The Olive Game
(a furry love story (C)02-Dec-1998 by Dario Abatianni <>)

"Honey! I'm home." Kenneth shut the door and took off his business jacket. Absent-minded he hung it to the hook at the wall and went on into the living room. He was a normal red fox as you can meet them every day on the street, working in an office of a big fashion company. Quite normal - except for one thing. And this was the reason for the depressed mood he was in since a few months. With a small moan he sat down on the couch and undid his necktie. A few seconds later he felt the soft paws of his wife on his shoulders, gently stroking the well-groomed fur.

"Hello, sweetheart," she said and gave him a quick lick over his cheek. "How was your day at work?"

"Boring, as usual." He smiled. "What's for dinner? I'm starving."

She grinned. "Also, as usual. I prepared potatoes, mushrooms and fine gravy. I'm sure you'll like it."

"I always do," he said and rose. Together they sat down at the kitchen table and enjoyed the meal. Afterwards they cleaned up the table and put the dishes onto the sink. While Holly took care of the washing up, Kenneth grabbed his briefcase and went into his home-office to finish some of the paperwork for the Friday's weekly income statistics.


The voice of his mate made him look up from his work. "Yes, dear?"

She leaned against the doorframe and watched him, speaking softly. "I went to town today and talked to Dr. Marsh again. He said, maybe he could help us with our problem."

"You went to that quack again? You know, what the other doctors say about him."

"At least, he listened to me instead of just prescribing another medicine for you. Based on the data I provided him the last time he developed a brand new remedy, tailor made for us." She lifted a small bowl of glass, filled with pebble-sized green pills. "Maybe it really works. And if it doesn't, it was at least worth a try."

"Yes, another one," Kenneth sighed. "You said, he invented it for us. What about the reliability? Has it been tested before?"

Holly shrugged. "I don't know. But he sounded very confident. One should take one of these pills twelve hours before the - the act and then all should be fine." She smiled uncertainly. "I think, I should've asked you before."

Kenneth snorted. "Ah, heck. Why not. The worst thing that could happen would probably be a bad headache the next day. Who knows, maybe this stuff really does the trick." He reached out a paw but Holly drew the bowl back. "What is it?"

"Remember? Twelve hours before. This means you'll have to take one pill about lunchtime. If you'd take one now, you'll probably get in a very embarrassing situation with one of your cute secretaries." She put a special emphasis on the last two words and tilted her head to the side, letting her eyelids flutter.

He decided to play along with her. "Aww, come on, Holly. You know, that you're my only cute secretary."

"Maybe you wouldn't have a choice. The doctor said, it would be enough for a whole night of fun."

"I always have a choice. Just like now." He dropped the pen on the table, shut his books and rose quickly.

Holly giggled and fled into the living room. Kenneth was right on her heels, growling deeply in his throat. She took shelter behind the couch and they circled about, keeping eye to eye with one another. With a quick leap, he suddenly was on the other side, no more than three feet away from her. Nevertheless, her reaction was fast. This time she had put the table between them. Again, they began to chase themselves around a bit until he grabbed the tabletop and pushed it against the opposite wall, causing her to jump aside with a short scream. Within a second he was upon her and grabbed her paws, holding her tightly to the wall. They were both breathing heavily.

Kenneth felt the warm, soft fur rubbing against his chest. Her snout was only a fraction of an inch away and he could feel her tension when he came closer. Then their noses touched for a second. Holly opened her muzzle and licked his flews with her tongue. He followed her example and soon they were kissing passionately, their tongues twisting about each other. He still held her paws firmly in place while she pressed her body against his. Little moans of lust escaped her mouth, her eyes tightly shut.

When he released her, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled herself close. Her paws gently stroked the fur on his back, toyed playful with the single strands. He enjoyed the warmth of her body against his and tried to feel as much of her at one time as possible. Her pelt under his pads felt wonderful. He slowly traced her spine down to the tail base and wrapped one paw around the thin part. His other paw inched down further between her buttocks, gently rubbing as it went. Heat built up inside his body, the blood rushed in his ears - but then it ceased, trickled away like water through the open drain of a kitchen sink. In his arms Holly breathed deeply with every move he made, but he suddenly felt worn out. With a miserable sigh he let go of her and turned his head away. "I'm sorry, honey."

Holly kept her embrace for a few seconds longer, before she let go of him. "It's okay. Don't worry."

"No, it's not okay," he burst out. "I don't want to disappoint you like this all the time! How can I possibly feel good, when I know, that my-"

She quickly licked the side of his face to shush him. "I know, sweetheart, I know. But don't punish yourself like this. Tomorrow you'll take one of the pills by lunchtime and we can try again. If Doctor Marsh was right, our problems should be history."

"And if not? What, if I can never please you again? I don't want you to live with this!"

"Whatever happens, we will make it, trust me. Just try this new drug and we'll see, okay?" She gave him a noselick and rose. "We should try to get some sleep now."

Together they went into the bedroom. Kenneth lay down silently and Holly curled up at his side. The bowl with the pills stood on his bedside table.

