a furry erotic story ©July 13, 2007 by Eisfuchs (eisfuchs@tigress.com)

Author's note:

This is the sixth installment of the series about Rey and Donya, two girls who knew each other for a long time and found out about their mutual interest. All parts of the series are written in a way that they can be read without having read their prequels, but I recommend to read them in their chronological order, as of now:

01. Random
02. Toys
03. Captivity
04. Offerings
05. Control
06. Exploring

This story is a work of fiction. All characters are (C) by Eisfuchs. This text is for mature readers only, so if you are not of legal age in your country, please stop reading. I give the permission to repost or upload this story freely as long as the text and this copyright message are left untouched.

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Part I: Mutual Punishment

Stupid, stupid vixen! she scolded herself in her mind. This must not happen! Ever! You know that! She put her face into her paws and rubbed the short fur for a moment before laying down her arms on the desk of her workplace again, uncomfortably rubbing one of the pieces of cloths she wore around her wrists. She took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the code displayed on the screen in front of her, but she couldn't stop thinking about last night and the horrible mistake she made this morning.


Helplessly squirming on her bed she was nothing more than a writhing bundle of lust, frustration and rage. But Donya was showing no sign of mercy, playing her body like a musical instrument for hours already, trying to find out how high it would be able to go. Rey kept her eyes tightly shut, her voice already hoarse from screaming into the muzzle harness that was securely tied around her snout. The torture was bad, and she wished that her limbs were not folded up like they were now. She always found it easier to endure prolonged stimulation when she was able to pull at her outstretched arms and legs. Stupid as she was, she had shared this bit of information with her friend sometime in the past - and now she was shown that Donya always listened to her and never forgot anything she trusted her with.

Another spark of pleasure ripped through her abdomen when she felt the thick vibrator in her sex starting to stir again. Once more she fought against the ropes, that had been tied around her body at numerous places, trying to break free. Her arms uselessly squirmed on her back with her paws clenching and opening. She felt the paws of her raccoon friend roaming her backside which made her blush, feeling a hint of claws here and there. With a loud moan she tried to straighten her body to relieve the tension in her already sore muscles, but the ropes held her tightly curled up into a ball, making her already burning body feel even hotter.

"My bad, bad Toy," Donya said in a reprimanding tone of voice. "You should have known better than to tie me to the bed! I don't know what has gotten into you, but I think I should make sure that you will never forget your place again."

Rey wanted to scream, "I know my place! I learned my lesson!" but the muzzle harness didn't allow it. All she managed to do was to scream and moan through her nose, while Donya relentlessly played with the toy stuck inside of her, shifting it this way and that, massaging her inner walls in a most pleasurable, but at the same time most frustrating way. She shivered and tried to resist the surge of sensation building up in her again, but there was no way she could prevent herself from approaching climax again - and again, the vibrator fell silent and the paws of her friend stopped their teasing, depriving her from what she needed most in the world at this moment. Tears ran down her face as she screamed in unfulfilled desire for the umpteenth time, writhing in her bondage in an attempt to drain some of the energy that had been built up inside of her, so she wouldn't simply go up in flames and being consumed by her own fire.

Rey whined and fell limp in the ties of the ropes, looking up and blinking the tears out of her amber eyes. Donya sat in front of her, smiling broadly while watching her with an evil glint in her eyes. The vixen felt her body still in desperate need of release, but after playing this prank on her friend she was probably not so lucky to be brought to climax anytime soon. The last couple of hours she had been teased to the edge and being let down again repeatedly, while Donya fondled her own nude body before her eyes, obviously enjoying her revenge more than she would have anticipated. But with her mouth gagged she was in no position to plead or beg, even though she suspected it wouldn't have helped her in any way.

"I can see how much you long for release now," the raccoon said teasingly. "Your eyes are full of desire for my touch, or any touch for that matter, that would finally set your passion free. I can only imagine how you must feel right now, unsatisfied, hot, teased to no end and dependent on the one person who you played a trick on before."

Rey groaned and started squirming again, the words of her friend not failing to rub in her hopeless situation and the high state of arousal she was in.

Donya shifted and stretched next to her, her paws starting to massage her own breasts for a moment, obviously basking in the power she possessed over the vixen. "But you know, I have been waiting for my release just as long as you. My whole body is aching for the touch of your fur on mine, wanting you to pleasure me, to make me shiver and moan just like you do right now." Her left paw traveled down her body while she was speaking, now softly stroking herself at her most sensitive spot, breathing heavily with the sensations this brought up inside of her. "My Toy ... I miss you so much!" Suddenly she rolled over and put her arms around Rey, hugging her tied up body close to hers and starting to undo the knots of the ropes with nimble paws, not wasting a single second to remove the ropes that had held her friend captive for so long.

The vixen blinked in surprise when she felt the first of the bonds fall away. Whimpering in her gag she felt her muscles ache and protest as they started to move again. This helped in easing down the burning desire for a moment, so she even welcomed the dull pain in her limbs, concentrating on her labored breathing to clear the cobwebs in her head. However, Donya didn't leave her too much time to recover. She grabbed Rey's left wrist by the D ring on her cuff and dragged it upwards to the headboard of the bed, causing the vixen to scream out in a mixture of protest and pain from sore muscles. A soft click and she was trapped again, locked to one of the black steel bars behind her head. The raccoon purred softly to herself while climbing over her friend to the other side, starting to do the same with her right wrist. Rey tried to resist being tied up again, but her body was weakened from the earlier exertions and her muscles still ached too much to be able to put up much of a fight. Furthermore, the vibrator was still inside of her, silent for now but the pressure was enough to distract her from resisting against the assault. Another lock fell into place, leaving the vixen with her arms spread out, helplessly whimpering and struggling.

"Don't worry, my Toy," Donya giggled while she crawled to the footboard of the bed, seizing Rey's flailing ankles one after another and chaining them to the bars, forcing her friend to expose her private regions. "I know what you need. But you failed me, so will have to convince me that you are worthy of the release you're longing for." The raccoon turned back again and lay down ontop of her friend's body, seductively rubbing her pelvis against the vibrator, causing the vixen to moan loudly through her nose and writhe in her bonds. "All this teasing and watching you struggle has made me incredibly hot and impatient. You shouldn't play with me like that, my Toy. It's not good for my health."

What? I am teasing you? Playing with you? the vixen screamed in her head in frustration. Rey looked at her friend with big eyes, desperately trying to free herself from the trap she had been locked in. The scent of Donya's arousal was heavy in the air and only served to make her head spin and her blood rush loudly in her ears.

Donya smiled mischievously and leaned forward, opening the frontmost strap of the muzzle harness. "The sight of you fighting against the bonds, your eager display of distress, your whimpering and moaning when I touch you, it's driving me mad with desire. You probably never knew how much power you have over me, my Toy." She slipped a little higher and placed her mouth on Rey's, her lips meeting those of her friend.

Rey moaned softly, feeling the soft touch of Donya's mouth on hers. She tried to answer the kiss, but she was not able to open her muzzle more than a little bit. Nonetheless she tried to reach out with her tongue, and when Donya licked over her mouth, softly brushing against the trapped tongue, her head started spinning with pleasure and burning desire for her friend's kiss. She begged for the touch with her lips, trying to make her friend remove the harness, so they could finally share one of the most intimate sensations she could think of. But after a minute or two of teasing kisses Donya pushed her head back to the bed, her breathing going hard, revealing the fact that she was in need just as much as Rey was. To her surprise and joy, the raccoon indeed started unbuckling the second strap of the harness, but still she didn't remove it completely. Rey just stared at her friend, opening her mouth to speak for the first time since she had been put into captivity, but Donya put her finger on the vixen's nose, a clear signal for her to keep silent.

"Convince me!"

Rey stared into the jet-black eyes of her friend and shivered. She had no idea what she was supposed to do. She was tied spread-eagled to her bed, without much room to move about, so what could she possibly do to satisfy the request of her friend? Donya's smile was growing wider and then she sat up, crawling to one side of the bed and turning around, placing her legs to either side of the vixen's chest. The smell of arousal hit Rey's nostrils hard, and she closed her eyes, moaning loudly when she felt the vibrator moving inside her again, slowly starting to slip out. With a jerk of her muscles it was gone, being replaced by a warm, wet feeling slipping over her sensitive labia, which made her shiver violently. She opened her eyes again and watched Donya lowering herself, the center of her lust coming closer to the tip of her muzzle.

"Convince me, my Toy!"

The vixen licked her lips, the muzzle harness now loose enough for her tongue to slip out of her mouth. She strained her neck to reach Donya's body, but the Raccoon kept her distance, while busily lapping at Rey's sensitive spots, making her friend whimper with rekindled arousal. With her eyes rolling back she sagged back into the sheets, moaning loudly and panting hard, while she fought against the cuffs and chains holding her immobile, trying to escape the pleasure of Donya's ministration. Quickly her lust rose, despite all her efforts to resist. It filled her with heat and desire, making her mind spin around wildly, until ...

"Donya ... no!" Rey wailed when the sensation suddenly stopped again, her words partly muffled by the harness around the base of her snout. "Don't ... tease me ... anymore!"

The raccoon giggled and looked back over her shoulder, her tail swishing seductively in the vixen's view. "Relax, honey! I want you to convince me, and now you're getting your chance." She bent over again to nuzzle the burning flesh between Rey's legs and took delight in the squeals of her friend. Her backside slowly swayed from side to side and finally moved down to touch Rey's muzzle.

The vixen gasped at the touch and opened her eyes wide. The strong scent, the heat and her own, still unfulfilled desire made her cry out with frustration and lust, and she thrust her snout deep into the glistening wet folds in front of her, parting her muzzle as wide as she could and stuck out her tongue to bury it deep into Donya's slick flesh.

The raccoon shrieked at the intrusion and answered with her own tongue, her nose pushing against the vixen's vagina while she worked on her, keeping her aroused and in need for more.

Rey was panting heavily, her own arousal again rising too fast, her body reacting with sparks of lust to every single touch after all the teasing. She knew - or rather feared - this was not the last time she was brought to the edge, but still she couldn't stop giving in to the delicious seduction of her friend. She did her best to give Donya as much pleasure as she was able to, rubbing her chin over the pink nub while her long fox tongue explored the insides of Donya's body. She heard her pant with pleasure, felt the hot breath at her own wet spot, a vicious circle of passion and desire for each other. Rey whined and kept working on her friend, she picked up every soft growl, yip or moan from her and varied her stimulation until she was certain that Donya was merely seconds away from her climax. The vixen pulled at her chains and writhed in the trap to keep her snout at the raccoon's sensitive flesh, stuck out her tongue once again to bury it as deeply as possible into the slick, wet tunnel while rubbing her lower jaw over her friend's clitoris rapidly. Only a couple of seconds later she felt the body of her friend shiver and freeze, before she finally cried out hoarsely, soaking Rey's snout and chin with her fluids as she hit her peak. Donya's arms failed her and she collapsed ontop of the vixen, panting hard and moaning in the fire of her climax. Rey kept up her stimulation for a minute, gradually lowering the intensity of her licking to help her friend come down gently from her wave of pleasure. With a deep sigh she smiled at the motionless form on her body, enjoying the warmth but at the same time regretting her own situation. She wanted to put her arms around the raccoon, hold her tight, comfort her, but she was still tied down, her limbs spread out - and she was still not satisfied herself.

