you there?«

Rey stood up, grabbed the rim of the metal lid and threw it close with a bang. Then she went around the machine and pushed the big orange button. The copier whirred and rattled for a moment and finally spat out a flawless copy. »No, thanks. Got it fixed already.« She set the number of copies and let the machine work, while she kept on talking. »The stupid thing kept eating the paper, and when I cleaned up the paper jam it complained about maintenance. But I could convince it that it was not time for maintenance now.«

The cat frowned. »You know that the boss is very keen on meeting the maintenance cycles, and that he expects us to do likewise, don't you? I don't think he would appreciate you overriding the settings.«

»I can't say that I really care,« Rey replied, taking the finished stack of copies from the machine. »I have a deadline to meet in two hours, and this way was faster than having to wait for the repair tech. See you around.« She waved and left for her room.

Mike shrugged and went on towards the coffee machine. He was impressed about how much that girl had changed in the last time. What could it be that changed a timid, shy person like she had been into a self confident woman she was now?


Rey closed the door behind her, leaned back against it and sighed deeply. Finally at home! The day had been hard, but she finished the project just in time. When she put the paperwork and the completed prototype onto her team leader's desk she looked more like a coal mine worker than a programmer, but at least, the customer would get a working sample of his design study by tomorrow. The vixen went into her bedroom and threw off her coat and shoes. Relieved she let herself fall backwards on the bed, her head still spinning with numbers, specifications and unwilling code fragments. Enough of that! she commanded herself. The project was through and she could finally forget about it.

The door bell rudely woke her from an uneasy slumber. A short glance to the wall clock told her that it was already past nine pm. Still a little drowsy she stood up and stumbled to the door, rubbing her eyes to get the sleep out of them. She pressed the buzzer and went into the staircase. A few moments later, Donya appeared around the stair bend, carrying two big bags. »Hi Rey! Could you please help me with one of these?«

»Oh, hi! Sure, on my way!« Rey hurried down the stairs, her tiredness instantly forgotten. She met her friend down the second flight and took one of the heavy bags from her paw. They went upstairs into her flat and Rey closed the door. Donya put down her stuff on the kitchen table and Rey placed hers next to it. »So what's all this stuff?« Rey asked, a little out of breath.

Donya smiled and sat down on one of the chairs, resting a little. »Mostly food, and a few other things,« she said. »Let's put this stuff into the fridge before the heat kills it.« She opened the bag she had carried and started to put away all kinds of food. Rey helped her, but when she started to open the second bag, Donya grabbed her paws and held them tightly. »I'll unpack this one myself,« she said, looking deeply into Rey's eyes.

The vixen was transfixed by the look Donya gave her and barely managed to breathe. »As you say,« she answered softly, unable to take her gaze away from the raccoon's dark eyes. Something was going on and Rey didn't dare to imagine what it was, fearing to dispel it by wishing too hard.

Donya broke the spell by taking the bag from the table. She left the kitchen and went into the bedroom. »So, what have you been up to today?« she called from the other room. »You look a little deranged, to put it in polite terms.«

Rey recovered quickly from her state of confusion and hurried to answer. »Yes, I had a rough day, to say the least. I was working on something and it was due today, and the damn photocopier failed on me. So I repaired it myself to get the rest of my work done.«

»Sounds awful,« Donya commented when she came back into the kitchen. »But week-end's here and we should make the best out of it. Care for a shower?«

»You're reading my mind!«

The two girls went into the bedroom, picked up some clothes to change and headed for the bathroom. When Rey entered, Donya closed the door behind her and looked at her in a peculiar way. Just when Rey was about to ask, what she was up to, Donya placed a finger on her lips, silencing her. »Don't speak, my little toy,« she said. »Take off your clothes.«

Rey's eyes grew wide when she sensed the change in the air of her friend and her heart started beating stronger. Quickly she took off her T-shirt, bra and pants, letting them fall in an untidy pile to the floor. Then she bent over to pull down her slip, and when she started to rise again, she felt a paw on the top of her head.

»Kneel down,« Donya commanded softly and Rey obeyed. the raccoon turned to the bath tub and opened the faucet, mixing hot and cold water to a pleasurable temperature before returning to her friend, who had kept still all the time. »I want to give something to you. Now that you've become my toy I want you to remember your new place at all times.«

Rey swallowed when she felt a paw under her chin, tilting back her head slowly, until her neck was exposed and she was looking up into Donya's face. The raccoon picked up something from the pile of clothes, and Rey felt a broad strap going around her neck. She had never owned a collar, let alone worn one, but when she felt it close in front and heard the soft click of a lock, she nearly burst with joy. Hesitantly she lifted a paw to touch her new attire. It felt smooth but strong and smelled like leather. It had no adjustment buckles, so it must have been tailor-made for her size. The small lock that held the collar in place was worked into the leather like a brooch and on its front plate it bore a strong ring of steel.

Close to tears, Rey looked up to Donya and smiled happily, before she closed her eyes and let her head go down a bit. Now both of her paws were freely roaming over the collar, feeling all over it and taking in all details. Then she felt Donya grabbing one of her paws and putting a leather cuff around her wrist. Rey didn't try to resist and waited patiently until both her paws were donned with cuffs, locked, but not yet restraining her. The raccoon put more cuffs to her ankles, too and finally ordered her friend to stand up.

Now Rey could see her upper body in the mirror for the first time. The collar was beautifully crafted, shiny black leather against a polished brass colored plate and a silvery steel ring. The lock itself was hidden discretely so it wouldn't spoil the look. Rey suddenly realized that this present had to be very expensive. She turned around to Donya.

»Now, my toy,« the raccoon said, »step in there. You have to be clean if you want to join me in the sheets tonight.«

Rey swung her left leg over the rim of the bath tub and stepped into the warm water flowing down towards the drain. Then her other leg followed and so did Donya a few seconds later. Rey turned around to face her friend and then kneeled down in the tub as she had been doing a few minutes ago. Donya closed the shower curtain and turned the lever to direct the flow of water through the shower head at the wall. She ruffled and stroked the vixen's fur until it was thoroughly soaked and started to rub in a generous amount of showering gel. Rey murred and sighed under the strong massaging paws - it felt good, the way they kneaded and pushed when they were working on her breasts and butt - and started to wash Donya's fur, too, rubbing herself against the body of her friend as much as possible.

After shower they toweled each other down to get the water out of their fur and Rey's cuffs and collar. When they felt reasonably dry again they left the bathroom and Donya led her friend into the bedroom. Rey climbed onto the bed, looking expectantly at Donya. The other woman circled the bed and sat down on the other side, bending over to fetch something from the bag she had brought in earlier. Rey got curious and turned her ears towards her friend. Donya turned around and spread a collection of short chains and padlocks on the blanket. »Bedtime, my dear,« she said and picked up a two foot chain from the heap. She locked one end of the chain to one of the bed's steel bars and hooked the other end on another padlock, hanging it loosely to the ring on Rey's collar. Then she took another, a bit shorter chain and locked the middle link to the same padlock, leaving two lengths of chain dangling from Rey's neck. Finally she took out two more locks and secured each of the vixen's paws to one end of the chain. »I hope you'll have pleasant dreams, honey,« she whispered, when she put out the lights and snuggled close to her friend, kissing her forehead goodnight.

