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This is the fourth installment of the series about Rey and Donya, two girls who knew each other for a long time and found out about their mutual interest. All parts of the series are written in a way that they can be read without having read their prequels, but I recommend to read them in their chronological order, as of now:

01. Random
02. Toys
03. Captivity
04. Offerings

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Part I: In Over Her Head

What am I thinking? she asked herself for the umpteenth time since she had rang the doorbell of the mansion. I must have been out of my mind to come here, she continued to scold herself in her thoughts. The vixen felt her whole body trembling with a mixture of fear and anticipation, and she forced herself to make her breathing slow and steady. Every beat of her heart resounded in her head like a hammer on anvil, forging the white hot metal under its weight into shape.

It's not too late yet, her thoughts went on again.I can still turn around and go away. I should be out in town somewhere, going shopping or enjoying my Saturday morning cup of coffee. There's no rational reason for me to stick my head into something that's not my business! Rey turned around halfway, trying to convince herself to leave and forget about this place once and for all. But didn't she go too far for that already? Was it at all possible to revert her life back into what it has been before? Her left paw brushed nervously through her voluptuous red mane while she fought with herself whether to leave or not.

The vixen gasped in surprise when suddenly the door buzzer went off, and she nearly dropped the small bag she was carrying at her side. Her paw moved hesitantly towards the door to push it open, but it started to swing back by itself, inviting her to enter the mansion. Rey stared at the open entrance for a few seconds before she took a deep breath and forced her feet to carry her forward. Behind her the door silently swung back again and closed softly; the vixen felt like it was finally sealing her fate.

Rey looked around. The hallway she had entered was empty, save for the occasional painting on the wall and a heavy looking door at the opposite end of the room. Slowly she kept on walking, unsure what she was supposed to do, now that she was here. But only a moment later the door ahead opened, and a servant entered the hallway. She was a skunk, a little less tall than Rey, with a beautiful pattern of white and black fur. She didn't wear any clothes but she had cuffs fastened on each of her wrists and ankles, and a dark red collar encircled her slender neck, bearing a delicate looking ring at the front. Instantly the vixen was reminded of the night she had spent at the mansion's garden and the skunk slave she had been traded for. Could that servant be the same person? Her thoughts were interrupted when the skunk began to speak.

"Good morning, Ma'am. You must be the one Master has been expecting. If you would please follow me, Ma'am?"

Her voice was surprisingly deep and a little husky, with an erotic touch to it. Probably that was not a flaw for a person of her state. And her words were extremely formal and polite, leaving Rey speechless for a moment before she could think of an appropriate reply. "Thank you," was all she could say for the time being. Her muzzle still felt sore from the harness she had been wearing last night, and she tried to loosen up her jaw muscles inconspicuously.

The skunk turned around and led her through the door she had come in before. Rey followed her and stepped into a large entrance hall with stairs leading up to both sides of the room and more doors set in each wall. The servant approached the double door in the wall ahead and stopped there, waiting for the vixen to catch up with her. With a quick flick of her paw she scratched at the plate set into the middle of the door and waited, until a muffled reply came from the inside. Rey felt her stomach start to knot as the skunk stepped in. She followed her into the doorway and suddenly saw the servant kneeling to her left side on the floor. Her face was tilted down to the floor and her paws were lying upside down on her closed thighs. "Master, your guest has arrived."

Rey tried hard not to stare at the servant and forced her gaze away from the skunk, looking straight ahead into the room, unsure of what she was supposed to do now. On the other side she saw the otter and Donya, her friend. They were sitting side-by-side on a huge couch set against the opposite wall. A big table, made of glass and polished steel, was set before it, still laden with the remains of an opulent breakfast. The vixen was still speechless and made a hesitant step forward, approaching them.

"Honey, bring a chair for my guest, will you?" the otter said softly, his face bearing a bright smile.

"Yes, Master!" the skunk answered and rose, leaving the room through another door and returning with a big wooden chair. She placed it at the table and turned around to look at Rey expectantly.

The vixen looked at the servant, then back at the otter and finally stepped forward to the table. The skunk moved the chair for her to comfortably sit down and stepped back afterwards. "Thank you," Rey said again, still not sure of what she was supposed to say. Instead of an answer the servant - or rather slave as it seemed - nodded her head slowly and left her. She went around the table and knelt down at the side of her master, softly leaning against his leg while the otter put a paw on her shoulder. Nervously, the vixen put her small bag into her lap and waited for her host to speak.

"Welcome to my humble home, Rey," the otter said, looking at her with a smile.

Donya quickly lifted a paw to greet her. "Hi hon!"

"Thank you," she replied slowly, giving her friend a brief smile. "I know, it's against your rules, but you seem to know my name already. I think it would only be fair if you told me yours, so I know how I'm supposed to address you." The vixen cast down her gaze for a moment, not sure if she might be demanding something that was out of her bounds.

The otter nodded and kept up his smile. Obviously he had been expecting a question like this already. "You can call me Keno. That's what I'm called by all of the people around here."

Rey nodded. "I suppose this is still not your real name."

"It's not," Keno admitted. "But at this place it's better than any other name."

"Fair enough," Rey replied and leaned back in her chair.

Keno looked at the skunk at his side and without a word she rose and left the room to return with a new cup and saucer. She placed them before Rey on the table and poured her a cup of coffee, sweetened it with a quick swipe from the sugar pot and finally let a small drop of milk fall into the black liquid, making it turn a creamy brownish color. Rey was surprised, she must have been told before how she liked her coffee. Without another word the slave stepped back again and took her place next to her master's legs. The otter's face showed a contented smile and he looked at Rey expectantly. "So, why did you come here?"

Rey didn't answer right away. She had to find out the reason for this for herself before. "I found the note on my kitchen table," she said. Nervously she picked up her cup of coffee to take a sip, not daring to speak any further.

Donya giggled. "Yes, I left it there for you. I knew that curiosity would get the better of you."

"Sneaky rascal," Rey giggled.

Keno laughed softly while he watched the two friends. "But that wasn't the real reason for you to come here in the first place, was it?"

Rey felt her face blush a bit and her ear twitched nervously. "No, it wasn't. Since Donya had led me to your party the other night I was longing for to find out where this place really was. And to be honest, I wanted to know if you were the owner of this house or if it was just a place to rent for special occasions."

The otter nodded. "I can understand that you want to know more about the man who's been invading your home to take advantage of your predicament." He giggled and glanced over to Donya who was following the conversation with her sparkling black eyes.

The vixen felt a little embarrassed by his words, but the only one in this room, who wasn't involved in the matter didn't seem to care about that very much.

"This mansion is in fact my house. I bought it for our association, giving my friends a place to live out their desires without being disturbed by the normal people. Of course you're asking now, why I'm doing this free of charge, or how I can afford it. The answer is simple: I know how it feels like when you can't be what you want to be. Even in our modern society, a lifestyle like ours is considered wrong or at least questionable by outsiders. And since my business makes more money than I could possibly spend, I can put that money to a good use. That may sound cheesy, but it's true."

Rey had already suspected something like this, but she didn't dare to believe that someone could be as generous as him. "Doesn't that lead to abuse of your work?" she asked. "I mean, giving something away for free often results in people taking more and more without ever giving back."

"Yes, there have been some cases of abuse," Keno explained. "But most of the people coming here are sensible enough to know what a place like this is worth. Many even offer their help around the house, doing repairs or cleaning jobs for free. It's them who really make a thing like this work." He leaned forward to look Rey straightly in the face, his voice assumed a threatening sound while he went on. "And those who put the continuation of the mansion in danger have to face the wrath of the landlord." His face was suddenly as hard as a rock and the vixen didn't have the slightest doubt that he would be a very unpleasant opponent.

"I understand," Rey said, taking another sip of her coffee. "What about the authorities? Do they know what the mansion is used for?"

"I don't think they do," he said and let himself fall back on the couch again, the tone of his voice was just as friendly as before. "And I'd like to keep it that way. While nothing that happens here violates the law it could be very hard for us to survive when they started to check upon us and disturb the people's privacy. You can probably guess what certain individuals are capable of doing when they become aware of something they don't understand."

"I knew I had to bring you here," Donya said when the otter had stopped talking. "After the night in the garden and your development as my toy I knew you had to get to know the association, so you were given the choice to join them or not. When I first contacted Keno about us attending the party I wasn't sure about what to expect. But when he showed me around the house it was clear that we had to come here together."

"You're doing it again," Rey complained and growled at Donya, her ears folding back against her head.

"Doing what?"

"Making me curious! You know exactly that I can't stand it to be left out on something."

Keno laughed. "Well, there's something we can do about that. If you like, I can give you a tour around the place. This will give you the chance to decide whether your friend has been exaggerating or not. What do you say?"

Rey hesitated for a moment, unsure if she should be going this far, but she knew that her curiosity would be killing her if she didn't agree. "I'd very much like that," she finally said, trying to keep down the nervous shiver of anticipation in her voice.

"Good, very good indeed!"

After Rey had finished her cup they rose and went out into the big hallway again. Keno and his slave led the way while Rey and her raccoon friend followed them closely. They turned to the left and climbed the stairs to the upper level. The vixen was wide-eyed, looking around to all sides and trying to take in everything there was to see. Their hosts were taking their time moving on, probably trying to give the guests the opportunity to adapt to their surroundings.

The upper floor was just as elaborately styled and classy as the lower entrance hall had been. A soft yet sturdy carpet was caressing their feet while they went on, the doors on their right were made of dark, warm looking wood, nicely decorated with carvings and ornaments all over. Large windows in the opposite wall provided a nice view into the garden below. Rey looked down at the pool and sighed with a smile when she remembered the time she had spent down there, together with Donya and Keno.

They kept on walking for a bit until they reached the middle of the long hallway. The otter stopped and waited for Rey and Donya to catch up with them. "This is the housing unit. The doors you see here are leading into rooms you can rent for a night or more, depending on the time you're staying here. Your privacy will be guaranteed as long as you're inside. All other places in the mansion are considered public area and open for everyone, so if you're planning on doing things you don't want to be seen, you'd probably want to do them in your room." He smirked at his companions and waved a paw, before moving on. "We can accommodate a total number of twelve to twenty persons, depending on the usage of the rooms. They can be single or double rooms, even for three persons if you like it cozy."

Keno went to one of the doors that was left slightly ajar and stood next to it. "A closed door in the housing unit means 'No entry!'. And this goes without any exception. If you want to enter a room whose door is closed you may knock or scratch politely and ask for admittance. There's no obligation for the occupants to grant it or even answer at all, though. If a door is not closed, like you can see here, it's considered public area. So remember this if you're leaving your place even for a very short period of time."

He turned around and pushed the door open without hesitation. Rey waited until the others had entered the room before she stepped through the door herself. It was a nice chamber, at least as comfortable as some of the hotels she had been staying at while she was away on business. An adequately sized bed was the prominent item in the room, a dressing table stood at the opposite wall and even a small desk was there. Another door in the left wall probably led into a small bathroom.

"Are there many guests here?" Rey asked, while she slowly walked around in the room.

Keno opened his mouth to answer, but then he looked at the servant by his side, as if on an invisible sign. "You may speak," he said.

"Thank you, Master," the skunk replied and turned to Rey. Her appearance suddenly changed as if she was taking a new role, and she didn't seem in the least concerned about the fact, that she was wearing no clothes while she spoke. "At the moment we're accommodating thirteen people in seven rooms, we have reservations for three more rooms for today and tomorrow, and next week the place will be quite crowded, as it seems." She looked at Rey, politely awaiting another question.

The vixen was dumbfounded. She wouldn't have expected the servant to be so confident. Up to now she had stayed in the background, assisting her master in showing his guests around, but as it seemed, she was more than a mere slave.

"Is there anything else you'd like to know?" the skunk asked, looking at her expectantly.

Rey blushed and looked away in embarrassment. "No ... that is ... I do have some questions, but ... you know ..."

"You don't have to be shy, Ma'am," the servant said with a smile. "I guess you want to know, if I'm a slave or not. Is this correct?"