It took an eternity before Donya began to stir. Rey breathed a sigh of relief and playfully nuzzled the soft fur on the inside of her friend's thigh, causing the raccoon to growl weakly. She got up on her wobbly arms and legs and turned around slowly, lying next to her captive friend, her face showing exhaustion and satisfaction. "My Toy," she began, her voice still coarse from the screaming. "You really convinced me that you deserve to be released from this torture I've been putting you through! You gave me what I needed, regardless of your own situation, your own needs. Your trust in me makes me feel warm inside." Donya moved her paws towards Rey's face, gently stroking the messed-up muzzle and cheekfur. "But, you see, it is late, and we need to sleep. Tomorrow will be another day at work."

Rey swallowed hard. She couldn't believe her ears. "What ... does that mean, you-" she started, but Donya reacted quickly and strapped the muzzle harness tightly shut once again. The vixen tried to evade the paws, but with her body securely held in place by the chains there was nothing she could possibly do. Was her trust being exploited? What kind of game was her friend playing now?

Donya smiled and ruffled the vixen's headfur. "Don't worry, my Toy. I won't let you down, this is a promise. And I bet this night has been a lesson for you to never again overstep the bounds of your place in our game. So get ready for the last part of your punishment."

More punishment? Rey thought with wide eyes. How could she be punished more than having her climax denied for hours and hours while being tied up and helpless, stimulated and let down over and over again?

Donya gave her the answer by starting to work on her chains and cuffs. She released the vixen's legs for a moment, but only to link the cuffs together with a single padlock and tying them down at the footboard with a two foot chain. The key for the padlocks went to the ring in front of her collar. Another chain was connected from the headboard of the bed to the same ring, and finally her paws came to rest on the end of that chain, trapping her effectively while leaving her considerable room to move around. Rey saw that the padlock used for her paws was a combination lock with four digits.

The raccoon smiled softly and reached for Rey's crotch strap construction, making the vixen stare at her with a shocked expression. "Yes, my little Toy," she said with a big grin. "You will have a little more fun before you may get your reward." She ignored the pleading eyes of her friend and picked up the vibrator.

Rey struggled with all her might, writhed in her new trap, pulling at the chains and cuffs, but nothing helped. She was captive of her own toys, silenced and helplessly forced to endure the soft hum of the vibrator that was tightly lodged inside of her vagina. The crotch straps made sure she couldn't push it out, and it was set to medium strength, teasing and torturing her but never getting her anywhere close to her peak. After Donya had been done with her, she got dressed and had left her flat, with Rey still tied up helplessly to the bed, desperately trying to break free from her bonds to finish what her friend had started too many hours ago. Moaning loudly she cried out her frustration, unsure about how she would ever get out of this. Her only hope was Donya's promise not to let her down, and despite of all she had done to her this night, she still trusted her to keep her word.

Time crawled on, the vibrator buzzed along without caring for the vixen's cries for release. Rey was at the end of what she was able to endure and being alone with her body heated up with desire was a hard blow to take. Her eyes once again filled with tears while she fought uselessly against the chains holding her trapped. She knew that fighting the bonds was only making her even more aroused, but there was no way she could stop fighting. Her body was long since in control over her mind, yearning for the final peak and doing everything to work towards it.

Suddenly Rey's ears perked up, and she stopped moaning, trying to listen to the sound she had just picked up. It was her phone ringing, far out of reach but clearly audible. A few minutes later the answering machine picked up and then there was Donya's voice after the beep. "Hello, honey! I'm at home now and preparing for bed. You should catch some sleep, too! The keys for your chains are on your collar, and the combination for the paw-lock is 4857. Sleep well, and please don't be mad at me. It was just too much fun! Good night, my Toy, you've been very brave!"

4857! Rey stopped listening to her friend as soon as she heard the combination. With shivering fingers she manipulated the dials on the lock, trying to get the numbers into place. She could only see the dials while stretching her body and reaching out with per paws, but she made it in record time, feeling a pang of relief when the lock jumped open and the chain fell down to the bed. Without any further ado she grabbed the crotch straps and pulled at them, whining in frustration to find them locked in place. But she remembered that the keys were supposed to be on her collar, so she fumbled along the black leather to the front ring, panting and crying while she tried to find out which key was going where. Finally she found it, jammed the key into the lock on her straps and ripped them open with a triumphant cry of joy. She didn't care about her bound legs but simply grabbed the vibe and turned it up all the way it would go, moaning loudly in her gag when her body responded to this renewed stimulation. But this time, there would be no letdown for her, this time she was going all the way! Howling with pleasure through her nose she started to move the toy inside of her, slipping it in and out of her wet folds, teasing her inner walls and rubbing her clitoris with her thumb, just satisfying the carnal lust that had been built up inside of her over the night. It took her only a minute to lie in a writhing mass on the bed, her legs still trapped but the rest of her body dancing wildly until she finally hit her peak with never before experienced strength, making her choke and gasp for air through her snout, black spots began dancing in front of her vision and only a few minutes later she was curled up in a messy heap on the bed, breathing quickly, heart racing and her body burning with the afterglow of a long overdue climax. She didn't have the energy to get her hind paws or muzzle free, so she just lay there, trying to recover from the force that had hit her, but failing. A couple of seconds later she was fast asleep.

When her alarm clock went off, she still was sleeping like a stone. It took her a couple of minutes only to realize what the sound was, and what it meant. The vixen reached out for the perturbator and hit it with a paw, silencing the annoying noise that had woken her up. Dizzy and disoriented she sat up in her bed, causing the chains on her legs to jingle softly before becoming taut. Rey sighed softly and giggled, stretched her sore muscles and removed the locks and cuffs from her ankles and finally got rid of the muzzle harness she was still wearing. Carefully she stood up and made her way to the bathroom, reaching out for support on the furniture and walls on the way. Three hours of sleep simply were not enough, but in her judgment, last night's experience was well worth a tired day. She removed the ring from the collar and enjoyed a quick, cold shower to come to her senses. Wasting as little time as possible she took the first things from her wardrobe that she lay her paws on and quickly got dressed. It took her only a few minutes more to grab her things and be on her way to work.

Blushing wildly she rushed past the office reception desk, making a dash for the bathroom door and locking herself inside one of the booths, leaning with her back against the door, panting heavily. How could she have missed that? This had never happened before and she blamed her exhaustion and the lack of sleep for this foolish mistake. Her paws traced nervously over the black leather cuffs that were still securely locked around each of her wrists. The keys were at home, on the ring she luckily had remembered to take off before leaving the house. Her muzzle was still burning with embarrassment, but there was no way she could take off the cuffs right now, and driving back home was out of the question. The traffic would have picked up largely by now, and the trip back to her flat would at least take her half an hour one way. Her mind raced to find a solution to get herself out of her predicament, and finally she had an idea. She took her silk scarf she wore around her neck and used it to cover up the left wrist cuff, tying it in place so nobody would see what lay underneath. Fortunately she also carried a large cotton handkerchief in her bag which she quickly wrapped around the other cuff, concealing it from the outside world. Breathing a little calmer now she unlocked the door and left the booth for the large mirror in the bathroom, looking at her work. The appearance was a little gaudy, but it was definitely better than to walk around in the office, sporting a pair of locked leather restraints.

Flicking her right ear, which set off a spark from the small silver ring embedded in the fur, she straightened herself and went back to her workplace. With a small sigh she sat down on her chair and flicked on the flatscreen to read the first item on her to-do list for today.


While the hours went by she found it harder and harder to concentrate. The constant pressure around her wrists drew her attention to the hidden cuffs every now and then, distracting her from working on the project on her screen. Her tail was twitching nervously all the time, and she hoped that nobody would notice her absent-mindedness. Mike was there all the time, or so it seemed. He came by her desk every once in a while, smiling at her or asking a casual question before moving on. She couldn't really say if it was her imagination or if he deliberately tried to pick his way past her workplace more often recently. Not that she minded him doing so - he was a nice guy, she always enjoyed talking to him, and somehow he had a very relaxing effect on her. Right now though she was getting nervous by his visits, afraid he could take notice of the concealed toys on her paws. She even believed to see him frown when he looked at her, but that could always have been the result of her imagination running wild.

Later in the afternoon, Rey just couldn't sit still anymore and got up to get herself another cup of coffee. She picked up her mug and quickly left the office, climbed the stairs to the hallway and went into the kitchen. Her paws shook a little when she tried to pay the vending machine, and somehow she missed the slot. Clattering loudly, the coin hit the laminate floor. Cursing under her breath, Rey quickly knelt down and reached out for the small object, but before she could react, her paw hit another, ginger-striped one. A hot rush went through her body when she tucked in her arm, and she felt her face starting to blush deeply. The paw retreated and she followed with her gaze, looking up at Mike who held the coin in his paw. Slowly she rose and looked at her colleague, unsure of what to do next. Her tail flicked nervously.

"I'm sorry," Mike said with a shy smile. "It was a reflex. Something is moving fast and I can't help but catch it." He held out his paw and offered the coin to Rey.

The vixen caught herself staring at him and tried to regain her composure. "It's alright. I was just a bit surprised because I didn't see you standing there." She took the shiny object from his fingers, trying not to touch his fur again.

He chuckled. "You seemed to be absorbed in thoughts, so I didn't say anything when you walked past me."

Rey felt herself blushing again and turned away quickly to walk back to the coffee vending machine. Her tail brushed his legs by accident and again, a surge of electricity rushed through her body at the accidental touch. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"

"Oh, don't worry," Mike replied, stepping up to the counter to fetch some sugar and milk. "Things like these ... just happen." His voice sounded a little shaky, or at least Rey thought it did.

"Yes, you're right. I'm just a bit tired, I guess." The vixen took extra care to hit the slot with the coin this time and punched a couple of buttons on the panel to get her coffee. She wasn't sure what blend she had selected, it didn't really seem to matter anyway. The machine whirred and rattled for a moment, then it started to fill up Rey's mug with the steaming hot, black liquid. A minute later, the vixen took the mug from the machine and put it down on the counter. Her tail flicked from side to side rapidly and she grabbed the bottle of milk. She nearly jumped out of her fur when she felt another paw on hers, closing around the back of it, holding her tightly. She looked up at Mike, who was staring at her with a mixture of fear and sadness in his face. "Mike ... what are you doing?"

"Rey ... Stop teasing me."

