a furry erotic story ©28-Oct-2001 by Eisfuchs (eisfuchs@tigress.com)

Author's note:

This is the first installment of the series about Rey and Donya, two girls who knew each other for a long time and found out about their mutual interest. All parts of the series are written in a way that they can be read without having read their prequels, but I recommend to read them in their chronological order, as of now:

01. Random
02. Toys

This story is a work of fiction. All characters are © by Eisfuchs. This text is for mature readers only, so if you are not of legal age in your country, please stop reading. I give the permission to repost or upload this story freely as long as the text and this copyright message are left untouched.

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Part I: The Victim

Rey hacked the last three lines of code into the simulator, saved her project and hit the »Compile« button. She sat back in her chair and folded the arms before her chest while she watched the compiler putting her program together. This project was in finishing state now and she made good progress. When the simulator was through it started her program. Rey looked at the screen for a moment and decided to get a cup of coffee while she was waiting for the algorithm to complete. She had always been called the »tech head« amongst her friends, but this was what she was doing best. She wasn't a typical computer geek, though. She enjoyed going out with her friends at night and she wasn't limited to one topic when it came to discussions. Now she was twenty-four years old and quite happy with the life she was living.

With the cup full of hot, steaming liquid in her paw the vixen returned to her desk and looked at the result her code had produced. Perfect!

»Yes!« she exclaimed and sat into her chair, packaging the new binary and sending it out to the testing people. She looked at the clock and smiled. 6:15 PM, just in time. She quit her simulator, shut down the system and got ready for closing time.

The evening traffic wasn't too bad so she only needed about fifteen minutes to reach the squash center in the middle of her district. Donya's car was already standing there and she hurried to the trunk, got out her gear and went inside to get dressed for the match. In the locker room she put on her blue tank top, matching shorts and white tennis shoes. Then she tied her voluptuous mane behind her head to a tidy braid and grabbed her racket. When she reached their court Donya was already warming up, beating the ball repeatedly against the opposite wall. The raccoon was two years younger than her, a little heavier built but without looking plump.

When the ball slipped past Donya's racket Rey scratched at the glass door of the court with her claws and the raccoon turned towards her. With a smile she scooped up the ball from the floor and caught it in her paw before she went out to her vixen friend. »Hi Rey! You finally made it?«

»Yes, work was tough today. The damn thing just would not compute the correct numbers. But I got it sorted out eventually. So, shall we start?«

Donya tossed her the ball. »Sure. Just do a warm up, I'll have a sip first.«

Rey smiled and caught the warm ball in her paw before she entered the court herself. Some minutes later the two girls were chasing each other through the small room, shouting loudly and enjoying the great work-out.

After some great matches and two short breaks they decided to call it an evening and went to the showers. The hot water caressed their heated bodies and both of them let out loud moans of relief. They cleaned their fur, relaxed their worn out muscles and toweled themselves down.

»Donya, I'd like to ask you a - rather unusual question,« Rey started when they were back in the locker room and packing their stuff together.

»Fire away,« Donya said in a muffled voice, struggling with the laces of her shoes while she held her money bag in her teeth. It was a typical behavior for her, always a little unorganized and trying to do all things at once.

Rey thought about it for a moment before she started to speak again. »I plan to do something - special tonight and I want to play it safe. So I'd like to give you the spare key to my apartment, in case I wouldn't be - umm - able to leave bed tomorrow morning.«

Donya stopped in what she was doing, balancing on one leg and looking at her friend in amusement. She put her shoe down and took the bag out of her mouth. »Oh, I see,« she smiled. »You're going to get a little tied up in your fantasies tonight?« Donya giggled.

»Uh - yeah, you could say that.« Rey could feel her ears turning red under her fur and she avoided the looks of the raccoon. »So are you okay with it? I mean, I planned it all out and there shouldn't be anything going wrong.«

Donya bent over and busily tied her shoelaces. »You know I'll help you wherever I can.«

»Thank you. I'll call you tomorrow morning at seven and tell you that everything is all right. If I don't you call me and make sure that I just forgot to tell you, okay?«

»Okay. I'm curious about what you've planned for yourself, though.« The raccoon grinned and took the key Rey was offering her.

»Maybe I'll show it to you some day,« the vixen said, a little embarrassed but glad that her friend had agreed to assist her. »If something goes wrong and you can't reach me, please come over to my flat and - help me out.«

»Sure thing,« Donya said and put the key in her money bag.

They got the rest of their things out of the lockers and went to the parking lot. Donya wished her friend a good and playful night and got into her car, leaving the vixen behind. Rey was still a little nervous that she had told her friend about her fantasies but she didn't want to face the consequences in case something went wrong.