The vixen nodded, she was glad that she didn't have to ask the question herself.

"Yes, she's my slave," Keno said, and the skunk seemed to straighten her body proudly while he spoke. "And she's the best I ever had. But she's also the manager of the mansion. Her bookkeeping skills are invaluable, not to mention her great instinct when it comes to investments of all sorts."

"Thank you, Master." The skunk closed her eyes modestly and took a slight bow.

"That's ... interesting," Rey said. "I wouldn't have-" She stopped and turned around to Donya, who was just barely keeping herself from bursting out with laughter. "So, what's so funny?"

The raccoon started to giggle. "Oh, nothing, really," she managed to say through fits of laughter. "It's just you."

"Oh, thank you very much," the vixen complained, folding her arms in front of her. "I bet you've been as surprised as me when you came here the first time."

"Actually, she was, yes," Keno said, giggling softly himself, too. "But don't worry, we're used to it. A lot of people don't understand that being a slave doesn't have to mean being a mindless creature. There's no reason for a Master treating their slaves worse than anybody else."

"May I ask, how long you've been a slave?" Rey looked at the skunk, then at Keno.

The servant waited for Keno, and he nodded quietly. "I've been in Master Keno's service for six and a half years now. Before that I was in several relationships for two years, but only Master Keno knew where my true place was."

"And you never regret your choice?"


Rey smiled. "Thank you," she said and the skunk nodded politely. In a way the vixen could relate to the skunk's words, but all in all the Master and Slave relationship was too intense for her taste. She liked the idea of giving herself up for someone, but that would only be for a limited amount of time. Restraining her body was something she really loved, but restraining her mind or her will was out of the question.

They left the room, making sure that the door kept open slightly and went on, following the bends of the hallway until they reached the stairs leading down to the big entrance hall again. The otter took a sharp left turn and opened another door. The room behind was quite small and empty, except for several wooden shelves at one wall, bearing an unsorted pile of clothes and another exit in the opposite wall. Keno waited until all of them had entered the chamber and closed the door. "From this point on, slaves and other submissives have to leave all their clothing behind. That's another rule you have to know if you're planning on staying here for some time."

Rey looked at the faces of her companions, unsure of what to do. "So, you want me to ... take off my clothes? Right here?"

"Basically, yes," Keno replied. "Unless, of course, you don't want to go any further and quit the tour."

Rey hesitated. That was humiliating. They couldn't be serious about that! How could they expect her to just strip, only because some stupid rule of this place said so? On the other paw, probably all of them had seen her naked before already, heck, Donya and Keno had even done more to her than just looking. But somehow this situation was a lot more intense than the games they had been playing before.

"I can understand if you don't want to go inside," the otter said, his voice becoming gentle and soothing. "We can come back later if you want to, or maybe you prefer to come here with Donya only."

Rey inhaled deeply and shook her head. "No, it's okay. I'm coming with you. Just let me get my paws free." She put her bag onto one of the shelves and nodded quietly.

Donya helped her friend while she started to get out of her clothes. Her blouse was the first thing to go, revealing a nicely looking bra underneath. She stepped out of her short pants, putting them next to the other garment on the shelf before she reached behind her back to unclasp the hooks, freeing her breasts from their confinement. Meanwhile the raccoon had knelt before her and was pulling her panties down her legs, making Rey shiver uncomfortably, but she didn't try to stop her friend from taking away her last piece of fabric. Finally she let the bra fall onto the heap of clothes that was piling up on one of the shelves and stepped back, inhaling deeply. Her ear twitched nervously, making the small ring sparkle in the light of the room.

"That's my toy," Donya said with a broad smile. "You look wonderful!"

"Thank you ... I guess," Rey said, keeping her eyes cast down a little in embarrassment.

"Do you have the ring with you?" the raccoon asked with her best Gandalf-like voice.

The vixen made a face and nodded. "It's in my bag, over there."

Donya took the metal object and the matching key from Rey's bag and fastened it to her collar, letting it slide home with an audible click. With a tender stroke of her paw she caressed the black leather for a second before she stepped back and admired her friend. "Now we are ready to go, aren't we?"

"Yes, we are," Rey answered.

"Very well," Keno said. "Follow me, my friends."

The otter turned and opened the second door. The others followed him and stepped into a bigger room that was split into divisions by numerous walls that had been built up. There were no doors or other kinds of exits or passages. Every part of the big room featured a different setup of toys and furniture, something for every taste. Rey stared wide-eyed at the multitude of possibilities that were unfolding before her. There were simple and straightforward things like a bed with ropes or a couple of chains and cuffs hanging from the ceiling, but there were more elaborate installments, too, some of which she couldn't make head or tail of at first sight. Swallowing hard Rey wandered around among the toys and traps, not really believing what she was seeing there.

Suddenly a paw came down on her shoulder from behind and she jumped, and then she heard Keno's voice, who was speaking softly into her ear. "I can tell that you're excited about our playground. Maybe you'd like to try one of our toys for yourself?" His paws wandered around her neck and toyed playfully with her collar, tugging at the ring in the front every once in a while. "Or maybe even more than one?"

Rey realized that she must have been standing there for quite some time, staring at the sight before her. With a jerk she moved her head aside to find Donya, who was standing right beside her. "Yes, I think, I would."

Keno stepped back with a contented smile. "That's good. Which one's your favorite?"

The vixen hesitated, there were so many of them, all begging her to come and try them out. But from the first time she had seen it, the X-rack had fascinated her the most. She stepped through the room, her legs getting a little shaky with excitement, and stopped right next to it. "I'd like to try this one," she said, her voice trembling slightly.

"That's a nice choice for starters," the otter said and beckoned Donya and the skunk to follow him. "Are you ready?" he asked, when he looked back at Rey.


"Turn your back to the rack and stand right here," he ordered, his voice suddenly strong and demanding while he pointed to a place between the two crossbeams. The vixen followed his command in surprise. "Good. Now put your right foot on the base over there." The skunk knelt down and wrapped a broad leather cuff around Rey's right ankle. The manacle was chained to the base itself and held the vixen's foot securely in place. "Now the other one," Keno said and Rey complied. Donya secured the second cuff around her ankle and the otter supported the vixen while she tried to find her balance on the slightly slanted platforms she was standing on.

"Now lean back against the rack, lift your arms and place them on the bars behind you."

Rey let herself fall backwards slowly and felt the soft cushioning on the wooden beams against her limbs. She spread her arms and lifted them above her head, putting them alongside the rack. The skunk quickly grabbed one of her wrists and fastened it with another cuff, while Donya did the same on the other side. The vixen tugged playfully at her trapped limbs and found herself being held quite securely. There was no way she would get out of this on her own. Moaning softly to herself she wriggled a bit on the rack, taking in her helplessness.

"Enjoying yourself?" Keno asked and Rey nodded. "Then you'll be glad to hear that we're not done with you yet."

Rey looked at him with big eyes, but he only smiled and went past the rack out of her field of vision. A few seconds later she felt something at her waist and looked down to see, what was happening. Keno was standing behind her, looping a broad leather strap around her body and suddenly pulling it taut. She gasped loudly when her body was pulled backwards against the rack. "Ooh," was all she could bring out and she started to writhe in her bonds again, now being trapped even more securely than before.

"Sweet," Donya remarked and smiled, looking the vixen's captive body up and down. "Are you comfortable, my toy? How does it feel?" She stepped forward to stroke Rey's chestfur and belly lightly with one paw while the other was lying idly at her side.

Rey murred happily and squirmed a little under the touch of her friend's paws. The cuffs on her wrists held her tightly in place, the waist strap kept her body from wriggling too much and the bases her feet had been chained to were slanted in just the right angle, so she didn't have to twist her ankles to keep standing. "It's wonderful," she cooed. "I don't know who built this, but they surely knew, what they're doing." She gave her wrist and ankle cuffs another playful tug, making the chains jingle a bit.

"Thank you for the compliment," Keno said and smiled. "I'm glad you like it."

"Oh, yes! I really do." Rey moaned softly when Donya started to caress her breasts with her paws and let her nose twitch through the fur of her throat. "I could stay here forever ... mmh ... or longer."

The raccoon continued to nose through Rey's fur and let her claws slide down her belly, making the vixen squeal and writhe with pleasure. "Be careful what you wish for, my toy," Donya growled in her best "bad girl" voice. "I could decide to just keep you up here for a week, just for my pleasure."

"Aww ... but you wouldn't get to see me trapped in the other devices in here then," Rey answered breathlessly, her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed, while she tried to escape from her bonds, to get away from the roaming claws that tortured her so sweetly.

"Oh, yes, I would. For this week, you'd be staying here, the next week I might put you upside down on the ceiling. What do you say?"

The vixen growled and looked at her friend in mock anger. "You wouldn't do that!"

"You're daring me?" Donya asked with an innocent look on her face.

Rey said nothing.

"You know, I think, she's right," said the otter, looking at the trapped vixen who was watching them intensely. "You should give her a taste of the treatment she's going to receive and let her decide, if she really wants to give up her freedom for such a long time."

Donya looked at Keno quizzically. "Do you have something special in mind?"

"Actually, yes, I do." He tuned around and waved his paw. The skunk was at his side only a moment later. "Would you please prepare the Box, my dear?"

"Yes, Master." The servant bowed slightly and left them.

"What kind of box are you talking about?" Rey asked, her voice sounding a bit shaky again. She tugged at her wrist cuffs, but she was still hopelessly stuck in the chains. "Come on, please tell me!"

Keno went over to the rack and grabbed the vixen's snout in his strong paw, silencing her. With slow motions he turned her head to face him. "Just be quiet, toy. Your friend and I are going to play a little game with you, and since there's nothing you can do at the moment to help us, there's nothing you need to know about. Just wait and let it happen."

Rey's eyes were transfixed by his gaze and his words made her shiver with a mixture of fear and excitement. She knew that nothing bad would happen to her, she trusted Donya enough to be sure she wouldn't allow this. But on the other paw her imagination was running at full speed, envisioning even the weirdest fantasies that took her breath away. She tried to escape from the otter's strong grip on her muzzle, but he held her tight, forced her to keep looking him straight in the eye. One last time she struggled against her bonds, straining every muscle, fighting the cuffs that were holding her to the rack, and in the end she just fell back into the cushioning, letting out a defeated whine through her nose.

"The Box is ready, Master," came the servant's voice from behind the rack.

"Thank you, my dear!" Keno said, but he never let the vixen out of his eyes. "It's time to get out the toys for playing."

Together the three companions unlocked Rey from the rack and helped her step off the bases. The vixen followed their movements as they walked around one of the walls and approached another section of the playground.

The Box was standing before her. When she first saw it, Rey didn't recognize it as a bondage device at all. It just looked like a simple wooden case, about one head shorter than she was tall. When they came closer she saw the hole in the top and back and the hinges to both sides of the Box, creating an inornate double door. Keno and Donya walked her to the back of the cabinet and the skunk swung back the rear walls and lifted the top cover that split up in the middle. She was pushed forward a few steps until she was standing in the middle of the wooden construction. Slowly the servant closed the lid again, encircling Rey's neck quite snugly. Simple latches locked the top cover in place, trapping her once again where she was. Although the rest of her body was still free, she could not go anywhere, since her neck was stuck in the hole. But that was not the worst thing about her current situation. No matter how she tried she couldn't see what was happening below her chin, and all three of them kept out of sight.

Her paws were next to be secured. Rey felt someone grabbing them inside the Box and pulling them out sideways, through another set of holes in the side walls. Only a moment later she felt something close around her wrists and heard two more locks snapping shut from the inside. Her legs met a similar fate when she felt them being pulled apart slightly, causing her head to slide a little deeper, leaving her only about an inch of free space from the lid to her chin. Some sort of restraints were locked around her ankles and her tail was likewise secured through the hole in the back of the Box. Even though it was quite comfortable Rey felt more vulnerable than she had on the rack before. Technically speaking it made little difference, but without being able to see what was going to happen she was feeling her entrapment even stronger.