The vixen blinked, trying to make head or tail from the situation. His paw still held hers, gently but firmly, the warmth of his touch making her head spin. "I ... I wasn't ... I mean, I didn't want to do this, Mike ... If I did something that made you feel uncomfortable, I ..." Her voice trailed off, she almost felt as if something was dragging her towards the cat, as if an invisible chain was hooked into her collar, reeling her in until her nose was just a whisker's breadth from his.

"Rey, I - I'm sorry!" Mike suddenly spluttered, releasing her paw and taking a step back. "Forget what I've said, please! I'm sorry!" He turned away quickly and left the kitchen, nearly running into another co-worker who was just about to enter the room.

"Geeze, Mike! Careful where you ... Ah, never mind." The shepherd shook his head and went straight for the fridge. "He really seems to be a little nervous these days, don't you think, Rey?" He closed the door and turned around but the vixen was already gone. "What the hell ..."

Rey sat on her chair, her arms folded around her body, shivering all over. What on earth is going on here? she thought. Never before she had felt something like this. His touch nearly burned her, left her with a completely stirred up mind. She knew this could have been a terribly awkward situation. If Mike had not left so quickly, who knew what could have happened. She was not sure what was wrong with her. Her body felt like she was getting a cold, yet her chest and paws were burning hot, and her heart was going so fast she nearly couldn't make out the single beats. For heaven's sake, woman! Get a grip! She took a deep breath and tried to get out of her paralyzed state. You must concentrate on this project, or it will never be done in time. With a final sigh she sat up and put her paws on the keyboard again.

A loud scream left her throat and she jumped up in her chair. The phone rang a second time, sending shivers through her body. Her gaze shot over to the display and when she read Mike's name she grabbed the receiver and picked up with lightning speed. "Yes? Hello?"

There was silence on the other end for a moment, then Mike's voice came over the line. "Rey ... this is Mike. Ah, hell, of course it's me. I think we should talk about what happened back in there. Something's going on and I guess it would be best if we took some time to find out, what it was."

Rey swallowed hard, then tried to get her thoughts back in order. "Mike ... I'm not sure ... I'm completely confused."

"So am I," he answered. "Maybe we can meet in the park on the other side of the street after work. What do you say? We can find a quiet spot and talk about all this."

The vixen shivered and her paw clung to the receiver tightly, as if she was holding on to it for dear life. "Mike ... I don't know if this is such a good idea."

"Rey, we can't go on like this. We keep meeting each other, and every time I see you, I can't think straight for hours. We need to get this sorted out or we'll drive each other crazy a week from now."

She hesitated for a moment, but he was right. Her work already suffered from the delays, and she needed to know what her feelings were all about. "I get off work at a quarter past five ... Maybe we can meet at the big stone on the lawn in the park."

"That's alright with me. I'll be there."

"Me too."

Part II: A Walk in the Park

Nervously she crossed the lawn in the middle of the small park, approaching the big, white boulder that was lying in the center of the grass. Mike was already there, waiting for her. Her tail twitched uneasily from side to side while she adjusted the scarf and handkerchief around her wrist cuffs, making sure they still covered up the treacherous toys. While she came closer the cat stood up from the stone and watched her, dusting off his pants. A lump began to form in her throat when she finally reached him and tried to speak. She opened her muzzle, but there was nothing coming out, so she looked away to hide her embarrassment, clearing her throat.

"I'm glad you came," Mike said, breaking the silence. "I was afraid you might change your mind."

Rey looked back at him, shaking her head. "No, I agreed to come here, and I usually stick to my promises. I'm not really sure about what to say, though."

Mike smiled. "We'll come up with something, I'm sure. Do you care for a walk around the pond?"

"Yes, that would be nice." She waited for him to lead on and followed close at his side but at the same time keeping a certain distance, trying to prevent any more accidental touches. She didn't want to be here, really. She wanted to go home as quickly as possible to get the cuffs off her wrists, to escape from the embarrassing situation she found herself in right now. She badly needed some sleep, too, but the things that had happened today demanded clarification in one way or another. And if she was really honest to herself, she had to admit that she enjoyed being with Mike, even though she was still not quite sure about the reason for it.

They reached the edge of the large pond and Mike followed the sand trail that encircled the water surface. A lot of people were there, relaxing in the warm sun, feeding the ducks or playing games. Wind was blowing softly, distorting the reflection on the pond and causing sparks of light that danced on the foliage of the nearby trees. Mike quietly walked on, his paws tucked into the pockets of his jeans, looking very concerned and thoughtful. "Rey, I've been thinking a lot about you recently," he started, his voice very soft and audibly insecure. "We've known each other for quite some time now in the company, and to be honest, I always thought you were nice but never really paid too much attention to you. I guess it was because of the distance you kept from the people around you. But in the last couple of months ... something has changed and I'm not sure what it is. You seemed to - how should I say - to grow, to settle inside somehow. And this fascinated me. You became much more cheerful and open, and even went out for dinner with me a couple of times. I don't know about your feelings, but I ... I've come to like you, like you very much."

Rey tried to keep her eyes on the path ahead of her but she found herself looking to her left, watching him while he spoke and turning her head away when he looked back at her. "Mike, I don't really understand. I'm still myself, a distant, simple, female fox. There's nothing new about me."

"Oh yes, there is. Some time ago, there was a change. I can't really say anymore when I first noticed the signs, but I think it was becoming obvious when I saw you wearing your collar for the first time. You don't have to tell me what happened, but you should know that other people in the company noticed the changes, too. And I must admit, I asked some of them about you. Unfortunately, nobody really seemed to know very much about your life outside the company."

Rey sighed and nodded slowly. "I just don't consider it important. But maybe I should at least try to explain a few things. Maybe I did change a little. There have been a number of new developments in my life, and this probably affected my way to deal with my colleagues. But I never thought people would really notice."

"They do notice," Mike chuckled. "And you changed quite a lot. You seem to burst with energy and self-confidence, and this makes you very attractive."

The vixen blushed softly and looked away, carefully taking one step after the other on the sandy path. "I really wondered for some time why you asked me out to the cafe the other day. There are so many other people, why did you pick me?"

Mike stopped and turned around to face her directly. "Because you are smart, strong, helpful, have a sense of humor, and you're the most beautiful person I have ever seen."

Rey didn't know what to say and started to stammer a few words but her mind just couldn't form a proper reply. It took her a couple of minutes to come back to her senses. "Mike ... you can't be serious. Please don't make jokes about this, it's difficult enough as it is now."

"I'm not joking, Rey. When we met in the kitchen today, when we ... touched ... I thought I was going to die!"

The vixen swallowed hard when she thought back at her own experience. "I had the same feeling, Mike. Whatever might be happening here, it seems it's affecting both of us." She nervously fumbled with the scarf on her wrist, adjusting its fit a little to distract herself from the emotions that were starting to build up inside of her again.

Mike nodded and started walking again. He obviously had something else on his mind, but he seemed to be hesitant to talk about it. When they completed a full turn around the pond, he finally took in a deep breath and looked her deeply in the eyes. His face showed a mixture of concern and affection. "Rey ... I'm not sure about what would be the best thing to do now. I feel like we should continue this conversation, but I need to go home soon, get some stuff done and do a little bit of shopping."

The vixen folded her ears a little at the thought that their time together was coming to an end, at least for today. "Yes, I understand. I have some things to tend to myself. I'd love to talk to you some more, maybe this could shed a little light on what has happened today. We could always meet here again ... tomorrow." For some reason the last word sounded very hollow in her ears.

Mike sighed. "Yes, this would probably the best idea ... unless you'd consider visiting a stranger in his flat."

Rey's ears perked up, but she wasn't sure if she got his meaning right. "A stranger?"

"Me," he answered. "Let's face it. We have seen each other nearly every day at work, but apart from our dates, we're still strangers to one another. And I don't suppose you'd trust someone like me in taking you to his place." He looked away as if to hide his face from her.

She blinked and reached out her paw, touching his upper arm softly. The feeling of his fur under her pads made her shiver and she swallowed hard. Mike seemed to feel something similar, his body tensed for a moment and his tail started to twitch quickly as if he was getting very nervous. "Mike ... I do trust you. And I really want to find out what's going on, so ... just tell me when you'll be home, and I'll try to be there."

Mike turned back to her, excitement showing in his face, although he tried to keep himself under control. "You ... you really want to come?"

Rey nodded. "Yes."

"Rey ... you can't imagine what this means to me. I promise, I will not start anything foolish."

The vixen smiled and withdrew her paw. "I know. So when should we meet?"

Mike hesitated for a second. "I guess I'll be home at eight."

"Okay, that works for me."

The cat smiled widely, visibly loosening up. "What's your favorite drink?"

"Orange juice would be nice, since I still have to drive home later."

"That's alright. I'll just bring some along from the grocery store." He sighed deeply. "I guess I should be going then. Thank you for listening to me and ... Well, thank you."

"Don't worry," she replied with a smile. "I'm as confused as you and we really need to talk some more. I'm curious about your home."

"Oh, there's nothing much to be curious about," Mike said. "Just a couple of rooms and some furniture. Anyway, I have to run. See you tonight! You still have my address?" He waved a paw after she nodded affirmatively and turned around, quickly making his way back through the park to the company building.

Rey watched him leave, her mind spinning with all the sensations rushing through her in such short time. A couple of minutes she just stood there, absent-mindedly rubbing her wrist restraints and thinking about what was going to come. With a jerk she shook herself to clear the cobwebs in her head and set off for her car. She wanted to be home as quickly as possible, getting rid of these blasted cuffs and taking a really cold shower, so she could be at his place in time and have her wits together. While she crossed the lawn to reach the park's exit, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed. She really trusted him, but still she didn't want to take any chances.


With a soft, jingling sound the second cuff hit the bed. Rey cursed herself for being so inattentive to forget taking off the restraints after she woke up. She blamed it on her lack of sleep and the events of the night before, but still, this could have really gone wrong in so many ways ... Luckily she had worn the scarf and carried the handkerchief with her. Without the cuffs she felt a little strange, though. But it wouldn't be long before she put them on again, that was pretty certain. She left the toys lying on the bed and hurried into the bathroom, shed her clothes and went into the shower. The cold water helped to wake her up a little and set her mind straight.

After toweling herself down and combing the remaining dampness out of her pelt she started untangling her voluptuous red headfur and trimmed some of the fur around her eyes. She kept on fiddling with her hair and other parts of her appearance until she noticed, that she was spending a lot more time in front of the mirror than she should. With a deep sigh she turned away and went back into the bedroom to select a nice but decent outfit from her wardrobe. After she got dressed she put on some of her favorite perfume and went into the living room, killing some time in front of the television until she finally needed to leave for Mike's flat. Her paws were shaking with anticipation and insecurity about what was about to come, but there was no other way to be sure about her feelings for Mike, and probably vice-versa. Sighing deeply once again she switched off the television set and left the house, got into her car and was on her way.


"Rey! It's so good to see you!" Mike stood in the doorway and watched the vixen climb up the steps to his flat. "Please, come in."