Rey started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot towards her domicile. The streets were much less occupied now that it was past ten o'clock and she was home quickly. She entered her flat and unpacked her things. She deliberately took her time, trying to delay her little game as much as possible. After an extensive evening meal she threw her sports dress into the laundry and selected a nice looking garment for the next day. All this took quite some time but by midnight she couldn't delay it any longer. She had to try out her new invention and now she didn't want to wait one more minute.

A few moments later she walked into her bedroom. Since she only had two rooms in her flat this also served as her home office and working place. She went over to her desk and turned on her PC. After a short time the machine was up and running and she started a play list of calm mp3 files that easily lasted for more than ten hours. Then she switched off the display and picked up a small, fancy looking circuit board from the desk. It was heavily decorated with wires and had many small lights and buttons on it. All in all it looked like some prototype hardware for testing purposes.

Rey took it to her bedside table and plugged in the power supply. When she switched the device on some of the small LEDs started flashing in a chaotic pattern and finally stopped, only one of them still blinking once in a second. The vixen was contented with that and smiled to herself. After switching on the small lamp on the table she turned around to her full length mirror and started to take off her clothes, one piece at a time. At the thought of her new little game she was going to play she got more and more excited and deliberately slowed down her motions to keep herself from ripping the fabric off of her body. When she was naked she went back to the bedside table again and put on some of her most favorite perfume.

Kneeling in front of the small cabinet she opened a door and took out a bag full of various toys she was using, when she played at night. Sitting down on the bed she started sorting out the things she would need this time. She selected three padlocks, two bigger ones that could be opened with the same key and another relatively small brass lock with a tiny key to it, and snapped them open. With a grin she sorted out the keys and put them onto the bedside table. Two padded leather restraints were next from the bag. They had been custom made for her wrists by one of her friends. She had told him that she needed them for training at home; she wasn't very open about her hobbies at that time. The same friend also made her two steel clamps that fit to the bars of her bed and had D-rings on them, so she could fasten the wrist cuffs there. When she bought herself a bed she had chosen this type because it had many steel bars at both ends that made it easy to attach any kind of restraining devices to it. It looked like it was cut out from jail bars and certainly this added to the effect she wanted to produce.

She rummaged through her toys and finally found three neoprene padded velcro cuffs, a set of strange looking leather straps and a vibrator, that she had modified herself. She had drilled a hole into the bottom of the plug and mounted a jack with a locking mechanism into it. This was to replace the batteries with an external power source and the wire was secured against being pulled out by accident.

Rey stroked her paw over the assortment of toys and felt the anticipation rushing through her. She picked up the leather cuffs, slipped one of them over her left wrist and locked it there with one of the bigger padlocks. Of course this didn't affect her movements at all, but it felt nice and snug around her wrist and gave her a taste of what was about to come. She did the same with the second cuff, enjoying the slight pressure it was producing.

After she had stuffed the rest of her toys back into the bedside table she returned to her bed, took one of the steel clamps in each paw and lay herself spread-eagled in the middle of the big mattress. She lay the clamps down where her paws had been and started to mount them at the appropriate bars of her bed. Another small device from her table was next in line, a small electromagnet that she mounted to the upper bars of the bed, about two feet above the left clamp. The connecting wire of the magnet was plugged to the circuit board.

Another two long wires were lying on the table. Rey took one of them, that had a big button soldered at one end, and ran it to the right clamp, where she mounted the button next to it to the bars. The last wire had a small electronic plug at the end. She ran it from the circuit board around her bed and through the bars at the footboard until it lay openly in the middle of the mattress.

Seeing all her equipment finally set up made her think about her game again and she shuddered a little in anticipation. She could feel herself getting a bit wet already and quickly dragged her paw away from where it was stroking her, she hadn't even noticed that she was touching herself until now. To distract herself from those thoughts she continued the preparations; of course this only served to make her even more excited but she had to get ready quickly or she would lose it completely and just sate herself right now.

With shivering paws she fetched a piece of strong thread from her table and tied it to the electromagnet's chassis. She measured the length down to the mattress and cut it off there a little shorter. Impatiently she took one of the keys for her wrist locks and tied it to the free end of the string. While she held the key to the bottom of the magnet she pushed one of the small buttons on the circuit board. The key got attracted to the magnet with a soft metallic click and stayed in place. Rey swallowed hard and started to breathe more deeply.

Next she took the three velcro restraints and tied them to the foot of her bed. Two of them went to the place where her ankles had been when she had measured the places for the metal clamps, and the third was in the middle of them, perpendicular to the footboard. Finally, about one hour after she had started, her preparations were through. But before she wanted to go any further she decided to visit the bathroom. The vixen didn't want to take any risk with that. After all it was meant to be pleasure, and she surely was heavily into bondage but not torture.