Rey was dumbfounded. It all happened so fast, but it was just what she had wanted. She snuggled up to Donya as good as she could and enjoyed the warmth of the raccoon's body against hers. »Good night,« she whispered. It didn't take long and Donya started to breathe steadily. Rey wasn't that lucky, though. Her restrained position made it difficult to find a comfortable way to sleep and constantly reminded her of her trapped situation, making all the wrong thoughts appear in her head and keeping her from falling asleep. When she finally dozed off her slumber was interrupted frequently from finding herself unable to stretch her arms or turning around easily.

The next morning sun let it's rays shine through the half opened curtains and Rey woke with a jerk, the chains at her wrists and collar jingling loudly against the steel bars. Instantly she remembered what had happened yesterday and a warm shiver ran through her body. Carefully she rolled over to the other side of the bed, but her friend wasn't there. »Donya?« she called softly, her voice still coarse from sleep. There was no reply. Rey let herself slide on her back again and frowned. Maybe she was just in the bathroom and didn't hear her, so she decided to wait a little longer.

Meanwhile she examined the cuffs and locks that Donya had used to chain her to the bed. The wrist restraints were her own, she had noticed that already when she had been in the shower that evening. The locks were new, though. Big, heavy and secure looking, and she could not see a key hole in them; very peculiar. Her paws moved along the two short ends of the chain and began sliding over the smooth material of her new collar, and again that warm feeling spread out inside of her. She didn't know why, but this adornment was the most powerful of all she had worn until now. It really made her feel like giving away some of her freedom, yet without taking away her dignity or self-esteem.

When she looked down to her ankle cuffs, she gasped in surprise. When she had fallen asleep last night, she had only been locked to the bed by her collar. Now there was a three foot chain at each of her ankle restraints as well, meeting at one steel bar, thus binding her effectively to the foot of her bed. She could tuck in her legs a little but it was not much, until the chains got taut and stopped her movement. Her only free limb was her bushy tail now, useless against the devices that were holding her. Rey moaned with a mixture of pleasure and frustration about this new discovery. But the blame was on her, of course. She had gone willingly into this.

Rey didn't remember, how long she was lying there, waiting for Donya to return. She tried to sleep a little, but the thoughts of being bound and helpless didn't let her find rest. On the contrary, they only got her sliding into erotic fantasies, making her wish she could use her paws freely to give herself relief. Still the chains held them unyieldingly at her neck, barely having enough slack to brush away errant strands of hair out of her face. She was still nude. Fortunately it was very warm, so she didn't really need a blanket. For a short time she pondered about stroking herself with her tail, but she had tried that before; it wouldn't provide enough stimulation and would leave her more frustrated than she already was now.

It seemed like an eternity when Rey finally heard a noise from outside the bedroom. The door to her flat clicked open, and a few seconds later Donya came into the bedroom. »Good morning, sleepyhead,« she greeted. »I hope you had a pleasant night. You've been sleeping so sweetly when I woke up, I just didn't have the heart to disturb you.« She sat down on the corner of Rey's half of the bed and gave her a tender nuzzle over her head. »How do you feel, honey?«

»I'm doing fine, thanks.« Rey snuggled up against her friend, laying her chained paws on the raccoon's legs. »Where have you been?«

»I've been going for a walk to enjoy the morning sun,« Donya replied cheerfully. »It's such a beautiful day, but I'm afraid it'll get rather hot before noon. Ah, and I did some shopping, too.« She rose and went to the table on the other side of the bed, picking up something. »But before we do anything today,« she said, while she returned, »we're going to take a shower. Give me your paws.« She held up a strange looking device that remotely resembled a rubber stamp, with a ring instead of a paw handle. She held the cylindric barrel of the object against one of the locks on Rey's wrist cuffs and scrubbed over it a little, until the shackle jumped open with a distinct click.

The vixen watched her friend opening the remaining padlocks with rising interest. Those locks were inspiring. She already had several thoughts of how to use them for self restraining purposes. »Where did you get those padlocks?« she finally asked when all the chains had been removed and she could sit up again. She leaned herself against the raccoon's back and embraced her warmly, her breasts pleasantly squeezing between them.

»That wasn't exactly easy,« Donya replied. »I saw them some time ago on the TV. There's this show called Northridge Hospital, and they once had to secure a mentally impaired person to a hospital bed. That's where I learned about these magnetic locks that can't be opened unless you have the matching magnetic key. And what's even better, they're waterproof. I did a little research in the last days and found someone who could sell me some of them. They're for medical use only, so you can't just buy them in your local hardware store.«

Rey smiled. »I have to admit that I like them,« she said.

»In this case you wouldn't mind me using them a while longer, do you?« Donya asked rhetorically. Without waiting for an answer she turned around, pulled Rey's arms on her back and secured them there with a single padlock. A short chain went to the ring on her collar and was locked there, too. »Shower time.«

Rey stood up and Donya led her into the bathroom by the chain. The raccoon quickly undressed and together they stepped into the bathtub. Rey had to kneel down before her friend again, and Donya turned on the water. The vixen lifted her head and enjoyed the welcome jet of water drenching her fur. Her friend threaded the other end of the chain through the shower handle on the wall and locked it there to get both paws free. While Donya applied a big amount of shower gel to their fur, Rey nuzzled and rubbed up against her belly, savoring the moment while she felt the paws working in the gel with strong, massaging motions.

When Donya was done cleaning her own fur she stepped out of the tub. »Stay there for a while, until the soap is out of your fur,« she said and let the curtain fall close again. Rey could do nothing but wait, her paws still locked on her back and the chain on her collar fastened to the handle on the wall. So she twisted and turned this way and another to get her whole body thoroughly rinsed. She did not stand up, though, but left kneeling on the floor of the tub, waiting for Donya to get her out, as she had been told.

A few minutes later, Donya pulled back the shower curtain again and smiled, when she saw her toy still in the same position than before, obviously enjoying the warm water. »You're finished?« she asked and Rey nodded. The raccoon reached over and turned off the shower. Then she unlocked the chain from the handle and led Rey out of the tub. She helped her towel down and led her out of the bathroom and back to the bed.

»So what should I wear today?« Rey asked, tugging a little at her cuffed wrists.

»Oh, I kinda like what you're wearing right now,« Donya replied. She smiled mischievously when she saw Rey's eyes widen, but she didn't complain. »You've got nothing to hide from me, and the weather's going to be warm enough. And besides,« - she tugged at the chain leash and dragged Rey close to her, putting her arms around her body - »there's nothing getting in my way, when I come to get what I want.« She let one of her paws slide down over Rey's side, caressing her butt for a second and then stroking deeper, teasing the sensitive area under her tail base.