"Thank you," she answered and smiled shyly when she followed him inside. He closed the door and stood at her side while she looked around the small room with curiosity. It was very plain looking, white walls, a simple lamp at the ceiling and wooden planks on the floor. A small table with a set of keys, a number of small scraps of paper and a pencil stood at the opposite wall, a coat rack without any coats on it just to her left. Straight ahead there was a small door which presumably led to the bathroom, and an open passage through the wall to her right led into the rest of the flat. "Thank you for inviting me," she said.

"It's my pleasure," Mike replied with a smile and motioned her to go inside. He followed and watched her while she took in the details of the room. "I know it's not much, but I don't need any real luxury."

"Oh, it's fine, actually," Rey said, looking around the breakfast-kitchen like room. A small kitchenette sat in one corner of the room, but there was no dining table. A two-seat couch and an armchair were placed around a glass table in the middle of the room instead, facing a fancy-looking television set. The setting sun was casting a ray of light through the window on the floor, giving the whole scene a warm, cozy look. It was true, his place was very simple, but his taste obviously was exclusive, and it seemed he attached great importance to high quality products. "I like it, it's not as crammed as my place, you have much more room to breathe."

Mike chuckled. "That's more to blame on my poor sense of fashion than anything else I suppose. But please, have a seat. I'll get us something to drink."

"Thanks! It's really warm outside, so that would be great."

Mike went to the other side of the room and opened the small fridge, taking out two bottles. He filled up two glasses with the respective liquids and put the bottles away before walking back to the table. "There you go," he said and put one of the glasses on the table in front of Rey. "Orange juice, as requested." He smiled and sat down, putting down his own glass of soda and taking a seat on the couch, facing his guest nervously.

"Oh, that's so nice of you," she said with a smile. "But you shouldn't have bought it just for me. I don't want to cause any trouble."

"It's alright, you're no trouble." He took a sip from his drink and sighed softly. "I'm so happy to have you here."

She smiled weakly and stared at her glass without touching it. "Mike ... I know it may sound a little strange but ... could we just skip the small-talk and get to the point why we met in the first place? All the things that have happened are driving me crazy and I really need to know, what's going on."

"Oh, sure," Mike answered. "It's not strange at all. I feel the same about it, the uncertainty makes me nervous and touchy at times."

"Thank you." She lifted the glass off the table, took a little sip and then cradled it in both paws, trying to conceal the shivering of her paws while she anxiously waited for him to continue.

Mike just stared across the room, looking just as nervous as she was. His whiskers twitched every now and then while he obviously was trying to make up his mind on how to start. It seemed like an eternity before he finally took a deep breath and turned his face to Rey, looking her in the eyes. "Rey ... I thought about all this a long time. And the longer it went on, the more I was convinced about what my feelings are for you. Believe me, I don't want to scare you or make you feel uncomfortable, but there is no way I can deny it anymore. Frankly, I should have told you much earlier about this, but I never dared, and until the day we had this company meeting, I wasn't sure if I had the right to confront you with this. Do you remember what I asked you when you were there with your friend?"

Rey nodded slowly, the memory of that night still vivid in her mind, but for another reason. Donya had embarrassed her quite a bit back then, and she had nearly forgotten about the little talk she had with Mike at the buffet. "You asked me if I was engaged."

"Yes." He looked away, swallowing hard before continuing to talk while he kept his eyes fixed to a spot on the opposite wall. "Rey ... I don't really know how-"

"It's okay, Mike," she said, hesitating for a moment but then blurting out what was on her mind. "I think I know what you mean. Whatever happened in the last weeks ... it's something I can't describe myself. I feel attracted to you in a way, I never felt to anyone before. You're a nice person, I enjoy being close to you, but at the same time it scares me, because I can't really think rationally about it. All I know is that the time I spent with you at the club and the diner was more than just a nice meeting with a friend. Somehow it felt ... close, right, as if it was meant to be this way, and I just never realized. I-"

Rey stopped when her cell phone started to ring. Mike chuckled and Rey put on a sheepish smile as an excuse while digging around in her bag for the mobile. The display showed Donya's name, she was right on time.

"I'll be back in a minute," Mike said. "Take your time." He stood up and left the room.

Rey giggled and accepted the call. "Hey Donya!"

"Hi honey!" her friend said cheerfully. "How's things?"

"They're fine," the vixen replied, keeping her voice down. "He's such a sweet guy. As I said, I didn't think he was going to start anything, but I wanted to play it safe."

"Yes, I know you always do," the raccoon chuckled, obviously referring to the first night they enjoyed their mutual interest together. "So everything's working out nicely? Did he show you his etchings already?"

Rey snorted. "Donya, please. Don't start it again. We're just having a nice talk and trying to set some things straight, okay?"

"Sure," her friend said, drawing out the word in a way that made Rey growl with anger for her friend. "You call me when you need me, okay? I still have the key to your room, just in case there's anything-"


"Have fun, my Toy!" The raccoon giggled. "I'll talk to you later. Bye!"

"Yes, bye! And thanks for the call!"

"Don't mention it! Bye!"

Rey switched off the phone and put it back into her bag, only a minute before Mike returned. "Just a friend of mine," she explained, as if she felt a need to justify what was going on.

The cat nodded and walked past the table. He stopped at the balcony door and looked outside, his tail flicking from left to right nervously. Once or twice he started to turn around, but then kept his gaze fixed to the world on the other side of the window, one paw clenching to a fist and relaxing repeatedly.

Rey watched him for a moment, unsure about what she should do now. He obviously wanted to tell her something but either didn't dare or had another reason for hesitating. Slowly she rose from the couch and approached him, her face showing a mixture of concern and curiosity. She lifted her paw and softly placed it on his left upper arm. He flinched at the sensation and turned around quickly to face her, accidentally touching her nose with his.

The vixen gasped at the sudden contact, a rush of panic and affection washing over her body as she stared, transfixed by the deep, green colored eyes looking back at her. She could feel him tremble under her paw's touch but he didn't back away. Her heartbeat was ringing in her ears, and slowly her head turned, as if by its own will. He followed her movement in the opposite direction, and only a moment later their lips brushed against each others' ever so slightly, sending shivers down their spines at the emotional surge that was rushing through them. Rey whimpered softly as her mind was overcast with clouds of affection, and she couldn't help but open her muzzle just a bit, feeling Mike's hot breath on her lips who obviously wasn't doing any better. Their mouths met again, a little more confident this time, their lips sealing softly. He lifted his arms to embrace the vixen and she answered the hug, pulling herself close to him while they deepened their first kiss. Rey closed her eyes and laid her ears flat to her skull, overtaken by the sensual feeling of his body against hers, and judging by the way he held her in his arms his desire for her was just as genuine.

Rey didn't know how long this moment lasted, arms wrapped around each other's bodies, lips locked, tongues touching shyly, becoming bolder, adventurous. And when they pulled away from each other, the look in their eyes spoke of deep desire that had built up over a long time, finally being allowed to show. Her ears perked up again, causing the silver ring to catch the light of the setting sun, painting little sparks onto the walls of his living-room. She unwrapped her arms from his body and put her paws on his chest, looking up at him. "Mike ..."

Mike just shook his head and sighed softly. "I don't know either," he whispered, hugging her tightly again.

The vixen inhaled deeply, her body being held in the strong embrace of the cat, paws trapped against his chest and her muzzle resting in the exposed ruff of the ginger fur of his throat. His scent was faint but very pleasant, she unconsciously buried her nose a little deeper into his pelt, picking up more of the smell. Mike's head was resting ontop of hers, he obviously took in the scent of her headfur and his paws were gently massaging her back while he held her close. She felt strangely safe in his arms, not in a physical sense but more in a trusting way. His heartbeat was loud in her ears.

When they finally let go of each other it was already dark outside. Neither of them had noticed the sun setting behind the buildings, but now the flat was completely cast in shadows. Rey still had her paws resting on his chest. enjoying the soft fur under her pads and his presence close to her. Every now and then she lifted her head and looked into his eyes, but quickly cast her gaze down again, the sensations inside of her still too intense for her to cope with. All she knew was that she didn't want to be without him, at least not in the near future. "Mike ... I know it might sound strange but ... I don't want to go home tonight. It would drive me crazy to leave you right now."

He smiled and put a paw on her cheek, stroking the soft fur for a moment before pulling her into another hug. "I won't force you to go, if you don't want to. I can prepare a place to sleep for me here on the couch."

Rey giggled and stepped back a bit. "That's sweet, but I don't want to make you give up your bed because of me."

Mike tilted his head and made a disparaging motion towards the couch. "I certainly don't want you to sleep here on that uncomfortable thing."

Rey nodded and sighed. "Then ... I guess it would be better if I went home after all. It's stupid to feel this way, I guess."

"No, it's not stupid," Mike said, his ears folding a little. "I don't want you to leave, either ... But I won't go as far as ..."

The vixen blushed and looked away, leaning against his chest again for a moment, while her voice trailed off to be merely a whisper. "I ... I don't think I would mind."

"Mind what?" He held her softly, unsure of what to do.

Rey swallowed, softly nuzzling the fur at Mike's throat. "If you held me in your arms tonight." She felt the tension in his body and his hesitating embrace. "That would solve a lot of problems, don't you think?"

And create a bunch of new ones, I guess, he thought, but he didn't say it aloud. "I'm not sure, but ... I wouldn't want to see you unhappy. Tell me what you need, and I'll try to get it for you."

"I don't want to cause any trouble."

He chuckled. "I told you already, you're no trouble at all. And it's getting late, so what do you need?"

"Not much actually ... Maybe a shirt, if that's okay with you."

"Yeah, sure. That's no problem. Just follow me, I'll get you one." He turned around and led her through the flat to the bedroom, flicking the light switch and going over to the sideboard.

Rey followed hesitantly, her heart beating strongly while she slowly entered the bedroom. It was just as spartan as the rest of the flat, a medium-sized bed, the sideboard and a small bedside-table were the only things here. Politely she waited at the room's entrance for Mike to finish his quest. Nervously she combed her headfur with one paw, watching him until he finally found what he was looking for.

"There we go," he said, pulling a black piece of clothing from one of the drawers. "It's a little large, but I guess that's just what you need, right?"

"Yes, thanks a lot!" She took the shirt and sat down on one corner of the bed.

Mike nodded and took out a blanket from another drawer, placing it on her side of the bed. "No problem. I'll be back in a second. Just make yourself comfortable." He left the room and a moment later there were sounds coming from the bathroom.

Rey smiled and hurried to undress herself except for her panties, stacking her clothes inconspicuously next to the bed and putting on the shirt he gave her. It really was a bit large, but as a makeshift nightgown it served her just right. Slowly she lay down on the bed, unfolded the blanket and covered herself with it, impatiently waiting for him to return.