When she came back, holding a small towel in her paw, she stopped at the cabinet and unlocked her wrist cuffs, leaving the padlocks dangling from the leather restraints. She made sure that all the keys were lying on the cabinet, next to her circuit board, and picked up the rest of her toys. With the flick of her paw she switched off the light. Rey spread the towel in the middle of the bed, sat down on it, and put the items next to her. If there was something like the right time, now it had come.

Rey spread her legs in the same manner as before and reached forward to wrap the soft neoprene cuffs around her ankles. The velcro straps went over the outside of the restraints, and she shut them tightly. She loved these wicked little things. They were sufficiently secure to prevent you from breaking free but yet soft enough to leave the fur and skin unharmed. And when you couldn't reach them with your paws, you would never be able to rip the straps open. The third cuff went to the tip of her voluptuous tail, keeping it strapped down. Experimentally she slid a little backwards to test the limits of her restraints. After little minor corrections she was satisfied and giggled to herself. She felt already so turned on that she almost couldn't stand the thought of what was going to happen.

The vixen picked up the vibrator and pushed it slowly against her slick vagina, moaning deeply when the plug was sliding into her. Panting heavily she took the leather straps and wrapped two ends of them from the back around her hips. She left them there and closed the straps around her tail base. The third end went through the crack of her cheeks, covering her private area and the vibrator, and ending where the other two ends met on her belly. Finally she took the small brass padlock, made sure that the key was lying on her table and threaded the lock through the holes in the straps, exhaling to make the belt fit. It shut with a soft click. Rey writhed a little in anticipation, feeling the vibrator stuck deeply in her. Whatever she would do the toy couldn't slip out of her now, even if she wanted it to. There was only one small hole in the straps and it was exactly over the place where she had added the jack to the vibrator. She picked up the connector at the end of the wire and plugged it in. The cable snapped in audibly.

With shaking paws she lay back and stretched her arms out to the steel clamps. She knew that she would never be able to reach the keys on the table, if she locked her cuffs to the D-rings now. Of course, this was exactly what she wanted to achieve and she fought the urge to rip off her restraints and touch herself. If she wasn't getting this over with quickly she would end up masturbating a few minutes from now. All this reminded her of the pressure in her vagina and she tried to force her thoughts away from the intruder sitting there. It's now or never, girl, she thought and moved her left paw to the clamp with the button. She slipped the padlock through the ring with her free paw and clicked the lock shut.

Now she was already stuck, unable to free herself, but she wanted to be held more securely. She moved her right wrist to the other clamp and fiddled around a bit with the lock. Finally the clip hooked over the D-ring and she grabbed the lock in her paw, holding it at an awkward angle. Straining her paw she pushed the lock against the steel bar and suddenly it clicked shut. Her heart started to beat stronger. She was trapped.

With her mind starting to drift away she lifted her left paw and pushed the button. Instantly some more lights on the circuit board started to flicker but nothing else happened. Rey grinned to herself and started to feel the first effect of the cruel design of her program: uncertainty. The microcontroller was going to switch the vibrator on at random intervals for random durations of time. There was no telling when it would start and when it would stop. Another part applied to the magnet. It would hold the key for again a random time before the controller would interrupt its power supply. The key would fall down for the length of the thread and then keep dangling just in reach of her right paw. The vixen did only know that the time was within the range from thirty minutes to six hours or more. She struggled a little to make herself aware again of how trapped she was and silently hoped for a quick release. Although she had invented the program and counted on her reaction she never would have thought how strong the feelings would become. When she had played before she always had a way out of her bondage, but this time she was completely at the mercy of her little electronic device, with no way to free herself. And even no pleading, threatening or swearing would lead her to freedom again. The only person who could help her out before the time was up was Donya, and she wouldn't be here before morning.

Rey tugged at her bonds playfully, enjoying the feeling of utter helplessness and bathing in the rising arousal that was heating her up. With her arms, legs and tail spread out so completely, she had almost no slack to move around. There was nothing for her to do but wait for the vibrator to kick in and to feel trapped.

Never would she have thought how cruel her program really was. The vixen squirmed and struggled against her restraints for quite a time but the controller did nothing. She was lying there for about twenty minutes, already getting exhausted from her fight, but still without any sign from her device. Rey turned her head to the right and watched the lights on the board flicker. It was obviously still working. But of course she didn't have built in any way to find out how long it would be until something was going to happen. She started to growl a bit and let herself fall back in her bonds. Frustration took over and she cursed herself for her own inventions. Of course she had to go not only for the random key drop time, but for the vibrator, too! Now there she was, lying helplessly in self-imposed bondage, unable to break free or give herself sexual release.