After a few moments she felt someone caressing and stroking her breasts, softly and barely noticeable at first, but slowly getting stronger and more demanding. There was the cool touch of a tongue at her hard nipples and even the occasional nipping. At the same time another sensation started. Someone was kneading and fondling her butt, massaging the muscles in a most sensual way, making her moan with pleasure. She half-heartedly tried to get her paws and legs out of their holes, but she felt them being snugly stuck where they had been locked in. The paws kept on caressing her, rubbing occasionally below her tail base and pricking her with sharp claws.

Suddenly the vixen gasped and jerked in her trap, causing the wooden Box to creak and jiggle with her exertions. A moment later she felt it again, the touch of a moist tongue lapping over the already damp fur covering her sex. A loud moan escaped her throat when she felt the licking continue, giving her some of the most sensual feelings she had ever experienced. The tongue danced around her labia, dabbing quickly here and there and every now and then pushed its way a little further into her. At the same time, something else was rubbing her clitoris, rolling and squeezing it softly, sending spikes of energy through her body. She twitched and writhed in her bonds, feeling the assault of the three companions below her. One of them still caressed and stimulated her breasts and nipples, another squeezed her bottom and tail base and the third one made her poor sex cry for release. It was the combined attack on her body and the fact, that she didn't know, who was playing with which part of her body now, that made her go mad with lust.

Rey was moaning without stopping now, forced to endure the skillful stimulations her companions were giving her. She twisted and turned, tried to get away from them, but enjoying her entrapment immensely at the same time. The tongue at her vagina continued to drive her wild, now concentrating more on penetrating her, while her clitoris was being constantly rubbed and squeezed. Her breasts and butt still received their share of massaging and stroking, and the occasional prick of sharp teeth or claws made her jerk against her bonds uncontrollably. Only minutes later she threw her head back in extasy, cried out in pure carnal lust and tensed her muscles violently, while her body spasmed with an extremely powerful climax, making her lose track of time and space.

Panting heavily the vixen slowly recovered and started to shift around again. During her orgasm she had been shaking and twisting in her trap and now her joints were aching slightly. Fortunately her companions left her alone for a while and emerged from the Box, one by one. They seemed to be pleased with their game and gathered around the cabinet to unlock the latches. Her legs came free first and the vixen started to straighten herself, feeling her juices dripping from her sex into the fur of her thighs. She made a face at this sensation but kept still until the rest of her restraints had been opened. Donya stood next to her, supporting her and stroking her, while she slowly got used to standing on her feet again. "Wow ..." she finally said. "That was ... intense."

"Yeah," the raccoon agreed. "I didn't see you thrash around that wildly for a long time."

Rey's ears folded back in embarrassment while she smiled shyly. "I think I made quite a mess in there."

"That's okay," Keno assured her. "We'll get that cleaned up later. Do you like to take a shower?"

"Yes, definitely."

They took her to the huge showering room where a good number of persons could get cleaned up at the same time, and even there she saw rings and chains everywhere, probably for keeping submissives under control or playing games in the hot water. Fortunately the others had decided to wait outside, so she enjoyed the warm sprinkling and soaked herself good before she left the shower and toweled most of the wetness out of her fur.

"So, how did you like your visit so far?" Donya asked, when Rey was back again.

The vixen didn't answer right away. Too many things were going through her mind at the moment and she needed a few moments to get them sorted out. "I ... I think, it's a really interesting place," she finally said. "There's so much to see here, and even more to try and check out. But ..." She stopped, unable to express what she wanted to say.

"But?" Keno inquired. "Don't be shy, you can tell us everything what's on your mind. If there's more you want to do, we can-"

"No, that's not what I mean," Rey interrupted him, silently begging for pardon with a glance towards the otter. "I guess, I need some time to think about what happened today. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, really! It was one of the most intense sensations I've ever experienced, and I thank you for this." She cast her gaze down again, as if she wanted them not to look into her eyes while she continued. "It's only that I don't dare to stay longer, at least not now. This is all so big, so powerful, and I fear that I'm going to break under it. I hope you understand."

The otter laughed softly and put an arm around her shoulder, gently guiding her to the exit of the playground. "Absolutely. I'm glad you're telling us what's bothering you. Some of the people we introduced to this institution got lost in their own desires, pushing their boundaries until they snapped. It takes time to get used to a whole new experience, and it's perfectly well if you want to take this time for yourself."

They had reached the door and the servant opened it for Rey and Keno, Donya and herself following after them. Rey collected her clothes and got dressed, again having this strange feeling that she was more comfortable without them. After she was done they left the room and gathered in the entrance hall.

"Well ... I think I should be going now," Rey said. "I hope you don't think, that I'm ungrateful or something."

"Don't worry," the otter said with a smile. "You can come back whenever you like. But you must know one thing: If you decide to come back, you belong to us, without exceptions. Leaving will not be an option, until we decide to let you go or a previously agreed time period is over, do you understand?"

Rey nodded slowly. "I understand."

"Do you want me to take you home, hon?" Donya offered, her face showing concern for her friend.

The vixen shook her head, but she smiled reassuringly. "No, thank you, I'll be fine. I just need some time to think."

"Okay, honey. But be sure to call me whenever you need anything."

"I'll do. See you then." She waved her paw and stepped through the door, crossed the hallway and waited for the skunk to open the front door for her.

"Good bye, Ma-am! I hope you'll be joining us again in the future," she said with a warm smile while Rey stepped out onto the street. "And if it makes you feel a little better, it was a pleasure for me to make you squirm in the Box. You really look wonderful in bondage." With this she was gone, the door closing behind her, leaving the vixen stare back at the mansion in disbelief.

The Subaru's door closed with a hollow sound and Rey let herself fall back into the seat. She kept her eyes closed for a moment and tried to get herself under control again. When her paws had stopped shaking and her breathing was back to normal she got ready for the way home. She glanced into the mirror and watched herself for a moment, relieved that her face showed nothing about the emotional chaos within. With a start she saw the ring that was still attached to her collar and her paws shot up to her neck. Stupid vixen! Get your wits together! she scolded herself in her mind and started to dig around in her bag for the key. After a few moments she had found the small object and removed the ring to put it back where the key had been. She didn't dare to imagine what could have happened if someone had seen her with the ring still attached.

The engine came alive with a soft hum and Rey pulled out of the parking lot and headed down the street for the city center. It took her only thirty minutes to reach her flat, and when she finally closed the door behind her, she felt like she had been running from an unknown danger and escaped in the last minute.

Her mind was a mess. While she had been driving she had kept her feelings under control, but now her paws were quivering again, sending concentric ripples over the surface of the dark coffee in the mug they were clinging too. Her elbows were resting heavily on the kitchen table while she stared at the opposite wall, trying to sort out the feelings that were fighting inside of her. While the mansion was a dream come true, it was frightening her at the same time. It seemed so easy just to let herself go, let the people take care of her and forget about life as a whole. But that was also the danger she saw. It would only take a small glitch on her side and she would be sinking in it, becoming absorbed in her desires and losing her sense for reality. If she was going to return to the mansion she had to be well-prepared for that.

The phone rang and Rey sighed softly. About time something took her mind off thinking. She put down the mug and rose to walk over into the living-room. There was a funny thing about cordless phones. While they were supposed to save people from walking too much they always tended to be at the opposite end of the flat when you really needed them. When she picked up the phone it had been ringing four times now, obviously the caller was patient enough to wait for her to find it. "Hello?" she asked.

"Hi Rey, this is Mike!"

Rey smiled and sat down on the couch. "Hey Mike! How're you?"

"Fine, thanks. Say, did you read about the opening of that new cafe in the Riverside district?"

"No, what's with that?" Rey already knew where this was going. She could tell from the slightly nervous shiver in his voice and the way he had been acting around her the last few days.

"Well, I figured it would be nice to go there for dinner and maybe some music. So I thought maybe you'd like to go there, too. What do you say?"

So he actually was asking her out. Rey felt flattered, but her feelings were still upset from the things she had experienced earlier that day. "It sounds like fun," she answered, "but I don't know if it would be such a good idea."

There was a brief pause at the other end, before Mike continued, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't want to disturb you."

"No, it's not like that. I'm just ... a bit preoccupied with something, that's all."

"I guess I should be asking someone else then," Mike said, his voice growing a bit weaker.

Rey sighed and let herself slump onto the couch. "I don't know. Maybe it would be good if I came with you after all. I could use some distraction."

"I would be glad if you did," Mike said. "The food at the cafe is very nice, or so they say. My treat."

"Okay, I'm game."

"I hoped you'd say that! I'll be at your place by seven, is that okay with you?"

"Sounds good."

"Fine! See you then!"

They said good bye and Rey put the phone onto the table. She wondered what made Mike finally ask her out so openly. She could tell from the way he was looking at her that he was interested, but all his advances had been very subtle so far. There had been one or two occasions when he would ask her to join him and his friends for some party or movie, but this was the first time he actually took her out for dinner alone. And the funny thing was, she was feeling good about it. Maybe it helped to raise her self-esteem a bit to see, that she was still covetable.

"Well, I'll better get ready then," she said to herself and stood up. It was still one and a half hour before he would be there but she wanted to take her time. She shed her clothes and took an extensive shower, brushed her fur thoroughly and made sure her voluptuous mane was flowing nicely. After applying some fur-conditioning lotion she left the bathroom and went to accomplish the more difficult task - deciding what to wear.

Part II: Breathing Time

When he turned around the corner and finally parked his car at the roadside it was no more than a minute to seven. With a quick glance into the rear view mirror he checked again on his appearance and decided he was ready to go. There wasn't anything he could change now either, so why bother. He stepped out of the car, swung the door shut and locked it, before turning around and walking up the narrow path to the front door. While he went he constantly brushed at his light brown shirt that covered the white chest fur in a vain attempt to keep the hairs from clinging to it. Silently he cursed himself for selecting this piece of clothing, but it was the only decent thing in his wardrobe that actually went well with the ginger colored fur of his body and face. Together with a pair of white, loose fitting trousers and his favorite black belt he was as close to being well-dressed as he could ever be. And for a man who never really minded what he was wearing this was at least something.

His tail twitched nervously from side to side when he reached the door and rang the bell. Ten or fifteen endless seconds later the door buzzer sounded and he pushed it open. He stepped in and looked up the stairs when the lights came on.

"Mike, is that you?" he heard Rey's voice from above.

"Yes!" he answered, his voice echoing through the staircase. "Are you ready?"

"I'll be with you in a second!"

The door upstairs closed and he left the building again, walking back to the street to wait at his car. He still could not believe she had agreed to go out with him tonight. All his previous offers had been turned down, and he had been close to giving up. But now he was glad he had convinced himself to call her another time, even though he feared that she would turn him away again. Oh, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, he thought, leaning heavily against the driver's door. And it's just a date after all. Nothing I should get my fur all curled up about ...

His thoughts stopped abruptly when he saw Rey coming down the path approaching him, and he could not help his heart skipping a beat at her sight. Dressed in dark blue pants and a claret colored, sleeveless shirt she made him stand and stare. While she walked up to him he noticed the slim silver bracelet on her right wrist and a similar one at the tip of her tail. Her collar and the earring were there as well, as he already had suspected they would. The small green stone set in the brass plate sparkled in the light of the quickly setting sun. Mike remembered to breathe again only when she was standing in front of him, smiling expectantly. "You - you're looking different tonight," he stammered, swallowing hard.

The vixen tilted her head slightly, causing her earring to glisten. "Is that good or bad?"

"Good," he blurted out. "Very good, actually."

Rey smiled. "Thank you. So, are we ready to go?"

"Yeah." Mike led her around the car and opened the passenger's door, waiting for her to get inside. He hoped he didn't act like a complete fool and spoiled the whole evening for her. She sat down and he closed the door carefully. He walked around the car and got in himself, fastening his seat belt and starting the engine. "Let's go."