When he woke, it was still dark. His wife still slept peacefully next to him. For a short time, he listened to the sound of her breathing, but the sleep didn't come again. There was a strange feeling in his body that kept him awake. Carefully he stood up and went into the kitchen. A bottle of orange juice stood on the cupboard, and he took a deep sip out of it. The feeling persisted. He opened the fridge and peered inside. A small bowl of olives was standing there. He took them out and closed the door again. Then he went back into the bedroom, where Holly sat huddled in the sheets, watching him closely. "You're up?" he asked.

"Just like you," she answered wearily. "What are you up to?"

He lifted the bowl of olives. "I couldn't sleep so I went for a small snack. Want some?" He sat on the bed and offered her the small fruits. But when she reached out her paw, he suddenly pulled back the bowl. "Ah, you're hungry?" He smiled when he saw her surprised expression. Slowly he picked up one of the olives and held it close to her muzzle. Teasingly he rolled it across her nose before she finally lapped at it with her tongue and grabbed it between her teeth. In the meantime Ken took another one out of the bowl and started the game all over. But this time he used his snout to hold the olive in place. When she tried again to reach the fruit with her tongue, he dabbed his own against hers. With a little yelp, she drew her tongue back, but she managed it not to drop the olive. Cautiously she moved closer to him, lay her arms at his sides and began stroking the fur.

"You seem different this night," she whispered, still juggling the fruit.

"Yes. Something's happened to me. I feel stronger than I did for weeks." With a quick motion he flicked his tongue over her nose and swallowed the olive whole.

"Maybe the drug really works wonders." This time she picked up the next one and carefully took it between her incisors. She rolled onto his body and held his arms next to his head.

He moaned with anticipation. "But I didn't take any."

Slowly she descended her muzzle towards his. When their noses touched, he used his canine teethes to grab around the fruit before pulling it out of her mouth. "Well, actually you did," she said softly. "I ground one of them this morning and poured it over your lunch." As if by magic another olive appeared in her mouth.

"You little rascal," he giggled. "Playing such a dirty trick on me." He felt the heat rising inside of his body.

She didn't answer but put her muzzle onto his instead. Then she gave his arms free, their tongues wrestling once again. She carefully raked her claws through his cheek tufts while they rolled over.

He picked up the olives and grinned at her. "I'm afraid, I'll have to eat you for this." Slowly he slanted the bowl and dropped the fruits onto her body. She giggled but did not move when the small objects nestled into her fur. Ken slowly lay down on her, pinned her arms against the bed sheets and started nuzzling through her pelt. Every time he found an olive, he thoroughly licked it up and ate it. Holly squirmed with lust under his weight while he worked his way over her whole body and through the rich fur on her chest.

One time he picked up a fruit and placed it into her nose. "Don't drop this," he commanded. She kept perfectly still, while he nosed for the rest of the fruits. He could feel the tension in her body, while he continued his quest. When he finally found the last olive he got up on all fours, without releasing her hands, and licked her forehead. "You may eat it now," he said and smiled.

Holly extended her tongue, dabbed playfully at the small fruit and dragged it finally into her mouth. "I never saw you so demanding before."

"Do you like it?" He licked her neck and gnawed cautiously at the skin below the fur.

Instead of an answer she lifted her head a bit and nuzzled his throat. Her tongue left wet traces on the fur.

He shifted his weight a bit to get into a more comfortable position and lowered his body again, this time gently entering her body. She drew in a harsh breath and relaxed a moment later. The smile on her face showed how long she had been waiting for this moment to come. He lay down on her and finally gave free her arms. His muzzle aimed for her throat and he nipped shortly at the soft pelt. Low growls came out of his throat when she wrapped her arms around him and guided his movements. Holly was moaning softly in a high-pitched voice. Their tongues met and they kissed again, full of passion this time.

Her claws dug into the fur on his back, while their rhythmic motions were accompanied by the sounds of harsh breath and deep sighs. He felt her legs wrapped around his, enchaining him in a most sensual way. Her paws went deeper down his spine, caressing his tail and bottom. Their kisses grew to nippings, their moans to small cries, until they both reached the pinnacle they had been waiting for so long.

Quite a long time they stayed close together, stroking and licking their fur. They enjoyed the feeling of slowly ceasing heat, they both had built up inside. Finally Kenneth's mind blurred, while he lay entwined with his lover, exhausted and happy.

The faint morning light trickled through the slit of the curtain and woke him. Holly was still asleep, curled up next to him, breathing softly. He thought about the things that happened a few hours ago and smiled. At last he wouldn't need those drugs anymore. Silently he rose and went into the living room to dress up and get ready for work. When he was done, he peered once again into the bedroom and heard Holly moving. "Good morning, honey," he said softly. "I'm off for work. Thank you for the wonderful night. Maybe we could play this olive game some time again, can't we?" He waved into the dimness and left.

Holly rubbed her ears and tried to understand, what Kenneth just told her. What was this game he was talking about? And what was so special with the last night?

Finally she shrugged and got up. Ken had slept very uneasy - more than once she was woken up by his voice muttering indistinguishable words. Sometimes he even grabbed for her and she had put her arms around him until he was quiet again. Poor Ken, she thought. I really hope, these pills will help him. By lunchtime she would call him in the office and remind him of his duty.

She froze in her steps with this thought. Did he take the medicine with him? At once she turned around and went into the bedroom. Her paw found the light switch and she looked to the bedside table. The bowl was still there, but it was nearly empty. Only one pill remained, green like an olive.