Mike stirred and turned around in his bed. The light of the early morning was coming in through the window as every day, but something was different. He felt a warm pressure at his side and turned his head in bewilderment. Blinking he tried to make out what it was, and then the memory of last night came back to him. A hot shiver ran down his spine and he quickly rubbed his eyes to confirm it wasn't just a dream. The beautiful sleeping vixen next to him stayed where she was, one of her arms still lying across his belly and chest. The cat chuckled and laid back again, the pleasant feeling of her body snuggled against him made his heart beat happily. With tender motions he played with some of the long, red strands of her headfur while he remembered last night's events. She truly was an exceptional person, he knew that from the start. But having her here, by his side, made him aware of his feelings for her even more. He still didn't really know how he should call it ... He never felt like this for someone else before, but he was eager to find out how far it would go. When he joined her in bed last night she was acting very shy, almost timid, but still she seemed to try to be close to him, and this was an entirely new experience for him. It wasn't at all unpleasant, quite the contrary. His instincts told him to hold her, protect her, give her everything she needed to be happy and safe, even though he knew she was perfectly capable to look out for herself. Her body in his arms felt as if it belonged there, however, and the kisses and caresses they shared made themselves aware of the mutual affection between each other. She had fallen asleep sometime during their cuddles, and he watched her with a bright smile for a while before lying back in the cushions and succumbing to sleep himself.

Sighing deeply he put a paw on hers and squeezed it gently, watching her face as she woke up and blinked. He wouldn't tell her, but he thought she was awfully cute with her hair in a mess and the facial fur all ruffled up. "Good morning, Rey," he said in a soft voice. "It's time to get up."

The vixen groaned a little and rolled her head to one side, then back again to hide her muzzle in the fur at his side. "What's the time?" she asked, her voice deep and hoarse from sleep.

Mike glanced at his alarm clock, then started to gently stroke her headfur, trying to get it remotely in order. "Half past seven," he said. "There's still plenty of time, but I thought we should be up early so we can get you home before we need to go to work."

"That's very considerate of you," she giggled. "I would never have thought about this."

"I just figured you wouldn't want to be in the office without a set of fresh clothes."

Rey nodded and rolled on her back, reluctantly letting go of him. She stretched and propped herself up on one arm, so she was on the same eye-level as he was. "I must have fallen asleep on you, I'm sorry. But I was out like a stone."

"Oh, that's alright," he said. "I was pretty tired, too, and it felt good to have you by my side."

The vixen looked into his eyes, and her face showed concern. "I hope I didn't embarrass you or something. I just couldn't stand leaving you last night."

"Don't worry ... If I wasn't such a coward I would have asked you to stay myself. You're much more brave than I am."

Rey giggled. "Maybe I simply wasn't thinking about what I was saying. But I'm glad you were okay with it. That could have been a real disaster."

Mike smiled. "Why do you think so? I can't think of any reason to send you away." Slowly he moved forward and kissed her forehead, while his paw still combed her headfur. She closed her eyes for a moment and he moved his muzzle to kiss her lips tenderly, sighing inwardly with joy when she responded. They went on this way for a few minutes before they parted slowly and Mike took a peek at the clock again. "We really should get up now. Unless we both want to call in sick at the same time."

"You really wouldn't think people would notice."

"Nope, never."

"But you're right. We should get ready for work." Rey sat up and rubbed her eyes, brushing the rest of the errant strands of headfur out of her face and yawning widely.

Mike rolled himself over to the edge of the bed and got up, slowly making his way along the wall until he reached the door. "Do you want to have breakfast here, or should we go somewhere else?"

"I think we should find a cafe on the way," Rey answered. "That will save us some time."

"As you wish." He smiled and left the room, politely giving her some time alone to get dressed and ready for the ride.

It didn't take them long to be on their way to Rey's flat. To keep things simple, they both used their own cars, Rey driving ahead while he followed. Quickly they made a stop at one of the small bakeries along the way to get some food and drove on. After they arrived, he waited in her living-room for her while she was changing clothes and getting her fur in order. She seemed to be in a hurry to get herself ready, probably she worried about people in the company starting to assume things. From his point of view, he couldn't care less about what they thought. His feelings for Rey were strong enough to make up for any rumors there could be. Finally she came back, all dressed up and as beautiful as ever. Together they took his car to drive to the company and return to their normal daily routine. But as hard as they tried, they couldn't help but visit each other over the day, enjoying every minute they were allowed to spend together.

Part III: Vicious Circle

"So, that's all you did?" Donya asked, playfully flicking the steel ring in front of Rey's collar. "I would have thought you two would be all over each other."

The vixen made a face and shifted a little in her bonds. "In case you didn't know, there are people who don't think about it all day." She pulled a little at the chains that were holding her front paws locked securely above her head, enjoying the helplessness before her friend. She didn't want to go into too much detail on the meeting with Mike in the first place, but Donya had been very convincing after she had come to visit, using more than just friendly words to make her comply. "He is a gentleman, just for the record. And it was me who suggested to share one bed instead of sleeping in separate places."

Donya giggled and rolled over, draping one of her legs over Rey's outstretched thighs and using it to tease the sensitive fur that covered the vixen's privates. Her left paw kept on stroking her tummy and breasts gently while she hooked one finger into the collar ring and tugged at it just for effect. "I bet he wanted you so badly. Men are this way, you know. And you teased him. That's not really fair, but of course this will make him want you even more."

"Donya, that's not true," Rey replied sharply. "He might be a guy, but he's not lecherous! He didn't do anything that made me feel uncomfortable, and I'm sure he's perfectly in control over his feelings."

The raccoon giggled and grabbed her friend's snout to silence her. She placed a quick kiss on the vixen's lips and let go of her. "He really made a big impression on you, didn't he?"

Rey squeaked at the rough grip and the kiss, but it didn't fail to send a warm shiver through her body. "Yes, he did," she answered eventually. "I'm not sure what's going on between the two of us, but it definitely feels so good to be around him ... Even at work we saw one another every hour or so. And now I miss him terribly."

Donya pouted. "So I'm not good enough for you anymore, huh?"

Rey's eyes widened, and she hurried to answer. "No, please don't say that! You're still my best friend, and this will never change!" She tried to get closer to Donya, but the chains held her immobile on her bed, and the additional weight of the raccoon's limbs on her made sure, she wasn't moving around too much at all.

"Rey, I know," Donya said. "Don't worry, I'm just playing with you. But we need to face the fact that our playtime might be over, or at least significantly cut down, if this thing between you and him turns out to be something more than just cuddling."

The vixen nodded, she didn't want to think about it, but her friend's point was very obvious and needed to be clarified sooner or later. "I really don't know how serious it's going to be-"

"Oh, please," Donya said with a giggle. "Even a blind man would see that you're in love with this guy! And if all that you told me is true, it's only a matter of time until he will confess to you the same thing. But until then ..." she rolled on top of her friend, her knee pressing strongly against Rey's crotch and her paws seizing the soft mounds of her breasts, "... you belong to me, my Toy!" She lunged forward and sunk her teeth into the vulnerable flesh of the vixen's exposed throat, eliciting a loud yipping noise from her friend.

The chains rattled with the sudden tension Rey was putting into her bonds in a futile attempt to escape from the predating woman who had put her into this trap and was now taking advantage from her helplessness. Donya kept her hold on her neck, the sharp teeth only barely pricking the skin under the rich, white pelt. The vixen breathed quickly, the dull pressure in her nether regions and the strong paws on her breasts made her moan with rekindled lust and just a hint of fear. She closed her eyes and kept on fighting the chains, tugging against the cuffs that encircled her wrists and ankles, knowing fully well that there was no escape - and loving it. A couple of minutes later, Donya let go of her, and she dared to open her eyes again, watching her friend who was obviously looking at something interesting behind her head. "What ... is there something wrong?"

"No, I don't think so," Donya replied. "I just wonder ..." She climbed over her to the other side of the bed, using her tail to brush over Rey's whole body while examining whatever had caught her attention. "Ah, I knew I have seen these before!" she said triumphantly. "And now you're not going to get away as easily as before."

"What do you mean?" Rey asked nervously, trying to turn around to see what her friend was up to, but the body of the raccoon was hiding her actions.

Donya finally turned back at her, displaying a black rubber rope dangling from her paw. "The other day I asked you what this was, and you refused to tell. You better make up your mind now, or do I really have to remind you what happened last time you disobeyed me?"

"No, thank you. I still have a very vivid memory on that."

"So?" Donya tilted her head, lifting the ropes a little to emphasize her inquiry. Her knee returned to the sensitive spot between the vixen's legs and started to rub in a very sensual way.

Rey moaned softly and tried to resist for a minute, but she didn't really want to be put into a similar situation again. And frankly, there was no real reason to keep it secret. The worst that could happen was Donya using it to tease her, and that was something she always craved for. "It's a new kind of rope," she started, trying to find an explanation that didn't sound too technical. "The main material is rubber, and there is a piece of string inside, which is not elastic like the tube. At the end of the rope, there is a small box that holds more of the string, and the longer you stretch the rubber, the more of the string gets pulled out of the box. And when you stop pulling, the rope will shorten and the string inside winds up again."

"I see," Donya said, looking closely at the parts of the rope while Rey explained. "And what is it good for? I mean, aside from tying up helpless Toys?"

Rey giggled, writhing a little in her chains to put on a little show for her friend. "Well, the fun part is, you can measure how far the rubber has been stretched by detecting how much string has been pulled out of the box. And this information can be used to alter the stimulation pattern of a toy or whatever you want. This way you can create ... interesting situations."

"Oh, I see where this can be useful! Did you already test it?"

Rey nodded. "I built an adapted version of the random vibrator to pick up the signal and turn it into different modes. When I pull the ropes about halfway, it gives only very little strokes. Pulling harder or less hard makes the pattern stronger, more amplitude or speed, depending on the difference between the single ropes. So basically you only can rest when you hold the tension of the ropes at a certain point. But if you allow your muscles to relax, or you're starting to wear out, the stimulation will increase. Uhm ... You can probably guess what happens then."

"Oh, I surely can, but ... you know, to be really sure, I'd need to see it myself ..."

Rey's eyes grew wide, and she started shaking her head. "No ... No no! Donya, you wouldn't dare!"

"Or would I?"

"But ... that would be really cruel! I mean ... It's bad enough when you do it yourself and are able to stop anytime ..." Rey stopped when she realized that all her pleading and reasoning only made it worse. So she just stammered a bit and fell silent when she saw Donya starting to look for the rest of the ropes. Rey whimpered and pulled against the chains again, desperately trying to free herself before her friend could start her evil plans on her, but as before, she was unable to get out of the unyielding bonds that held her trapped in place, making her cry out in frustration.

"Hush, my Toy, I'll be back in a second, don't be so impatient," Donya teased while she rummaged through Rey's bag. She obviously knew where to look for the rest of the toys and quickly pulled them out, one by one. "I know you're yearning to demonstrate how effective your new invention is, but I need some time to set everything up."