She tried to shift her body to make the vibrator at least move around a bit inside of her. But again, her own inventions turned against her. The straps were deliberately designed to be a perfect fit to her body and they pushed the plug into her with a constant pressure, regardless of how she squirmed or struggled. »You dirty witch!« she cursed herself. Her fantasies never included physical torture, but this kind of denial she was exposed to at the moment was worse than any punishment she could imagine.

What if her program just failed? An undiscovered bug, coming to haunt her at the least suitable moment? She would be forced to lie here, tied spread-eagled to her own bed, until her friend finally would come to free her. At this thought and the inevitable humiliation she would face, she moaned in a mixture of despair and lust. With newfound energy she tugged fiercely at her bonds, but she still was chained down securely. Not even her tail was moving very much.

Suddenly, the vibrator kicked into full gear. Rey jumped in surprise, yelping loud as the stimulation began to rush through her. Only her restraints kept her from doubling over and pulling her legs together. The locks at her cuffs clanked against the steel rings that held her immobile and she sucked in her breath greedily. The surprise and the increased sensitivity of her private parts - from lying there so long without being able to touch herself - caused her mind to blur and she lost track of her thoughts for a few moments.

When the first shock had left she moaned deeply while the vibrator was buzzing away in her vagina. The vixen started to move her hips as good as possible to intensify the feelings she was experiencing. The straps around her lower body did a good job and she lost herself in her emotions, panting heavily and groaning with the newfound pleasure.

But then the vibrator stopped dead again, much too early for her taste. She cried out in frustration and tried to beat her paws on the mattress. Oh, how badly she wished for that key to fall down into her paw now. Rey licked her lips and tried to regain her breath when the vibrator started to buzz again. »Yaaigh!« she exclaimed and started again to writhe in her restraints. If she would not find release this time she was going crazy for sure!

Of course she was being let down again. This went on for a long time, alternating high peaks of lust and sensation mixed with the uncertain waits when nothing was happening. And it was never enough to give her what she was longing for. More than once she was so close, only a few moments more and ... again the vibrator fell silent. Tears of frustration and lust stained the fur on her face when she was rocked by another wave of vibration again.

Time was indifferent for her now, and she didn't know how long she was lying there when she felt something moving on the bed next to her. She snapped out of her trance. The room was still quite dark and the small lights of the controller didn't provide too much light. Who could be in here with her? Instantly she thought of her friend, but it wasn't morning, yet. »Who's there?« she asked in a rough voice. Her previous moans and screams had taken toll of her. »Donya? Is that you?« She was glad that the vibrator had chosen to stay calm at the moment.

Suddenly she felt a paw wrapping around her muzzle, effectively shutting her up. She tried to scream in protest and struggled wildly but her bonds wouldn't let her go. She was trapped and helplessly exposed to whoever the stranger was. Her fear rose when she felt a rope that was being tied around her muzzle. Rey cursed herself for being so foolish to make herself vulnerable to whatever creep might choose her flat for their next raid. When her uninvited visitor tied a piece of cloth over her eyes she merely sagged back in desperation. Inside she braced herself for the worst.

The stranger left her alone for the moment and she could hear that he or she was rummaging around in her possessions. She hoped that this person would just take whatever appealed and leave without hurting her. Rey tried to keep as still as possible but at this moment the controller switched the vibrator on again. Despite herself the vixen bucked and whimpered against the unwanted sensations that spread through her. With a groan she tried to resist the urge to struggle and fight but couldn't help it. Her paws clenched uncontrollably and the locks at her cuffs made clanking noises against the rings.

The stranger seemed to get attracted by the noise and again she sensed a motion on her bed. When she felt padded paws roaming freely over her body, stroking her arms and belly, she instinctively tried to cower and protect herself. Of course this only led to herself straining against the bonds that were holding her in her trap.

Suddenly she felt a wet tongue lapping over the side of her muzzle and the tip of her nose. Even through the fear she felt her arousal rise again. Why did she feel turned on by this? Was she, really? As the paws started to caress her breasts and her body was responding to the touch she thought she was turned on, without a doubt. The paws roamed further and the tongue paid close attention to her breasts.

Suddenly she felt the lock at the straps around her hips snap open; and when she became aware of the vibrator slowly being pulled out of her she tried to scream and struggled wildly, unable to break the hold of her restraints. No! Don't do this, please! she thought and whimpered through her tied muzzle. The vixen tried to protect her suddenly vulnerable private parts with her tail but it was strapped securely to the footboard. Oh yes, if she did something, she always did it with perfection. Even if that meant to do something foolish.