Rey yipped in surprise, her paws straining for a moment against the cuffs, when she felt Donya's paws stroking her down there, but she was more than willing to give her friend whatever it was she demanded from her. Breathing more deeply now she nuzzled Donya's neck and softly nipped at the rich fur that covered her shoulder. The erotic moment ended quickly when Rey's stomach suddenly growled loudly. She realized only now that she hadn't eaten since last noon.

Donya giggled in surprise and Rey started laughing, too. »Saved by the bell,« the raccoon said cheerfully. »And I'm hungry, too. So how about breakfast?«

»Would be very nice,« Rey replied, now feeling more hunger for food than for anything else.

»Very well, come on then.« Donya rose and led Rey into the kitchen, the chain leash loosely in her paw. »What do you prefer? Cereals or bread and honey?«

»Cereals, please,« she said, when she sat down on one of the chairs. Donya looped the leash around one of the table's legs and locked it there. Then she started to fill the table with lots of breakfast stuff she had bought. She placed a bowl before Rey and poured in a share of chocolate flakes and milk.

Rey watched Donya quizzically. »You're not going to spoon-feed me, are you?«

The raccoon looked at her with a big grin. »Would you like it if I did?«

»No, not really.«

Donya chuckled and placed a spoon next to the bowl. »There you go,« she said, unlocking her paws and binding them together before her with a short length of chain. »But don't eat too much. It could get uncomfortable when you have a full belly.«

The vixen looked up from her meal, chewing slowly. »What's on your mind?«

»Quite a lot, my little toy fox,« Donya replied. »You'll see it all, don't worry.«

Rey regarded her with a mixture of curiosity and mock anger. Of course she had something in store for her and was not giving it away so soon. The vixen continued eating, still wondering what it may be. The whole situation felt so unusual to her, but it was not at all unpleasant. She never had had breakfast naked, not even when she was alone, and she suspected that she wouldn't put on very much in the near future. She finished her bowl and licked her lips, still a bit hungry but remembering, what Donya had said, she left it at that. This was meant to be fun after all, and she didn't want to spoil it just because she didn't listen to her friend.

When they both were through Donya cuffed Rey's wrists on her back again and took the leash from the table. Then she led the vixen into the living room. Rey instantly saw that her friend had already prepared some things. Two strong chains were dangling down from the wooden beams of the ceiling, about four feet apart. More chains had been put on the floor. Rey inhaled deeply when she saw a muzzle harness lying on the table in front of her, along with a number of magnetic padlocks. »When did you prepare all this?« she asked with a deep, husky voice that could not conceal how very turned on she was.

»Do you like it?«

Rey smiled. »Depends on what you're going to do with me.«

»Oh, you'll enjoy it, I'm pretty sure.« Donya waved her paw at the devices in front of her. »So, is there anything you want to change? Anything that you'd like me to put away?«

Rey swallowed hard but shook her head. »No.«

»Enough said, then.« She unlocked her paws and pointed to the table. »Put on the harness and strap it tight.«

Rey looked at Donya for a moment before she turned around and stepped over to the table, her legs getting a little wobbly with excitement. She picked up the strange looking leather device and looked at it from all sides to figure out how it was working, before she slid the first of the straps over her head. Here we go, then, she thought and started to put it on. It had two hard leather pads above and below her muzzle, held together by three straps that went around her snout. She tightened them one after another, feeling the strong material gripping her muzzle tightly, so she wouldn't be able to open it the slightest bit. All in all it felt like when Donya had tied her muzzle with rope the first time, but very much more secure and comfortable. Two more straps went from the harness around her head and neck to fix the harness in place. When she was done she turned around to face her friend.

Donya pulled the vixen back to her on the leash. Rey's tail twitched nervously from side to side while Donya checked the harness and the buckles on the straps. »Very good,« she commented. »You must be very eager to play, gagging yourself this thoroughly. Now let's see how good you're with the chains.« She kneeled down before her and unlocked the ankle cuffs, leaving the locks dangling loosely in their rings. »Lock your ankles to the chains there, dear.«

Rey nodded and went to the place, where the chains were lying on the floor. Thanks to her athletic form she did not have to sit down or kneel to place her feet at the appropriate positions while she hooked the shackles to the ends of the chains. Then she pushed the locks shut, her legs spread apart about two feet wide.

Donya took two more locks and a magnetic key from the table and went over to her friend, who was watching her intently. She opened her paw with the key lying on the palm and Rey took it without waiting for an order. She unlocked her wrist cuffs and returned the key to her friend. Then she grabbed the chains that were dangling to her sides and locked her wrist cuffs to them, sighing a little through her nose when the last lock clicked shut.

Donya put the key back on the table, stepped around the bound vixen and pushed herself against her back, sliding her paws up and down at Rey's sides, and finally tracing upwards until she reached the wrist cuffs. She hooked each of the two additional locks into the D rings and lifted her friend's paws upward, until they were stretched to their limit. Rey instinctively grabbed the chains and held on tightly, while Donya locked them there, taking most of the slack out of the chains. Then she let her paws slide around the vixen's neck, teasingly playing with the collar and eliciting small, excited yips from her friend, before she undid the chain leash and let it fall to the ground unceremoniously.

»Are you comfortable, my toy?« Donya whispered next to Rey's ear.

She nodded slowly, although the chains held her tightly and left her very little way to move. Her ankles were strained a little due to her spread stance, but the carpet offered a good grip for her toe claws. Rey breathed deeply through her nose while she felt the paws of her friend sliding over her back, massaging the muscles slightly as they went. With deliberate motions the raccoon felt her up, teasing her sides with short pricks of her claws, making her twitch and spasm with tickling pleasure. Then the arms were around her, ruffling the fur on her belly and gently squeezing her breasts, playing with the sensitive nipples hidden under the voluptuous fur. All the time the strong body pressed into her from behind. Rey could feel Donya's breasts getting squashed between them, and she felt her tail being pushed straight down by her legs. The embrace got more sensual by the minute, one of the probing paws slowly sliding lower, while the other caressed Rey's collar and chin, pricking the skin under the fur slightly with her claws. She let out a loud moan through her nose when the downward traveling paw reached the softer fur just over the junction of her legs and went even deeper, stroking the wet area below it.

Totally unable to resist, bound and defenseless against whatever assault was taken against her, Rey writhed in her chains, taking in the hopelessness of her situation, her inability to stop the sensual attack of her friend, and still enjoying it massively. Her ragged breath turned into uncontrolled moaning, her head rolled from side to side, supported by Donya's strong paw and caught in the straps of the harness, preventing her from making too much noise. And still the paws mercilessly pleasured her helpless body, taking the mind with them while they drove her more and more crazy. Rey started to rock her pelvis against the stimulating paw to intensify her arousal. Now she was glad that she was locked into these restraints, she wasn't sure if her legs would've been able to support her weight much longer. And when suddenly a claw slid over her glistening wet clitoris she fell limply into the chains, letting out a muffled scream of pleasure. She was so close to the peak now, and she was afraid that Donya knew this, too.