"Who taught you how to be so mean?" Rey snapped, jerking hard against the leather cuffs, making the chains rattle loudly against the metal bars of the bed. "I mean, you were not born this way, were you?"

"I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want me any other way," her friend replied while she fastened the first of the ropes to the leftmost bar of the headboard. "Say ... how far can you stretch these? Any danger of them ripping apart?"

Rey growled but she couldn't refuse to answer a simple question. "I wasn't able to break them yet. And they roughly stretch double their length if you pull hard enough."

Donya nodded and pulled at the rope. It was pretty tough and gave her a rough idea of how one must feel, trapped by four elastic bonds, constantly feeling the pull on each limb, a yielding, yet inescapable grip. Carefully she stretched the rope to its limit and grinned when she saw that it was long enough to reach the still trapped paws of her friend. Quickly she locked the rope to the cuff, ignoring the protests of her friend, and only then removed the lock that tied the chain to the same ring.

Rey watched her friend work on the cuff with a deep growl, struggling against the chains every now and then, just to make it a little bit harder for the raccoon to retie her bonds. In the end she wouldn't stand a chance against her friend, of course, but there was no way she would give herself up without resisting as good as she could. Suddenly the lock on her wrist snapped open and her arm was pulled outwards with great strength. She gasped and tried to pull back, but the rope was tight, very tight.

Donya giggled and watched her friend's expression and her struggles with rising interest. "That surely looks very nice," she commented, moving around to work on the second rope, this time going from the left footboard bar to Rey's ankle cuff. Her tail swished back and forth eagerly, teasing the vixen's fur and sensitive spots with its soft touch.

The second lock snapped open and the rope pulled Rey's leg over to the left side of the bed. Another loud moan escaped her throat when she felt the grip of the elastic material hold her, constantly applying pressure. Donya seemed to enjoy her little game and happily started to work on her right wrist cuff. Right now, the rope was much shorter there, because Rey wasn't lying in the center of the bed, but when she removed the lock on the chain, the vixen's upper body was tilted sideways to the middle, the pull in both ropes reaching an equilibrium. Finally the last rope was in place and the last lock snapped open. Rey murred loudly and struggled for a moment while the ropes moved her to the center, as if they had a will of their own. For now she allowed her muscles to relax completely, the rubber bands stretching her to the limit, and she enjoyed the feeling of being held in the yielding grip. Playfully she squirmed back and forth, testing the strength of her bonds and succumbing to the powerful pull, always ending up in the spread-eagled position where all ropes applied the same strength.

Donya watched her toy struggle for a while and giggled. "This really looks interesting," she commented. "I wonder how you always come up with ideas like this one."

"I'm not sure myself," Rey replied, her breathing already a little labored. "I guess I just have a very vivid imagination, and besides, as a kid I tried a lot of strange things, so there might be remains from those early experiments I'm turning into usable devices now."

"You tried self bondage as a kid?"

Rey giggled. "Well, yes and no, I guess." She squirmed a little, stretching the rubber for a moment and enjoying the relentless pull against her own struggles, ending up in the same position as before and feeling quite happy about it. "Back then of course I didn't know it was something sexual. It simply felt good when something was snugly tied around my limbs, most of all the wrists. That's still true until now. I used to weave spider webs in the corner of my room, pretending to be caught in it. I remember very clearly how exciting this was. Also, when we played a game of cops and robbers, I usually ended up in the role of the villain, being caught and tied up in the end. It took me some time to realize why I was feeling this way, but it was there for as long as I can remember."

"That's interesting," Donya said, while she started scouting for the remaining piece of the rope setup. "I always thought a preference like this was something that developed throughout your life due to certain external influences." With a small cry of joy she finally found what she was looking for and took the black, phallic object from the bag. It looked pretty plain, no fancy decoration or shape, just a cylindrical, softly curved shaft with a slightly bigger tip and a round base with a couple of cables and a number of straps.

"I can only speak for myself," the vixen continued, still playing with the rubber ropes, not paying attention to what her friend was doing. "And I can safely say that my affinity for being tied up has been there all my life. My perception on what it is and my preference for certain ways of bondage might have changed over time, but I always have enjoyed the feeling of my limbs being physically restrained. For quite some time I was checking out everything in our home for its potential use in tying me up, and some of them were quite interesting or even dangerously effective. One day I was working on fixing a leak in the front tire of my bike, and somehow I ended up with the inner tube wrapped around my wrist in a double slipknot." She sighed softly at the memory which made her pull against the ropes again, stretching them as far as she could before letting herself being pulled back into position with a low groan. "I was getting quite excited, and instead of fixing the bike I ended up playing secretly in my room, each wrist caught in a noose of rubber and pulled out to the corners of my bed. It was a very intense experience because when I tried to get out of it again, I wasn't able to ... the material had pulled very snugly around my wrists, and due to the friction and constant elastic force it wasn't slipping back again. I nearly panicked, sliding myself up the bed to shorten the tubes, but they still wouldn't-" She cried out in surprise and with a sudden surge of lust when she felt something penetrate her privates, quickly filling her up and coming to rest at her already wet lips. Her limbs flailed in the elastic bondage in a vain attempt to pull away from the intruder, but she couldn't prevent her friend from strapping the vibrator tightly against her sex. "Donya ... you're so mean! You could at least have given me some kind of warning ..." she complained, softly moaning with rising desire.

"What fun would that be, my Toy?" the raccoon asked, carefully putting away the jar of lubrication jelly and picking up the wires to continue her work. "Please, don't let me interrupt your story. What happened then? How did you get out of that?"

Rey glared at her friend but concentrated on her memory. "As I said, whatever I did, the slipknots wouldn't open and I was trapped. Well, at least my arms were, and there was no chance of me ripping the tubes apart, the material they use to make them is very tough, and blunt fox claws are no match for it. So I nearly started to cry while feeling more excited than ever before. Fortunately I only had tied up my arms. My legs were still free and by doing some pretty embarrassing gymnastics I was able to hook one of my toe claws into the knot at the bed post. Still, it took me another thirty minutes or so until the tube finally snapped and my left arm was free. I was so relieved that I started to cry. I ripped off the other one and threw them away, promising myself to never do something like this again, at least not without having a proper safeguard in case I really couldn't get out of it by myself."

Donya smiled. "I guess this was a very important lesson for you."

"Oh yes, it was-" she said and was interrupted by a strong buzzing originating from the hot, sensitive spot between her legs. She moaned and instinctively pulled at her trapped limbs. The vibration began to fade and when she reached a certain point it died out altogether. Panting hard she glared at Donya again, growling deeply. "That's not fair," she scolded, struggling to keep up the pull against the rubber. "I wasn't ready yet!"

"You'll have to get ready very soon, then," the raccoon said, sprawling beside her friend and starting to stroke the soft fur on the vixen's belly. She felt the tension in her body, feeling her way up to the soft, fur covered breasts to tease her toy a little. "Because you won't go anywhere for some time, and I was planning for a lot of fun today." She listened to Rey's soft whimpers while crawling up on the bed, until her snout was only a paw's width from her friend's face. "It looks like it's taking you quite some effort to keep the ropes in balance," she teased, her muzzle moving even closer to Rey's. "Let me take your mind off this unthankful task for a bit." Her lips finally touched the trembling vixen's nose and then moving lower, her tongue seductively licking her friend's lips until she felt her mouth open hesitantly, as if against her will.

Rey groaned. The ropes were strongly pulling against her limbs and she tried to keep her position as good as she could. She knew what was going to happen if she failed, and this gave her a little more strength. Only when she felt the Raccoon's lips touch her own she realized that she had squeezed her eyes shut tightly. She tried not to give in to the kiss, ignore the sweet sensation on her mouth, the delicious wetness of Donya's eager tongue, but she couldn't. Her jaws opened just a little, releasing her hot breath and giving her tongue a way to meet with her friend's mouth. She moaned softly, feeling her power to resist melt away quickly as she gave in to the delightful sensation.

With a loud yelp Rey broke the kiss all of a sudden and her muscles tensed violently. It took her a minute to recover from the vibrator's stimulation caused by her relaxing muscles and she quickly brought herself back to the neutral position. Panting heavily she glared at Donya, who smiled broadly and licked her lips, obviously teasing her for losing her concentration over a kiss. The vixen whimpered softly, feeling her muscles already starting to wear out from the constant effort to keep her limbs in a position where the vibrator would stay silent. But at the same time she longed for the sweet stimulation that would replace the dull pressure that kept her in a mild state of arousal. She knew she must not fall for the temptation, unless she wanted to end up in a trap even more devious than the physical restraint she was in right now. But it was hard not to give in ... and Donya's soft touches and nuzzles didn't really help. Her friend continued to caress her fur, kissed her breasts and the pink nipples that were poking out from their cover. Every now and then the raccoon even slipped a paw over the toy inside of Rey's vagina, applying just a little pressure or torsion before letting go again, and each time the vixen couldn't help but respond, her body aching for every touch.

Maybe just a little spike? she thought. That wouldn't hurt now, would it? Her mind was clouded with unfulfilled desire and she tried not to react to what her body was telling her. No, I can't do this! I must resist! Biting her lower lip she pulled at her trapped limbs again, bringing them back into position before she started up the vibrator again. But what's the point, Rey? another part of her mind inquired. You won't be able to keep this up forever. Your strength is already fading, and besides, you want it badly, don't you? So why do you fight it? Why don't you just give in and get what you want? Rey whimpered and shook her head, as if she was talking to someone else. I can't! I must not give in!

Donya churred loudly while she watched her friend struggle in her physical and emotional trap. She could see her limbs relax more and more, then snapping back into position again, obviously she was fighting the bonds not only with her muscles but also with her mind. The raccoon gave the vibrator a gentle squeeze upward and chuckled at the reaction of her trapped friend, enjoying the helpless body before her and the control she had over the vixen's desires. "Rey, you can't imagine how gorgeous you're looking right now!" Her paw danced around the base of the stimulating toy, teasing the wet and burning hot lips, and eliciting soft squeals and whimpers from her friend who was desperately trying to keep her bonds stretched in the same position. "You're fighting, obviously not wanting to give up, even though you know you can't get out. I see your muscles working and your mind struggling against the trap ... You really don't know how happy I am to be the one who is allowed to play with you like this." She emphasized the last word with a rather strong push against the phallus, causing Rey to cry out with pleasure and losing her balance in the rubber ropes.

A spike of lust rushed through her entire body, making her muscles twitch involuntarily while she arched her back a little to ease the pressure on her sensitive insides. This movement was enough to get the force against the ropes out of equilibrium, and the vibrator was brought to life again. Rey tried to get back into position but this time the stimulation was too strong. She moaned loudly, her muscles tensing and relaxing irregularly, fighting the elastic grip of the rubber ropes. And all the time the vibrator followed her muscle movement, turning her struggles into stimulation patterns, teasing her to move around even more, which in turn caused in even stronger stimulation. In less than a minute the vixen was caught in a vicious circle of fighting against the yielding bondage she was caused in and stimulating herself to fight even more. She was moaning loudly now, her breath coming in short, quick gasps the longer she pulled against the ropes that held her captive. Whimpering, she felt her strength weaken quickly, the relentless pull of the rubber stretching her out over the bed more and more, leaving her completely vulnerable and unable to muster the necessary strength to get the ropes back into balance. She was trapped, overstimulated and exhausted, and she knew, Donya enjoyed every single second of her distress.