Her eyes widened behind her blindfold when she felt something entering her tailhole. It took her only a second to comprehend that this must be the vibrator and just at this moment it started to buzz again. Rey groaned and writhed under the assault. But in a way the whole situation was so arousing. She had tried anal stimulation before, so she knew how it would feel, but being tied up, gagged and blindfolded, helplessly exposed to a stranger in her own bed ... all this added an exquisite quality to the situation. She was scared out of her mind and she loved it. She only hoped she would survive the night.

Her last thought was pushed away when she felt something entering her vagina. Once again she fought against her bonds, struggled wildly to get away but still she was securely restrained, her wild motions only resulted in clanking noises and the feeling of helplessness. The stranger started to rock back and forth inside of her, unexpected gentle and careful as if the intruder wanted to make sure not to hurt her.

Rey sucked in deep breaths of air through her nose while she was slowly giving in to the sensations. The restraints that held her trapped, the rope tying her muzzle shut, the blindfold, the vibrator in her anus and the strange person dominating her, all this drove her wild. She tried to struggle, to squirm, she tried to cry for help and scratched with her claws against the steel bars of her bed, but still her level of arousal rose more and more. And when the controller once again turned on the vibrator she let out a long muffled scream and orgasmed violently. Colorful stars and speckles shot around in her mind and she felt her body taking control over her muscles. Again and again she felt the delightful contractions and lost herself in them until she strained a final time against her bonds and collapsed. A few moments later she felt the body of the stranger falling down on her, too.

Everything became quiet again and for once, even the vibrator didn't interfere. Rey was still breathing deeply, feeling the body of the stranger lying on top of her. What now? she thought. Just at this moment, she heard a soft click, followed by a metallic jingling.

Part II: The Intruder

With powerful shots the raccoon drove the ball through the court. She had been waiting for Rey for some time now and decided to start her warming up eventually. Probably she had a busy working day and couldn't leave in time. They had been friends for quite a while now and she knew that Rey was always accurate in what she was doing.

When Donya missed the next shot and turned to pick up the ball she heard a soft scratching noise from the glass door of the court. Rey was standing on the other side, waving. The raccoon smiled and flicked the ball off the floor with her racket and caught it in her paw. »Hi Rey! You finally made it?« she asked cheerfully when she went through the door.

»Yes, work was tough today. The damn thing just would not compute the correct numbers. But I got it sorted out eventually. So, shall we start?«

Donya tossed the ball to her friend and left the court to her for warming up. She sat down on the bench for a few minutes, drank some of the water she hat brought and finally joined the vixen in the court. They enjoyed some cheerful matches and it was not before ten o'clock that they decided to hit the showers and finally go home. Rey seemed a bit eager to leave early today and Donya wondered about the reason for this.

After the shower they went into the locker room and started to pack their things. Donya put on her shoes, stuck her money bag between her teeth to get both paws free, and started to tie her shoelaces.

»Donya, I'd like to ask you a - rather unusual question,« Rey said. A slight uneasiness in her voice showed that she wasn't quite sure about what to say.

»Fire away,« Donya replied. She was still struggling with the ties but kept close attention to what her friend was trying to tell her.

Rey seemed to arrange the words in her mind for some time before she finally spoke, »I plan to do something - special tonight and I want to play it safe. So I'd like to give you the spare key to my apartment, in case I wouldn't be - umm - able to leave bed tomorrow morning.«

Donya paused and thought about what she just heard. Balancing on one leg she looked at her friend and smiled as good as she could when she understood what Rey was going to do. Now she knew, why she had been so impatient in the court. She put her foot down and took the bag out of her mouth. »Oh, I see,« she said, giggling. »You're going to get a little tied up in your fantasies tonight?«

»Uh - yeah, you could say that.« Donya could tell how embarrassed Rey must feel at this moment. She never spoke much about her private life and this idea was quite daring even for a generally open-minded person. Her friend obviously tried not to look into her face while she continued, »So are you okay with it? I mean, I planned it all out and there shouldn't be anything going wrong.«

Of course she had planned all out! She always did. Donya bent over to continue with her laces. »You know I'll help you wherever I can.«

»Thank you. I'll call you tomorrow morning at seven and tell you that everything is all right. If I don't you call me and make sure that I just forgot to tell you, okay?«

Donya wasn't into this kind of things herself but she couldn't deny that she had thought about what it would be like to gain complete control over another person. With a warm smile she took the key out of Rey's outstretched paw. »Okay. I'm curious about what you've planned for yourself, though.«

»Maybe I'll show it to you some day,« her friend said with her voice shaking slightly. Donya sincerely doubted that. »If something goes wrong and you can't reach me, please come over to my flat and - help me out.«

»Sure thing,« she replied and put the key into her money bag.