Mike turned and navigated the car out of the residential area towards the freeway. His heart pounded heavily in his chest and he tried not to talk too much or laugh too loud while he was driving downtown. The beautiful girl at his side took his breath away and he had a hard time concentrating on either the street or the topic of their conversation. Luckily the traffic was low and they moved along without trouble.

Less than half an hour later he exited the freeway and took a few turns before stopping the car on an already tightly packed parking lot. They left the vehicle and walked over to the nicely decorated entrance of the cafe. Mike opened the door for the vixen and stepped into the room after her. The inside of the building was just as inviting as the exterior had been. Dark wood was dominating the scene, benches and tables were set alongside the outer walls while a nicely decorated counter had found its place on the other side. The middle of the room was occupied by a spacious dance floor, but only a few people actually used it at the moment, moving slowly to the soft sound of music. Nonetheless it was quite crowded but not too loud, fortunately the cafe seemed not to attract the typical beer-devouring folk that used to spoil a cozy dinner when you least needed it.

"So, where do you want to sit down?" Rey asked and turned to Mike. Her eyes were sparkling in the atmospheric light and Mike felt a shiver running down his spine, all the way to the tip of his tail.

"I have a reservation for us, we have table number fifteen." He looked around for the numbers and found the engraved plates at the table sides. "It's over there," he pointed and led the way along the corridor between the tables and the counter. "Fifteen. This is it."

They sat down at the table, and only a moment later a wolf entirely dressed in a black stepped up to their table. He quickly lightened the candle, offered the menu and took their drinking orders. A moment later he was gone again, leaving Mike and Rey to themselves.

Rey was busily leafing through the menu, muttering the names of the dishes and shaking her head every now and then. Mike watched her over the rim of his own book, pretending to be choosing as well but taking in the sight before him instead. At times she looked up from the page she was reading and glanced over to him. He would quickly look down at his menu then, hoping that she hadn't noticed him staring at her. Somehow he wasn't hungry anyway. He would just pick something small when the waiter came back to them.

"Can you tell me, what 'Enchiladas' are?" Rey looked up from the menu again, meeting his gaze.

"Enchiladas? Well ... That's sort of a stuffed Mexican pancake," he explained. "But it's no sweet dough, it's spicy. You never had them before?"

"No, I usually stick to traditional food. And coffee."

Mike chuckled. "Then try them. If you like hot dishes, that is."

"As long as they don't go over the top with the spice, I can take it." She put down her menu and looked at him. "So, what are you going to have?"

Mike started to look at his book again and picked the first thing that he saw. "Sliced turkey, with mushrooms and chips," he read aloud, thinking, Could have picked worse.

"Good. I hope the waiter'll be here soon, I'm starving!"

"Yeah, me too," Mike said, although he still wasn't hungry. "What do you say about the place? I think they did a good job."

The vixen looked around and nodded. "It's a nice place, yes. I like the choice of colors and the lighting. And they play just my kind of music."

"I'm glad you like it. I'm anxious to try their food. It's said to be delicious."

They kept on chatting away for a while, killing the time until the waiter came back to get their orders. When he left again they resumed talking and Mike was glad that his nervousness slowly faded in favor of a deep contented feeling. She seemed to enjoy herself, so he wasn't boring her. And she even smiled at him when they talked, and this made his heart beat stronger every time she turned her head to give him a glance. He didn't know exactly if there was something going on with him or if it really was her, who had been changing so much in the last few weeks. His thoughts wandered back to the day at work when he saw her wearing her new collar the first time. He was certain that her change of attitude had something to do with this piece of jewelry. She had told him it was a gift from a friend. But she had not explained any further, and he didn't dare to ask if this friend might be a boyfriend. The last thing he wanted was to come across as a letch who was just after a trophy in his bed. Unfortunately this also meant that he had to wait until she told him what he wanted to know by herself.

The food came and they started eating. The meat was roasted nicely and the rest of the dish was good as well, but he merely picked at it without too much appetite. His mind was spinning around the question, how he was going to let her know what he was feeling. Heck, he didn't know himself what it was exactly, so how could she? He comforted himself with the fact that she was here with him at the moment, so if there really was another man in her life it was probably not too serious yet, otherwise she wouldn't have bothered to accompany him.

As the evening went on they learned more and more things about each other. She told him about her hometown, a small village some two hundred miles to the north, and how she had been struggling to learn all the technical things her parents considered inappropriate for a young girl. She had left home as soon as she was able to, taking jobs and casual employments on her way until she finally had ended up here and got the chance to prove what she really was worth. The successful completion of her first assignment bought her a permanent appointment at the company and finally at least some security for her life. Mike was fascinated by her story and even envious in a way. He had been living in the city all his life, one of three siblings of a middle-class family in the outskirts. At high school he taught himself how to write programs in his spare time. He got the job in the company about three years ago and had been there ever since. Compared to Rey's story his own life seemed so incredibly simple and boring.

They finished their food, and even Mike made it to eat nearly all of the tasty meat and chips. The waiter came and took the dishes away, stacking them all on top of each other and balancing them on his arms. "This guy is carrying more stuff than I even have in my kitchen," he joked, while he looked after the disappearing waiter.

Rey giggled. "I always wonder how they manage it to carry so many things at the same time."

"I guess you've got to learn those things here. Otherwise the guests will eat you instead of their food, because they are starving."

For another hour they sat together and enjoyed the rest of the evening. Rey was sipping on her wine and Mike was bathing in the sparkling of her eyes. He still found it hard to accept, that she was sitting here right in front of him. The evening had gone well so far, but what was he going to do now? He looked around for a bit and then he had an idea. His stomach started to tie itself in a Gordian knot, but he forced himself to stand up and look her straight in the eye. "Rey, would you grant me the favor of the next dance?" He felt his ears flush while he spoke and folded them back a bit to hide his embarrassment.

"Mike, are you serious?" she asked, obviously not believing what she just heard.

His ears went down even more. I blew it! he screamed in his mind. She's going to laugh at me, and then she'll leave me here in shame. But he worked up the courage to speak again, "Uh - yeah. I thought it would be nice, just to finish one of the nicest days in my life." Inside, he was groaning to himself. What the hell was he talking about? He sounded like a complete idiot. He only hoped she would kill him quickly and painlessly.

"I - I think I'd like that," she answered.

For a moment he didn't fully realize what she had said, but then his heart started pounding harder and nearly jumped out of his chest with joy. He tried to keep calm, though, because he feared that he still might spoil it somehow if he didn't watch himself closely. "Alright then! Come on, the music's just right!"

He waited until she rose and went to the dance floor, holding out his arms for her. When she put her paws in his, he felt like he would melt on the spot. It felt so good to hold her, and when she looked into his eyes, waiting for him to take the lead, he had to force his feet to start moving, to remember the dancing steps he had once learned and considered a waste of time back them. Now he was glad he had been taking the lessons. With a quick motion he started moving them into a slow foxtrot pattern and she responded effortlessly, a bright smile forming on her muzzle. Obviously he was doing the right thing and his feet eventually fell into the old routine, but this time he enjoyed every second of it.


The clock of a distant church chimed three, when Mike pulled up alongside and stopped his Rover. "End of the line! All change!" he said and stopped the engine. He stepped out of the car and went around to open the passenger's door.

Rey slowly got off the vehicle and Mike held out a paw to support her when she started to falter. "I'm all right," she said, when she saw the concerned look on his face. "I guess I'm just very tired." This wasn't exactly the truth, but she wasn't going to admit that one glass of wine could have such an effect on her.

"I hope you enjoyed the evening," he said, taking her by the arm and leading her to the front door of the house.

"Yes, it was wonderful," Rey answered. "Thank you for the invitation and the dance. I really had a nice time."

"That's good to hear. I hope we can do this again in the future."

They had reached the entrance and Rey started digging for her keys. "Me, too," she said and finally pulled the jingling bundle from her purse. "Good night, Mike. I'll see you on Monday."

"You sure you'll make it upstairs?" he grinned and ducked in mock fright when she swatted him playfully. "Okay, okay. I'll be gone! Until Monday, then!"

Rey watched him walking back to his car and finally driving away, flashing his headlamps as a quiet good-bye. With a soft sigh she turned around and fiddled around to get the key into the hole. Damn, she got tipsy all right. Slowly she made her way upstairs, entered her flat and closed the door behind her. Her mind was spinning with the memory of the evening and the wine was still circulating in her system. She only took the time to get out of her clothes before she let herself fall headlong onto her bed. It was no more than five minutes later that she fell asleep.

Part III: Drowning

Rey was walking through the narrow corridors of the house. Doors set in either side of the walls led her into more corridors and empty rooms, misleading her, making her lose her orientation. Every new passageway looked exactly the same to the one she just left, and still more doors emerged before her. Suddenly she heard someone screaming behind one of the doors and she rushed inside. Before she could see anything she felt something grabbing her arms and legs, pulling her roughly in a spread-eagled position. She felt her body being spun around slowly, like a dancing figurine on a music box. But the melody was strange, very short and repeating over and over again. And she danced to the music, spinning around, and around and around ...

When she woke she kept hearing the sound of the music box in her head. Still drowsy she rubbed her eyes and there it was again. This time she recognized what the sound really was and hurried out of bed to find the phone. She cleared her throat a few times before she finally picked it up and answered. "Hello?"

"Good morning my dear!" a familiar voice on the other side said. "It seems you slept in very long today."

"Uh, yeah. Morning Donya. What time it it, anyway?"

"It's a quarter past twelve," her fiend said.

"Already? Geez, I must've been very tired, all right."

"What have you been up to yesterday night? You sound like you've been celebrating a revelry."

"I feel like I did," the vixen replied, trying to work her voice up a little bit. "Maybe my tolerance for wine has lessened a bit of late."

"Poor Rey. I wanted to ask you about Keno and the mansion, how you feel about it, now that you can look at it from a distance."

"How'd you like to come over? We can make ourselves comfortable, have a cup of coffee and I'll tell you what I'm thinking about it."

"Fine by me. I'll be with you in an hour, okay hon?"

"Sure, see you then!"

Rey put down the phone and staggered back into the bedroom. At least she was not hung over, that would have been awful. She picked up her bathrobe and headed for the shower. Maybe this would wake her up a little. Once she was standing under the relaxing jet of water she sighed and felt herself unwinding a bit. Taking her time she washed her fur thoroughly, massaging her muscles and untangling her headfur as she went. After she was done she stepped out of the tub, toweling her fur down as good as possible and started brushing her teeth before she went at combing her headfur.

Still damp but at least awake she went back into the bedroom. Her bathrobe was long since soaked, so she just took it off and hung it over the door to dry. She quickly put away yesterday's clothes and tidied up the room a bit before she took her bag from the nightstand and sat down on the edge of the bed, spreading some of her toys out. With skillful motions she fastened her wrist and ankle cuffs, locked them in place and lay the keys on a heap next to her, before she retrieved the collar ring and let it snap to the brass plate, hiding the small green gem beneath it. Another key fell onto the heap. When she was done she packed away the rest of the toys and put on a slight hint of perfume. Now she was ready for the rest of the day.

Two cups of steaming hot coffee were standing on the table, the fragrant smell filling the room. The vixen put the thermos flask with the rest of the beverage next to them and started to go back into the kitchen again, when the doorbell rang. Quickly she went over to the window and saw Donya's car standing outside. "Yes!" she exclaimed happily and hurried over to the door, pressing the buzzer button. She listened in excitement while steps climbed up the stairs, and when they reached her door she opened it a little, seeing her friend waiting outside, waving her paw at her. Stepping back a pace she let her in and closed the door again, a broad smile on her face. "Hi Donya! It's so good to see you." Rey hugged her friend tightly and snuggled up against her.

"Well, hello there, my toy! I'm glad to see you, too!" She stroked Rey's head gently and sniffed the freshly dried headfur. "You've been missing me, huh?"

"Yes!" the vixen answered and tightened her grip again for a moment before letting go. "Come in! I prepared coffee and a little something to eat if you like."