Her fear was well-founded. When Donya felt Rey losing control over her body she smiled and stopped where she was, just holding the shivering body of her friend close to hers and enjoying the heat radiating from her. She stayed that way for a few moments and just nibbled idly at the fur on the vixen's neck, until she was sure that Rey had recovered a little from the intense sensations. Then she slowly let go of her body and went around the chained form of her friend.

Rey weakly opened her eyes and looked at the raccoon standing before her. She knew how she must look now; panting hard, on the brink of a powerful climax, yet denied the final release. Donya watched her for a short time, then she turned to the table and retrieved the key. She unlocked her arms one at a time to give her the opportunity to find her balance before she was freed from the supporting chains. Then she locked the paws behind her back and released one of her legs. Rey looked after her when she suddenly turned around and left the room.

With deep breaths Rey tried to regain control of her emotions. She shut her eyes and tried to slow down the pace of her heartbeat until she heard Donya entering the room again. A few moments later she felt the body of her friend next to her, and she opened her eyes again. Donya stepped around her once more, her paws sliding around both sides of her slim waist. Only a moment later Rey realized, that this was not only a tender caress, but served to loop the upper part of her crotch strap construction around her body. The raccoon pulled her close, pushing most of the air out of the vixen's lungs, and threaded the small brass padlock through the holes that fixed the straps on her body. Rey started to shiver a little while she anticipated what was bound to happen. At first, Donya fastened the device around her tail base, and then Rey felt the tip of what could only be a dildo on her nether regions, sliding slowly along her moist fur until it gently parted her vaginal lips to slip into her, bit by bit. She moaned deeply in her gag, tugging with newfound force against the cuffs that trapped her paws on her back. But something was different ... She had even less slack for her paws now, the wrist cuffs had been attached to her crotch strap, too. This realization caused her to protest and roll her eyes in frustration, but the bonds had no weak point for her to break free.

When the dildo had slid in to its base Rey could not hold herself upright any longer. Her legs gave way under her and Donya supported her, while she let herself fall to the ground. With a quick glance she showed her friend, that she was alright, and Donya continued working with a big grin. She slid the final strap from under Rey's tail through her legs, covering the base of the pleasuring object and running up over her pubic mound to meet with the other straps in front of her body. Then the raccoon locked it in place.

Rey was breathing heavily, while Donya stroked and caressed her body, kneading her breasts and buttocks as well as giving her back a strong massage. A multitude of wonderful feelings swept through the body of the bound vixen while she succumbed completely to her friend. She got lost in fantasies, taking comfort in the certainty, that she could not free herself from the bondage she was in, and thus had nothing to worry about. Donya was in control, not only physically but mentally as well. Rey had often been tied or otherwise restrained by her, but this time she really felt like a mere plaything for her friend. There was nothing she could do now, nothing she could change, and it was not expected from her. The vixen enjoyed the tenderness of Donya's paws and the dull pressure that was constantly pushing against her from underneath the crotch straps.

But all too soon Donya ruffled her headfur a last time and stood up, ambling over to the sofa and sitting down there. Rey whimpered softly and tried to stand up, but at this moment the dildo sent a firework of pleasurable spikes through her body, agitated by her bound paws. The vixen panted and moaned while she sagged back to the floor. Again she tried to go over to her friend, this time crawling on her knees a little, until she was held back by the chain on her right ankle. Now she cried out her frustration more loudly, but still it wasn't more than a high pitched grunt. Donya didn't seem to pay much attention. She picked up the remote control from the table and switched on the TV.

Rey was furious, but she could do nothing to escape from her bonds. She knew Donya was playing with her, trying to make her go nuts with need and longing for the touch of her paws. She didn't know what was getting to her most; the simple fact that her friend was pulling off something like this at all, or the realization that she actually responded to the treatment, even though she knew exactly what was going on. Gritting her teeth she strained and tugged futilely at the restraints holding her, causing the plug in her vagina to move and slide around slightly, frustrating her even more. Her body ached for release, both sexual and physical but both ways were denied her for the time being.

The television continued with the show, unconcerned of whatever might happen around it. Melissa still was worried about her old man, and Jack tried every logical and illogical way to drag them out of whatever situation they had gotten themselves into. Donya seemed absorbed in the story and didn't look like she would leave her place on the couch very soon. Rey was getting exasperated. The chain on her right ankle kept her from crawling out to her friend, the dildo made her shiver and pant with every move she made and the way her paws were shackled on her back didn't help the situation at all. Out of sheer desperation Rey let herself fall on the floor, squirm and writhe in her bonds, regardless of whatever effect this might have on her. Whimpering through her gag she stared at her friend, panting hard and close to bursting into tears.

Once again Donya showed her deep understanding of Rey's needs. When she realized that her friend was coming close to what she was able to take, she turned her head and looked into the widely opened, amber eyes of the vixen. »Do you want to join me on the couch?« she asked, her voice sounded casual, as if she was completely unaware of her friend's condition.

Rey exhaled in surprise and sudden relief. She tried to scream »Yes!« but the muzzle harness prevented this. So she just mewled and whimpered, nodding her head eagerly to hasten Donya's reaction. She sincerely hoped that the raccoon was not teasing her again.

But Donya had no intention of doing so. She smiled warmly and rose, picking up the magnetic key and a short chain from the table as she approached the bound form of the vixen. »I knew you'd say this. Now hold still so I can unlock you.« She freed Rey's ankle and released her paws from the crotch strap to re-lock them with the short chain to her collar again, just like she had done last night. She helped her friend getting up slowly, to let her get used to the new position the dildo was sliding in, and carefully walked her over to the couch. Rey panted and gasped hard, ten feet never had seemed so far for her. When they reached the sofa she collapsed on it, whimpering shortly. Donya was right beside her, chaining her left ankle to the couch's leg and sitting down, too. The vixen shifted a little to find a comfortable position to lie in and put her head into Donya's lap.

»Good heavens, you're hot!« Donya said when she felt over the fur of her friend's body. »And I mean it literally. You feel like you're burning. Maybe I should let you cool down a little.« Quickly she began to work on the buckles that held the gag tightly in place. However she made sure to open the frontmost strap last, so the vixen had to wait, until the harness was completely removed.

Rey moaned freely when she finally could open her muzzle again. Her head turning to the side for a moment, while she greedily began panting, to give her body the cool air it was longing for. It helped, at least for the moment. Yet, her arousal wasn't subsiding, thanks to her still bound paws and the dildo beneath the straps. But now she could at least rub herself against Donya's soft fur and take in the scent that was hiding under her perfume. As much as she tried to hide it, the raccoon was just as turned on as she was herself. So Rey started to lick her friend's tummy, while her paws were stroking her thighs as best as they could. Donya's paws were resting on her shoulder and next to her ears, softly crawling through the rich red fur.