They finished packing and went out to the parking lot. The air had become a little chilly and Donya shivered slightly under her still damp fur. She hurried to stuff her bag into the trunk and unlocked the driver's door. »Well, see you tomorrow, either here or ... you know where.« She giggled. »Have a good and playful night.«

»I love you, too,« Rey replied, a little annoyed but in good humor.

Donya laughed and got into her car. She honked briefly and drove out of the parking lot onto the nearly deserted street. Now that her friend wasn't there anymore she started to laugh. What an interesting night this was. On her way home she pondered about what Rey might have thought up for herself. Surely it had to be something that could go wrong and leave her in a desperate situation. All the better that she decided to tell her about it.

When she got home she was still giggling from time to time. She toyed with the idea to call Rey every once and again to see if she was still able to answer the phone, but of course she did nothing like that. Instead she went into the kitchen and fixed her evening meal. Laden with a plate full of hot soup, some slices of toast and the newspaper she went back into the living room and sat down at the table. While she ate she idly solved some squares in the crossword puzzle. When she got bored with that she leaned back on the couch and turned on the television. But she didn't find any interesting show to watch so she just let her mind wander and relaxed a bit from the hard day and the work out at the squash center.

Donya woke with a start. The television was still running and showed a bad excuse for a soap opera. The raccoon groaned and stretched her muscles. Slowly she rose and went over into the kitchen to get herself something to drink but there was nothing left in the fridge. »This keeps getting better,« Donya growled and shook her head to clear the mist before her eyes. With a deep sigh she decided to go out and buy some bottles of lemonade. She went back into the living room and took her purse out of her sports bag. When she looked inside something fell out and hit the floor with a soft tinkle. It was the key Rey had given her.

Instantly a thought came up in her mind. She looked at the wall clock. Two thirty, Rey would be in the middle of her little game by now. But wouldn't this be a violation of her friend's privacy? Probably, yes. She put the key back into her purse, made sure that she had enough money and got dressed. A few minutes later she was on her way, driving to the small shop at the other end of the district.

It didn't take her long to get a few bottles of lemonade and get back to her car, after she had reached the shop. Still, she didn't feel like going home again. The thought about her friend and her unknown game didn't leave her; she just had to find out at least something about that. Well, if nothing else she could drive by Rey's home, just to see if she had already turned off the light. After all it was just a few miles from here. A little nervous she started the engine and was on the road again.

When she reached her destination she stopped and got out of the car. The house was dark and silent. Donya went around the building to have a look at the bedroom window high above her. Nothing to see, either, so she probably was asleep already or still engaged in her little game. The raccoon turned around and went back to her car, sat on the driver's seat and stuck the key into the ignition lock. A second later she pulled it out again, grabbed the key out of her purse and left the car. Damn! Rey would kill her for this, but if she didn't try to find out what was going on in there Donya would just die a horrible death of curiosity.

It took her only a minute to reach the third floor and the door to Rey's flat. She stuck the key into the lock and turned it silently. Fortunately the door didn't make a noise, but her own heartbeat and her blood pounded and rushed in her ears. Donya sneaked into the hallway and closed the door behind her without a sound. Soft music was filling the air, originating from the bedroom door ahead. Cautiously she tiptoed to the door and found it ajar. She pushed it open a little and tried to peer into the dark room behind it. All she could see were some tiny lights flickering in one corner of the room.

She bent forward a little, until she could stick her head into the room. Now she saw the dark figure of her friend lying on the bed. Rey was obviously enjoying herself, moaning deeply and breathing heavily. But Donya was wondering, why she didn't move at all.

When her eyes had adjusted a little more, she could make out her friend lying in a spread-eagled position on her bed, her front and hind paws tied to the frame of the bed, even her tail was restrained. Donya saw some wires originating from the device with the lights in the corner running to the bed. She must have used one of her tech toys, although the raccoon couldn't think about how it could help her with this.

Donya kept watching her friend for some time. Rey writhed and strained against her bonds and it became pretty obvious that she had chained herself up securely enough that she could not free herself. The raccoon swallowed hard at the thought of being helplessly trapped like this. How was she going to get free eventually? How long was she already lying here? Of course, she had given her the keys to her flat but she said, this was only in case of emergency. Donya kept staring at her friend who was just starting to moan loudly, and there was another sound in the air; somewhere the faint buzz of a vibrator was audible. It hadn't been there moments ago. So this little device obviously controlled her pleasures in some kind of pattern. Typically Rey's tech head again. She always strived for the highest possible impact.