"Sounds great." Donya hung her light coat to the rack and followed her friend inside. Rey had already disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a platter full of appetizers. She put them down on the table again and let herself sink into the soft cushions of her sofa. The raccoon smiled and bent over to pick up one of the deliciously looking bits. She took a small bite and finished it off a moment later. "Thanks hon! They're good!"

"I'm glad you like them." Rey reached out her paw for the table, but Donya was faster and snagged her by the ring on her cuff. The vixen squealed in surprise and tried to rip loose, yet her friend held on tight. "No fair!" she pouted.

"You seem awfully cheerful today," Donya said while she dragged her friend over and lay her in her lap, hooking the cuff of her free arm to her finger as well. "And I thought you'd be a poor hung-over foxie. What happened?"

Rey struggled against her captor, but with her paws held like this she was quickly overwhelmed and found herself lying on her back, looking up into the big smile of the raccoon. "I got an unexpected offer last night," she started, still fighting slightly against her friend's assaults.

Donya took one of the padlocks from the table that were conveniently lying next to her coffee mug and started threading its hook through the rings at Rey's cuffs and collar. "Really? And what kind of offer would that've been?"

"You'll never guess," Rey answered and squeaked again, when her paws were dragged upward and locked securely to her collar. "One of my colleagues asked me out for dinner."

"This cat fellow you told me about?"

Rey nodded. "Mike. He called me in the evenings and told me about a newly opened cafe. I figured that I needed some distraction from the mansion and all, so I accepted and went along."

"So he is cute after all?" Donya asked and smiled brightly. "Or did you just jump at the opportunity to keep yourself from thinking?"

"I think it was a little bit of both," the vixen mused. "I was looking for something to occupy my mind with. But on the other paw he really is a nice guy. Very attentive and gentle. Oh, and he's a good dancer, too. I like the way he swishes his tail."

"Ah, so he made an impression on you, didn't he?"

Rey nodded. "But still he's not really my kind of man. He may be too gentle for me after all."

Donya laughed and pulled her friend close. "You've become a really bold foxie, you know that?"

"You really think so? I didn't realize I was changing at all."

"Oh, yes you did!" the raccoon laughed. "But don't worry, I think you're doing fine. I wouldn't be surprised if his sudden advances were because of that. Maybe he was attracted to your new personality."

Rey wrestled free from Donya's embrace and sat up, leaning against her friend's side. "But I'm still me," she said. "My personality's still the same as always." She glanced over to the table and licked her lips. "And I still need my daily dose of caffeine," she added meekly.

"All right, I give in," the raccoon giggled and took the two cups from the table, handing one of them over to her friend who took it eagerly. Donya took a sip and put her mug back again. "So what are you thinking about the mansion?"

Rey's glance seemed to be fixed to a point way back in the distance, while she was hugging her mug with both paws. "It's a very impressive place," she said. "Very powerful and seducing. It scares me in a way, yet I feel a strong desire to go back there. I'm not completely sure what to think of it yet."

"I know what you mean," Donya replied and started ruffling the fur on Rey's tummy. "And Keno?"

"You know that I like him."

"Really? Do you like him or do you like the things, he does to you?"

Rey was dumbfounded. Of course she liked him. But what did she know about him anyway? She had only met him three times now, and each time she was part of a game. "I like it when he plays with me. Maybe it's nothing more, but in our games I'm attracted to him a great deal. With you it's something different, though. We've known each other for several years now and even before you found out about my little secret."

"Yeah. Even though I was curious about your private life a long time before that. You always kept this for you, never telling anybody what you're doing in your free time."

"I didn't know people were interested."

Donya giggled. "They probably aren't. But a lot of people tend to chat away about the things they do at home, about their hobbies or friends and stuff. It's not that anybody really cares, it's just small-talk."

"I've never been good at that," Rey said and drew another deep sip from her mug. "I just don't see the point, gossiping about the weather or the color of the co-worker's shirt. They just like to hear themselves talking and consider silence as embarrassing. But if there's nothing important to say, why bother?"

Donya giggled. "That must be the reason you love the harness so much."

Rey growled and thumped her friend with her shoulder, careful not to spill any of the precious coffee, though. "There are times when words are no longer necessary," she said meaningfully and Donya laughed.

"Speaking of words, we haven't talked very much the last week. What have you been up to? I mean, aside from dating strangers."

"Mike is no stranger," Rey said, but the mischievous sparkling in the eyes of her friend told her, that she had stepped right into her trap. "We see each other every day."

"Yeah, okay. I didn't want to insult your pretty kitty."


Donya laughed and took the empty mug out of her paws to put it back onto the table. "Well?"

"There was nothing much to do besides work. I just tinkered around a bit."

"A new toy?"

Rey was a bit embarrassed, but she smiled and went on. "Sort of, yes. It's not really new, though. I only improved something I already had."

"I bet it's one of your tech gadgets," Donya said and Rey looked away, she obviously didn't feel comfortable with the way the conversation was going. "Don't be shy, hon! I'm just teasing you a little. Would you like to show me what you have built?"

Rey hesitated for a moment, but then she nodded. "It's not finished yet, but you can already test it if you like."

"Lead the way, my toy!" Donya said and helped her friend to get up.

Rey took her to the bedroom. She went to the computer desk and awkwardly picked up a small black box with a cable on it and another with a variety of buttons. Another part of the toy was stashed away in her bedside table. The vixen knelt in the middle of her bed and attached the cable to the vibrator she had retrieved and put everything for display on the sheets. "As I said, it's not really something new. Basically this is a modified version of my random vibe. The cable runs to the controlling unit in this box here. I plan on making the unit smaller so it can fit inside of the plug itself. The other device is a remote control. You can alter the vibration frequency and amplitude as well as the rotation speed and direction. And there's also an automatic mode that works just like the old random vibrator did."

Donya sat down facing Rey and picked up the remote. There were four turning knobs and a switch. She manipulated the controls for some time and watched the vibrator altering its stimulation pattern. "This is really interesting. How far does the remote reach? And what happens if the signal is cut off?"

"I don't really know. It should be good for 20 feet or more. The vibe will switch to random mode if the command channel is dead."

Donya switched the vibrator off again and put the remote control aside. The gleam in her eye showed that she had something on her mind. And Rey didn't have to wait very long to find out, what was coming. The raccoon rose on her knees and pushed Rey on her back, eliciting a loud squeal from her toy. She started stroking the vixen's chestfur and breasts, cupping the soft mounds in her paws and kneading them alternatingly. Rey moaned under her and tried to break her paws free from the cuffs at her collar, obviously enjoying the attack of her friend. Donya smiled and continued to stroke and squeeze her, letting one of her paws travel down over her belly, while she started licking her toy's throat, gently nipping at the fur and the sensitive skin below.

Rey writhed under the roaming paws of her friend, enjoying the sudden outburst of affection to it's fullest extent. The teeth at her throat made her feel even more vulnerable and she tried to push her away with her bound paws. The short links of the cuffs and lock didn't provide too much freedom so she ended up struggling against the manacles rather than against Donya. The paws caressing her breasts excited her even more and when she felt one of them move further down she closed her eyes in anticipation. She only hoped that her friend wasn't in a too playful mood today, or she would get teased to no end.

Donya suddenly stopped and pushed herself up again, pressing one finger on Rey's nose, a sign for her to stay right where she was. Rey kept still, panting from the treatment she had received. Her friend left the room for a moment and returned with her paws full of locks and keys, probably taken from the living-room table. The raccoon retrieved the toy bag from the nightstand and took out the crotch straps, placing them right next to Rey on the bed. A bottle of lube was next and she picked up the vibrator to coat it with an ample layer of the translucent stuff. "Now, my toy ..." Donya started and pushed the vixen's legs apart. "Are you ready to find out, how well your new invention really works?"

Rey gasped when the cool tip of the vibe touched her vaginal lips. "Yes," she panted. "Yes, I am."

"Good. Now brace yourself." Donya waited for a moment to give the vixen time to anticipate the intruder and then she started slipping it in at a steady rate, neither stopping nor pulling back, until it was completely inside her friend's love tunnel. Rey screamed through her clenched teeth, trying to break free of her bonds and inwardly thanking her friend for the lube. When it was over Rey started breathing again, trying to recover from the sensation. Donya took the crotch straps and wrapped them around Rey's waist and privates, locking them in place. The connecting wire went through the small hole in the strap and snapped in. Finally the raccoon fastened the controller box to her friend's thigh, using the attached velcro straps.

"How do you feel," Donya asked and started digging in the bag of toys again?

"I feel fine," the vixen answered, a clear sign of arousal resonating in her voice.

"Good. You remember our safety signal?"

Rey nodded. "Two quick yelps say 'go slow', three means danger." So she was going to get muzzled today. She smiled and waited for her friend to find the necessary tool.

"Exactly. You're a good ... Oh, wow! You didn't tell me that!" Donya lifted up the snout harness that had been slightly modified. The straps on the sides were attached to a rubber sheet now which was going to envelop the muzzle's sides completely, while leaving the nostrils free for breathing. "When did you add this?"

"Just two days ago. I think it makes more sense this way. But I didn't have the opportunity to try it out yet."

The raccoon smiled and tousled her friend's headfur, much to her protest. "My dear toy, always so eager to give herself up. Very well then, let's put this one to a test." She put two of the straps around Rey's head and inbetween her ears to connect them on the backside. Slowly she wrapped up the muzzle in the rubber sheet, looped the straps around it and tightened them, until the vixen's snout was firmly tied shut. A few minor adjustments later Donya was pleased with her work. "How's the fit?"

Rey worked her jaw muscles and tried to speak but the harness held her muzzle tightly shut without hurting her. It felt like a huge paw was squeezing around her snout. She closed her eyes with delight and nodded.

"So this means I have my lovely toy all for myself now, I guess," Donya mused and put on a thoughtful expression. "What am I going to do with her, I wonder?"

The vixen watched her friend closely as she leaned forward to give her a kiss on the exposed nose. Her paws were freed from the collar and Donya slowly started pulling her up into a sitting position. The vibrator was pushed a bit deeper inside her during the movement, and Rey let out a muffled moan, closing her eyes. Her paws were pulled behind her back and locked to her crotch strap. This created even more pressure on the vibrator and on her tailhole as well, making her shift around a bit while she started to breathe harder. She suddenly realized that she needed to find a way to make it possible to pant through the muzzle harness to prevent herself from overheating.

Rey opened her eyes again and watched her friend locking her ankle cuffs to each other and tying her legs together above and below the knees, using a length of white rope. The free end was threaded trough her collar ring and slowly Donya started to pull it taut, forcing Rey to bend over, until her knees were nearly touching her torso. The raccoon tied the rope there and attached another one to the ankle restraints, running it up over the crack of her bottom to loop it through the D-rings of her wrist cuffs. She made sure the knot was unreachable to Rey's paws and gave her a quick swat on her butt that made her yip in surprise. The vixen's tail was pulled downwards and tied to her legs, covering the crotch area.

"That's a nice package," Donya said, admiring her work. "I hope it's sufficiently secured, it'll be going through some really rough handling."

Rey's eyes widened in a mixture of fear and anticipation as Donya came over her like a predator. Squealing and squirming she fought against her bonds while the nimble paws roamed all over her, stroking and tickling her sensitive areas. Each tug against the manacles sent small spikes of pleasure through her body, and very soon she was nothing more than a writhing bundle of lust.

Suddenly she felt a tingling sensation between her legs, and it took her a second to realize, that the vibrator in her vagina had come to life. She opened her eyes and looked up to Donya who was manipulating the knobs on the remote control. It started gently enough, massaging her in a most pleasurable way and Rey let herself slide back into her fantasies again. The ropes and cuffs held her tightly while Donya's paws and teeth explored her body. In her mind, Rey was surrounded by many other playmates, and they were touching her, stroking her, handing her over to one another, using her for their own pleasure. The heat was rising in her body, and she breathed heavily through her nose.

The vixen moaned loudly when the vibrator started to pick up speed and amplitude. Reflexively she tried to spread her legs but she was cut short by the restraints that held her limbs tightly drawn to her upper body. The crotch strap dug deeply into her privates and made the toy inside of her push even harder into her. She was moaning uncontrollably now, trying to break free from the paws that were stroking and holding her, desperately crying for release but not able to utter any intelligible word.