The raccoon kept close to her bound friend, her paws always playing with her fur, her breasts and every other part of the vixen's body. Every now and then she licked or nibbled at Rey's pink nubs, exciting her friend even more, and whenever she laid back her head with pleasure, Donya immediately was at her throat, either sinking her teeth into the rich white fur just below the collar and holding her friend in place or licking and teasing her, refining the impression of her being completely at her mercy. Rey's cries of pleasure were growing louder and her struggles more deliberate, she seemed to use the rubbery trap to her advantage now, playing with the ropes, making the vibrator inside of her do the things she needed most now. The raccoon became excited herself and started to lick and nibble more fervently, rubbing her own body at the soft fur of Rey's, quickly starting to moan with pleasure herself. She knew, her friend wouldn't last very long anymore, so she decided to make this as good for her as possible. She could take care of her own needs later. With a swish of her tail she flung herself ontop of the vixen, covering the hot, writhing body with her weight and locking her lips to the vixen's mouth in a deep, passionate kiss.

Rey was no longer able to control herself. Her body danced in the center of her bed, trapped by the yielding, yet inescapable grip of the rubber ropes, stimulated and tortured by her own struggles, but unable to stop it, neither by physical nor mental force. The body of her friend weighed her down, restricting her freedom of movement even more. And when she kissed her, she tried to fight the strong sensation that started to surge through her body for a minute, but then she gave in, feeling the hot, delightful pulses of energy fill her mind and body, for the last time pulling the ropes as far as she could, while she rode on a wave of pure pleasure. She howled without holding back, her limbs fighting the strong grip of the ropes until there was no more energy left in her to keep the rubbery trap from dragging her arms and legs out again, leaving her trapped as she was before, spread out in the center of the bed. She shivered violently, her breath ragged and filled with small whimpers due to the ongoing vibrations torturing her.

Donya wrapped her paws around Rey's head and neck to comfort her during the powerful climax she experienced. She enjoyed the feeling of her friend shaking and squirming in the grip of the bonds and her own pleasure, basking in the power she possessed over her friend right this minute. The body below her fought and struggled, until the vixen finally sagged back, the muscles going limp and lying still on the bed, only twitching and shivering every now and then, still under the influence of the orgasm and the constant stimulation. The raccoon waited for a minute to give her friend a chance to recover a bit before she removed one paw from Rey's head and reached down, pulling out the cable that powered the vibrator. Her friend responded with a short yelp when the phallus moved a little inside of her, but then she fell silent, breathing deeply for a moment, obviously very glad that this was over. Donya giggled softly and laid back ontop of the vixen, gently stroking her headfur and covering her muzzle with little kisses, helping her to come down from her strong climax, comforting and warming her while she slowly started to relax.

"Rey? Are you alright?" Donya pushed herself up on her arms a little and looked into the face of her friend, who had not yet moved since she switched off the toy.

With a lot of effort, Rey turned her head to one side and the other, opened her eyes a little and looked at the raccoon, whose black eyes watched her with a concerned expression. "Y-yes ... I'm fine, just feeling a little weak."

"Ah, that's alright, then," Donya replied with a giggle. "You didn't spare yourself in the last hour, you know."

"What?" Rey's eyes got wide with disbelief. "You left me in this for a whole hour?"

Donya nodded. "You seemed to enjoy yourself, so I didn't want to interrupt."

Rey groaned and tried to sit up, being held back by the ropes. She was still in the grip of the rubber trap and felt the dull sensation of the toy inside of her. "Oh ... the last time I tried this, I couldn't stand it for longer than twenty minutes," she said, tugging weakly at her left paw, but she couldn't even overcome the initial force anymore. "But this time I didn't really have a choice, did I?"

"No choice whatsoever," Donya confirmed. "So, now you had your fun, how about a little distraction? There's a party going on today at the mansion, and I thought we should go over for a visit." The raccoon moved away from her friend's body, starting to undo the buckle of the crotch straps. Carefully she slipped out the now silent vibrator and listened to her friend's moaning until it came out, together with the fluids of the vixen's climax. "Holy ... You really had fun this time, I can see that."

"Oh please, Donya," she groaned and rolled her eyes. "You know I don't like it when you start talking like this."

"That's true, but you're not in the position to give me orders, are you? And for a little fun you should be able to put up with me and my bad habits."

Rey sighed and nodded. "Donya ... I can't say how happy I am to have you."

The raccoon giggled and started to work on the ankle cuffs. "That's alright, my Toy. I enjoy our games very much, and today was an exceptionally intense one." She held her friend's leg while opening the lock, preventing her body from being roughly pulled sideways after the pull of the rubber was gone. She let the vixen's body slide towards the rest of the ropes gently, then worked on the other leg the same way. Only a couple of minutes later Rey was free again, but still she lay spread eagled on her bed, not moving at all. "Now, my Toy ... It's time to get dressed."

"I'm not sure if I can get up," Rey chuckled and experimentally tucked in her legs, hissing softly at the dull pain in her overstretched muscles. It took her at least five more minutes to be able to sit up by herself again, her whole body still shaking with weakness from the exertion she had been put through.

Donya was checking out her wardrobe in the meantime, selecting a nice outfit for her friend and coming back to her with a small pile of clothes. "Here, I think this would be great for tonight's party."

Rey picked up the pieces and looked at her friend with a quizzical expression. "You really want me to wear this?" she said, holding up a very skimpy thong. She knew it would be barely covering anything, and she was unsure of what Donya had in store for her this time.

"Yes, exactly. You will see, it's the perfect piece for this."

The vixen nodded and went to the bathroom to get herself ready for the night. Her legs didn't really want to carry her, but she managed it to stagger through the hallway and reach her destination without falling or otherwise hurting herself. Whatever she was in to this time she surely hoped it was something she wouldn't have to use her legs for.

Part IV: An Unexpected Gift

During the ride Rey and her friend didn't talk much. The vixen was still a bit weary from her experience and Donya concentrated on the road, probably not wanting to give away what was going to happen, once they reached the mansion. Rey was glad she only had her front paws cuffed on her back this time. Usually her friend didn't let her get away that easily, keeping her excited and unfulfilled during the whole way. Tonight she obviously thought the previous game had been enough, and Rey absolutely agreed. So she leaned back as good as her bound paws would allow and watched the city lights fly by while Donya maneuvered the Mustang through the network of streets towards their destination. It wasn't long before they reached the less densely populated area of the town and only ten minutes later left the main road to enter the driveway leading to the mansion's parking lot. A good number of vehicles were already standing there, much more than Rey had ever seen there at the same time. Donya found a vacant space and parked the car, got out and went to the passenger door, helping her friend to remove the seat belt and get out of the car herself. The vixen looked around with rising curiosity. "I really wonder what's going on here tonight," she said. "Usually there's a lot of space left here, but now it's crowded."

"Yes, it's a special day, but you'll learn about that soon enough." Donya smiled at the grumpy face of her friend. "Well, let's not idle out here too long. The party is probably already running, and we don't want to miss too much of it, do we?"

"I don't think so," Rey answered with a shrug.

Donya put her paw on the vixen's back and approached the door, pushing the doorbell and waiting patiently.

Rey raised her eyebrows when the door swung open and a slender male ferret stood before them. He was wearing a black latex shirt and short pants, a leather cuff on each limb and also a slim, black collar. The clothes and restraints looked quite new and clean, and judging by his expression he was pretty nervous and uncertain, probably a new slave on his first duty. She wondered why the skunk was not here to greet them.

"Good evening, Ma'am," he said and bowed quickly before Donya. "Welcome at Master's Mansion. May I see your invitation for tonight?"

"Invitation?" Rey asked in bewilderment. "We never needed an-"

"That's alright my Toy," Donya said and pulled out a piece of paper. "As I said, tonight is a special occasion, and Keno wanted us to be here."

She handed the note over to the Ferret who took it, nodded slowly and gave it back again. "Thank you, Ma'am. Please come in. I wish you a pleasant night and lots of fun at the party. Do you need a guide?"

"Thanks, dear," Donya replied and led her friend past the nervous slave into the building. "We know the place."

The slave nodded and closed the door, politely waiting for the two girls to enter the entrance hall before disappearing through another passage.

Rey followed Donya through the hall. The place was buzzing with people, a lot of them wearing beautiful evening gowns, others walking around in the fur or in various degrees of bondage. It reminded her of the party she attended some time ago, even the doors leading out to the garden were wide open again, and a number of people were out there, playing and enjoying the cool breeze of the night.

"Follow me, my Toy," Donya said and led her through the hall into the dressing room. She closed the door and unlocked the cuffs that kept Rey's paws on her back. The vixen knew what was expected from her, and she started to undress, stacking her clothes on one of the shelves. "Keep the panties," her friend said, and Rey nodded, walking back to the raccoon with big, amber eyes, still curious about what was going on.

Donya smiled softly and took out a short length of chain from her pocket. She threaded it through the ring on Rey's collar and left it hanging there. Slowly, she reached out to the cuffs on her friend's wrists, hooked them together with the padlock she used before to tie her paws on her back, and pulled the vixen's arms up to the end of the chain. With a grin she connected the two ends of the chain and the trapped paws together and clicked the lock shut. She pulled out a couple of things that looked like leather bags and slipped them over her friend's paws, curling them to fists and pulling the strings on the bags tightly shut, rendering the fingers and claws of the vixen unusable. "There. Now we're all set for the party."

Rey nodded and swallowed visibly, her breath already going a little stronger. She felt quite vulnerable now, her body nearly completely visible to all of the people in the house, her paws trapped by the chain on her collar, leaving her helpless and dependent on her friend to protect her from whatever might be happening. Although she trusted the people who were allowed to come here, the sole possibility of being unable to resist anyone who wanted to touch her didn't fail to send a shiver of excitement through her body. Seeking for comfort she moved closer to her friend and followed her when she left the dressing room for the hall.

Most of the guests seemed to have moved out to the garden, so the raccoon led her friend through the big room towards the exit. Night was just starting to fall, but the air was still warm. Most of the dominant people didn't wear much more than their respective partners, and several of them were already cuddling on the grass or enjoying the cool water of the swimming pool. Donya kept looking around until she spotted Keno, who was talking to a cheetah couple before turning away, leading the skunk at his side over to a big table with food. The skunk followed closely, almost as if she guessed his motions before he actually made them. The raccoon raised a paw and waved, and the otter noticed her, nodding at her with a wide grin. Donya led her friend across the lawn to meet the host of the party. "Good evening, Keno," she said in a cheerful voice. "My, there are a lot of people here!"