Donya retreated from the door and went into the living room, partly to distract herself from the sight in the bedroom, partly to think about, what she should do next. Now that she knew what Rey was doing, she could as well get back into her car and drive home. Tomorrow she would call her and find out if her little adventure went through or if she needed help. But somehow this whole story excited her more than she wanted to admit. Her friend was helpless, completely at the mercy of anyone who would come to find her.

The raccoon sat down on the armrest of the couch and tried to make head or tail of her thoughts. While she pondered she heard Rey moaning loudly from the bedroom. Her blood rushed up and she felt the desire to join her friend nearly overwhelming her. She looked around the room and saw a short rope lying on the table in front of the television. As if she was in trance she stood up, went over to the table and picked it up. It was smooth but strong, and she could see that it had been tied to knots more than once. She experimentally wrapped it around her wrist and tugged a few times. It felt good. Rey, you really should pack away your toys after you played with them, she thought with a wide grin. Her decision was set.

With quick steps Donya left the living room and stood in the hallway. She took a scarf from the coatrack and went to the bedroom door again. Rey's struggles seemed to have stopped a little. She was just breathing heavily, moaning softly under her breath. The sound of the vibrator was gone, too, so it really was controlled automatically in some way. The raccoon felt herself getting aroused again by the sight of her trapped friend lying before her. Silently, Donya entered the room and crouched down, but Rey wouldn't be able to see her anyway, even if she opened her eyes; she seemed too lost in herself. At this moment the vibrator started to come to life again and Rey let out a long, husky moan of pleasure. Donya suppressed her own moans of anticipation, this was just so sexy.

While she watched the vixen she tried to make out how this thing was working. She already had found out that the little circuit board on the bedside table was controlling the whole show. The wire between Rey's legs obviously supplied the power for the vibrator, switching it on and off at whatever time intervals she had chosen. Another two wires went to the headboard. One of them was connected to a little metal thing, mounted high above the left wrist cuff. A piece of string was tied there and - a key stuck to the underside of the device. So this must be her release plan. The key would fall down when the magnet was switched off. But did she know when this would happen? Donya was pretty sure she didn't. The third wire went over to the other side of the bed and the raccoon could not make out what it was for.

Suddenly the vibrator stopped and Rey struggled madly in her bonds. Obviously it hadn't been enough to give her satisfaction. But at the same time she seemed not to be able to give herself release. Donya was determined to find out how she had set this whole thing up.

Cautiously she slipped onto the bed, keeping out of the field of vision. Rey obviously had put on some perfume and it's fragrance heightened her own arousal. The vixen seemed to notice that something was going on and Donya quickly ducked.

»Who's there?« Rey asked. Her voice sounded rough, strained by constant moaning »Donya? Is that you?«

The raccoon didn't answer. Now the time had come to live her fantasy. She reached out and wrapped her left paw around her friend's muzzle. Foxes were so easy to shut up. Rey started to growl and scream in protest, she struggled in her restraints but she was securely held down. Donya took the rope and wrapped it a few times around the vixen's muzzle and tied it shut. Then she grabbed the scarf, folded it up lengthwise once and quickly covered Rey's eyes, so she couldn't see, who was there with her.

Rey struggled and tried to scream, all in vain. She had built the perfect trap for herself and Donya was going to savor her domination for some time. The raccoon left the bed and started to make loud rummaging noises, as if someone was searching the house. Actually she was, but her search was limited to the bedside table where she presumed she would find some more toys to play with. Her search was rewarded. Inside she found a bag full of various sex tools and she had to suppress a giggle. She never would have guessed!

She sorted through the stuff and found a nice looking strap-on dildo that had a normal shaped phallus in the font and a plug of the same size on the inside of the harness. Donya smiled and ran her paws over the smooth latex toy. Quickly she rose and began to strip. Her own arousal had reached a level that didn't allow rational thinking now. All she wanted was to pleasure her friend, while she was enjoying her domination.

When she was naked she took out the bottle with lubricant and applied some of it to the inner plug. Then she sat down on the floor, spread her legs and let the plug slide into her, biting her lower lip to stifle her moans of pleasure. Her paws were shaking a little, when she closed the straps around her hips and over her tailbase. This thing felt really good. Slowly she came to her feet and looked down for a moment at her suddenly changed body. She wrapped her paw around the outer shaft and stroked it slowly, just like a man would do. It felt nice, both to the touch of her paw and the motion the plug made inside her while she moved it. She wondered, who her friend was playing with, that she had such nice toys in her closet. Donya started to breathe more deeply and she applied some of the lubricant to the outer shaft now, too.