It didn't take long until the television set was humming along uncaredly, while the two women were licking and stroking each other on the couch. Rey was lying on her back, trying to maintain as much physical contact to her friend as she could. Donya had bent over her, nuzzling through the pelt on her belly, while she gently massaged the soft mounds of her breasts with one paw. The vixen's nipples went hard at the attention and started to poke out of the fur, small pink dots in a mass of white.

Donya could not hold herself back any longer. She had been waiting for this moment since last evening, when she had put the cuffs on the vixen's limbs for the first time. Now the heat was rising quickly, the desire for the touch from her friend taking over her rational thoughts. She grabbed the key from the table and quickly released Rey's front paws from her collar. The vixen didn't wait to make use of her new freedom and embraced Donya's waist from below, dragging her close, so her face was buried between the raccoon's legs, pushing through the fabric of her pants against her most sensitive area. Her friend cried out with lust and let herself fall to the side, next to the vixen.

Rey decided that now was the time for her to take what she wanted. She got up on her knees and opened the buttons on Donya's pants with flying fingers. A few seconds later they were lying in a heap on the floor, while the vixen pulled her friend's shirt over her head to reveal the voluptuous goods hiding under it. Her tongue started licking and nipping at the grey furred breasts, until Donya was writhing uncontrolled under her, moaning and breathing hard. She placed herself over the raccoon's body on all fours, her butt and her twitching tail rising up in the air, while she was working her tongue further down the strong form of her friend, alternately licking and nipping as she went. When she reached Donya's crotch she made short work of the panties, no longer being able to hold back her desire. She pulled the fabric down her friend's legs and threw them away, uncaring where they may end up. With her mind blown out by the dildo that was still stuck deeply inside of her, she drove her muzzle down against the damp spot before her and let her tongue start to work.

Donya gasped in pure shock when she felt the cold nose of the vixen touch her burning vagina. The shock was overcome by pleasure in an instant, and the raccoon got lost in sexual delight. The soft, slick and warm tongue rubbed in just all the right places, driving her arousal higher and higher every minute. Her paws roamed over Rey's shoulders, trying to get a grip at her, but clawing uselessly at the fur until she traced along the arms at her sides. Then her fingers brushed over the cuffs, sliding through the D rings as if they had a will of their own and then tugged hard, stretching the vixen's arms straight forward along her body and driving her muzzle deeper into her center of lust.

Rey gasped in surprise when she felt her paws getting bound again, or at least it felt like it. She slid forward a little, her snout now nearly parting the raccoon's vaginal lips, and kept on licking and teasing the sensitive pink flesh before her. Donya's elaborate breathing and her occasional high-pitched yelps told her, that she was doing right, so she kept on stimulating her friend as good as she could without moving around too much to let her own horses fly. And when she finally felt the tension building up in the raccoon's muscles she thrust herself forward a final time, burying her nose into the wet folds, and sticking out her tongue as far as she could. That was enough to drive Donya over the edge and she felt her head being caught by the strong legs that wrapped around her with surprising strength. For a few seconds Rey could not breathe, but she kept on rubbing and licking until she felt the hot fluid of Donya's orgasm trickling down the sides of her muzzle. The screaming of her friend came only a moment later. Again and again the vixen felt the delightful contractions around the tip of her muzzle until they finally became less fervent and subsided completely.

Rey lifted her head with some effort, wiping her muzzle at the fur on her upper arms and looking at her friend under her. Donya still held on to the cuffs on her wrists and Rey didn't try to break free but just let herself slide forward a little and lay down along her friend's side. The raccoon obviously still rode on the powerful emotions she hat just experienced, her smile and contented face showed that very clearly. Suddenly she embraced the vixen tightly, rolling around with her playfully and full of laughter. Rey started to laugh as well, but when she was rolling on her backside the pressure drove the dildo with a sharp blow into her once more and she yipped loudly. Donya let go of her instantly, trying to find out what had happened, while Rey just lay there, panting hard and trying to control her body.

»What is it?« Donya asked. »Did I hurt you?«

»No, it's not that,« Rey replied between deep lungfuls of air. »I just ... I nearly lost it when you rolled me around this way.«

»What?« Donya stared at her in surprise. »You're telling me that you didn't come yet?«

The vixen looked up at the sparkling eyes of her friend and said, »Yes, I'm still there.«

Donya growled deeply in her throat and let herself come down a little in a mock threat. »You're going to regret this, my toy,« she snarled. »Oh, how you're going to regret this!«

Rey shrieked and tried to defend herself when the raccoon suddenly grabbed both her paws, dragging them over her head and pinning them into the cushions. Within seconds she found herself chained to the couch, her wrists crossed over her head and her legs spread to both corners. Fighting uselessly against her new entrapment Rey squirmed and wriggled under the weight of her friend. Donya obviously didn't want to waste any time. She bent over her lover, and Rey felt her eager tongue slide deep into her own muzzle, kissing hard, before the raccoon attached the harness again and gagged her tightly. Donya let her paws slide over her breasts and belly, caressing the hot fur and softly rubbing and twisting her nipples. Rey was already panting again, not longer trying to fight the rising heat in her loins. Donya's claws dug through the rich pelt, and Rey felt them pricking the sensitive skin underneath, just strong enough to make her gasp with terror and lust. Her friend came over her helpless body like a predator would do with it's prey, nipping, clawing and groping everywhere. Rey was overwhelmed by the sudden outburst of ferocity, her emotions running wild. She felt like she was caught by a hungry carnivore, serving as it's afternoon meal. She tried to break her chains, strained each and every muscle to get free, mewling and groaning in her gag, but nothing helped to get her out of this trap. But Donya seemed not to be satisfied yet. With experienced motions she wriggled her fingers, and Rey felt them slipping underneath her crotch strap, where they started to manipulate the dildo. She felt it slide in and out just a little, but it was enough to make her scream into the harness, tightening all her muscles again, before she finally exploded in a long overdue climax, nearly making her pass out.

Rey was floating on a cloud of lust, suspended in the emotions Donya's skillful treatment had brought up inside of her. Slowly her mind cleared again, leaving her panting heavily, still gagged and chained to the couch. Donya was lying next to her, grinning broadly and idly playing with one of Rey's nipples. Her friend must've left her for a moment before, because she felt something warm and wet stroking carefully around her still sensitive sex, cleaning up the mess they had made. But the crotch strap and the dildo were still in place, so she guessed, she was not free yet. Rey was grateful for the harness that held her muzzle shut, for she didn't know what to say and just snuggled up against the body of her lover.

Part III: Toys

Donya kept her in this position for some time, gently caressing her body and licking her fur. Rey rubbed against her friend's fur as good as she could, enjoying her helpless position immensely. It must have been more than an hour before Donya finally decided to let her sit up. She locked her ankles together and her paws on her back, though, fastening them to the tail strap again. Then she took off the harness and Rey started breathing greedily.

»I guess you're hungry,« Donya said. »How about dinner?«

Rey smiled in relief. »Yes, indeed. I could swallow a horse whole.« All this playing and teasing had depleted her reserves quite completely.