The paws were gone, and Rey opened her eyes. She blinked away the tears of lust that had formed there just in time to see Donya leaving the room. But before she could protest she was overwhelmed with pleasure coming from the vibrator that suddenly had shifted to full motion. Howling in her gag she worked all her muscles at once to break free from the bindings that surrounded her limbs, trying either to escape the treatment or to bring herself to climax. Yet, it was not to be. The manacles held her effortlessly and the stimulation was not quite enough to give her release. Her moans became increasingly deeper and more intense, while she desperately fought against her predicament.

A cool breeze flowed over her back and upper arms and she stopped squirming for a moment to relish the chilling sensation. Only now she realized that she had closed her eyes again and she looked around. Donya was back, stroking her fur with a wet towel to help her controlling her body heat. With a thankful glance Rey gave in to the relaxing feeling and started to moan again when the toy beneath the strap started to pick up speed again. She tugged at her paws to get them free, but the cuffs and rope didn't let her go. All she was doing was to tighten up the crotch strap assembly and making the vibrator press harder against her insides. Rey screamed and squealed into her gag, feeling the first signs of her climax approaching.

Then everything stopped.

Rey whimpered and opened her eyes, her vision blurry from the force with that she had been squeezing them shut. Donya was kneeling before her, holding the remote control in one paw and watching her closely. Rey did her best to glare at her, but the lust in her loins made that look more like a plea for release. Donya smiled and turned one of the controls a bit, resulting in a surprised yelp of the vixen. Her friend giggled and set up another variation, making the toy buzz with medium strength and only a little amplitude, just enough to keep Rey hot and longing for more.

Donya put the remote aside and removed the rope around the vixen's tail and knees, allowing her to stretch her legs. Rey let out a sigh of relief while she flexed her muscles, but her friend didn't give her too much time to recover. She unfastened the cuffs on her wrists and pulled the vixen's arms up until Rey had to stumble to her knees. The raccoon took a short length of chain from the collection and attached Rey's right wrist to the upper bar of the bed-head. The left wrist was soon restrained likewise, about four feet apart from the other. Running her paws over the exposed torso of the vixen, Donya moved slowly downward, teasing her crotch area with her claws and making her spasm and jerk against the chains. The raccoon took her time, letting her paws wander over the muscular cheeks before her, stroking slowly over the backside of the vixen's thighs and slipping between them, always making sure that Rey would feel every single touch.

The vixen panted and whimpered in sweet torment, anticipating every prick of the claws and touch of the padded paws on her fur. She wanted to cry out loud, give her frustration an outlet, but the gag harness held her muzzle just as securely closed as the cuffs were holding her to the bed frame. The vibrator was still teasing her love tunnel, keeping her aroused and needing, but it was not enough to push her further. Her friend kept on stroking and pricking her skin, before she removed the lock on her ankle cuffs. Again, some lengths of rope were tied above and below her knees, leaving about two feet of slack between them. Donya pushed her legs apart and Rey did her best to accommodate the new position, until the ropes got taut and prevented her from spreading her legs any further.

Rey moaned deeply when she felt the vibrator switching to higher speed again, wiggling her hips to heighten her arousal more and more. While she got lost in pleasure again, she barely noticed the chains that were fastened from her ankle cuffs to the foot of the bed, restraining her even more. Finally another pair of chains was locked from her ankles to the head of the bed, keeping her stuck in the middle of the mattress, free to any assault Donya had in store for her. The toy in her crotch busily kept on stimulating her, making it hard for her to think. She felt the heat rising inside of her again, wondering if she should try to push herself on harder to reach her gratification before Donya could take it away from her again.

The answer came quickly. Due to her bound state and her arousal, Rey wasn't able to see clearly what was going on behind her back but she felt Donya moving around there. A moment later the lock of her crotch straps snapped open and they were removed. Rey shut her eyes, folded her ears to the skull and dropped her head, and then she felt the toy being pulled out of her vagina, slowly and teasingly, sliding back in a bit every now and then, making her gasp and whimper. When it finally slipped past the labia, a rush of warmth spread out inside of her, and she felt her juices running down her legs.

"My, my!" Donya said, while she hurried to catch the fluids with a towel before they stained the bed sheets. "Such an eager foxie! I wonder if I should just let you cool down for a bit, before you're going to burst."

Rey moaned loudly and shook her head in protest. If she wasn't given release soon, she was going mad for sure. Pleadingly, she whimpered and begged with her eyes, hoping that she would look miserable enough to make Donya stop teasing her. When she turned her head to look at the raccoon, another surprise was waiting for her. With her eyes wide open she stared at the strap-on dildo sticking from her friend's crotch, already lubed up and ready. Rey could not believe it. How long had she already been tied to the bed frame to give Donya the opportunity to strip and prepare all this? For the life of her, she just couldn't tell.

A loud scream came out of her throat when she felt the cold tip of the strap-on touch her burning labia. Her friend's fingers gently pried them apart and allowed the thick black shaft to slide forward. Due to her arousal and the lubrication gel there was not much resistance to stop it. Rey breathed quickly, whimpering with lust and agony, until the full length of the dildo was inside of her. She heard Donya's moan behind her and moved her hips a bit to stimulate her friend a little more. Slowly the raccoon started to rock back and forth, sliding the glistening shaft in and out of her. The paws of her friend roamed over her back and sides, until she embraced her and started stimulating her nipples and tickling her clit. Rey moaned and howled into her gag, strained against the chains that bound her to the bed. Her body was on fire, her mind filled with lust. Donya moaned in time with her, pumping the toy into her helpless vixen friend with increasing speed. Rey let herself fall into her restraints, unable to resist or to hold back anymore. She felt the weight of her friend on top of her, mercilessly driving the shaft into her. And when she exploded she screamed loudly, colorful sparks and flashes of lightning blinding her. Again and again the delightful contractions ripped through her abdomen, making her howl and whine into the muzzle harness. And as far as she could hear, her friend was experiencing the same.

When her mind had cleared she was still hanging from the chains at the bed's top bar. Donya's body was weighing her down a bit and she struggled to get her paws back up to support some of her weight. The muscles in her legs trembled with the effort but she finally grasped the black metal and pulled herself up a little, panting through her nose. This motion seemed to wake her friend from her own trance and she started to stir and prop herself up again. Rey sighed in relief and arched her back to get the stiffness out of her bones. She felt that Donya was still inside of her and tried to ignore the little electric spikes she felt everytime her friend moved a bit. She couldn't help some yips that escaped her muzzle, though.

"Rey? Are you all right?" Donya asked, when she had regained her own composure.

The vixen nodded and mumbled in affirmation.

"That's good." The raccoon smiled and reached for the towel. "I'm going now, hon. Get yourself ready." She waited a moment and then started to pull out slowly. Her friend moaned loudly while she went on, the wet black shaft slowly emerging from her body. A moment before she left completely she pushed the cloth against Rey's labia, catching the fluids that started to run from her when she finally slipped out. The vixen cried out and lost her grip on the bars, hanging limply in her chains and panting hard. Donya kept the towel where it was for a moment, stroking Rey's back slowly to comfort her toy. "Shh, relax, my toy," she whispered. "It'll be over in a second."

Rey clenched her teeth and waited for the intense sensation in her loins to subside. While she still recovered from the lovemaking her friend started to untie her from the bed, first removing the chains on her legs, untying the rope that limited her spread knees and finally unlocking the chains that secured her front paws to the frame. Supported by Donya the vixen let herself fall on her side and rest for a minute, before she finally tried to sit up again. The raccoon helped her to regain her balance and gently removed the harness from her muzzle. Rey inhaled deeply and started to pant almost immediately, greedily sucking in the cool air. In the meantime Donya picked up the towel and cleaned up the outer part of the strap-on, before slowly taking it off, whimpering softly as the internal shaft slipped out of her. With shaking paws she wiped it off and put it aside, before she dropped down next to her friend.

The two girls embraced each other and lay on the bed for some time, kissing and snuggling gently. Their bodies were still glowing with the warmth of gradually abating arousal. It was during these times that they always felt very special for each other. They would even say they were in love, but they knew that this wasn't their hearts speaking. Contentedly they held each other tight, caressing and stroking their bodies and basking in their mutual affection.

"Rey? Are you ready for a shower?"

The vixen nodded. "I hope I won't fall asleep on the way."

"I'll take care of that if you like," Donya grinned, waving the vibrator.

"Don't you dare," the vixen growled and got up quickly, trying to hold her balance on shaking legs.

Her friend giggled. "See you in the bathroom!" She slowly got up herself, waiting for her circulation to follow. After she was sure she would not simply topple over she followed her vixen friend, who was already kneeling in the tub. Donya stepped in and closed the shower curtain before she turned on the refreshing jet of water. They cleaned up themselves and enjoyed the relaxation, before they finally left the shower and toweled each other down thoroughly. Donya led her friend back to the bedroom, locked her paws behind her back and reattached the harness to her muzzle. After that was done they went into the living-room, making themselves comfortable on the couch.

Part IV: Offering Help

Donya was watching one of her favorite soaps while Rey enjoyed herself lying next to her, resting her head in the raccoon's lap. Her friend was idly stroking her chest and belly with one paw, while she took in the story of the show. The vixen was fine with that, she was quite exhausted anyway and the gag excused her from having to start a conversation. All she could do was lie there and enjoy Donya's company. And for the moment that was all she wanted.

The phone rang and Rey tried to get up by force of habit, but Donya held her back.

"Let me get it for you, hon," she said and took the phone from the table. "Hello? Yes, she is. One moment, please." Donya covered the mouthpiece and said, "It's your admirer, Mike."

Rey tried to stop her friend from getting her into trouble but with the gag on there was nothing she could do.

"Hello? She will be right with you, she's only a little tied up at the moment." Donya put the phone down again and fetched the key for Rey's harness. She smiled at the glaring eyes of the vixen and took her time unbuckling the straps of the gag. She dropped the toy on the couch without caring for the noise and put the phone down next to the vixen's ear, never bothering to untie her paws. Rey scolded her friend silently and Donya laughed.

"Hi Mike, how're you?" Rey said after she had shifted around enough to be able to hear him. Donya left her for a moment, and she tried to concentrate on the conversation.

"Hello Rey! I'm fine, thanks. I didn't want to interrupt you. You seem to be ... busy."

"No, it's okay. What's the news?"

"Oh, nothing much actually. I just wanted to thank you for joining me last night. I really enjoyed it."

"Me too," Rey answered. She just tried to speak again, when she felt a tingling sensation between her legs. She glanced down and saw Donya's paw softly stroking the fur just below her crotch, sending most pleasurable, yet unwelcome feelings through her body. Rey closed her eyes for a moment, but tried to keep her countenance. "You were right, the cafe is really neat."

"Yes, it is. Um ... Would you mind me asking, if we could - you know - go there again sometime."

Rey stifled a moan and glared at her friend, who was busily stimulating her clit and kneading one of her breasts with her other paw. "Will you stop that!" she whispered intently, but Donya merely giggled. "Yeah, I - oooh - I think this would be nice." She clenched her eyes shut, trying to resist the seducement of her friend.

"Sounds good. Um ... Are you okay? You seem different today."

"No, I'm fine," Rey said, collecting all self control she had left, while Donya started licking her already oversensitive labia. "I'm just a bit - ah - tired, that's all."

"I see," Mike said, a doubtful tone in his voice. "Then I won't bother you too long. I'll see you on Monday."

"Yeah, until Monday, then!" Rey tried to cut the connection with her nose but then she heard the familiar sound of a broken line, so he had hung up already. "What do you think you're doing?" she shouted at Donya.

"Mmmhh," the raccoon muttered, her snout still caressing Rey's private parts. "Teasing you, what did you think this was?"