Once again, the buzzing started and Rey groaned deeply. The raccoon climbed back onto the bed again a few moments later, enjoying the feeling of the dildo inside of her. The vixen was obviously trying to keep still but her paws repeatedly clenched and opened, her arms strained against her cuffs, making clanking noises while she fought. Donya tried to imagine how she must be feeling at the moment; she was tied up helplessly, gagged and blindfolded, and she knew there was somebody there with her. Softly she started to stroke the fur on Rey's arms and belly. This caused the vixen to strain against her bonds again, still to no avail.

Donya enjoyed the sight of her helpless friend and bent over to lick her muzzle and nose quickly. The vixen breathed heavily and obviously tried to avoid the contact. But there was nothing she could do. Donya was in control. The raccoon let her paws slide over Rey's breasts and she felt the hard nipples under the fur. So she still was enjoying her entrapment. Donya grinned and bent over to move her tongue over the same spot. At the same time her paw wandered down to the straps that covered her private parts. A small lock prevented access so she just stroked over the belts, plucked at them a little and teased the bottom of the vibrator.

She looked around and saw the keys lying on the bedside table. Donya took the smallest of them and tried to unlock the straps. It opened without a problem and the raccoon removed the power cord and folded the belts aside. Rey started to struggle and screamed through her closed muzzle and her tail twitched uselessly when the raccoon started to pull the vibrator out of her vagina. When it finally was out she grinned widely and pushed it slowly up her friend's tailhole. Rey whimpered in protest but she could do nothing to stop it. When the vibrator was completely inside, Donya reconnected the wire and instantly the buzzing resumed. The vixen groaned and writhed, and now it wasn't clear if it was with pleasure or fear.

Moaning to herself Donya kneeled between Rey's legs, to both sides of her outstretched tail. The emotions were taking over her mind and she started to pant a little. With quick movements she lowered her strap-on to the vixen's vagina and slowly started to push it in. The lubricant and the slick natural juices made her penetration easy and smooth. Rey tugged against her bonds like mad, making clanking noises against the clamps that held her wrists; there was no escape. Donya knew that at this time her friend must be scared out of her mind but she also knew that she was enjoying her predicament immensely.

Slowly she started to rock back and forth. The plug in her own vagina was moving in the same rhythm as she was moving inside of Rey. The feelings were incredible, the mixture of dominating and pure sexual excitement made her body heat up more and more. She soon started to moan uncontrollably, moving to and fro against the plug inside of her, and she knew that every stroke she felt was also given to Rey. The vixen was obviously getting excited, too. Her breathing started to match the thrusts and her moans became deeper and less frightened. Again and again Donya slipped into her friend's body and soon she was moving so fast as if she was making love to one of the males she had shared her bed with before.

Her climax hit her nearly at the same time as Rey let out a long moan. Her arms started to get weak from supporting her weight for so long and she let herself fall down on her friend's body, still writhing and moaning in sexual delight, feeling the struggles and straining of the vixen under her. She finally became still, enjoying the sensations of Rey's hot fur under her and the weak movements that she made. Donya just lay there motionlessly for a few minutes when she heard a soft tinkle. The magnet had finally released the key, and it was now dangling just above Rey's paw.

Part III: Afterglow

Rey needed a moment to realize what the noise had been. She tried to reach out and grab the key with her right paw but the stranger was faster. She moaned in frustration and tried to beat her paws against the mattress. Suddenly the tongue was back at her muzzle again, softly licking her flews. Then she felt the ropes being untied and before she could even say a single word the stranger started to kiss her passionately. With all her emotions still in full steam she returned the kiss. Somehow she was certain now, that this was Donya. The wicked little girl had sneaked into her flat to take advantage of her entrapment. Oh, how she hated her for that. And at the same time she felt a burning desire to be humiliated again.

Finally the kiss ended and Donya removed the blindfold. Rey blinked a few times and recognized the face of her friend looking down at her, as she started to speak, »So, this is your special?«

»Yes,« Rey answered. »Obviously it was a little special to you, too.«

»Definitely.« Donya stroked her face with her paw. »You know ... I could get used to this kind of game.«

»You mean, you want to do this again?«

»Yes, if you'd like to.«

Rey smiled happily. »Of course I do.« They kissed again for some time, their tongues dancing about each other while they let the heat of the afterglow slowly fade away. When they broke the kiss, Rey looked at the bedside table and tried to decipher the LCD of her watch. »Four o'clock?« she exclaimed in horror and started to writhe in her restraints again. She had nearly forgotten that she was still chained securely to her bed. »I have to get up in two hours! How should I get enough sleep now? Please, give me the key.«

»No, I don't think I'm going to do that.«

»Donya, you can't do this to me! Let me out!«

Donya smiled devilishly. »But I like it much more when you're all tied up and helpless!« The raccoon looked into her eyes with a thoughtful expression. »You know, I think you should call in sick today,« she went on. »You could just tell them, that you're not able to leave bed.«