»So stay here, I'll get some food for us.« Donya stood up and left the room, leaving her friend bound to the couch. Yet it didn't take very long before she returned with some long bread rolls and lots of sausage and cheese. She released her friend's paws and they enjoyed their late meal.

The rest of the evening went on just the same way their former meetings went. They sat on the couch, shared stories about what had happened during the last few days and generally had a great time. The only thing different was that Rey still didn't wear any clothes and had her paws chained to her back most of the time. She slowly got used to walking around naked for the whole day, although it was a complete new experience for her; fortunately the night was quite warm. The dildo under the straps proved to be harder to get accustomed to, and every time she shifted in her place she felt it rubbing inside of her, distracting her momentarily from the topic they were just discussing.

Rey woke from the light slumber she had fallen into when Donya put a paw on her shoulder and shook her gently. »Wake up, little toy! It's eleven pm. It's time.«

Rey blinked and tried to rub her eyes, but she was still bound, and her cuffs tugged at the straps, waking her instantly. »Time?« she asked in confusion. »Time for what?«

»You'll see,« Donya replied mysteriously and reached out to help her standing up. Rey moaned softly when she felt the heat rising again due to her movements. Her friend led her into the bedroom, unlocked her paws and had her kneeling on all fours on the bed, her legs spread open. Then she sat behind her, unlocked the crotch straps and slowly pulled out the dildo. Rey panted and moaned during the process, her claws digging deeply into the fabric of her bed sheets. When it finally was out completely she felt like her legs wouldn't carry her anymore. The deliverance from the constant dull pressure in her abdomen made her moan loudly. But the joy didn't last very long. A few seconds later she felt another object pressing slowly into her. It felt very similar but she knew that Donya had something special in mind for her. While the intruder was pushed slowly deeper and deeper she tried to concentrate on which toys she actually had given her the other day. It didn't take her long to realize, which one this must be. She groaned in frustration, because once again, her own inventions were about to be used against her.

»There,« Donya said when she had closed the straps. »You probably know, what I just stuck into you, don't you?« While she spoke she locked Rey's paws in place again.

The vixen nodded. »My new invention, I suppose. The random vibe.«

»You're a clever little toy,« the raccoon replied. »I thought it'd be more fun for you for the time being. Turn around for me, will you?« Donya waited until Rey had complied to her request and lifted the muzzle harness again. »This'll keep you quiet while we're on the way.«

»On the way?« Rey was puzzled. »Where are we-«

Donya put the harness over Rey's muzzle, before she could finish her sentence and silenced her effectively. The vixen groaned in frustration when she felt the straps tighten around her muzzle and heard the locks clicking in place. At this moment the vibrator showed a sign of life for the first time. Rey threw her head back and howled into her gag. Donya laughed softly and helped her friend out of the bed when the vibrator fell silent again. This was going to be an interesting night.

Rey's thoughts chased each other in her mind. What did she mean when she said they would be »on their way«? And why did she gag her again? She knew that a toy was not to ask any questions, but curiosity got the better of her. The gag made sure she could not ask her friend, though.

Donya led the vixen to the door and left her standing on the threshold, while she turned to the wardrobe. She looked through the different pieces and finally took something from one of the shelves. Rey watched her friend while she tied a translucent white sash around her waist that barely covered her private parts without hiding anything. »That'll do,« she commented, locked on a short chain leash and took her by one arm to turn her around. When they reached the door to the staircase the vixen got a bit nervous and hesitated. Donya stopped and looked at her friend. »Is anything wrong?«

Rey looked at the door in confusion, then at her friend.

»Just follow me, my toy,« Donya said in her most assuring voice. »I promise, everything will be fine.«

The vixen inhaled deeply through her nose and nodded. Whatever this was going to be, she had nothing to decide in this matter.

»Very good,« Donya smiled. »You'll be okay. Just come with me.« She opened the door and stepped into the stairwell, closing the door after Rey had left the flat, too. She didn't switch on the light when they descended the stairs.

Rey shivered, but not from the cold. She was walking around at night in her stairwell as good as naked, cuffed, gagged and leashed to a chain, a vibrator stuck in her vagina. What, if someone decided to go out for a night's walk just now? What a sight this would be to see. But Donya led her on, as if she didn't think something like this could be happening. Rey didn't know, why she went on with this, but somehow this game was turning her on. And it enhanced her feeling that she was nothing more than Donya's plaything.

Suddenly, Rey's knees went weak and she nearly fell, but Donya was at her side in the blink of an eye. The vixen mewled and groaned, the buzz of the vibrator was barely audible. Rey held on to her friend, until the wicked device switched off again, leaving her a little time to recover. Donya helped her to come back to her feet and went on downstairs. For the first time Rey was glad for the gag.

They reached the ground floor and opened the door to the street. Again, Rey hesitated, but this time only shortly. Donya smiled at her and led her on. The cool air of the nightly wind blew through her fur when she stepped out of the house and onto the pavement. Nobody else was in sight. The raccoon went on, walking her toy down the street, until they reached her car, about five hundred feet from her house. She unlocked the passenger door and waited until Rey had gotten in. The vixen sat down as carefully as she could and tried to get her tail out of the way to make herself comfortable. Donya fastened the seat belt for her and closed the door to enter the car on the driver's seat. The raccoon grinned, took a scarf from the glove compartment and blindfolded her friend, before she finally started the engine.

The last few minutes had been perplexing her very much. Rey could not imagine what was on Donya's mind, but in a way she liked how the situation had developed. She was a little nervous, being outside her flat and still naked. But she trusted her friend. She would never do something that would get them both into trouble.

The car rolled forward and they were on their way. Rey didn't even try to memorize the way they were driving; Donya took many turns at the very beginning, and the vixen was sure that most of them were only to get her confused. She leaned back in the seat, enjoyed the unfamiliar feel of the fabric against her bare fur and tried to relax. She even moaned loudly in pleasure when the vibrator started to buzz again, and suddenly she felt one of Donya's paws stroking her breasts momentarily before it returned to the steering wheel. Rey squirmed and twisted a little, but the sensation ceased again, soon.

They kept on driving for some time, long enough for Rey to bask in the strokes of her little machine for three more times, until Donya finally slowed down and turned onto what sounded like a gravel covered parking lot. They stopped there and the raccoon left the car. She opened the passenger's door, reached out a paw and helped her friend getting out. The air was a little cooler here and the ground was indeed covered with lots of little stones, that were making crushing noises under her pads. Wagging her tail slightly she regained her balance and waited for Donya to lead her on.

When she felt the chain getting taut again she stepped forward slowly, unsure where to place her paws. But the going was easy and she just went on, following the sound of Donya's footsteps before her. The ground changed from gravel to dirt, just like a path that would lead through a lawn. Rey stopped for a moment, panting slightly from the sensations that were constantly radiating from her lower body. Her friend stood next to her, until she was ready to go on again.