"Good evening, ladies," he replied and the skunk bowed softly. "I'm glad to see you both."

"Hello, Keno," Rey said, her voice shaking just a little from the nervousness inside of her. She nodded to the skunk and blushed at the bright smile the other woman gave her.

"It's going to be a great party tonight! And you're right, a lot of people have followed our invitation, and we're quite happy about this. Did your friend already tell you about the reason for the gathering?"

Rey shook her head and made a grumpy face. "No, she was being very secretive about it."

"Ah, she's just abiding to my slave's wishes," he said and chuckled, looking to his side and nodding slowly.

The skunk took this as her cue and turned to Rey. "I'm very glad to have you here on the celebration of my birthday," she said. "I hope you will have a lot of fun tonight."

"Oh!" the vixen exclaimed, her paws instinctively trying to move forward to offer the skunk a hug. "I didn't know! Happy birthday! I really wish I'd known, because now I feel bad that I don't have a gift for you."

"Oh, don't feel bad, Ma'am!" the slave replied. "I don't celebrate my birthday for the presents but for the people who are important to me. And I'm really glad you two could make it here tonight."

Not that I had much of a choice, anyway, Rey thought, but she was glad to be here. "It's a wonderful party," she said, looking around at the other guests and the decorations of the house and garden. "And I bet you've done a lot of meet and greet already."

The otter put a paw on the skunk's head, caressing the black headfur gently. "Oh yes, she has been at it for hours now, and I believe we still missed one or two of the guests. I hope they aren't mad at us when we finally get to talk to them. Anyway, you two enjoy your stay! The food is great and don't be shy to have a little fun if you want to." He smiled at them and bowed before turning away to wave his paw at another couple who had just arrived. The skunk nodded her head quickly and followed her master to welcome the other guests.

"Well, what do you say, my Toy? Are you hungry?"

Rey nodded. "Yes, quite hungry, actually. I guess I need to recharge my batteries after our last little game."

"Very well!" The raccoon picked up a plate and some pieces of silverware and slowly went past the table, looking at the offered food and appetizers. She asked her friend what she wanted to eat and picked a nice selection for herself before finding a place at one of the dining tables, telling her friend to sit in her lap.

Rey complied and settled down on the raccoon's legs, her tail wagging happily from side to side while she enjoyed the little game her friend was playing with her. She wiggled her paws and tried to remove the mittens but she was unable to move her fingers at all, and the chain wasn't long enough to allow her to get a grip on the leather with her teeth. Donya offered her a small slice of meat, and Rey accepted it gladly, only now realizing how hungry she really was. The raccoon kept on feeding her while eating herself, playing with her from time to time, making her stretch her neck for the food or placing it on her nose to tease her. Every now and then she felt Donya's other paw caressing and stroking other places of her body, squeezing her breasts or slipping inside of the panties that weren't really hiding anything for that matter anyway. Rey murred softly with pleasure and excitement, enjoying the meal and looking at the other couples or threesomes, engaging in similar activities all around the place.


Rey was still lying on her back in the soft grass, enjoying the soft paw of her friend stroking the fur on her belly. She kept her eyes closed and gently pulled at her paws every now and then, feeling the restraints still holding them in place on her collar, and the mittens were also still enveloping her paws. Donya seemed to savor the night as much as she did herself, enjoying the food and the company of the other people as well as the seclusion and silence they had chosen right now, in the far corner of the garden.

"Ah, look who's coming, my Toy," the raccoon said, sitting up next to the vixen.

Rey blinked and rolled over on her side to look in the direction Donya was pointing, then awkwardly shuffling into a sitting position as well to wait for the two people, who were approaching them.

"I hope you're enjoying yourselves so far," the otter said, one of his arms possessively draped around the skunk at his side. "Was the food all right?"

"Oh yes! It's great! You have a great taste when it comes to catering, and we only met nice people here so far. It's quite different from a normal party, it seems."

Keno nodded with a bright smile. "In a community like ours, people look out for each other, or at least try not to cause any problems. There are a lot of those coming from outside anyway."

Rey nodded. "And a lot of self-imposed difficulties, too. You always are on your guard not to talk too much about certain things or reading too much into what other people say or do."

Keno chuckled. "Well, that's very true. But at least here you can relax and just be yourself, without any fear to give away too much of your secret." He stroked his slave's headfur for a moment and then turned back to the two women. "There's a special event coming up in the next few minutes, and I'd like you both to attend. Would you do me the favor and follow me? It won't take long, and I assure you, it's nothing you would have to worry about."

"Well, that sounds interesting," Donya said. "Of course we're glad to come with you, aren't we, my Toy?"

Rey nodded eagerly and rose to her feet, supported by her friend's outstretched arms. "I wouldn't want to miss it!"

"Great," Keno said and beckoned them to follow. "Come with us, then. I guess the other people are already waiting." He turned around and led them across the lawn and back into the building. His tail kept wrapped around the skunk slave's one, showing clearly how tightly they were bonded to each other.

A minute later they entered the dressing room again, and Donya helped her to remove the thong, while the skunk and even Keno undressed, too. The raccoon also removed her clothes, and soon afterwards they entered the playground.

Keno and the skunk went past most of the toys and rooms until they reached one of the relaxation areas, where toys and owners usually went after a session has ended or just to rest for a little while. Tonight there were a small number of people there, each one of them a regular guest at the mansion, and nobody wearing any clothes, which usually was only expected from submissives or bottoms. But tonight, everybody in the room was in the fur. When Keno and his slave entered the room, they instantly stopped the friendly chatter they had been engaging in and silently moved to form a rough circle around the two hosts. Donya picked up a box that was sitting on one of the chairs and held it in front of her chest, as if it was of great importance. Rey wondered if she was the only one who didn't know what was going on.

Keno looked around and waited until the guests had found their places and the room was silent again. He removed his arm from the skunk and gave her a quick glance. The skunk nodded and stood still while he took a few steps and turned around to face her.

"My beloved slave, wife and friend," he started. "Today we celebrate your birthday, and I am proud to have you by my side for this long time. As your master and owner I'm responsible to fulfill all your needs and wishes, if you deserve them, and there is not a single doubt that you do. So I considered giving you a very special present this year. Some time ago you asked me about a wish of yours, to refine your position at my side, being my slave and property. And while a master could take a request like this as weakness and mistrust in his person, I do in fact understand very well, why you asked me to grant this wish to you. I'm honored by your trust and truthfulness, even though you knew, it was a very bold and demanding request. So I'll comply to your wish." He turned his head to Donya, and the raccoon stepped forward, holding the black casket in her outstretched arms, offering it to the otter. Keno put his paws on the object and unhooked the small clasp in the front. Slowly he opened the lid and reached inside, removing a silver colored choker from the dark fabric that made up the inner walls of the case. He cradled it in both paws and Donya stepped back to the circle of the audience, silently closing the lid.

Keno looked at the collar for a minute, before he turned around and stepped up to the skunk, who was watching her master with big, unbelieving eyes. He smiled gently, stopped in front of her and then suddenly knelt down, his gaze cast down to the floor and his arms raised up high, offering the sparkling object to her. "I accept you as my Mistress for this day and the next, to be my teacher, protector and owner. My body and passion are there for you alone to use, your trust and wisdom will be my guide, and I will accept correction from you if I did wrong. My Mistress, please accept this slave to be at your side. My vow to serve you shall be witnessed by our closest friends, and they shall not hesitate to request you to correct me, should I ever break it."

The skunk looked at her former Master in bewilderment. The collar sparkled in the dim light and her paws took it from his as if she couldn't help but follow the ritual he started. With shivering fingers she unhooked the small lock in the back of the choker and opened the metal braces, still not believing what was happening. As the ritual demanded she stepped behind him and put the collar around his neck, closing the clasp and turning the lock to keep it in place. She breathed in deeply, her face showing concern but also excitement, and when she spoke, her voice was deep and clear, no weakness or uncertainty were in her words as she continued the speech he had started, picking up the slight variations he had used to limit the commitment to one day. "I hereby collar you as my slave and possession, to be your mentor, protector and owner for this day and the next. Your body and passion will be there for me alone to use, your trust in me and my wisdom will guide you, and I will correct you, should you ever do wrong. My Slave, please accept me as your Mistress, your place will always be by my side. My vow to protect and teach you shall be witnessed by our closest friends, and they shall not hesitate to correct me, should I ever abuse it."

The room was silent for a few minutes, several of the visitors obviously trying hard not to destroy the intensity of the moment. The skunk walked around her slave to stand in front of him again. "Rise, my slave!" she ordered, and Keno got back on his feet, towering over the small skunk female, yet her presence seemed to easily overpower him. "From now on, until the next day, everyone will know that you belong to me. Your rights will make me proud, your wrongs will fall back on me, demanding punishment. My slave, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress, I do understand."

"My dear friends," the skunk said, eventually ending the ritual. "You are the witnesses of our mutual commitment. Your word is proof of what we have agreed upon. My slave and I will go now to complete the ceremony. I thank you all for being our witnesses and wish you a lot of fun for the rest of the night." She turned around to look int Keno's eyes. "Follow me, my slave. You are ready to take your first order."

"Yes, Mistress."


Rey and Donya were standing outside the relaxation room, watching the rest of the visitors leaving the room and most of them also leaving the playground to return to the party. The raccoon went to one of the shelves to put the casket away before she returned to her friend, a broad smile on her face.

"I can't believe he did that," the vixen said. "I wonder if he's mad at me for putting thoughts into his slave's mind."

"Oh, I bet he's glad to fulfill her wish," Donya replied. "If he were mad, he most certainly would have told you already. I guess he just wants his slave to be happy, and if she needs to be reminded about why she had chosen her place at his side, then he probably will do everything that helps her identifying her own needs."

Rey nodded and giggled softly. "Very much like the other day when I tied you to the bed to tease you."

"That was different, my Toy," Donya said and put on a stern face. "You never asked me for permission, and while I'm not angry at you about this, it's something you should never try to do again."

"I will not. It was a very clear lesson for me."

Donya nodded. "And for me as well, my Toy. So ... Now that the ceremony is over, what are we going to do now? I'm not really in the mood to rejoin the party just now."

The vixen giggled and looked around. "I bet there should be something to be found."

Donya smiled broadly, hooked her right paw into Rey's cuffs, that still held her paws trapped at her collar, and pulled her into a rough but passionate kiss. Their lips met and slid along each other's wetly, tongues teasing and probing, moistly wrestling until Donya finally broke the kiss and stepped back. "I think I know just the right thing to do now." She grabbed her friend's collar chain and dragged the vixen along quickly, opening one of the private room doors and closed it behind her with a very final sounding bang. A moment later, a loud squeal came from the room behind the door, followed by muffled whimpers that echoed back in the halls of the playground.

The party went on.

To be continued ...