"You .. you're so ... Ooh ..." Rey let herself fall back on the couch and squirmed a bit, finally giving in to the sensual touches her friend was giving her. "You are so bad, you know that!" she moaned and started to laugh. "I nearly made a complete fool of myself, only because of you!"

"I know. But don't tell me you didn't like it."

Rey remained silent.

Donya giggled and stopped her activities for a moment. "But speaking of going out, what do you think about going to the movies? They're showing a pretty funny flick, and I guess you'd like it."

"Yes, sounds like fun. When does it start?"

Donya glanced to the clock on the wall. "In about an hour. We should get ready soon. Here, let me free your paws." She opened the lock that linked the paw cuffs together and Rey sighed softly with a mixture of relief and regret.

The two friends got up from the couch, switched off the television and set about preparing for the theater. Rey chose a black shirt and blue jeans from her wardrobe, putting them on quickly before she applied some fur dye over her eyes and a hint of perfume. Donya came back from the bathroom and smiled at her friend, beckoning her to come near. The vixen put on a shy smile as well and reached out her paws, so she could undo the cuffs. But Donya didn't open them, instead she pulled out two white silk scarfs and tied them over the cuffs, hiding them from view. "Put the legs of your pants over the other pair," she said, "and remove the collar ring. Then I think we're ready to go."

"You really want me to wear the cuffs at the movies?" Rey said, a bit uneasy, while she unlocked her collar ring and let it slip into her pocket.


Rey sighed and nodded. She probably wasn't going to argue about that, so the vixen double-checked that the scarfs were tied nicely and securely. She had to admit that they looked fancy around her wrists, even without knowing what was underneath them. She gave the knots another quick pull and followed her friend, who was already standing next to the door. "Okay, I'm done."

"Let's go, then!" Donya announced and opened the door. They left the flat and stepped down to the street to get into Donya's Mustang. A minute later they were already following the main street, heading for the city center.

The movie was sold out but they managed to get two tickets from the pre-order stock that wasn't claimed by their owners in time. Slowly they moved downstairs with the rest of the people, and Rey had the funny feeling of all the people watching her, as if they could see beneath her scarfs and pants' legs. Somehow it was exciting to have the manacles locked around her limbs in a place where everyone could look at her, even though they were obscured from view. It was enough for her to know, that they were there, feeling their weight and gentle pressure around her joints, to make her blood run faster, and tried to act as inconspicuously as she could, by this probably drawing more attention to her than she would have otherwise. Even the usher who was checking on her ticket seemed to concentrate more on her paws than on the paper slip itself. But Rey blamed this on her mind, she was definitely imagining things. Her heart started to slow down a bit only when they entered the dark room to find their seats.

During the commercials the two friends talked and laughed about various things that came to their minds. And when the trailers played they were absorbed in the fast-paced pictures showing on the big screen. At one time Donya even dropped her purse on the floor and spent a minute finding it in the darkness.

The movie started and Rey made herself comfortable. She shuffled her feet around a bit and suddenly realized, that they were bound together at her ankles. A quick glance to her right confirmed her suspicion. The smug smile on the face of her friend said it all. "How dare you-"

"Shh, my toy," Donya whispered and bent over to her. "You don't want to spoil the movie, do you?"

Rey snarled under her breath but said nothing.

"And now put your paws behind your back for me, will you?"

The vixen's eyes widened in disbelief. "What?" she erupted, even though she tried not to disturb the other visitors.

Donya put a finger on her nose to silence her. "Come on, nobody will see you, except for me."

Rey hesitated, but she didn't want to start a fight over this, so she slowly moved her paws on her back, feeling them being locked in place. With a sigh of embarrassment and arousal she leaned back again, shifting a bit to find a comfortable position and tried to distract herself by watching the movie. It actually was a funny film, and Rey laughed together with her friend, enjoying the entertainment. But every few minutes when she tried to alter her sitting position or Donya chose to stroke her arm or shoulder, she was reminded of the locks on her cuffs, keeping her in a state of mild arousal during the whole show.

The ending credits were rolling and Rey was smiling contentedly. She had been laughing a lot during the film and Donya obviously had been enjoying it, too. The raccoon gave her a good humored grin and bent over again to remove the lock on her ankles. Rey waited patiently to get her paws freed as well, but Donya seemed to have forgotten about them. She rose and started gathering her things, getting ready to leave the theater.

"Donya? Would you please ..." she said and moved her arms a bit to show her what she wanted.

"No, hon. I think we should be going now. Come on, the hall is nearly empty already."


"No buts!" Donya extended her paw and helped Rey out of her seat, ignoring her protests. She put one arm around her and led her to the exit of the room, passing the ushers who were waiting for the guests to leave. "Night!" she said cheerfully and they greeted back.

Rey was frightened nearly out of her mind when they left the theater and started to move along the pavement, heading for the parking lot. There was quite a crowd tonight and she kept close to her friend, so her locked paws would be covered by her arm as good as possible. "What are you doing to me?" she scolded her. "I'm scared!"

"Don't be," Donya said and pulled her close to calm her down. "There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm just playing with my most favorite toy, that's all." She smiled and gave her friend a reassuring snuggle. "Nobody will notice, and I'll be a proud owner by the time we got home."

"A proud owner of a toy with a nervous breakdown," Rey commented sarcastically and Donya laughed. "I hope you realize that you're sick!"

"Yes, I am," the raccoon said with a smile. "But so are you, then. Because you like it."

Rey opened her mouth to protest, but she would have been lying. True, it was scary and strange, walking along a public street at night with her paws locked on her back, hidden under some pieces of cloth, but on the other paw it was exciting her in a sensual way. The charm of breaking a taboo was overwhelming, manifesting itself in shape of sexual desire. She leaned against her friend and let her guide her through the crowd until they left the main street and turned into a smaller side lane, leading to the parking place. Donya opened the door for her, helped her getting in and soon they were on their way back to Rey's flat.


The door closed behind the two friends and Rey leaned with her back against it, obviously quite tired from the day's activities. Donya yawned herself and she could tell by the looks of her face that she could use some sleep, too, even though it was only half past eight. The raccoon put her light coat on the rack and took Rey to the bedroom, where she undid the lock from her wrist cuffs. Slowly the vixen moved her arms back into their normal position again and started swaying them around a bit to relieve the tension in her shoulders. This was the first time that her arms had been tied on her back for so long.

They undressed and got ready for bed, snuggling up to each other and enjoying the warmth of their bodies. Donya took two lengths of chains and secured Rey's arms and legs to the bed's frame, smiling when her toy looked at her in bewilderment. "I'm going to sleep here with you, if you don't mind," she explained. "Tomorrow we can have breakfast together and go to work, what do you think?"

"I'm not going to send you away," she said, leaning herself against her friend's body.

Donya smiled and bent over to place a tender kiss on Rey's mouth. The vixen answered and opened her muzzle only a bit, enjoying the warm glow that was already spreading inside of her. The raccoon took the offer and licked Rey's lips softly, and soon they were sharing a deep, passionate kiss, breathing heavily and moaning at each other. Donya started to fondle Rey's sensitive breasts again, squeezing the nipples gently and rubbing them until they stood out prominently through the rich white fur. The vixen rolled around, tugging lightly at the chains that held her to the bed, relishing the touches of the nimble paws. Again they kissed, and when their lips parted, their eyes were full of affection for each other. "Sleep well my toy," Donya whispered. "I'll see you in the morning."

The raccoon was just reaching for the light switch when the phone rang. Rey looked at her friend's face and started to laugh. Donya sighed deeply and obviously fought with herself for a minute before she got up with a grunt to find the phone. The vixen looked after her and heard her talking to someone on the line. The conversation went on for some time before Donya finally hung up and came back to her. "Our day's not over yet, it seems," she said. "Keno invited us to the mansion. He said, there was something he wants to show us."

Rey groaned. "Do we really have to go? I'm absolutely shot."

"I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't have it. I guess we'll at least have to have a look at whatever it is."

The vixen smiled weakly and tugged at her chains. "I don't think I'm going anywhere at the moment."

"This can be remedied easily enough, my toy." Donya jumped back onto the bed and started tickling her helpless friend until she started to squeal and writhe in her bonds. "This'll wake you up, little vixen! You can rest later, when we're back." Rey tried to evade the attacking paws, but the chains left little room to escape. After a few minutes she was panting and pleading for mercy, and Donya seemed to be contented with it. "Now rise and shine, my dear!" she said when she undid the chains. "And hurry, we don't want to lose more time than necessary."

Rey growled softly, but she did as the was told. Donya picked a black top and short blue pants for her and the vixen quickly got dressed. She only hoped that nobody in her company would notice her lack of concentration the next day. When she was done, the raccoon locked her paws on her back again and wrapped the gag harness around her muzzle. Rey protested against the haste in which she was prepared, even though she knew that she had long ago no more say in this matter.

After they had made sure that there was nobody in the staircase, the two girls went down the steps as quickly as possible. Once they reached the black Mustang Donya let her friend in and strapped her seat-belt in place. A moment later they were on their way.

Darkness was falling over the city when the two friends reached the mansion and got out of the car. Donya rang the doorbell and they waited for the answer. It didn't take long before the door was opened and the skunk servant stood before them. "Good evening. Master has been expecting you. Please come in."

They followed her inside and stepped through the big hall where Keno was already waiting for them. His dark brown eyes regarding them with a mixture of amusement and anticipation. "Now, that's a sight! Welcome back, my dear. I'm so glad you could come! Our newest item in our collection has just been finished and I couldn't think of anyone more suitable to test it thoroughly." He motioned to Donya to remove the harness, and she followed his request. "It's nothing special, but we think this can be fun. And I'm sure you'll like it."

"Why me?" Rey asked softly. "There must be more people you know better than me who can help you with this, I guess."

"Of course there are," he agreed. "But I think I know them all too well already. You're quite new around here, and this makes the testing more genuine. Of course, if you don't want to, I won't force you or blame you for refusing."

The vixen shifted uneasily and her bound paws strained a little against the cuffs. "I guess this depends on what it's all about. Maybe I should have a look at it first."

Keno's face lightened up and he smiled brightly. "Then let me show it to you. Follow me, please."

They went to the door leading to the playground and Donya untied her paws so she could leave her clothes on the shelf. Entering the big room made Rey shiver slightly when she recalled her previous adventures. The thought of what games could be played in here were enough to make her pulse quicken a little and her breathing go heavier. She followed the otter who was quickly passing the dividing walls and taking them to the far corner of the playground. There was another door and he led them inside. The room behind was empty, except for a double sized bed standing in the middle. It looked like an ordinary piece of furniture, only the four silver chains coming from the corners showed that it was more than just a place to sleep on.

"There you are. This might look fairly innocent to you but you'll see what's special about it soon enough." He turned to them, facing Rey with an expectant look. "So how about you giving it a try? The chains have locks on them, and you can just go and secure yourself with them."

"What will happen, once I'm ... in?" Rey still was shy about using the real terms for being tied up or helplessly trapped. Somehow it made her feel better about her sexual preference when she covered it up and pretended, that she wasn't approving of the things being done to her.

"It's a surprise," Keno said with a smile. "Don't worry, it's nothing you'll regret."

Rey swallowed and licked her lips while she glanced at the bed. It really looked harmless enough, but a simple chain-up scenario wouldn't justify a ceremony like this. She couldn't find out what was so special about it, though. "I really hope you're right, Keno," Rey said. "I'm a bit nervous about it, and if this goes wrong, I can't promise I'll ever do something like this again."

Keno nodded and his face showed genuine concern. "I'll never do anything to you I'm not convinced of not hurting you. You can take this as a promise."