She didn't come very far, though, until the vibrator switched on again. Rey mewled loudly, trying to rip open the harness that kept her gagged. A moment later she sagged to the ground, not able to hold herself upright any longer. This time the device didn't stop so quickly and left her writhing on the ground with pleasure and embarrassment. But again, it was not enough to give her the final release, when it stopped. The vixen moaned in high pitched fits, panting hard and close to tears. Donya was always at her side, but Rey didn't want her to think, that she couldn't take it anymore. She was enjoying it, despite the way she looked.

A couple of minutes later she was ready to go on again. And it was not long until they reached another change of surroundings. The sounds around her spoke of a place distant from the town. Trees were rustling nearby and there was an open space before her. When her paws stepped on soft grass Donya stopped and undid her blindfold.

Her surroundings made her gasp in surprise. She stood in a big garden. The spacious lawn was surrounded by a high opaque hedge on three sides. The remaining space was occupied by a big, expensive looking mansion with a nice terrace leading into the garden. In the center of the lawn was a big swimming pool, the water shining invitingly in the pale light of the moon. Whoever owned this premises must be a very rich person.

Donya smiled and led her to the pool side. She ordered her toy to stand there and started to unlock the crotch straps, but left her paws firmly cuffed on her back. Rey closed her eyes and sucked in her breath when she felt the vibrator slide out of her. This made her legs go weak again and she went down to her knees when the device had left her body entirely, shivering with pleasure and whimpering softly. When she opened her eyes again she saw that Donya had replaced the leash with a twenty foot chain that was locked to the ladder on the pool side. Finally the raccoon unlocked the harness and took it from her muzzle.

Rey opened her mouth and worked her jaws to get back the usual feeling into her facial muscles. »Where are we?« she asked. »How did you-«

»Hush, toy,« Donya interrupted. »You didn't want to ask any questions, remember?« Rey nodded and Donya smiled warmly. »Don't worry, Rey. It's all planned out. You're not the only one who can work out plans, you know.«

Rey snuggled up to her friend. »Donya, I just want to tell you, how much I enjoy what you're doing, even though I don't understand what's going on. This all is so new to me.«

»Oh, it's new to me, too. But I like it, just like you do. And as for the reason,« - Donya briefly looked on her watch - »you're just about to find out, what's behind all this. Just stay here, I'll be right back.« The raccoon stood up and left her friend, heading for the mansion.

Rey watched her, while she disappeared inside the building. She slowly stood up and walked around a bit as far as her chains would allow. All around her was green grass and the hedge shielding this place from view, as if it had been deliberately planted there for privacy. When she returned to the pool side she carefully dipped one foot into the water. It was comfortably warm and she longed for a swim, but she didn't dare to jump in right now, she probably wouldn't be able to hold herself up for a long time, while her paws were chained on her back like this. She was happy as a child at the moment, but at the same time she was frightened to death. What if someone would come and see her, naked except for the translucent sash around her waist and chained up like this? What if the owner of the mansion came home and saw what was going on?

»Honey, I'm back!«

Rey spun around with a start when she heard the voice behind her and nearly lost her balance. She breathed a sigh of relief when she recognized that it was only her friend coming back from the mansion. »Donya! Good heavens! You scared me!«

The raccoon hurried over to her friend, a look of concern on her face. »What is it? Are you all right?«

»Yes, basically. I'm just a little nervous about all this. I mean, what's with the owner of this premises? What if someone comes and finds us here?«

Donya sighed and smiled in relief. »So that's what. Well, I can reassure you there. It's all taken care of. Nobody'll find us here, nobody we don't want to find us.« She embraced her friend and slowly made her sit sown in the grass. »I want this day to be a very special day for you. I know you try to keep it secret, and only very few actually remember it.«

Rey's ears pricked up when she guessed what Donya was talking about. »You don't mean, you found out, that today-«

Donya giggled and produced a small black case from her back. She placed it in the space between her and Rey. »Yes, you told me once, and I'd never forget that. It's past midnight already, so: Happy birthday, my toy!« She gave Rey another warm hug and unlocked her paws in the same motion. »I wish you luck and fun for your remaining life!«

»Thank you, Donya. But you shouldn't have done that.«

»I know, but I did anyway. So why don't you open it?« She pushed the object a little towards her friend.

Rey's paws shook a little from being bound so long. She massaged her wrists a bit before she took the case from the ground and opened it. Inside, resting in a soft cushion of dark blue velvet, was a silver glowing earring, quite simple looking but with a multitude of fine gravure around it's length. Rey was speechless when she discovered that this trinket wasn't merely silver but white gold. »You're insane!« she exclaimed. »You can't give me that.«

»Why not? I love you as my friend and toy, and tonight's your birthday. So try it on!«

Rey said nothing more but picked up the ring and threaded it through one of the small holes in her right ear. When she was done the trinket was sparkling in the dim light.

»You look beautiful!« Donya exclaimed. »It fits you perfectly. And now let's have a dip. You look like you could use a little cool down.«

Rey's face brightened. »Yeah, sure! Let's go.«

Donya laughed and jumped into the water without further delay. Rey followed a little slower, first checking the length of the chain and stepping down the ladder into the water. The cool liquid instantly drenched her fur and made her sigh with delight. She did a few swimming strokes, until she reached the limit of her chain and paddled back to the side again. Donya joined her, and together they played and frolicked in the water.

»Why did you go into all this trouble for me?« Rey asked, her face dripping with water.

»I don't know, I just wanted to do something special for your birthday. Your confession to me just came at the right time. So I could fit both things together.« Donya looked past Rey and her mood heightened visibly. »And now we should get out of here and join the party.«

»What?« Rey turned around and saw a small group of people, both women and men, emerging from the building. »Donya? What's going on here?«

The raccoon had already left the pool and slowly reeled in Rey's chain. »You'll see. Now come out of the water, my toy.«

Rey hesitated, but then she saw that some of the people who were slowly gathering on the lawn were led by others, naked just like her, and wore different types of restraints; from collars with leashes over cuffs at wrists and ankles, up to corsets, gags, blindfolds ... everything was there. Rey followed the shortening chain with her mouth open, taking in the situation that started to unfold before her. When she had left the pool she reached for her sash, useless as it would be, but it would give her at least a little comfort. But Donya grabbed it before she could reach it.

»No, before you get this, you're going to put this one back on.« She bent down and handed her the crotch straps, including the vibrator.

Rey took the objects and stared at her friend. But then she smiled broadly and lay down on the grass, spreading her legs wide. Slowly she inserted the vibrator deeply into her and attached the straps. When she was done she crawled over to Donya, who put on the lock and clicked it shut again. As if on cue the small machine started buzzing right away, taking her breath away and making her paws clench to Donya's arms. The sash was forgotten.

When the sensations stopped again, Rey looked her friend straight in the face, a grin creasing her muzzle. »So, what's going on here? Who are those people?«

»Oh, I took the liberty to rent this estate together with a few people from a pet club from the city. They seem to do things like this regularly and helped me a lot when I asked them about you and your interests. You wouldn't believe what strange stuff I encountered.«

»I can imagine,« Rey said, looking around. The toys and their owners had finally found their places and were snuggling and kissing each other. Sometimes one of the owners would lead his pet to another couple and they exchanged their toys. Rey watched the activities with big eyes, like a child would watch a fair going on.