The vixen inhaled deeply. "All right, then. Maybe I'm just too much of a scaredy-fox." She approached the bed and sat down on it, pulling her legs on the soft mattress and moving into the center of the frame, examining the chains closely. They were long enough for her to allow a wide range of movement, and at their ends they were fitted with a strange type of lock, made from two pieces held together with a short length of wire. She took one of the pieces in her paw and threaded it through the D-ring of her left wrist cuff. The other part of the lock, a cylindrical barrel, went over the slender bolt she had applied earlier and snapped in audibly. This made her blood rush again, and she tugged at the chain for a moment, before she took the next one from the bed. When she was done attaching all four chains to her limbs she sat down, checking on her freedom of movement and enjoying the feeling of being loosely bound to the bed. The length of the chains allowed her to take any position she liked, as long as she stayed close to the center of the mattress. Yet she felt that her motions were slightly restricted by them and the jingling of the links reminded her with every move she made of the trap she had opted to walk into. She smiled and looked to Keno, who was expectantly watching her. "I think I'm done. What's going to happen now?"

"You'll find out, my dear. Just relax now and wait for a moment. We'll be back soon." He took Donya by the arm and gently guided her out of the room.

"But ... hey! Wait!" Rey called, trying to follow them but being held back by the chains. The otter didn't stop. She caught a glimpse of Donya looking back at her, before the door finally closed and the room suddenly went completely dark. "Keno! Donya!" she called. "What's going on? Where ... ah ..." Rey sighed and stopped shouting. She had a feeling that they wouldn't answer her anyway. This was probably all part of the surprise she was going to get, so she tried to calm down and ease off a bit.

It was like she was sitting inside the belly of a huge mountain, not a single ray of light was visible in the room. Rey shifted around on the bed, testing how far she could move before the chains would hold her back. There was no way she could get off the mattress now, so she decided to lie down and make herself comfortable. Fortunately it was quite warm in there, otherwise it would have been a bit awkward without a blanket. Out of curiosity she let her fingers slide over the locks again, trying to figure out if there was a way to get them off without the proper key. It wasn't that she didn't like to be chained up, on the contrary. But to know that she couldn't escape, even if she really tried to, was the icing on the cake. After a few minutes she gave up on the lock and resigned to pull at the chains from time to time, at least savoring her entrapment while she couldn't do anything but wait for her friends to return.

Rey woke with a start, her limbs being held back by loudly rattling chains when her body jerked violently. It took her a moment to realize where she was and she calmed down a little, trying to get her breathing under control again. She must have been really tired, just falling asleep like this. She slipped back a little to make room for her arms and rubbed her eyes. Her feet felt a little numb and she bent forward to rub them, but she couldn't reach them because of the bonds. Frowning she sat up and tucked her legs in, but they wouldn't go as far as she had anticipated. Somehow she must have managed it to tangle the chains up, so she started to feel along them, but they seemed to be lying straight, just as they had before. Getting a bit nervous she felt around a bit more, but there was nothing she could find. The only reason she could think of was, that the chains must have become shorter.

"Donya? Keno? What's going on here?" she called again, but still nobody answered her. The vixen sat up again as good as she could and scratched her head. At this moment she thought she heard a soft clicking noise and something tugged back her paw for about half an inch. Rey tried to draw her arm back, but she could not overcome the pull. Another click, a little louder than before, confirmed her speculations. She felt a distinct pull on all four chains, drawing her limbs outwards just a little bit. Now that the mystery seemed solved she tried to prove it to herself by pulling the chains taut as good as she could. All in all she had a rough estimate of fifteen inches left on each limb before the limit was reached. Holding the tension she waited for another minute or so, before the sound came back again and the chains were drawn out once more.

Rey nodded to herself. That's what was happening. At this rate she would be spread completely in twenty to thirty minutes from now, and she found the situation quite tantalizing. She knew she was going to be completely stretched out eventually, but she had no way of slowing it down, let alone stopping it, or even making it go faster. With every click of the mechanism built into the bed's frame she was losing a little bit of her freedom, inevitably bringing her to a state of complete helplessness. Rey let herself fall backwards, just when the next pull came, drawing her legs towards the foot of the bed. Her arousal grew from one moment to the next, but the devious trap made sure she wasn't able to touch herself, once she was horny enough to crave release. Moaning softly the vixen struggled against her bonds, before she just lay still, anticipating the next click of the machine.

Again she woke up, her limbs now spread out widely. The heat in her loins had lessened a bit while she was dozing off, but now it returned even stronger than before. Checking her situation again, she was finding herself nearly stretched to her limit. Swallowing hard she realized that this could very easily be a quite dangerous situation. When the next pull came, she slipped down the bed a bit more, the tension in her arms increasing a bit. This was as far as she could go. Rey shifted a bit from side to side, her paws being rigidly held fast in their bonds and yet, another click was coming from the machine and she was stretched even more. The vixen stifled a scream and forced herself to relax and breathe slowly. The cuffs slid a little outwards, putting up against her paws and feet.

"Please," Rey whispered. "No more! I can't take any ... uuh!" She moaned loudly when she felt the chains tighten once more, stretching her body nearly painfully, but she also felt that she wasn't being drawn as far as before, and it even slid back just a tiny bit. Trembling slightly and with clenched teeth she waited for the next pull, but it never came. So they built a safety system into it, she thought. Lucky me. Keno was right, this is terrifying, but it's a great experience. While her limbs were still spread out tightly she inwardly started so relax and enjoy her predicament. Her arousal returned, even stronger than before, now that she was certain that nothing bad would happen to her.

Nevertheless, she nearly screamed in panic when she felt a soft touch at one of her exposed nipples. A paw wrapped around her muzzle, followed by a reassuring finger stroking the side of her face softly, calming her down. Her muzzle was released again and the gentle touch at her breast came back, sending a shiver of delight through her body. Another paw started stroking her mons, just a hint of tickling fur touching her vulva below. Rey tensed and pulled at her chains, but they were too tightly drawn out for her to even move a muscle. "Aah," she moaned loudly, trying to escape the sweet torture but loving it at the same time. Two pairs of soft paws were now caressing her breasts and abdomen, playing with her nipples and rubbing her sensitive labia, making her writhe and struggle against the inescapable bonds she was caught in.

Again, her muzzle was wrapped up, but this time she felt the familiar touch of her harness, restraining her snout thoroughly. Only a few seconds later she knew, why they had gagged her, when her labia were pushed apart by something warm and hard. Rey whimpered and closed her eyes, even though she couldn't see a thing anyway. Slowly the thick shaft penetrated her, sliding in bit by bit, pulling back gently and resuming the forward motion again. Rey threw her head from side to side, wheezing through her nose and growling at the assault. Pleasure and humiliation filled her mind, making her squirm and fight in her trap, trying to defend herself for all she was worth, yet losing the battle before it had even started. Again and again the intruder was pushed into her, sending waves of lust through her loins and loading her up with sexual energy.

At the same time, her breasts and nipples were under constant attention. Dexterous paws squeezed them and teased the sensitive nubs under her fur, mingling their spikes of pleasure with the heat that was already rising inside of her. The two tormenters started moaning and grunting themselves now, obviously enjoying the situation just as much as she did. The dark room was filled with noises of their lovemaking, unreal sounds without shapes to assign them to. Louder and louder they moaned, harder and faster the vixen was penetrated and stimulated, until she burst out with a loud cry into her gag, straining against the iron chains, bucking her hips and climaxing wildly, too engrossed in her own sensations to be able to care about what was going on around her. The feelings were so intense that she nearly blacked out before her body went limp in the binding chains, her lungs desperately pumping hot air out of her to cool her off a bit. Howls of pleasure were all around her, and then everything faded into black.

A cool breeze was blowing when she opened her eyes again. Keno and Donya were lying next to her, obviously just as exhausted as she was. Someone must have turned on some dim lights and a big fan was driving the heat away. "What the hell ..." she muttered, realizing that the harness was gone.

Keno chuckled and stroked her tummy, while Donya lay snuggling at her other side. "You seem to have enjoyed the ride," he said with a smile. "I hope we didn't frighten you too much."

"At first I actually was a bit scared," Rey replied, slowly coming back to her senses again. "The chains seemed to rip me apart, but when I felt the safety kicking in it was a great relief."

The otter nodded. "I deliberately designed it to pull a little harder than it would eventually hold the victim. I just thought it might spice up the experience a bit."

"It did," the vixen laughed. "How does it work?"

Donya giggled. "There's the tech speaking again."

"It's quite simple actually," he explained, winking at the raccoon, who was idly squeezing and caressing her friend's breasts, trying to distract her from the technical discussion. "The chains are mounted on a winch, driven by a strong but very silent electric motor. A latch prevents the chain from being pulled back, once it's gone past it. The whole thing's controlled by a small timing device. You can adjust the pulling distance as well as the interval. As you've observed correctly there's a safety kludge in it, making the system stop tightening the chains when there's too much resistance."

"But wouldn't the victim be able to fool the system by simply pulling as hard as they can to make it stop?"

"Sure, but you'd have to work against five hundred newton per chain, and I think this should be pretty hard to overcome. Besides, you'd have to know what's happening to know this trick."

Rey nodded and squirmed happily in her bonds. "I really like this one."

"See? I told you." Keno stroke her face with his brown furred paw. "So, how'd you like it to just stay a bit longer?"

Rey sighed. "I'd really love to, but I need to go to work tomorrow. I should've been sleeping for a couple of hours already."

"Ah, I'm sorry. I didn't think about that." He stood up, as lithesome as ever, and left the bed, crouching next to the frame. A moment later there was a jerk going through the chains and they started to reduce the tension. "Now, very slowly, pull the chains back out again."

Rey nodded and started to tuck in her legs. Her limbs ached a little and she groaned with the exertion. This meant sore muscles for at least the next two days. Her arms were feeling similar when she slowly reeled in the chains until they reached their longest limit. With an odd-looking key the otter opened the locks that kept them attached to her cuffs and snapped them shut again. Donya and her friend eventually got up themselves, and Rey tried to convince her legs to stop shaking.

"I guess you'll want to take a shower right now," Keno said, leading them through the door, back to the playground. "We'll meet at the dining room later. If you need anything, don't be shy to ask for it. My slave will be happy to assist you."

The skunk waited patiently until Rey and Donya were ready to follow her to the public showers. The hot water was easing the pain in the vixen's body and she spent quite some time rubbing and massaging herself, trying to loosen up the muscles at least a little. When they were done the servant led them back to the small room for their clothes and then up the stairs to meet their host in the dining room. Keno was already sitting at one of the tables, he too had been having a refreshing shower, a towel was still draped around his neck. He beckoned them to join him while the skunk took her place next to her master. The girls sat down and started eating as well. They didn't know how hungry they had been until now.

"So, dear vixen," Keno said, "how do you like it here? Are you comfortable?"

"Yes, I am. I still have my doubts about coming here too often, but I really like the place."

Keno nodded. "What are your concerns about being here?"

The vixen thought about it a minute before she answered. "I fear I could lose myself in the place. I have my own life to live, and even though the mansion offers a lot, I don't want to let it take me over. I guess this sounds strange, but it's how I feel."

"No, this isn't strange at all. My beautiful lady here was just the same when she came here for the first time, but by now she's found her place and is doing extremely well." Keno took a sip from his cup of tea and looked at her, his face suddenly serious and when he spoke his voice sounded a little insecure. "Rey, I want you to know that I truly think, you'd be a wonderful addition to the mansion. I hereby offer you the opportunity to become one of the mansion's toys. You'll get a room for yourself, including food, clothing and other things you might need. In return you'd be toy and playmate to me, Donya and my servant, maybe for some others if you decide to allow it."

Rey stopped chewing and stared at Keno in disbelief. He couldn't be seriously offering her something like this. "I ... this is a joke, isn't it?"

"Do I look as if I'm joking?"

Rey shook her head.

"I mean it, Rey. Of course, becoming our toy would mean yourself giving up your former life, as you wouldn't need it anymore. Your submission will pay for all costs you might have, so there wouldn't be a reason for you to go to work, for example. This is my offer, and I want you to think about it thoroughly."

Rey put down her slice of bread and sat back in her chair. The faces of the other three turned to her and she looked at them, unsure of what to say. Her right ear twitched nervously, the silver ring sending glittering sparks through the room like rays of sunlight through a crack in the clouds. But the longer she thought about it, the more confident she became of herself. She turned her head to face Keno, looked into his deep brown eyes and she knew, that her decision was made.

To be continued ...