Donya sat down beside her and started stroking her fur. »Why don't you let yourself have a good time, too? I'm sure, this night'll be a night to remember.« She started licking and combing Rey's fur with her claws and tickled the vibrator slightly. Rey gasped and moaned, while she let herself slide back on the grass. The raccoon was above her quickly, groping and nipping all over her body. Without notice, Rey found her front paws suddenly locked to the collar again. Donya took advantage of her now stronger situation and started rubbing her paw over the crotch straps with more vigor than before, leaving the vixen panting and gasping in her strong grip.

Suddenly Donya let go of her and turned around. Rey regained her breath again and opened her eyes to see her friend talking to a friendly looking male otter. He was leading a female skunk, who was heavily chained and gagged, and they talked to each other for some time in low voices. Rey's stomach started to crawl and she nearly started to cry when she saw Donya taking over the leash of the skunk. She knew what had just happened and didn't know what to do now.

The otter turned around and knelt down at Rey's side. »You're her toy?« he asked, his voice was deep and soft, reassuringly calm.

Rey swallowed hard and tried to fight the nervous twitching that got all over her body. »Yes, I am. My name is-«

»Shush!« he suddenly said, his paw shot up in a gesture to silence her. »No one tells their name here. You're her vixen toy, and probably you know now, that you've been traded for the night.«

Rey nodded. She suddenly felt very vulnerable in her chains, but in a way the situation was also incredibly sexy. She looked into the face of the otter and got locked in his eyes. »What are you going to do with me?« she whispered.

»Nothing you wouldn't agree to,« he replied. »We have several rules in our community. One is, while we're sharing, the toy's the one who decides, not the owner. So there's nothing for you to worry about.« He looked around and found the muzzle harness. »Is this yours?« Rey nodded slowly. »I kinda like that. Care to put it on for me?«

Rey's stomach contracted and relaxed uncontrollably, her emotions falling all over each other. But still she stared into the dark brown eyes of her new owner for the night. As if in trance she took the harness from his paws, and when he released her paws from her collar she slipped it over her muzzle, strapping it tightly in place and finally locking it shut. Then he locked her paws to the crotch straps, just the way Donya had always done, and pushed her down to the ground. »Now enjoy!«

The otter was gentle yet demanding, playing curiously with his new toy, trying to find all the sensitive spots and nerves in her body. Rey was just letting it all happen, being helpless anyway. She enjoyed the attentions the man was giving her, his experienced paws and tongue making her go crazy with emotions and lust. Soon she was writhing and moaning uncontrollably, straining against her bonds and trying to escape from the trap that she had willingly walked into. To top it all the vibrator buzzed on from time to time, adding to the feelings she was already trying to cope with. But finally it was too much for her and she climaxed hard for several times. The arms of the otter wrapped around her tightly, holding and comforting her until she was quiet again.

Rey spent the rest of the night in his arms. She was held captive all the time, but she was feeling great and secure, despite that. While they enjoyed each other, she kept looking out for Donya and the skunk toy she had taken, and when she found her she saw them rolling around on the grass, playing with each other. She got a little bit jealous, but then the otter caught her eye again, and those feelings were forgotten instantly.

Part IV: Playtime's over

Rey woke with a start. She tried to sit up and get her bearings, but her paws wouldn't move. She sagged back and slowly came to her senses. This was her own bedroom, the light of the sun drawing bright patterns on her sheets, so it must be way after noon now. Her front paws were chained to the steel bars above her head and her ankles were restrained likewise. The vixen rolled around as best as she could and looked at the watch on her bedside table. It was four pm. »Oh, crap!« she exclaimed. »It's already late! Donya? Are you there?«

»Yes, I am my dear,« the voice from her friend came in from outside the room. A few moments later she stepped in, carrying a big tablet with lots of stuff on it. »I guessed you'd sleep in long, so I already got up and prepared a little breakfast.« She placed the tablet on the bed next to Rey and unlocked her front paws.

Rey only realized how hungry she was, when she started eating. »Donya, it was a wonderful time. I just don't know how I can thank you for this. And for the gorgeous present you gave me.« She flicked her right ear and the ring glittered in the sunlight.

»Don't mention it. It was fun for me, too.«

»But I feel like I was getting all the share and you-«

Donya giggled. »You really think that I'd go through all this without having fun myself? Believe me, I was well taken care of.«

»I guessed that. This skunk girl last night seemed to be very - um - enthusiastic.«

»Yes, she was,« Donya said, biting a huge chunk from her toast. »I hope you enjoyed your company as much as I did enjoy mine.«

»Yes, no problem there.« Rey remembered the otter vividly. His paws and tongue had been part of this night's dreams. She wondered if he had enjoyed himself this much, too.

»Very good.«



»I think, it's time you set me free again,« Rey said, her ears going flat against her skull.

Donya smiled and stroked her friend's head. »You want to stop, then?«

»No, not really, but I think we should. Tomorrow is coming fast and I think I'll need some time to get over the happenings of the past days.«

»I see.« Donya got up and left the room for a moment. When she came back she carried some of Rey's clothes. »You're right. We have to get back to normal life again. But you can be sure that I only release you physically. Mentally you still are my little plaything.«

»It's just what I want to be,« Rey smiled.

Donya released Rey's limbs and removed all the cuffs. When she set about to open the collar, Rey stopped her.

»Please, leave this one where it is,« Rey said. »I want to keep it there to remind me of you when you're gone. I'll take it off tomorrow myself.«

»Sure,« Donya replied. »But don't forget, or you'll have a hard time to explain this to your colleagues.« They both laughed and finished their meal quickly.

»Those people last night, who were they? And where did you take me?«

Donya put a finger on Rey's nose, making her squint for a moment. »I told you, the place was a secret. And I'll leave it like this. Just to clear things up a little, the owner was one of the people who were on the party, but even I don't know who they might be. And don't ask me about names. Nobody knows them.«

Rey nodded. »I suppose this is all for the better.«

»Yeah. I gotta go now. It's getting pretty late and I have to prepare my things for work tomorrow.«

Rey put away her dishes and embraced her friend tightly. »I hope we can get together again, soon,« she said.

»We will, my toy, we will.« Donya stroked her paw over Rey's back until she stepped back and went to the door. »I'll call you up later tomorrow, okay?«

»Fine by me. See you around!«


The vixen sat on her knees on the bed until she heard the door slam shut. At this moment everything started to return to normal life again. The cuffs and locks that lay around everywhere seemed to come from another century long forgotten. The image of the group she had met last night already started to fade away. Only the face of the otter remained stuck in her thoughts like an afterglow from looking too long into a bright light. She wondered who he was and what his normal life was like.

Rey looked at the clothes, Donya had left for her on the bed. For a moment they seemed utterly useless, and then she just tossed them from the bed with a swipe of her paw and laughed until she fell on her back. True, life was returning to normal, but only for a short time.